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FTR #354 Forward Into the Past Pt 3

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1. Much of the first side of the program consists of reading and analysis of a very important recent article by the brilliant Kevin Coogan, author of the encyclopedic Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International. (“The Mysterious Achmed Huber: Friend to Hitler, Allah. . .and Ibn Laden?” by Kevin Coogan: Hit List; April/May 2002 [Volume 3, #4]; pp. 120-125.)

2. The program notes Ahmed Huber’s endorsement of the absence of “Jewish Zionist” advisors on George Bush’s staff-this in an article published shortly before the 9/11 attacks.  (Ibid.; p. 122.)

3. Supplementing discussion presented in FTR#’s 348 and 351, the program notes the close association between Jurg Haider and Ahmed Huber. (Ibid.; p. 124.) The Haider/Huber friendship lends weight to the belief that Haider may, in fact, be converting to Islam (as speculated about in an article presented in FTR#351.)

4. Further documenting Huber’s place in the postwar Nazi pantheon, the Coogan article highlights a photo of Huber with ODESSA leader Leon Degrelle and Francois Genoud. (Idem.)

5. Supplementing discussion presented in FTR#343, the broadcast further develops discussion of the Huber/Islamist/European far right axis. (Idem.)  Huber has attempted to work out an alliance between Islamists and European rightists, through which the latter would come to power and the former would then work to diminish Muslim immigration to Europe.

6. Huber reported in Deutsche Stimme (the publication of the NPD, the top German Nazi party) that Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delineated the Muslim viewpoint concerning Nazi Germany.  “. . .Iran’s supreme religious leder, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, publicly rejected claims by ‘Zionists and Marxists’ concerning German war crimes.  Ayatollah then stated that Muslims saw Germany differently, both because the Nazis fought against colonial powers like England, France, Belgium, and Holland, and also ‘because the Third Reich, in the view of Muslims, contained some interesting Islamic elements,’ by which Khamenei was almost certainly referring to the Grand Mufti’s role in World War II.” (Ibid.; p. 125.)

7. The broadcast specifies that accused “20th hijacker” Zaccharias Moussaoui is being represented by Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, a member of the same law firm as Genoud protégé Jacques Verges. (Idem.)  Verges has also represented former SS officer Klaus Barbie. (Idem.)

8. The program also notes another speculative link between Francois Genoud and the 9/11 attacks.  “Ernest Backes, a leading European expert on money laundering, told the Luxembourg-based financial journal Plus Minus that he believed that the 9/4-11 terrorist money trail would ultimately lead back to Swiss bank acounts set up by an organization founded by Genoud.  Reports of a possible Genoud trail cite the involvement of a Swiss lawyer named Baudoin [Dunant] on the management committee of the Geneva branch of the Saudi Investment Company (SICO), which handles much of the bin-Laden family’s investments abroad.” (Idem.)

9. The program also notes that Baudoin Dunant represented Genoud in a case in 1983, in which Genoud was charged with terrorism. (In the Name of Osama Bin Laden; by Roland Jacquard; Copyright 2002 [SC]; Duke University Press; ISBN 0-8223-2991-3; pp. 17-18.)  The broadcast also points out that Dunant is virtually the only non-family member on the board of directors of SICO.  (Idem.)

10. Further clarifying Dunant’s status on the board of SICO, the program highlights the fact that Dunant is the co-chairman of the board of directors of SICO.  (“Family Ties: The Bin Ladens” by Neil MacKay; The Sunday Herald; 3/31/2002; p. 6.)  His co-chairman (Beatrice Dufour) is of Iranian extraction and is the sister-in-law of Yeslam Bin Laden, the head of SICO and Osama’s brother.  (Idem.)  (As noted, Genoud was alleged to have financed Khomenei’s exile in France.  Huber also maintains extensive connections to the Iranian Islamist milieu.)

Next, the highly secretive nature of SICO.  (In the Name of Osama Bin Laden; p. 16.)  In addition to facilitating secret deals between the Saudis and other parties, this highly secretive nature of the Bin Laden family’s dealings is consistent with Mr. Emory’s hunch that the Bin Laden milieu is inextricably linked with that of the Bormann organization. The economic and political component of a Third Reich gone underground, the Bormann organization controls corporate Germany and much of the rest of the world. Created and run by Martin Bormann, the organizational genius who was the “the power behind the throne” in Nazi Germany, the Bormann group is a primary element of the analysis presented in the For the Record programs. In this context, it should be remembered that Genoud was involved with the disbursement of Nazi monies after the war.  All such funds were rigorously managed by Bormann.

11. The program then notes that a key operative of Al Queda was Mohamed Omara Harazi.  (Ibid.; p. 85.)

12. Harazi, in turn, was reported by the Yememi secret services to be a protégé of Waddi Haddad, a close associate of Genoud.  (Ibid.; p. 283.

13. Next, the broadcast notes the untimely death of Salem Bin Laden (another of Osama’s brothers), and the allegation that Salem was involved with the “October Surprise,” the collaboration between the Reagan/Bush campaign and the Khomenei forces during the 1980 campaign. (Ibid.; p. 12.)  (For more about this liaison, see RFA#’s 31, 38.  In particular, the discussion with Farah Mansour (a member of the Iranian resistance) should be of interest in this context.

14. Next, Mr. Emory reviews the representation of Salem Bin Laden by James R. Bath, an early investor in Arbusto Energy, W’s first oil venture. (The Mafia, CIA & George Bush; by Pete Brewton; SPI Books; Copyright 1992 [HC]; ISBN 1-56171-203-5; p. 219, 221.)

15. The broadcast also notes the presence of the Shakarshi family on the board of directors of SICO. (“Family Ties: The Bin Ladens” by Neil MacKay; The Sunday Herald; 3/31/2002; pp. 6-7.)  As discussed in RFA# 38, the family was heavily involved with some of the Iran-Contra machinations, alleged drug smuggling in particular.

16. Among the collaborators with the Shakarshis in the above activities was Hans Kopp, whose wife Magdalena was the Swiss justice minister at the time.  (“About the Bin Laden Family”; “Frontline: Hunting Bin Laden: Who is Bin Laden”; Copyright 2001; p. 8.) Magdalena Kopp is presiding over the war crimes trial of Slobodan Milosevic.

17. Next, the program discusses the connections of Mahrous Bin Laden (yet another brother of Osama’s) to Syrian members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the violent takeover of the Great Mosque in Mecca in 1979.  (In the Name of Osama Bin Laden; pp. 12-13.)

18. Mahrous currently head the Bin Laden family’s Medina (Saudi Arabia) operations.  (“Family Ties: The Bin Ladens” by Neil MacKay; The Sunday Herald; 3/31/2002; p. 5.)

19. Osama Bin Laden’s original recruitment as a mujahid (to fight in Afghanistan) was done through an institution closely connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. (Al Queda: Brotherhood of Terror; by Paul Williams; Copyright 2002 [SC]; Alpha Books; ISBN 0-02-864352-6; p. 76.)

20. The broadcast concludes with discussion about the alleged association between Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols and Ramzi Yousseff, the Al Queda operative and mastermind of the first attack on the World trade Center.  (Ibid.; pp. 145-146.)


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