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FTR #378 Islamism and Geopolitics

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This program continues analysis of the political foundation of the events in, and around, the attacks of 9/11. Further developing the viewpoint that 9/11 was an attack on the United States by the Underground Reich and its Islamofascist allies, this broadcast highlights the struggle for the control of the petroleum wealth of the Middle East.

1. Indicative of the Nazi influence in the Middle East is the relative omnipresence of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” in the region. This notorious anti-Semitic forgery originated in Czarist Russia and became a pivotal element of Hitler’s ideology. It is not native to the Middle East.

“Stay in a five-star hotel anywhere from Jordan to Iran, and you can buy the infamous forgery ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion.’ . . . Such anti-Semitic imagery is now embedded in the mainstream discourse concerning Jews in much of the Islamic world, in the popular press and in academic journals. . . .The use of Nazi imagery, the newspaper caricatures of Jews with fangs and exaggerated hook noses, even the Arab textbooks with their descriptions of Jews as evil world conspirators-all of that , Arab leaders often insist, reflect a dislike for Israelis and Zionism but not for Jews and Judaism.”

(“Anti-Semitism Is Deepening Among Muslims” by Susan Sachs; The New York Times; 4/27/2002; p. B1.)

2. Next, the program revisits a paper authored by Kevin Coogan that summarizes an important book recently published in Switzerland, as well as highlighting some of the key questions concerning the Nazi/Islamist connection explored in many of the For the Record programs.

“The first part of this report will primarily summarize information from an important new book by Johannes and Germana von Dohnanyi entitled Schmutzige Geschafte und Heiliger Krieg: Al-Qaida in Europa (Dirty Business and Holy War: Al-Qaida in Europe) published by Pendo Verlag (Zurich, 2002). The von Dohnanyis are longtime investigative reporters based in Milan. I will concentrate on part of Chapter 4 (“The Financing of Jihad”) and all of chapter 5 (“A Fatal Mixture”), which summarizes pages 216-264. The second part of this report will focus more on Al-Taqwa member Achmed Huber and his possible links to Said Ramadan, one of the most important Islamists in Europe but whose 1995 death has made him almost invisible in contemporary accounts.”

(“Report on Islamists, The Far Right, and Al Taqwa” by Kevin Coogan; p. 1.)

3. The program begins with review of a point covered in FTR 377. Al Taqwa director Achmed Huber recently attended a meeting of European far-rightists in Switzerland. It is worth noting in connection with this meeting that one of the people in attendance was Gianfranco Fini, head of the Alleanza Nationale-successor to Mussolini’s fascist party and coalition partner with Silvio Berlusconi’s governing Forza Italia party in Italy.

“Perhaps the most recent remarkable story concerning Huber comes from a brief item in the Swiss tabloid Blick that in an April 26, 2002 article by Alexander Sautter that Huber was involved in a meeting of far-right leaders from Europe. A photo showing Huber with Jean Marie Le Pen accompanies the article. The Blick story (available on the web) is as follows: Mon Pelerin VD: Christian Cambuzat, the promoter (Scharfmacher) of the right extremist Jean-Marie Le Pen (73): The guru assembles together some of the top leaders of the European right. On the idyllic Mont Pelerin, they debate their crude ideas. At his secret visit to a spa in Switzerland, Le Pen hardly remained alone. Rightist leaders from all over Europe traveled to meet the extremist presidential candidate who was hosted by Cambuzat. Franz Schonhuber (79). Founder of the Republican Party in Germany and a former member of the SS. He talked with Le Pen who constitutes together with Schonhuber the ‘Front National’ Faction in the European parliament. Gianfranco Fini (50). Italian post-fascist, Mussolini admirer, and founder of the Alleanze Nationale. He also was at the meeting with Le Pen and Schonhuber. Ahmed Huber (74). The Swiss is on the Bush Administration blacklist . . . ‘I met le Pen at Mont Pelerin as he went to Christian Cambuzat’s spa,’ Huber told Blick yesterday. At the extremist rendezvous an American far right politician was also supposed to have taken part. [Note: the American is not further identified.-KC] Christian Cambuzat said that Le Pen (after the election) had again become the sharpest weapon of the ‘Front National’ because Le Pen changed his image from a venomous old man to a ‘kindly U.S. TV evangelist.’ Proudly Cambuzat brags, ‘With me Le Pen can relax well’ [from his political endeavors-KC]. And openly link up with new contacts. [Although the Blick story does not give details, Cambuzat runs a spa for the very rich, the Lemanique de Revitalisation, inside a hotel on the famous Mont Pelerin.]”

(Ibid.; pp. 14-15.)

4. After discussing the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Taqwa, Brotherhood leader Said Ramadan and the latter’s connection to an African-American Islamist who worked as an assassin for the Khomeini government in Iran, Kevin ruminates about the possible significance of the Nazi/Islamist connection highlighted by the paper.

“The overwhelming thrust of this report has been to give the reader a great deal of empirical information that he or she may not have easy access to in order that they may evaluate the claims for themselves. I have avoided drawing any conclusions because I do not feel qualified to draw conclusions about the Islamist financial machinations this report discusses. However I find it impossible not to put out a call for further research involving the overlap between Nazi and Islamist networks that seem to have been in continual contact from the 1930’s until today. In the case of Genoud, Huber, and Ramadan, this is becoming more and more impossible to avoid.”

(Ibid.; p. 15.)


“My own belief is that it is less the apparently fantastic and ‘James Bond’-like quality of this analysis that is most difficult to understand. The real difficulty is the utter ignorance of most Westerners (Americans in particular) about the very existence of such people as Francois Genoud. Thus when Ernst Backes, one of Europe’s leading experts in money laundering, told the Luxemourg-based economic journal Plus Minus last year that he believed the financial source of funds for the 9/11 terrorists would ultimately be traced back to Swiss bank accounts established by Genoud, few Americans had any idea what Backes could possibly be talking about. For this same reason there has been virtually no independent investigation into SICO’s Baudoin Dunand’s relationship to Genoud or (for that matter) the role of Syrian-born Muhammad Mardam Bay (believed to be related to a former Syrian foreign minister) has played both as a member of Magnin, Dunand & Associates as well as Bay’s possible links with Genoud. And what does it mean when we are told that Youssef Nada, for example, is believed by Egyptian authorities to have worked for German intelligence in World War II?”



“It is not at all impossible that networks first developed in the 1930’s and who saw their economic power fantastically multiplied in the wake of the enormous hike in oil prices in 1973 are now engaged in trying to enact a major financial shift away from the dollar and Anglo-American financial networks and to shift the vast wealth of the Muslim oil states into a new Euro-based financial network that would vastly increase the power of those banks and financial interests in Europe associated with elements of far right elites that survived World War II relatively intact.”



“If this were at all the case, it would not be a new development. The very same attempt to develop an independent Saudi-German hookup to subvert the U.S. and British domination of the Saudi oil markets was actually attempted in the mid-1950’s. At that time, the Saudi royal family-using the advise of the famous German banker Hjalmar Schacht-attempted to employ Aristotle Onassis to transport Saudi oil on new oil tankers that would be constructed in the shipyards of Germany. This attempt to break the Western oil control over Saudi Arabia was finally blocked by the United States, a story well documented in Jim Hougan’s book Spooks (New York: William Morrow, 1978.)”

(Ibid.; pp. 15-16.)


“The documentation regarding this complex question is there for anyone who wants to examine it. Of course I am NOT attempting to suggest a simple mono-causal explanation for the current crisis. What I am suggesting is that sooner or later these connections between the far right and groups like the Muslim Brotherhood that began in the 1930’s and continue today will have to become the subject of serious and sober research in order to help us shed new light on the extraordinary circumstances we are living under today.”

(Ibid.; p. 16.)

9. In an editorial note to his summary of the von Dohnanyi book, Kevin sets forth the authors’ impressive journalistic credentials and also notes that much of the documentation comes from investigative sources not independently verifiable by other researchers. He then delineates the purpose of his paper.

“The purpose of my summary is to let informed students of these matters be aware of the allegations contained in Schmutzige Geschafte so they may form their own independent evaluation of the evidence just as they would with similar books such as Bin Laden: La Verite Interdite.”

(Ibid.; p. 12.)

10. Exemplifying the Nazi/Islamist ideological fusion, the program reviews a pronouncement by Huber mentor Johann von Leers, a former Goebbels propaganda minister. The quote is from a letter from von Leers to Nazi associate H. Keith Thompson.

“One thing is clear-more and more patriot Germans join the great Arab revolution against beastly imperialism. . . . That is good! To hell with Christianity, for in Christianity’s name Germany has been sold to our oppressors! Our place as an oppressed nation under the execrable Western colonialist Bonn government must be on the side of the Arab nationalist revolt against the West. Let Adenauer be furious that honest German patriots are not extradited to him or to his British or American bosses, by those freedom-loving Arab countries. May the British swine call us ‘meddlers’-in short time British meddling in the Middle East will be over, as it has finished in Iraq where the infidel servants of British imperialism are all killed. I hamd ul Allah! . . . the backing given by USA to the Jewish tyrants in Germany will make the German nation revolt. Indeed, for our nation there is only one hope-to get rid of Western imperialism by joining the Arab-led anti-imperialist group.”

(Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International (Copyright 1999 [SC]; Autonomedia; ISBN 1-57027-039-2; pp. 382-383.)

11. A critical player in the Middle East on behalf of the Third Reich was Fritz Grobba.

“Dr. Fritz Grobba was another ally of both the Arabs and the Kremlin. A German ‘Lawrence of Arabia,’ Grobba had been the Nazi ambassador to Baghdad in 1940 when German intelligence backed an attempted anti-British revolt by Rashid Ali al-Galieni.”

(Ibid.; p. 383.)

12. Detailing the attempt at gaining control of the Saudi oil wealth alluded to in the conclusion of Kevin’s paper on the von Dohnanyi book, the broadcast sets forth the maneuvering of former Third Reich finance minister Hjalmar Schacht.

“Another key figure involved in German intrigue in the Middle East was Hjalmar Schacht. He first came to Egypt as General Naguib’s ‘guest of honor’ after the coup against King Farouk. Schacht’s most daring Middle East power-play was the ‘Jiddah Agreement’ between German industry and Saudi Arabia in January 1954. Under the terms of the deal, Saudi Arabia agreed to establish a fleet of supertankers to be built in German shipyards) that would carry Saudi oil around the world. Aristotle Onassis was chosen to manage the shipping side of the operation. Besides making the Ruhr industrialists fantastically wealthy, Jiddah threatened to break the ‘Seven Sisters’ oil companies’ hegemony over the distribution of Middle East oil. The Jiddah Agreement was ultimately blocked by the Western oil cartel with help from the CIA. Yet Allen Dulles’s CIA was surprisingly hesitant to confront Schacht. Robert Maheu, one of the coordinators of the American attack on Jiddah, said of the CIA: ‘You can’t imagine how hard it was to convince them that the national interest was at stake.'”

(Idem.) One wonders to what extent some of the Bush-related petroleum interests implicated in the background of the 9/11 attacks have proven similarly recalcitrant to the concept of the national interest.

13. Schacht was not the only Third Reich veteran to achieve prominent post-war status with the Saudi power structure. (One should remember in that context, the prominent role of Allen Dulles and Jack Philby in the creation of the Saudi state. Dulles, Philby and King Ibn Saud were on excellent terms with Nazi Germany.)

“Another prominent member of the German-China society was Werner-Otto von Hentig, a former head of the Arab Division of Ribbentrop’s Foreign Office and a close friend of Fritz Grobba. King Saud made Hentig Saudi Arabia’s chief European advisor in 1955. While serving as German ambassador to Indonesia, Hentig accompanied the Saudi delegation to the April 1955 Afro-Asian Conference held in Bandung, Indonesia, as a Special Counselor. He also helped broker Soviet-Arab relations in the Mideast.”

(Ibid.; p. 384.)

14. Francois Genoud was friendly with Jiddah Agreement author Schacht as well-an important fact to bear in mind in conjunction with the attacks of 9/11 and some of the rumination engaged in by Kevin in the conclusion of his paper.

“In 1955, with the Grand Mufti’s friend Johann von Leers helping to run Egypt’s Propaganda Ministry and its all-important ‘Institute for the Study of Zionism,’ Genoud began to see Egypt as a base for the anti-French FLN independence movement in Algeria. He worked in Tangier with an ex-SS officer named Hans Reichenberg to create the Arabo-Afrika import-export company, which supplied the FLN with weapons. Arabo-Afrika was actually a cover enterprise established by Werner Naumann’s network, and included Genoud’s friend Dr. Hjalmar Schacht.”

(Ibid.; p. 585.)


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