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FTR #352 Forward Into The Past, Part 2

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This program continues the discussion of the 9/11/2001 attacks and surrounding (and preceding) events. Supplementing previous discussion on the Al Taqwa milieu, the broadcast cites recent (March, 2002) news coverage corroborating prior analysis of the subject. This description will focus primarily on new additions to this analysis.

1. Much of the first side of the program is devoted to a very important article about Al Taqwa. Swiss “neo”-Nazi Ahmed Huber. (“Swiss Probe Anti-U.S. Neo-Nazi”; San Francisco Chronicle; 3/12/2002; p. A12.) “Experts say Islamic militants and far-right movements-a coalition they call the Third Position-share common hatreds: the United States and Jews.” (Idem.) Swiss “neo”-Nazi Ahmed Huber (an Al Taqwa board member) is quoted in reference to the common (perceived) interests of Islamic extremists and Nazis. “The U.S. is the ally of 15 million Jews against 1.3 billion Muslims; it is allied with 5 million Israelis against 200 million Arabs. . .We will bring down the Israel lobby and change foreign policy. We’ll do it in America. When it happens, you’ll understand.” (Idem.) Hansjuerg Mark Wiedmer (a spokesman for the Swiss attorney general) is quoted as regarding Al Taqwa as a probable element in the events of 9/11. (Idem.) One of the major breakthroughs in the article is an assertion that Third Reich operative Francois Genoud is believed to have founded Al Taqwa in order to fund terrorists such as Carlos the Jackal and Bin Laden. “Authorities believe Genoud founded Al Taqwa Bank and allocated its resources to support international terrorists such as Vladimir Ilich Ramirez, alias Carlos the Jackal, and Bin Laden.” (Idem.) Genoud also financed Ayatollah Khomeini’s stay in France, when he was in exile. (Idem.) Genoud’s 1996 suicide is described as (probably) being related to the investigation into Holocaust victims’ assets that have languished in Swiss banks since the war. (Idem.) As noted numerous times, this investigation would inevitably have lead to the remarkable and deadly Bormann organization.

2. Next, the program reviews information about the Saudi and Arab investment in the Swiss banks (allegedly) increased to compensate for the institutions’ losses following the 1996 investigation. “The affair of the ‘Nazi gold,’ and the fact that Swiss banks have recently been obliged to return funds to several Jewish associations, have encouraged Gulf financiers to prefer the Swiss money market, according to several financial experts, who confirm that Saudi capital plays a central role in Swiss banking circles. The publication of a confidential report from the Foreign Office on September 10, 1996, relating to the deposits of Nazi gold in Switzerland (estimated at the end of the war to be between $200 and $500 million), set off the powder keg and launched the affair known as the ‘Jewish funds.’ Switzerland took on the commitment to restore several billion dollars to the World Jewish Congress. ‘In return, this event has caused a sympathetic reaction among certain Arab financial milieux, especially Saudi, for the Swiss money market,’ the banker adds.” (Dollars for Terror: The United States and Islam; by Richard Labeviere; Copyright 2000 [SC]; Algora Publishing; ISBN 1-892941-06-6; pp. 339-340.)

3. The program then supplements discussion concerning growing collaboration between Islamic extremists and domestic American terrorists. (“Domestic Terrorism Lurks as Growing, Potent Threat” by Laurent Belsie [Christian Science Monitor]; San Jose Mercury News; 3/15/2002; p.11A.) “And there is evidence they [Islamic extremists] are forging links with terrorists from the Middle East, the [Southern Poverty Law] center claims. White supremacists and Islamist extremists share some of the same agenda, says Stephen Gale, University of Pennsylvania professor, who specializes in terrorism.” (Idem.) Mr. Emory reiterates his view that domestic and foreign terrorists are linked through the events of 9/11, constituting a “pincers” movement by the Underground Reich against America.

4. The first side of the program concludes with discussion of the World Muslim Congress, an institution that cements the Third Reich, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Saudi Arabia, American neo-Nazis and the anti-Soviet Afghan effort of the 1980s that saw the genesis of Osama Bin Laden as a warrior. (The Beast Reawakens; Martin A. Lee; Copyright 1997 [HC]; Little, Brown & Co.; ISBN 0-316-51959-6; pp. 225-226.)

5. Interestingly (and perhaps significantly), the recently indicted alleged Al qaeda operative Zaccharias Moussaoui is being represented in France by Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, “who is well known for representing-and later promising to marry-Illych Ramirez Sanchez, better known as Carlos the Jackal.” (“‘It’s As If He Had Died,’ Mother of Suspect Says” by David Zucchino; Los Angeles Times; 12/13/2001; p. A5.)

6. Carlos the Jackal’s attorney and future wife, Isabel Coutant Peyre, is the attorney for alleged Al Qaeda member Zaccharias Moussaoui. Coutant Peyre is a protégé of Verges. (“Bucking the Court, Again, to Marry the Jackal” by Suzanne Daley; New York Times; 1/12/2002; p. A4.) As noted in FTR programs about the aforementioned Francois Genoud, Genoud was very close to Carlos and Verges.

7. A recent article in Newsweek further highlights Al Taqwa and Huber. (“Terror’s Cash Flow” by Mark Hosenball with Kevin Peraino and Cathrine Skipp; Newsweek; 3/25/2002; pp. 28-29.) This story notes that the aforementioned Ahmed Huber had addressed meetings of the Nation of Islam, as well as having been invited to sit at the feet of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. (Ibid.; p. 28.) In addition, the story links Al Taqwa to the attacks by Al Qaeda on U.S. embassies in Africa in 1998. (Ibid.; p. 29.) The article also further links the Al Taqwa milieu with Sheikh Rahman, convicted in connection with the 1993 attacks on the World Trade Center. (Idem.) Most importantly, the Hosenball article links Al Taqwa with support for Bin Laden after September 11. “[Treasury official Jaime] Zarate also testified that intelligence agencies now have evidence that ‘as of late September 2001′-after the attacks—‘Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda organization received financial assistance from [Al Taqwa’s] chairman’—though he gave no details about what that money might have been used for.” (Idem.)

8. The broadcast concludes with analysis of a vitally important interview given with a former State Department and CIA counter-terror official. (“Re-Emerging Terror Groups” Larry Johnson interviewed by Liane Hansen; NPR; All Things Considered; 3/21/2002.) Analyzing recent attacks allegedly conducted by the Red Brigades in Italy and Sendero Luminoso in Peru, Johnson felt it likely that Islamist terror groups and right-wing military officers in Latin America may be responsible. (Idem.) Johnson made the following points: contacts in the Philippines and Argentina had pointed out the links between Islamist terror groups and fascist elements, Syria represented an element of commonality between some of these elements, and that anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism represented an element of commonality between these forces. (Idem.) It is worth noting that both Sendero Luminoso and the Red Brigades have been assisted by Italian fascist Stephano Delle Chiaie, a prime exponent of the Strategy of Tension. It has also been noted that P-2 Grand Master Licio Gelli was a founder of the Red Brigades. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is a former member of the P-2, as well as an associate of the Al Taqwa milieu. In addition, it should not be forgotten that the Oklahoma City bombing has evidentiary tributaries stretching in the direction of both the Philippines and Argentina.


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