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FTR #359 Mein Jihad Part 7

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1. This program presents more information about the 9/11 attacks. Continuing discussion of “Islamofascism,” this broadcast further explores the Al Taqwa connection. (As underscored in previous programs, one should not misunderstand this statement as characterizing Islam as fascist.)  This broadcast explores some of the political, financial, military and historical connections of Al Taqwa.

2. Beginning with information about one of the most important figures in postwar fascism, the broadcast highlights the political legacy of Hitler, as promulgated by Nazi banker and terror mastermind Francois Genoud.  “In the preface to the [Martin] Bormann document, Hitler’s Table Talk, Genoud wrote that Hitler wanted the people of the third World to carry on the work of the Thousand Year Reich.” (“Hitler’s Swiss Connection” by David Lee Preston; The Philadelphia Inquirer; 1/5/1997; p. 3.)

3. The program continues with a review of former Third Reich defense minister Albert Speer’s account of Hitler’s vision of the annihilation of New York City. “As Germany’s defeat loomed during the final months of World War II, Adolf Hitler increasingly lapsed into delusional [?] fits of fantasy.  Albert Speer, in his prison writings, recounts an episode in which a maniacal Hitler ‘pictured for himself and for us the destruction of New York in a hurricane of fire.’  The Nazi fuehrer described skyscrapers turning into ‘gigantic burning torches, collapsing upon one another, the glow of the exploding city illuminating the dark sky.’  An approximation of Hitler’s hellish vision came true on September 11, when terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers in New York, killing nearly 3,000 people. (“The Swastika & the Crescent” by Martin A. Lee; Intelligence Report; Spring 2002 [#105]; Published by the Southern Poverty Law Center; p. 1.)

4. An illuminating statement was made by Nazi/Islamist Ahmed Huber.  “By his [Ahmed Huber’s] account, a group of aging SS officers and members of Hitler’s personal guard who meet every few weeks in the German state of Bavaria for beer and conversation recently bestowed the title ‘honorary Prussian’ on Bin Laden.  They praised his ‘valiant fight’ against the United States, Huber said.  One of the members called Huber after the meeting to tell him that henceforth they had decided to call the Al Queda leader ‘Herr von Laden,’ Huber said.” (“Unlikely Allies Bound by a Common Hatred” by Peter Finn; Washington Post; 4/29/2002; p. A13.)

5. A terrifying disclosure was recently revealed by British intelligence analysts. In the context of the discussion that follows, one should not lose sight of the alleged source of the new financing for Al Qaeda-Saudi Arabia. “The al-Qaeda terrorist network has been deluged with funds from Osama Bin Laden’s Saudi supporters since the start of the Middle East crisis, a British intelligence dossier has revealed.Intelligence chiefs have also warned the government that Mr. Bin Laden could be plotting another terrorist atrocity on the scale of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center.  One senior minister said he was shocked by the scale of the threat outlined in the ‘chilling’ intelligence briefing presented to the government recently.  It suggested the September 11 atrocities could be repeated at any time. . .The minister said: ‘Bin Laden might be cornered in a cave, but that won’t necessarily prevent Al-Qaeda carrying out further attacks.  We were pretty shocked at what we heard.  “The American attacks were five years in the planning: who knows what could also be in the pipeline?” (“Bin Laden Supporters ‘Still Funding Al-Qaeda'” by Cathy Newman; The Financial Times; 5/8/2002; p.8.)  Throughout the discussion of 9/11, the ubiquitous Saudi foundation of Al Qaeda is only too evident.  Dubya’s “special relationship” with the Saudis is remarkable and stunning. Even for a coward and traitor such as George W. Bush, his groveling before Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah during the latter’s visit to his Texas ranch was outrageous.  Winston Churchill’s rebuke of Neville Chamberlain upon his return from the diplomatic capitulation to Hitler at Munich applies to Bush.  “You had a choice between war and dishonor.  You chose dishonor.  Now you will have war!”

6. Perhaps one should not be overly harsh, however.  Bush may simply have been responding to the veiled threat to the United States made by the aforementioned Ahmed Huber during a recent interview.  “Happy with his situation, Ahmed Huber discourses about the good and the bad Jews, the ‘necessary’ disappearance of the State of Israel, and guarantees that his ideas have sympathizers in all spheres of Swiss society.  ‘Bush and his Zionist advisers made a serious error in attacking Arab finance, connected to the great families of Saudi Arabia, of Jordan, of Morocco [and] the Gulf Emirates.  They have thus repudiated their true allies.  One could accurately say an elephant in a china shop.'” (“Ahmed Huber, Un Administrateur Aux Sympathies Islamistes et Nazies;” Le Monde; 5/3/2002; p. 2.)

7. Developing discussion of Al Taqwa and the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamofascist sect at the core of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, the program underscores Huber’s remarks about the Brotherhood’s profound links to the institution.  In addition, Huber describes (apparently accurately) Nada’s connections with prominent Arab royalty, as well as secular Arabo-fascist regimes such as Iraq and Libya.  “Tariq Ramadan always denied any bond with radical movements, like the Muslim Brotherhood, to which all the Al-Taqwa Management administrators belong, according to Achmed Huber. . .Youssef Nada, himself, is a businessman possessing an impressive address book.  ‘He knows the Sultan of Brunei, the emirs of the Persian Gulf, the royal family of Saudi Arabia, Saddam, the Iranians and Khadaffy,’ [expounds] Ahmed Huber, Al-Taqwa Management member.” (“Al-Taqwa, La Banque Islamique Qui Refuse de Livrer Ses Secrets;” Le Monde; 5/3/2002; p. 2.)

8. Much of the program focuses on disclosure of a list of capital participants in Al Taqwa/Nada management. (“Shareholders in the Bank of Terror?” by Lucy Komisar; Salon; 3/15/2002; p. 1.)

9. This list has (allegedly) been public for some time, and the government of Switzerland may have been actively obstructing the investigation of the Al Taqwa/terrorist link.  In addition, the veracity of the documentation has been endorsed by Nada himself.  “The FBI may have known who the shareholders were for as long as four years.  There is also evidence that Swiss authorities have, since the mid-1990’s, refused to cooperate with international intelligence inquiries into the bank’s activities. . .The names appear on an unpublished shareholders register of ‘Bank of Al Taqwa,’ that reflects holdings as of December 1999. . .The list has been confirmed as authentic by both U.S. officials and Al Taqwa.  Michele Davis, spokeswoman for the Treasury Department, was shown the documents on March 13 and acknowledged, ‘We have the list.  We are doing the same as you-trying to find out who these people are.’  There are 745 names on the 18-page register.  Al Taqwa president Youssef Mustafa Nada, one of several top bank officials who was put on the U.S. ‘supporters of terrorism’ list in November, also confirmed the veracity of the list.  ‘It is genuine, he said in a phone interview.  ‘You can ask Mr. Nicati [the Swiss deputy attorney general].'”(Ibid.; pp.1-2.)

10. Among the luminaries on this list is one “Hassan el-Banna,” as well as Bin Laden sister.  It is not immediately apparent if this is the original founder of the Muslim Brotherhood himself, or a blood descendant.  (Hassan Al-Banna, himself, was born in 1907 and would have been 81 at the time that Al Taqwa was founded.)  “Included on the list are Yousuf Abdullah Al-Qaradawi, the grand mufti of the United Arab Emirates, and five members of his family; Mariam Al-Sheikh A. Bin Aziz Al-Mubarak of a branch of the Kuwaiti royal family; and members of the prominent Khalifeh family of the United Arab Emirates.  Sisters Huta and Iman Binladen, who live in Saudi Arabia, and Hassan el-Banna, a leader of the Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood group, are listed.” (Ibid.; p. 2.)  (For more about Al-Banna, see, among other programs, FTR#343.)

11. According to Swiss journalists, Italian intelligence prodded the government of Switzerland to investigate Al Taqwa, to no apparent avail.  (Huber’s professed lack of worry about the investigation of Al Taqwa and his statement that his Nazi/Islamist views enjoy the sympathies of people in all strata of Swiss society [including government] bear consideration in this context.) “In the mid-1990’s, the Italian anti-terrorist agency DIGOS (Division of General Intelligence and Special Operations), concerned about radical Islamic activity at the Islamic Cultural Institution of Milan, found links to Al Taqwa.  In 1995, according to journalists Paolo Fusi and Martin Stoll in the Swiss newsweekly Facts, DIGOS told Swiss federal prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, ‘The Nada group comprises the most important financial structure of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic terrorist organizations.’  The newsweekly said the agency later reported that Swiss officials appeared loath to look into Nada’s operations.” (Idem).

12. According to the Swiss article, the PLO appears to have been among the beneficiaries of Al Taqwa’s largesse.  “According to Facts, a 1996 DIGOS report said Al Taqwa handled financing for a number of Arab and Islamic political and militant groups, including the Palestine Liberation Organization, Hamas, the Algerian Armed Islamic Group (GIA) and the Egyptian Gama’a al-Islamiya, as well as former Afghan mujahedin in Bin Laden’s camps.  It said the network aided terrorist groups in Kuwait, Yemen, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon and Sudan.” (Ibid.; pp. 3-4.)

13. Among the possible reasons for the Swiss reluctance to consummate the investigation of Al Taqwa is the fact that federal prosecutor Carla Del Ponte was a law partner of Nada’s attorney, Pier Felice Barchi. “The weekly Facts also reported that, in 1997, DIGOS asked for Swiss help. Del Ponte (who is now leading the U.N’s prosecution of former Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic for war crimes) started questioning Al Taqwa officials.  Nada’s attorney, Pier Felice Barchi, in whose law firm Del Ponte had worked, recalled to Facts how he ended the investigation.  Barchi said, ‘When I learned about the Italian inquiry, I immediately called Del Ponte and said to her, ‘Hey Carlotta, stop this shit.’  A few hours later, the nonsense was off the table.’  Barchi told Salon his true remark was, ‘Please Mrs. Del Ponte, make an inquiry.’  He said, ‘After 20 or 30 days, Mrs. Del Ponte said it’s not necessary to make an inquiry; there’s no evidence against Mr. Nada.’  He said he hadn’t asked Facts for a correction because ‘I have other things to do.’  Del Ponte’s press spokesman declined to respond to a detailed query.” (Ibid.; p. 4.)  (Correction: In FTR#354, Mr. Emory misidentified the head of the U.N. prosecution of Milosevic as Magdalena Kopp.) Associated with the Shakarchi family (directors of SICO, the European subsidiary of the Bin Laden business empire), Kopp was involved with the Shakarchi A.G. affair, which also entangled Ms. Del Ponte)

14. The Salon then touches on the relationship between Al Taqwa and the Banca del Gottardo.  It also interesting (and, perhaps, significant) that Gottardo has a correspondent account at Citibank, whose principal stockholder is Saudi Prince Alwaleed. “Al Taqwa has, for years, enjoyed the protection in Switzerland, where it moves money through correspondent accounts in the politically influential Banca del Gottardo, also in Lugano.  Gottardo president Claudio Generali is a local vice president of the ruling Liberal Radical Party and a former finance minister of Ticino.  Gottardo has New York correspondent accounts in Citibank and the Bank of New York, which gave Al Taqwa entry in the U.S.” (Idem.)  (For more about the Banca del Gottardo/Al Taqwa link, see FTR#’s 356, 357.  For more about Prince Alwaleed, see FTR#’s 342, 353.)

15. Next, the progam reviews the link between Banca del Gottardo and the former Soviet (now Russian) biological warfare program.  “[Nada Management board member] Mohamed Mansour is on the board of the Bosnian Institute in Zurich.  So is [Beghjet] Pacolli.  Pier Felici Barchi, Nada’s lawyer, and Claudio Generali, president of the Banca del Gottardo, serve together on boards of a capital management foundation in Liechtenstein and several enterprises in Switzerland.  They are both leaders of the Liberal Radical Party, which rules in Switzerland and which, till now, has afforded the bank political protection from intrusive investigations by authorities.  The U.S. should put an end to that.” (“Swiss Bank Handled Sale from Russian Bioweapons Company” by Lucy Komisar; Earth Times News Service; November 2001.)  Mr. Emory notes that the biological warfare attack that presages the Nazi takeover in the book Serpent’s Walk is perpetrated with genetically-engineered microorganisms of Ostensibly Russian origin.

16. In FTRs 356 and 357, the link between the Al Taqwa/Banca del Gottardo milieu and the GOP was analyzed at considerable length.  In light of the fact that key Senatorial Democrats were among the principal targets of the anthrax letters, the possibility that the attacks may have been perpetrated (in part) by GOP-connected Islamists is not one to be too readily dismissed.  The anthrax attacks continue to be investigated.  (“Anthrax Sent Through Mail Gained Potency by the Letter” by William J. Broad and David Johnston; The New York Times; 5/7/2002; p. A1.)  If the anthrax attacks involved Al Taqwa-related elements, it is possible that these attacks were coordinated with others perpetrated by domestic American fascists and/or Fifth Column elements within the U.S. national security establishment.

17. An intriguing allegation was made about a possible Italian fascist link to Al Taqwa. “Another Connection involves al-Taqwa group shareholder Allesandro Ghe, an Italian radical who has been questioned by his country’s security forces about his links to Bin Laden.  Ghe was a member of the Italian neo-fascist ‘Ordine Nuovo’ that began coupling up with Moslem radicals in the 1970’s, says Ely Karmon.” (“A Terrifying Alliance” by Yael Haran; 1/14/2002; Enduring-Freedom-Operation.org; pp. 4-5.)

18. Next, the program further develops Mr. Emory’s view that the Islamofascist/Underground Reich milieu implicated in the 9/11 attacks helped to infiltrate the United States intelligence system by assisting with the struggle against the Soviets. “Married to an Egyptian woman, father of a lawyer and a data processing specialist [who had] fought the Soviets in Afghanistan for a few months, Ahmed Huber has maintained his address book for thirty years, in the Arab world, while taking part in conferences on Islamism.” (“Ahmed Huber, Un Administrateur Aux Sympathies Islamistes et Nazies;” Le Monde; 5/3/2002; p. 2.)

19. Another German neo-Nazi/ Al Taqwa link to the Afghan war was highlighted in a recent article. “In late 1997, a German neo-Nazi and convert to Islam, Steven Smyrek, who allegedly trained at an al Queda camp in Afghanistan, was arrested in Israel for planning a suicide attack, according to the Duisburg center [Information Service Against Right-Wing Extremism].” (“Unlikely Allies Bound by a Common Hatred” by Peter Finn; Washington Post; 4/29/2002; p. A13.)

20. Huber has stated that the Bin Laden family has sponsored Al Taqwa at two recent Islamist conventions.(“Ahmed Huber, Un Administrateur Aux Sympathies Islamistes et Nazies;” Le Monde; 5/3/2002; p. 2.) “Two or three times, the family Ben Laden were the Al-Taqwa sponsor.  It is normal; it is about the largest construction company of the Moslem world.  But they were estranged from Osama.”

21. Mr. Emory has noted the recent death of a key member of the deadly Bormann organization and a resident of Lugano, Switzerland (home of Al Taqwa and the related Banco del Gottardo).  Baron Heinrich Thysssen-Bornemisza was old (18 years younger than U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond), but his death was timely in light of the investigation of the Bin Laden financial trail.  (“Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza, Industrialist Who Built Fabled Art Collection, Dies at 81” by Jonathan Kandell; The New York Times; 4/2/2001; p. 39.)  One wonders whether the Bin Laden money trail has become too hot, and someone (younger Bormann people, Islamists or Allied intelligence assassins) may be at work.

22. From the standpoint of strategic intelligence, one should come to understand the Nazi mentality that underlies the onslaught of 9/11.  There is a German card game, similar to Bridge, but involving only three players.  It is called Skat.  One should play it, and understand it, in order to come to anticipate (and interdict) the Underground Reich.  Recalling FTR#’s 344-346, the nature of the assault on the United States may be intended to destroy the country economically.  Consider that the point man for Islamist liaison with the Republican Party is Grover Norquist, who is also a primary advocate of the Republican tax strategy. If we do not intelligently increase the military budget and fight the war, the U.S. will be physically annihilated.  If we increase the military budget and do not increase revenues, we will be economically bankrupt-the U.S. will have an unsustainable current accounts deficit. The enormous increase in military spending that will be required in order to win this essential war-an extension of the Second World War-must be accompanied by an appropriate increase in federal revenues.  The percentage of GDP required for such an increase will not be prohibitive, if the tax code and fiscal policy of this country is effectively, intelligently managed. If, on the other hand, George W. Bush’s tax cut remains in place (while military expenditures are increased), it will bankrupt the United States and destroy the country.  Quite simply, the future of civilization depends upon the intelligent (and, where necessary, merciless) application of American military power, a balanced and far-sighted approach to applied economics, and the removal from public office of George W. Bush and the interests he represents.  Learn the game of Skat.  It can be instructive.  Winston Churchill described what would happen if Hitler won World War II. “The world will be plunged into an abyss, made more sinister by the knights of perverted science.” Think about it.


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