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FTR #384 Between Iraq and a Hard Place, Part 4

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Presenting new information about the Iraq situation, as well as reviewing material on that subject from the For The Record archives, this program highlights aspects of the Iraqi confrontation that may have escaped general notice. Central to the analysis of this program is Mr. Emory’s fear that a Machiavellian, “let’s-you-and-him-fight” scenario may be in the offing-courtesy of the Underground Reich. (It is recommended that those who would view these ruminations as “beyond the pale” read The Prince by Machiavelli, The Art of War by Sun-Tzu, and On War by Karl von Clausewitz-three works that are required reading for any general staff officer-candidate at any military academy in the world, authored by three of the preeminent “conspiracy theorists” of all time. The possibility that the US may be walking into a trap (laid by the Underground Reich) is not one to be too readily discarded. It is significant that the CIA has advanced the view that the Bush scenario of Saddam Hussein equipping terrorist groups with weapons of mass destruction is more probable if the United States attacks and threatens his regime with extinction.

1. Most of the programs enumerated above discuss the profound German involvement with the arming of Iraq, and/or connections of the Third Reich to the political genesis of Saddam Hussein and so-called neo-Nazi support for his regime. This broadcast begins by underscoring the German link to the arming of Saddam with the capacity to develop nuclear weapons. “A new investigative film traces the roots of Iraq’s nuclear capacity to links between German industry and Baghdad’s bomb builders, and questions the lenient sentence handed a German engineer for treason in aiding the project. The documentary, ‘Stealing the Fire,’ offers a rare close-up look at a ‘proliferator,’ the engineer Karl-Heinz Schaab, who emerges on film as a bland, gray, fastidious 68-year-old technician who protests he’s ‘too small to be turned into a scapegoat for the others.'” (“Saddam’s Nuclear Link” by Charles J. Hanley [AP]; San Francisco Examiner; 10/14/200; p. 13A.)

“Blueprints and other documents Schaab and associates brought to Iraq in the 1980’s, along with Schaab’s own hands-on skills, were a vital boost to Baghdad’s development of gas centrifuges, machines whose ultra-fast spinning ‘enriches’ uranium by separating U-235, the stuff of nuclear bombs, from non-fissionable U-238. In an interview Schaab says that on his last Baghdad visit, in April 1990, he personally helped install Iraq’s first test-centrifuge.” (Idem.)

It is worth noting the unusually lenient sentence afforded Schaab by the German courts. “In 1999, a German court convicted Schaab of treason and sentenced him to five years’ imprisonment and a $32,000 fine, but suspended the term because he previously served 15 months in a Brazilian jail. The light sentence raised questions. David Albright who was on the U.N. inspection team, said ‘I think they wanted the Schaab story to disappear. It was intensely embarrassing.'” (Idem.)

2. Apparently, Germany also equipped Iraq with technology that could equip Iraq with a mobile artillery system capable of firing projectiles containing nuclear, chemical or biological warfare payloads. “German prosecutors say Iraq has acquired technology to make a long-range cannon capable of delivering atomic, biological and chemical weapons, and that it came from Germany via Jordan. The allegation is in a report prepared by German military and police agencies for prosecutors in Mannheim, Germany. A court there is preparing to hear a case in January against two Germans who bought from German companies cannon-boring equipment that allegedly ended up in Iraq . . .” (“Iraq May Have Bought German Arms Technology” by David Crawford and Ian Johnson; Wall Street Journal; 10/9/2002; p. A16.)

“The investigation was initiated in January 2001 after state auditors conducting a routine inspection discovered irregularities in the books of a Mannheim company, Alriwo GmbH. The investigation soon focused on Bernd Schompeter, a 59-year-old Alriwo employee. Alriwo has shipped various products legally to Iraq under the United Nations oil-for-food program. Prosecutors say Mr. Schompeter used the company to buy cannon-boring equipment in 1999 and 2000 from two German companies.” (Idem.)

“One was Burgsmuller GmbH, based in northern Germany, which sold Mr. Schompeter about 189,000 Euros ($186,000) worth of drilling equipment. The other is Iftek GmbH, from which he bought 50,000 Euros worth of equipment. Prosecutors say Mr. Schompeter also tried to buy four cannon tubes in 1999 from Swiss concern Parcom AG, but backed out of the deal when the company asked for an official Jordanian document assuring it that the tubes would stay in Jordan . . .” (Idem.)

“Mr. Schompeter was arrested last year and charged last month. When the trial begins in January, German intelligence is expected to show that Jordan was only a transit point for the equipment. Prosecutors say the goods were purchased by a man they identify only as Sahib al-H. They say the man is an Iraqi-born U.S. citizen, based in Amman, who shipped the goods to Iraq . . .” (Ibid.; p. A17.)

“Although Iraq still has missiles capable of delivering atomic, biological or chemical weapons, military experts say the artillery project has been priority since the 1980’s, when the first al-Fao prototype was produced. ‘Everyone talks about missiles, but missiles are very expensive,’ says Chris Foss, editor of Jane’s Armor and Artillery. ‘Artillery like this is far cheaper and can be deployed much more quickly.'” (Idem.)

3. Much of the first side of the program consists of an excerpt of FTR 155. Constituting the last research bequeathed to us by the late Paul Manning, this material was to be included in his never-to-be-published The Search for Martin Bormann, a companion volume to his quintessential Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile. Paul’s son Gerry was murdered before the book could be published. (According to Manning’s intelligence contacts, this was in retaliation for his investigative work on Bormann and was a warning of more to come should he continue his follow-up work.) As discussed in FTR 31, the joint Iraqi/Egyptian/Argentine Condor missile program was one of the Underground Reich’s attempts at equipping Saddam with the capability of long-range delivery vehicles for his weapons of mass destruction. In FTR 384, the discussion reprises the role of the Bormann organization in the Condor project, as well as a project to equip the Argentines (and apparently Iraq as well) with nuclear weapons.

4. Once again, discussion centers on the connections of the Bush family to the Thyssen heavy industrial group and, through the Thyssen firm, to the Bormann organization and the Third Reich, in its above-ground and underground phases. The second side of his broadcast excerpts FTR 87, and reviews the alleged participation of the Thyssen industrial complex in the arming of Saddam Hussein.

5. With the growing possibility of war with Iraq, it is worth remembering some of the aspects of the consequences of the last Gulf War. For many GI’s and their families, as well as many citizens of the Middle East, Gulf War Syndrome is part of the legacy of the last conflict. One of the most insightful and valuable pieces of research into the causes of Gulf War Syndrome has been handed down to us by Dr. Garth Nicholson and his wife, Dr. Nancy Nicholson. The following discussion must be analyzed in light of the fact that there are, in all probability, multiple causes for the affliction. These include the accelerated vaccine schedules given the GI’s who served, the terrible pollution that rained down on them from the oil well fires, the high-explosive munitions used on nuclear and CBW sites and resulting scattering of these deadly agents, and a “weaponized” micro-organism called a mycoplasma. Excerpting FTR 16, the interview with Dr. Garth Nicholson focuses on the mycoplasma, its nature and apparent history, and some of the other variables concerning this aspect of GWS. Discussion highlights include: the insertion of the “envelope” gene from the HIV-1 (AIDS) virus to make the mycoplasma more pathogenic; evidence that the Reagan/Bush administrations gave the “weaponized” organism to Saddam Hussein to use against the Iranians during the Iran/Iraq war of 1980-88; evidence that “air-burst” Scud missiles may have been used to attack U.S. troops well behind the front lines during the Gulf War; indications that the mycoplasma-induced GWS can be communicated to family members and medical personnel attending stricken veterans; and the happy news that the mycoplasma infection can be successfully treated with a cycle of antibiotics.

6. For the convenience and enlightenment of the listener/reader, text describing the Reagan and Bush administrations’ role in equipping Saddam Hussein with his weaponry is included in the description. This is to be considered in the context of Gulf War Syndrome, as well as the possible upcoming venture against Iraq. Executive directives issued by the Reagan administration set up a series of inter-agency networks under the stewardship of the elder George Bush (then Vice-President and formerly director of the CIA). These networks were constructed for the purpose of “fighting terrorism,” but became the elder Bush’s own private intelligence service or “White House-within-a-White House.” This “Bush Intelligence Agency” was used to arm Iran-a terror-supporting nation and part of the “Axis of Evil” tagged by the younger George Bush in his state of the union speech in January of 2002. “One top-secret National Security Decision Directive, NSDD#3, established a new intelligence organization for Vice President George Bush. The former CIA director now had become the head of his own separate spy agency in the White House: ‘. . . the Special Situation Group (SSG) chaired by the Vice President . . . is charged, inter alia, with formulating plans in anticipation of crises. . . .In order to facilitate this crisis pre-planning responsibility, a Standing Crisis Pre-Planning (CPPG) is hereby established . . . and will: . . . For each potential crisis, insure that an interagency group is established and developing contingency plans. Provide guidance to the group and task it with the preparation of preemptive policy options to prevent a crisis if possible as well as the preparation of politico-military options for dealing with the eventual crisis.'[Emphasis added.] It is clear from this top-secret document that Bush asked for, and received, authorization to prepare ‘preemptive policy options . . .'” (The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People; by John Loftus and Mark Aarons; Copyright 1994 [HC]; St. Martin’s Press; ISBN 0-312-11057-X; p. 407.)

“In short, George Bush’s job was to coordinate the State Department, CIA, military, and any other government agency in preparation for another terrorist attack or hostage crisis. No one but Bush was responsible for the disasters to come . . .” (Ibid.; pp. 407-408.)

“When it came to terrorism or the Contras, Bush’s Special situations Group had the final say. To put it bluntly, Bush was running a White House within the white House Its members could co-opt, or circumvent, any government agency they wished. There would be no leaks, but, unfortunately, no independent criticism of their plans either. The vice president’s SSG was the perfect hiding place for some of the bizarre operations dreamed up by Bush, Casey, Robert ‘Bud’ McFarlane, Dewey Clarridge, and North. Our intelligence sources say that these five men are the ‘morons’ who bungled their way into the Iran-Contra affair and then tried to shit the blame to the National Security Council, or to Israel, even to ‘Ollie North-anywhere but back to the Office of the Vice President.” (Ibid.; p.409.)

7. These same networks were used to arm Saddam under the BNL/Iraqgate scandal. “In 1982, Casey flew to Baghdad to open a highly secret link to Saddam Hussein. According to Alan Friedman’s book, Spider’s Web, Vice President Bush played a covert role in Casey’s Iraq initiative. Like Perry’s discussion of Cambodia, Friedman makes a powerful case that Bush inextricably intertwined with Casey’s bizarre initiative to buy Iraqi Oil, and Hussein’s allegiance with guns. There is no doubt that transferring American weaponry to Iraq was highly illegal, but was approved from both the secretary of state and Congress.” (Ibid.; 429.)

8. The arming of Iraq and the Iran/Contra scandal were two sides of the same, unfortunate coin. “Both times Casey and Bush teamed up, the operation involved gun running. It is no coincidence that both secret operations begun in1982, the same year that Vice President Bush established his specials Situations group for counter terrorism. What neither Perry nor Friedman realized was that Bush and Casey worked on a third covert operation, arms-for hostages deal with Iran. According to our source, the story of Bush’s role as the architect of Irangate has never been told before . (It was run just poorly as the Cambodian gunrunning and just as illegal as the arming of Iraq but it was much better hidden from Congress.” (Ibid.; p. 429.)

9. The program concludes with an op-ed column that highlights the possibility of a “bio-Armageddon” if the attack on Iraq bears the worst imaginable fruit. As emphasized in the discussion of this column, the Serpent’s Walk scenario is one to be carefully considered in this context. (For more about that book, see, among other programs), FTR#’s 90, 212, as well as numerous broadcasts dealing with the events in, and around, 9/11. “The debate among the nation’s politicians and the advice they’re receiving from intelligence experts should not focus exclusively on diplomacy versus preemptive military action against Saddam Hussein. Instead, there is one nightmarish outcome — the so-called bio-Armageddon scenario — that is of immediate concern.” (“A Virus-Fed Doomsday” by Scott P. Layne and Michael H. Sommer; Los Angeles Times; 10/10/2002; p. A13.)

“It goes like this: We go in to take out Hussein, and his obedient henchmen pull a ‘doomsday’ switch, releasing contagious biological agents for which there is no vaccine and no cure. Not only are hundreds of thousands of American troops wiped out but, if Hussein wishes to die a martyr’s death, the virulent agents are released to spread around the world and wipe out half of mankind.” (Idem.)

“Even mentioning this subject may seem like scaremongering, but it’s not. In today’s dicey world, this horrific possibility is a biological, military and political fact of life — or death — that cannot be dismissed out of hand.” (Idem.)

“How seriously has the bio-Armageddon scenario been weighed in councils of war? An Oct. 7 letter from CIA Director George Tenet to Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.), chairman of the Intelligence Committee, stated that a cornered Hussein might use ‘his last chance to exact vengeance by taking a large number of victims with him.'” (Idem.)

“It costs about $1 million to kill one person with a nuclear weapon, about $1,000 to kill one person with a chemical weapon and about $1 to kill one person with a biological weapon. Low cost alone may dictate that current and future terrorists will opt for the $1 biological killers.” (Idem.)

“Last year, a bombshell of a scientific paper, published in the Journal of Virology, revealed that a bioengineered form of mousepox — a close cousin of smallpox — was vaccine-resistant and 100% lethal. It showed that simply inserting one immune-inhibiting gene into mousepox was all it took.” (Idem.)

“Is it conceivable that Hussein’s well-trained scientists, who crave to please their boss at any cost, have not read this paper and applied its findings to smallpox?” (Idem.)

“This year, another stunning paper in the research journal Science described the complete synthesis of the poliovirus genome in the test tube. This feat of bioengineering pointed out that deadly viruses, such as smallpox, can be resurrected in the test tube. No seed germs are required, as previously thought, just genetic sequences, training in molecular biology at the master’s-in-science level and a few years of laboratory work.” (Idem.)

“It’s hard to underestimate or sugarcoat these scientific papers. They offer a blueprint for creating vaccine-resistant and highly lethal viruses that could, for example, render the current smallpox vaccine stockpile and the U.S. government’s emergency vaccination program absolutely useless. This biological genie may pose a far greater threat than 1,000 atomic bombs.” (Idem.)

“It’s no longer hypothetical to bioengineer such an agent. And less than $1 million would be required to create deadly and contagious agents . . . ” (Idem.)

“In the wrong hands, a bioengineered virus could be bottled and used as an insurance policy against invasion and overthrow. And, if unleashed, it could change the very fabric of remaining modern civilization. At a minimum, too many people might be stricken to continue to operate oil refineries, power plants, airlines and communications.” (Idem.)


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