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FTR #364 What Do You Want To Be When You Blow Up?

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With recent Al Qaeda attacks against the Pentagon, World Trade Center, and the U.S.S. Cole, as well as the epidemic of suicide bombers attacking Israel, suicide terrorists have dominated the news. (Hitler also had plans to destroy New York with suicide aerial attacks.)

This broadcast highlights some of the historical and methodological origins of suicide weaponry.

1. The central focus of this program is the collaboration of SS colonel and ODESSA kingpin Otto Skorzeny and his World War II ally and postwar fascist collaborator Prince Justo Valerio Borghese. Both men worked together during the war on suicide weapons for Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. Later, both men were principal elements in what Danish journalist Hendrik Kruger called the International Fascista-an international fascist alliance uniting fascists in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Latin America with Third Reich alumni and elements of U.S. intelligence. (The Great Heroin Coup: Drugs, Intelligence and International Fascism; by Hendrik Kruger; Copyright 1980 [SC]; South End Press [Boston].)

2. Much of the broadcast is culled from a book by a former British military analyst that sets forth the Skorzeny/Borghese collaboration in the development of suicide weaponry for use against the allies. (Suicide Squads; by Richard O’Neill; Copyright 1981 [SC] Salamander Books Ltd.)

3. Borghese was a luminary in the Italian navy who developed midget submarines for suicide attacks to be carried out in New York City against allied shipping. (Idem.)

4. These subs were to be carried into U.S. territorial waters by larger Italian submarines, after which they would be dispatched with their suicide operators to attack shipping in the harbor. (Idem.)

5. Skorzeny and Borghese collaborated in the development of several suicide naval weapons. One of these was the Neger manned torpedo. (Idem.)

6. The fascist luminaries also collaborated on the Lintzen explosive motorboats, to be guided into allied shipping. (Idem.) The similarity between these craft and the weapon used against the U.S.S. Cole by Al Qaeda should not be overlooked.

7. Skorzeny also worked on a manned version of the V-1 buzz bomb, to be piloted into the targets by suicide pilots. (Idem.)

8. In light of the later significance of Skorzeny and Borghese in the International Fascista, their seminal role in the development of suicide weapons and the prominence of suicide terrorism in the late 20th and early 21st century is worth noting. Skorzeny and Borghese became prominent in what the aforementioned Hendrik Kruger called the International Fascista (Fascist International.) (The Great Heroin Coup: Drugs, Intelligence and International Fascism; by Hendrik Kruger.)

9. The Fascist International enjoyed the support of prominent elements of Spanish and Italian intelligence, as well as elements of U.S. intelligence associated with the former World Anti-Communist League. (Idem.)

10. It should be noted that the International Fascista was pivotally involved in Operation Condor, an international assassination consortium that enjoyed the support of elements of U.S. intelligence. (Idem.)

11. A key element of the International Fascista was CORU, an anti-Castro Cuban organization headed by Orlando Bosch. (Idem.)

12. Another key element of International Fascista was the Paladin mercenary group, founded by Skorzeny and financed by Skorzeny’s weapons empire and Mohammar Khadafy. (Idem.)

13. Paladin’s operating manager was former Goebbels subordinate Gerhard Hartmut Von Schubert. (Idem.)

14. Khadafy’s secret service was put together by an SS team put together by former Gestapo chief Heinrich Muller.

15. Many of these fascist and Islamist elements collaborated with U.S. intelligence during the Cold War. That they would have ultimately turned on the United States with a vengeance should not come as a great surprise. 9/11 was a devastating example of “blowback.”


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