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FTR #383 Interview with Kevin Coogan

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1. Highlighting aspects of historical and contemporary fascism that are not generally well known, this broadcast sets forth aspects of “Red/Brown” or Third Position fascism. To do so, we visit with Kevin Coogan, author of the seminal Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Post War Fascist International (Copyright 1999 [SC]; Autonomedia; ISBN 1-57027-039-2.)

2. Much of the first side of the program consists of discussion of Horst Mahler, a German fascist-turned-leftist who has reverted to fascism. An associate of the Red Army Faction (also known as the Baader-Meinhoff group), Mahler worked with a strange amalgam of fascists, ultra-leftists, and Middle Eastern terrorist groups. Highlights of the Mahler discussion include: Mahler’s relationship with the PFLP; his connections to Francois Genoud; Mahler’s peripheral contacts [through the RAF] to Gerhard Schroder and Otto Schily [respectively Chancellor and Interior Minister of the Federal Republic]; his anti-Semitism; his support of the PLO; and above all, his endorsement of the 9/11 attacks as necessary and right. (For more about the PFLP, see, among other broadcasts, FTR#350, in addition to many of the programs cited in the introduction to this program.)

3. The program delineates the development of “dialectical” theory, espoused by Hegel and adopted by numerous social scientists and philosophers across the ideological spectrum, including Karl Marx. Dialectical thinking was a major influence on Mahler and other Third Positionists, Yockeyites and Red/Brown fascists.

4. One of Mahler’s principal political forums is the NPD, arguably the top German “neo” Nazi party. With his affinity for Middle Eastern terrorists, his profound anti-Americanism, his links to Francois Genoud and his Nazi orientation, it should come as no surprise that Mahler is associated [through the NPD] with Ahmed Huber.

5. Reviewing one of the interesting historical links between the 9/11 attacks, Genoud and the Third Position, the broadcast reviews the Genoud/Verges/Carlos the Jackal link. Highlights of that connection include: Genoud and Verges’ connections to the Algerian FLN; Verges’ relationship with Genoud and the trial of former Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie; Verges/Genoud’s close relationship with Carlos the Jackal; the role of Isabel Coutant-Peyre [a law partner of Genoud protégé Verges and the wife-to-be of Carlos Jackal] as the French attorney for Zaccharias Mousaoui; the recent appointment of Carlos’ brother to a key post in the Venezuelan energy ministry under Hugo Chavez [a bitter opponent of the United States and head of a key OPEC country].

6. Continuing with discussion of Third Positionists and the Euro-fascist/Middle East terrorist link, the broadcast focuses on Jean Thiriart, a Third Reich associate whose career extended from the 1940’s until the 1990’s. Highlights of the Thiriart discussion include: Thiriart’s association with the SS; his participation with “Jeune Europe” (a Nazi pan-European youth organization); Thiriart’s attempts at forming an anti-American, Euro-fascist alliance with Middle Eastern terrorists and fascists including the PLO and a young Saddam Hussein; his connections to ODESSA operatives including Otto Skorzeny and Otto Ernst Remer; and his influence on other Third Positionists, Thiriart’s backing for the French irredentist OAS [at the same time as he was supportive of the Algerian FLN]; the ideological contradiction between Thiriart’s OAS/FLN support; Nazi support for the OAS and the FLN.

7. Continuing with the presentation of Right-Left, “oscillating fascism,” the program further develops the career of Otto Ernst Remer. Highlights of the Remer discussion include: Remer’s membership in the SS and his role in the liquidation of the July 1944 conspirators against Hitler; his development of the SRP (a top postwar German neo-Nazi party); the SRP’s advocacy of a neutral role for Germany in the Cold War and the SRP’s backing by the former Soviet Union.

8. In addition to Thiriart, the Third Position in France was promulgated by Christian Boucher. Boucher, in turn, maintained contact with Russian fascists in the post-Soviet era.


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