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FTR #39 Where was Mark Fuhrman on the Night of June 12, 1994?

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Many aspects of the O.J. Simpson investigation were inadequately reported by the media. One of the most important of those aspects, was the fact that Mark Fuhrman may very well be a Nazi. Fuhrman may very well have been the leader of a white-supremacist group within the Los Angeles Police Department and he apparently boasted of having a relationship (possibly sexual) with Nicole Brown Simpson. Ominously, he apparently lied on the witness stand during questioning by Marcia Clark. (Fuhrman claimed that he was at a police protective league barbecue in La Quinta, California. This event took place the previous evening!) These points of information are documented in this program. The broadcast also sets forth the fact that both O.J. and Nicole were receiving written and telephoned death threats from white-supremacist groups. Some warnings were delivered in person by L.A. law enforcement personnel, who may have been sympathetic to these groups. (The FBI knew about this.) (Recorded on 2/16/97.)


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