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FTR #35 Fun With Science

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Frightening and potentially deadly developments in scientific research are analyzed in this program. Corporate and military research in the fields of medicine and seismology continue to produce technological innovations that underscore Albert Einstein’s observation upon the advent of nuclear weapons that “everything has changed but our way of thinking.” The broadcast highlights a number of points including: American and Soviet research into environmental modification for military purposes (seismic weapons and the manipulation of earthquakes in particular); indications that Great Britain may have inoculated some of its Gulf War troops with experimental vaccines which may be among the causes of “Gulf War Syndrome” afflicting British veterans of that conflict; information about the contamination of the polio vaccine with SV40 (a cancer-causing monkey virus); a program to immunize American school children against hepatitis B (the experimental hepatitis B vaccine appears to be the vector through which gay and Native Americans were inoculated with AIDS); a strange seismic event in Australia which may have been a test of a seismic weapon (possibly by members of the Japanese Aum Shinrikyo cult) and an analysis of the fascist and Nazi overtones of Aum’s ideology and structure. Aum’s terrorist attacks helped to destabilize the Japanese government in 1995. (Recorded on 2/2/97.)


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