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FTR #391 Discussion Points on 9/11 and Related Topics

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This program highlights and conceptualizes some of the major “talking points” of the inquiry dealing with 9/11 and related subjects.

1. As listeners (readers) peruse and digest the points of information presented here, it is of utmost importance to understand the primary significance of the Underground Reich in the orchestration of these events. Although the elements and personalities of political and economic power that figure in this drama are temporally, geographically and ethnically diverse, the common denominator is the Underground Reich and the result of their cumulative efforts (not necessarily consciously, in all cases) will be “the F word”–fascism. Fascism in the United States and everywhere else, as well. For much of humanity it will mean annihilation. For the rest-fascism, under the domination of the Underground Reich. Just as a slight-of-hand artist waves a magic wand to distract the audience while the trick is performed, so the very diversity of the players on this infernal stage tends to mask the nature of the forces at work through them. This analysis distills the central elements, and presents them in what is (hopefully) a straightforward and enlightening conceptual context. Note that FTRs 454, 455, 456 are compendia that draw together much of the key documentation on three key aspects of the investigation into 9/11. In carrying the message to others, understand that it is your duty as a citizen and as a human being to do so. As the dying Captain Miller (played by Tom Hanks) said to Private Ryan (played by Matt Damon) in Saving Private Ryan-“Earn this! Earn it!”

2. An excellent conceptual (and legal/investigative) starting point can be found in the Operation Green Quest Raids of 3/20/2002. “Years before the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda organization and other terrorist groups had systematically built financial networks capable of sustaining their aim of bringing their war to the United States on its own soil. Indeed, bin Laden initially rose to prominence not as a fighter but as the most influential financier of the mujahideen fighting to drive the Soviet army out of Afghanistan. ‘It is this financial architecture that continued with him when he turned to terrorism, and it’s this financial architecture that is at the heart of how al Qaeda today gets its finances,’ said William F. Wechsler, who specialized in tracking terrorist funding while at the National Security Council during the last two years of the Clinton administration.” (Blood From Stones; by Douglas Farah; Broadway Books [HC]; Copyright 2004 by Douglas Farah; ISBN 0-7679-1562-3; p. 1.) Acting on information unearthed during the research for a lawsuit by John Loftus), Treasury Department agents raided a series of overlapping institutions and related individuals on suspicion of being involved in the financing of terrorism. These institutions and individuals are connected to: the petroleum business milieu of George W. Bush; to the Islamofascist Al Taqwa milieu; to the Republican Party’s Ethnic Outreach organization and to pivotal GOP operative Grover Norquist. Bush family political ally and business associate Talat Othman interceded with Treasury Secretary O’Neill on behalf of the targets of the 3/20 raids on 4/4/2002. O’Neill resigned his cabinet post in early December of 2002. In early 2003, the indictment of Sami al-Arian in connection with terrorist activities further underscored the GOP Ethnics’ connection to Middle Eastern terrorists. The Bush administration has actively frustrated Operation Green Quest. From the focal point of the 3/20 Green Quest raids, evidentiary and historical tributaries flow to critical junctions, which, in turn, embody the powerful, semi-clandestine forces of the Underground Reich.

3. The foundation of the economic and political dynamic that manifested itself through the 9/11 attacks was revealed in the Green Quest raids. That foundation is the multi-national and financial axis that led to the capitalization of Adolph Hitler and the perpetuation of the Underground Reich and the Bormann Organization. The business and political relationships of the Bush family are inextricably linked with both. W’s progenitors were among the most important of Hitler’s financial backers. The investments of George Herbert Walker (W’s great-grandfather) and Prescott Bush, Sr. (W’s grandfather) in the Thyssen-Bornemisza financial engine underlying the Thyssen (now Thyssen-Krupp) heavy industrial firm were handled by Sullivan & Cromwell attorney Allen Dulles. Dulles was also central to the realization of the postwar dispersal of Nazi financial assets. The Allen Dulles-supervised financial triumvirate of the Union Banking Corporation, the August Thyssen Bank in Berlin and the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvart in the Netherlands was a major pivot-point for the capital that revived the Thyssen operation in the postwar period. Prescott Bush Sr. was deeply involved with this three-way “money-go-round.” The manager of the Dutch bank (1947) and an investigative reporter who was pursuing this link (1996) died under ambiguous circumstances. The liquidation of the Union Banking Corporation in 1951 was the basis for much of the Bush family’s economic largesse. (For more on the Bush/Thyssen connection, see ” ‘Bush-Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951′-Federal Documents” by John Buchanan and Stacey Michael; 11/7/2003 [vol. 248, #3]. See also: “How the Bush Family Made its Fortune from the Nazis” by John Loftus.)

4. The creation of Saudi Arabia was realized by these same elements. Sullivan & Cromwell’s Allen Dulles (along with Axis spy Jack Philby and Philby’s protégé king Ibn Saud-a Nazi sympathizer) were central to the creation of Saudi Arabia and the successful perpetuation of the house of Saud. Mohammad bin Laden (a close friend of Ibn Saud’s and the father of Osama) founded the Saudi Bin Laden Group-the construction business at the heart of the powerful Bin Laden economic empire–in 1931 (a year before the formal creation of Saudi Arabia itself.) Sullivan & Cromwell is the legal counsel for the Saudi Bin Laden Group (or SBG). Sullivan & Cromwell also headed up a consortium of financial institutions that sought to weaken the provisions instituted by the Treasury Department (and the recently-departed Paul O’Neill) to stem the tide of money laundering.

5. Joining the American forces involved in the financing of Hitler to the overlapping milieux of “Euro-fascism” and Islamofascism, is the Lugano-based Al Taqwa organization. (For background on Al Taqwa, be sure to check out three very important articles by Kevin Coogan: “The Mysterious Achmed Huber: Friend to Hitler, Allah and Ibn Ladin?”; “Report on Islamists, The Far Right, and Al Taqwa”; and “Achmed Huber, The Avalon Gemeinschaft, and the Swiss ‘New Right'”.

In addition one should examine Lucy Komisar’s “Share Holders in the Bank of Terror?” See also: “U.S. Trails Va. Money, Ties” by Douglas Farah and John Mintz; Washington Post; 10/7/2002; “Oil for Food Sales Seen as Iraq Tie to Al Qaeda” by Marc Perelman; Forward; 6/20/2003. Headed up by Egyptian-born former Abwehr agent Youssef Nada, the Bank Al Taqwa (later Nada management), engaged Swiss “neo”-Nazi turned Islamist Ahmed Huber as a director. Huber is a protégé of Johann von Leers, director of anti-Semitic propaganda for Joseph Goebbels propaganda ministry. Von Leers later functioned in a similar capacity as the head of Egyptian president Nasser’s “Institute for the Study of Zionism.” The Bin Laden family was involved in the financing of Al Taqwa. Muslim Brotherhood kingpin Said Ramadan was a principal figure in the founding of Bank Al Taqwa. Unfortunately, both US and international efforts at interdicting the operations of Bank Al Taqwa have been ineffective. The Saudi DMI is also a principal shareholder in the Bank Al Taqwa and suspected of involvement with the funding of Al Qaeda and to the Saudi elite/Bush family axis. Al Taqwa kingpins Youssef Nada and Ali Galeb Himmat lived in the United States for a number of years, and had six children born in the U.S. between them. The geographical base of Al Taqwa and the closely-related Banca del Gottardo is Lugano (Switzerland)-long the epicenter of the Thyssen/Bornemisza operations realized by, among other others, the Bush/Dulles axis.

6. At the Lugano “pivot-point” of Al Taqwa/Banca del Gottardo, we find significant points of overlap with the Italian fascist milieu of the P-2 lodge and the Alleanza Nationale-the successor to Mussolini’s fascist party. Among the shareholders in Al Taqwa was Alessandro Ghe, associated with the Italian fascist group Ordine Nuovo. Nada’s attorney Pier Felici Barchi–closely connected to the milieu of Banca del Gottardo president Claudio Generali-handles the Swiss legal/economic business for Italian Prime Minister and former P-2 Lodge member Silvio Berlusconi. An account at Banco del Gottardo was also used by Elio Borradori, the Lugano-based banker for Saddam Hussein. Barchi is also a former law partner of Carla Del Ponte, the prosecutor in the war crimes trial of Slobodan Milosevic. The Clearstream access for Bank Al Taqwa, Banca del Gottardo is the Swiss subsidiary of the Banco Ambrosiano. Gustavo Selva, a deputy of the Alleanza Nationale (successor to Mussolini’s fascist party and a member of the Berlusconi coalition government) is associated with Ahmed Idris Nasreddin and Ali Galeb Himmat, founders of Al Taqwa. The head of the Alleanza Nationale (Gianfranco Fini) was at a conference of European far-right leaders at Mont Pelerin in Switzerland, along with the aforementioned Al Taqwa director and neo-Nazi Ahmed Huber. Another of the business associates of Nasreddin was the late Ercole Doninelli, closely associated with the Fimo, a now-bankrupt company that helped to capitalize Berlusconi’s early investments in the construction industry. Al Taqwa also has links with the royal family of Liechtenstein. With anti-Muslim/anti-immigrant sentiment being a major ideological tenet of the European far-right, these associations run counter to stereotyped ideological conceptions.

7. Linking Islamofascism to Euro-fascism, Al Taqwa is also inextricably linked with the Muslim Brotherhood, the progenitor of all modern Islamic militant groups and a political and ideological ally of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. (For comprehensive background on the Muslim Brotherhood see the three Kevin Coogan articles linked above. In addition, see: “Islamism, Fascism and Terrorism” by Marc Erikson [Asia Times]; Parts I-IV.) Joining theocratic Islamic totalitarianism with the corporatist economic philosophy of Mussolini, the Brotherhood is the parent organization of Al Taqwa. The Muslim Brotherhood (and Al Taqwa’s Ahmed Huber) has established connections with the British anti-Iraq war movement, the French Muslim electoral organization (UOIF) and with the Turkish Refah organization, which is connected to the governing Turkish AK party. Muslim Brotherhood kingpin Said Ramadan was a principal figure in the founding of Bank Al Taqwa Ramadan’s son Tariq (a supposed moderate) also appears to be connected to Al Taqwa, as well as other Al Qaeda-linked elements. The Muslim Brotherhood has been very effective in reaching out to Muslim congregations in the United States.

8. Central to an understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood’s alliance with the Axis in World War II (and with the Underground Reich after the war) is the geopolitical concept of the “Earth Island.” Viewed as essential to the control of the world’s land mass, its population and its petroleum reserves, that stretch of land from the straits of Gibraltar running all the way across Europe, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, India and China is dominated by a largely Muslim population. Controlling that Muslim population was seen by the Nazi geopoliticians as the key to world domination. It is in the context of world fascism and the Underground Reich that the Euro-fascist/Muslim Brotherhood relationship embodied in the Al Taqwa nexus assumes the clarity and relevance it deserves.

9. In attempting to realize their domination of the Earth Island, the Third Reich utilized the considerable skills of Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. In addition, Al Taqwa’s Youssef Nada aided The Grand Mufti’s postwar flight from Germany to Jerusalem. The World Muslim Congress, founded in the aftermath of World War II, was a principal link between the former World Anti-Communist League and reactionary Islam. The WMC was also a principal tool of the Western intelligence coalition that prosecuted the anti-Soviet Afghan war in the 1980’s-the conflict that spawned Osama bin Laden as a warrior, as well as Al Qaeda. The Grand Mufti recruited Balkan Muslims to fight alongside the Nazis-their successors in the Balkans also worked with Al Qaeda-linked elements. Holding the rank of major in the Nazi SS, the Grand Mufti was one of the most important Axis spies in World War II. He was a major influence on the aforementioned Ahmed Huber and worked with the Muslim Brotherhood and king Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia. The first leader of the Palestinian national movement, he was related to, and an inspiration for, Yasser Arafat.One of the Grand Mufti’s most important associations was with key Nazi operative Francois Genoud.

10. Although he died in 1996, Genoud’s name crops up in a number of ways in conjunction with 9/11. For more information about Genoud, see the three articles by Kevin Coogan noted above. In addition, see “The Swastika and the Crescent” by Martin A. Lee; Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report.) One source alleges that Genoud actually founded Al Taqwa, alleged to be an Al Qaeda backer before and after 9/11. In addition, Genoud was close to Ahmed Huber. In interviews with the financial journal Plus/Minus and with Bavarian State Radio, money laundering expert Ernest Backes alleged that the 9/11 money trail would be traced back to corporate fronts set up by Genoud and, apparently, still in operation. Among his (Genoud’s) associations was Said Ramadan, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood and the architect of the Brotherhood’s redeployment to Germany, and then Switzerland. A key operative in the networks that aided the postwar flight of Nazi war criminals, Genoud financed the legal defense of Klaus Barbie (the “Butcher of Lyon”) and Adolph Eichmann. One of his protégés and the defense attorney for Barbie was Jacques Verges, whose law partner (Isabel Coutant-Peyre) is the French attorney for Zaccharias Moussaoui, the accused 20th hijacker. It appears that Verges is also going to be the counsel for Saddam Hussein. A major backer of the PLO and other Middle Eastern terrorist groups, Genoud was a principal player in the world of international terrorism. One of the many organizations with which he was associated was the Baader-Meinhof gang. Baader-Meinhof at one point plotted to send anthrax through the mail, not unlike what happened after 9/11. It is in this context that Genoud’s friendship and professional association with Beaudoin Dunand assumes special importance.

11. When Genoud stood trial in France in connection with terrorism, his attorney was Beaudoin Dunand, who was also a close friend. Dunand was also the co-chairman of the board of SICO-the European-based holding company for SBG. In addition, Dunand was involved with moving money for the family of Khalid bin Mahfouz–married to Osama bin Laden’s sister, implicated in the 9/11 scenario and closely connected to the milieu of the BCCI. A Bin Mahfouz protégé was the owner of the Al Shifa pharmaceutical factory targeted by American cruise missile strikes in 1998. Dunand was also involved with setting up fronts used to secret money from Saddam Hussein.

12. Representative of the power of invested Saudi petrodollars, the nexus of the BCCI is at the foundation of the investigation into September 11. Touching upon activities ranging from the Iran-Contra Scandal, the Iraqgate Scandal, the Mark Rich affair, the financing of the Afghan Mujahadeen, drug trafficking, and terrorism-this now-defunct bank involved many key personalities involved with various Bush family business ventures. Discussed above, Khalid bin Mahfouz was a principal figure in the BCCI investigation, and was represented in American business by James R. Bath, an early investor in George W. Bush’s first (failed) oil business-Bath also represented Salem bin Laden, the older brother of Osama. Bin Mahfouz also allegedly helped to capitalize Harken Energy, the successor firm to Arbusto. It appears that elements of the CIA are helping Bin Mahfouz in a nuisance lawsuit against the advisor to a suit by survivors of the 9/11 attacks against elements of the Saudi elite. Another of the BCCI principals held sway in Harken. Abdullah Bakhsh (the North American business representative for much of the Bin Laden family from 1976 until 1982) was a protégé of Gaith Pharaon, a principal capitalizer of BCCI. Bakhsh placed his protégé-Talat Othman-on the board of directors of Harken Energy. Bakhsh now works for a subsidiary of Halliburton-Dick Cheney’s old firm. It was Othman who interceded with the recently departed Paul O’Neill. Another dimension of the BCCI aspect of the 9/11 investigation concerns the role played in the “investigation” of the BCCI affair by Robert Mueller, now head of the FBI. That inquest was less than vigorous. The number two man in that purposefully inadequate investigation was Rudolph Giuliani, the “hero” of 9/11.

13. Another important embodiment of the investment power of Saudi petrodollars is the Carlyle Group. Yet another of the business ventures joining the Bush, Bin Mahfouz and Bin Laden families, the Carlyle Group was holding its annual investor conference in Washington D.C. on 9/11. At that conference, members of the Bush milieu and Bin Laden family members watched as the World Trade Center Towers collapsed. Within days, members of the Bin Laden family were flown out of the United States before they could be interviewed by the FBI-they were the only civilians able to fly in the United States in that time period. Among the Bin Laden family members allowed to leave was Abdullah Bin Laden, linked to terrorism, Al Qaeda and the milieu of the Operation Green Quest raids of 3/20/2002. In addition, Saudi Prince Ahmed-alleged to have been a go-between for al Qaeda and the Saudi royal family was allowed to leave as well. The elder George Bush was in Washington, D.C. on 9/11/2001 and flew out at approximately the same time as the plane that struck the Pentagon flew in.

14. There are a number of interesting questions about the performance of civilian and military aviation units in connection with the attacks of 9/11. Attorney General John Ashcroft stopped flying on commercial flights in late July of 2001-why?! NORAD had conducted training exercises simulating the events of 9/11, giving the lie to the administration’s claim that the attacks hadn’t been anticipated. The administration was lax in alerting airlines about the warnings of the hijackings. The anomalous behavior of air defense units on 9/11 may well be due to the fact that “threat assessment” software for both the FAA and the Air Force was developed by a company called Ptech, that had many links to Al Qaeda and the Al Taqwa milieu. One of the alleged collaborators of Osama bin Laden was the head of the Pakistani Air Force, who was killed in a plane crash in February of 2003. Expertise such as his (Air Marshall Ali Mir-head of the PAF) combined with the software developed by Ptech may well have been used to interfere with the performance of air defense units on 9/11.

15. George W. Bush’s brother Marvin was a director of a number of companies involved with electronic security for the World Trade Center, Dulles Airport and United Airlines, as well as another that was an insurance underwriter for the World Trade Center. Another Bush relative, Wirt D. Walker III, was involved with the security firm, which also ran flight training schools in Florida. George W. Bush’s uncle, Jonathan Bush, is a director of the Riggs Bank, which is deeply involved with Saudi diplomatic/financial networks implicated in the operational aspects of 9/11. The President’s other brother, Neil Bush, is also heavily involved with Middle Eastern business interests, in turn, overlapping some of the Texas/petro-business connections that are to be found at the heart of the Bush family’s contemporary business dealings. (See also “Bush-linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United” by Margie Burns; Prince George’s Journal [Maryland]; 2/4/2003; as well as “The Best Unregulated Families” by Margie Burns.)

16. In examining the 3/20 Operation Green Quest raids, it is interesting to note the presence in the GOP’s ethnic outreach organization of Wahhabi elements connected to the Al Taqwa/Al Qaeda milieu. Bush “Svengali” Karl Rove helped put together the Islamofascist element in the GOP. A traditional repository for Central and Eastern European fascist elements, this Nazi faction of the Republican Party was the outgrowth of the Crusade For Freedom. The brainchild of Bush family associate Allen Dulles, overseen by Richard Nixon, fronted for by Ronald Reagan and arranged by William Casey, the CFF was created for the dual purposes of promoting anti-Semitism in the U.S. and anti-communism abroad. Was there a similar attempt (to counteract the “Jewish Vote” at home and promote anti-communism abroad) during the closing phase of the Cold War? Were Islamofascist elements brought into the country for this purpose-a “Jihad For Freedom?” (For more about the GOP/Islamist connection, see ” ‘Countdown with Keith Olberman’ for Oct. 23″; MSNBC News; 10/23/2003.)

17. Adjacent to the hypothetical concept of the “Jihad For Freedom” is the reality of Saudi/Islamofascist influence within the US, partly as a result of the petroleum business, partly because of the enormous investment of recycled petrodollars in the American commercial and political economy. Noteworthy in this regard is the alleged role of Saudi Arabia, the petroleum business, the “oil faction” of the CIA and George Bush in the destabilization of Jimmy Carter-whose promotion of energy conservation instead of development was anathema to those interests. By creating a phony “oil shortage,” those interests helped defeat Carter by increasing oil prices-damaging the economy and inflaming public opinion against Carter. As war with Iraq looms, Carter’s characterization of the need to reduce energy consumption as “the moral equivalent of war” looms large indeed. Exemplifying the petro-dollar connection to the Republican establishment, the Saudis have hired powerful former GOP Congressman Tom Loeffler’s law firm to represent them. In addition to being “one of Bush’s top moneymen” Loeffler is close to former petroleum executive Dick Cheney. It appears that the late John P. O’Neill, who headed the FBI’s investigation into 9/11 had his investigation sabotaged because of the Saudi oil connections. In an echo of the 1980 Bush oil scam, Prince Bandar (Saudi Ambassador to the U.S.) allegedly promised to reduce oil prices, thereby bolstering the economy and boosting George W. Bush’s chances for reelection.

18. In the hypothesis Mr. Emory has been developing about the events of 9/11-the hypothetical question of interference by the oil/Republican/Wahhabi axis in the Camp David peace talks in the summer of 2000 looms large. On 7/25/2000, petroleum executive George W. Bush named petroleum executive Dick Cheney as his Vice-Presidential running mate. On that same day, Yasser Arafat walked out of the Camp David peace talks. Had Clinton successfully brokered a lasting peace agreement and the establishment of a Palestinian state, it might very well have given Al Gore the presidency in 2000. Many of the “moderate” Palestinians who comprised key elements of the negotiating team at Camp David were protégés of Republican operative James Baker (like Cheney a member of the elder Bush’s cabinet). Coached in the latest PR techniques by the CIA, they were dubbed “Baker’s Dozen” by the Agency. Madame Chenault (closely affiliated with the American far right and the “China Lobby”) interfered in negotiations between the North Vietnamese and the Johnson Administration in order to prevent Hubert Humphrey from benefiting from a cease-fire in 1968. Did the Republicans interfere in the Camp David peace process for the purpose of domestic electoral gains?

19. In connection with the breakdown of the peace talks in 2000 (which also doomed Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s government), it is worth remembering that the PLO’s chief financial source is Saudi Arabia. The successor to, (and cousin of) his political mentor Haj Amin al-Husseini, Yasser Arafat is a protégé of ODESSA chief Otto Skorzeny, having become acquainted with the ex-SS Colonel when the latter was in Egypt as a contract employee of the CIA. Arafat’s heritage is at one with the Bush/Saudi/Underground Reich axis.

20. Another consideration in evaluating the breakdown of the Middle East peace process concerns the deliberate courting of the Israeli right-wing by the Republicans, to the detriment of the Clinton administration. The Republican subversion of the Clinton policy toward Israel, effected in part by courting the Israeli right is particularly interesting in light of the fascist heritage of the more reactionary elements of the Likud party. In addition to destabilizing the Clinton administration’s Middle East policy, this utilization of the Israeli right at the same time as (apparently) courting the Saudi/Underground Reich-influenced PLO might be seen as the ultimate “Final Solution.” Polarize both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and instigate a war of mutual annihilation between the Arabs and Jews. Third Reich SS strategist Otto Von Bolschwing may have drawn on his World War II experience to engineer scenarios in which Jews would be scapegoated for the excesses of the Underground Reich.

21. Presenting the view that the attacks of 9/11 represent a fusion of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Reichstag Fire, the FTR programs on 9/11 compare the situation of the United States to that of France in the late 1930’s and 1940’s. The United States is facing a combination of attack from a hostile foreign power (the Underground Reich’s Islamofascist forces) and domestic subversion from an allied Fifth Column. That Fifth Column (centered on the Bush administration) derives from structural economic relationships and infiltration of the national security establishment through the promotion of anti-Communism as a vehicle for conquest. It is rather like the situation the country would have faced in World War II, had Hitler been in the White House when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Third Reich Alumni and Islamofascist elements successfully allied with the Republican Party during the Cold War and evolved into an ultra-reactionary force within it intractably opposed to traditional American democracy. A truly sinister consideration in that context is the Project for a New American Century’s projection in the fall of 2000 that what would be needed to mobilize American popular opinion behind a US military adventure to dominate the Middle East was an event “like another Pearl Harbor.” Was 9/11 this “New Pearl Harbor” and were elements of the Bush administration complicit in that event?

22. Among the elements that appears to figure prominently in the Fifth Column within the US intelligence apparat is an Islamist network associated with Al Taqwa, the GOP and the targets of the Operation Green Quest raids of 3/20/2002. An Islamist protégé of Grover Norquist occupies a key position in the Department of Homeland Security, despite his lack of an intelligence background. This Fifth Column has established itself within the US military’s chaplain program.

23. In charge of the FBI’s investigation into Bin Laden, the late John O’Neill had his investigation terminated and resigned from the bureau-complaining that US corporate links to Saudi Arabia were interdicting his investigation. O’Neill died at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

24. In examining the tension with Iraq, it is of paramount importance to understand the Third Reich heritage of Saddam Hussein, and the Underground Reich associations of his regime. Though there are doubts of many within the national security establishment about attacking Iraq, there remain unanswered questions. Among them are the possible role of Underground Reich-affiliated Iraqi elements in the foot-and-mouth outbreak in Britain, the West Nile Fever outbreak, the Oklahoma City bombing, and through the OKC bombing, an evidentiary tributary leading in the direction of 9/11. Al Taqwa’s Youssef Nada laundered negotiables plundered by Saddam Hussein’s forces in Kuwait in 1991. Al Taqwa was the vehicle for some of the food-for-oil program exploited by Saddam Hussein. Al Taqwa was also the repository for much of Saddam’s wealth garnered from petroleum marketing and arms deals. Gianluca Boscaro, at whose law offices Al Taqwa was incorporated, was hired to investigate the Saddam/Banca del Gottardo/Al Taqwa link-he then died under strange circumstances. As noted above, much of Saddam’s ill-gotten largesse was banked by the Lugano-based Elio Borradori in the Banco del Gottardo. Francois Genoud’s protégé Jacques Verges may well be the defense attorney for Saddam Hussein’s war crimes trial. The United States may well be walking into a trap laid by the Underground Reich. Question: if someone (say, the Third Reich) wanted to annihilate the Jews and the Arabs and decimate the United States, but didn’t have the above-board military manpower to accomplish this-how would they go about the process? Degussa personnel were involved with the development of the Third Reich’s nuclear capability in World War II in supplying Saddam with software for the production of nuclear weapons. Saudi elements helped Saddam to acquire his German/Third Reich nukes. Germany was pivotal in helping the Pakistanis to get the bomb, as well. Degussa (the firm that manufactured the Zyklon B for the gas chambers) has also supplied Iraq with silicates to develop chemical weapons that will penetrate the protective suits worn by U.S. troops. German intelligence was conspiring with Iraqi intelligence in the run-up to the Iraq war.

25. A central factor in the consideration of the US/Iraq confrontation is the fact that Iraq became the first OPEC country to denominate its oil in Euros, thereby reducing the significance of the dollar’s status as a reserve currency. At the same time, the macro-economic contest between the Euro and the dollar manifested itself in the contest between Boeing and its European rival EADS (manufacturer of the Airbus). Muslim elements have proposed that, in retaliation for the Iraq war, Muslims should shun the dollar in favor of the Euro.

26. The change in Saudi Arabia’s stance on Iraq in early 2003 is noteworthy. Has a deal been cut between the Saudis and the Bush administration on Iraq? Have the Saudis agreed to let the US use bases in Iraq in exchange for the Bush administration’s suppression of investigations into the Saudi role in 9/11? Will the Saudis also be helping to defray the cost of rebuilding Iraq after a US-led war? Will Saudi bin Laden group get any of the construction contracts in a post-war Iraq? Will the Shiite Muslim majority in Iraq be subordinated to Wahhabi influence? Dick Cheney’s daughter Elizabeth is the State Department official in charge of coordinating policy with the “friendly” states of the Gulf.)

27. Yockeyism is central to understanding the events in, and around, 9/11. This manifestation of fascism aims at uniting elements of the left, the Third World and the Underground Reich in an alliance aimed at annihilating the world’s Jewish population and destroying the United States and its culture.

28. Economic destruction or subjugation is central to the Underground Reich offensive against the US. Bush is slashing revenues while building up for war. “For The Record” challenges any and all listeners to name a world leader who successfully slashed revenues while waging war. While building up the military and drastically slashing taxes, the Bush administration has set the stage for the accumulation of $44, 200bn in total budget deficits-roughly ten times the publicly held national debt. Grover Norquist is the point man for the administration’s tax-cutting efforts and also the point man for the Islamist connection to the Republican Party’s ethnic outreach organization. A paper prepared by the Army War College compared the Bush administration’s over-reaching of available military resources to Hitler’s strategic mistake in World War II.

29. Just as Operation Safehaven (the Treasury Department intelligence operation aimed at interdicting the Bormann flight capital program) was interdicted by economic interests allied with the Third Reich, so the Treasury’s limited efforts under Operation Green Quest were opposed by powerful financial institutions allied with the Underground Reich. Bush associate Talat Othman interceded with (Treasury Secretary) O’Neill. Sullivan & Cromwell headed a consortium opposed to Treasury’s anti-money laundering regulations. Months later, O’Neill is gone. It appears that the Bush administration is actively covering up the Saudi connections to 9/11.

30. One of the most alarming aspects of the Bush administration’s active cover-up of the Saudi involvement in terror-related activities concerns a directive given to US intelligence agencies not to investigate a Pakistani-based nuclear smuggling ring. This directive was given in order to protect the Saudis, who had financed the nuclear ambitions of the Pakistanis and Iraqis.

31. Elements of the Underground Reich also figured in the Pakistani nuclear smuggling ring.

32. International efforts at interdicting the financing of terrorism-Al Taqwa in particular-are breaking down.

33. Also central to understanding the hypothesis presented in the FTR series about 9/11 is the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk.

34. In Serpent’s Walk, the Underground Reich’s takeover of the United States follows a devastating bio-terror attack on the United States using genetically engineered micro-organisms. This attack destroys much of the country and leads to a declaration of martial law. Who launched the anthrax attacks shortly after 9/11? An unanswered question concerns the possibility of Underground Reich authorship of this event. What role might the late Dr. Larry Ford and underground elements associated with the former apartheid government of South Africa have played? Was the Bayer pharmaceutical firm the intentional beneficiary of the anthrax attacks?

35. From an investigative standpoint, evidentiary tributaries running from 9/11 to other terrorist incidents including the Oklahoma City bombing, the first World Trade Center attack, the AMIA bombing in Argentina are of more than passing interest. Are these points of intersection indicative of Underground Reich authorship of these events, as well as 9/11? There is a marked similarity between the climactic event of The Turner Diaries (the reported inspiration for Timothy McVeigh & Company in the Oklahoma City bombing) and the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. William Pierce (author of The Turner Diaries and the head of the neo-Nazi National Alliance) foreshadowed the 9/11 attacks in a 1998 radio broadcast. The Turner Diaries also has a foreshadowing of the collapse of the World Trade Center Andreas Strassmeir, the German neo-Nazi, son of former Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s chief of staff and the alleged mastermind of the Oklahoma City Bombing was trying to buy a surplus Boeing 747 from Lufthansa. Was this a foreshadowing of the 9/11 attacks? A former U.S. Green Beret working for the Aryan Nations allegedly aided Mohammed Atta in the 9/11 attacks.

36. German/US intelligence conflict over what might be called “the Battle of Menwith Hill” in the context of the 9/11 attacks. The struggle between Anglo-Saxonia (the US and UK) and Germany/EU is highlighted in the context of the politics surrounding the 9/11 attacks. In particular, the programs set forth the significance of the month of August of 1998, the month in which US embassies in Africa were attacked. In that month, the German/EU attack on Menwith Hill commenced, Osama bin Laden ceased using his cell phone to communicate and the cell in Hamburg that launched the 9/11 attacks was already under physical surveillance. “For The Record” presents the view that these events are intimately related. Taken together, they constitute “the Battle of Menwith Hill.” Significantly, it was bin Laden’s counterintelligence on US signals intelligence capability that enabled him to use his satellite phone as a ruse in order to elude capture by the US at the battle of Tora Bora.

37. The behavior of the German authorities in connection with September 11 is noteworthy and more than a little suspicious. Why did the Germans seek to deflect attention in the direction of US, British and Israeli foreknowledge of the attacks when they had the headquarters of the cell that launched the attacks under surveillance since at least August of 1998? Equally alarming is the Germans’ release of Christian Ganczarski, an important Al Qaeda operative. Eventually, Germany dismissed the investigation against Ganczarski, despite strong evidence that he was an important Al Qaeda operative. Investigative reporter Daniel Hopsicker has alleged that six of Mohammed Atta’s associates at the Florida flight schools that trained many of the 9/11 pilots were children of the German elite. Atta’s sponsorship in Germany was allegedly undertaken by a joint US/German sponsored foundation the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft-named after one of the founders of the IG Farben chemical cartel. One should note that the German people have very strong democratic and peace-loving instincts, having derived these from the experiences of Two World Wars. The German institutions-the corporations, the BND and the Bundeswehr-learned a very different lesson. They profited from their actions in World War II and transcended the devastation that the German people experienced. They simply learned that there weren’t enough expendable bodies in Germany to realize their aims, and they undertook to use other bodies to effect the program of the Underground Reich.

38. Like Al Qaeda, the Underground Reich is a “virtual state”-a state without formal geographical borders as such. This “virtual statehood” is one of the characteristics that make both organizations so effective, so elusive, and so difficult to combat.

39. For people who don’t believe in conspiracy theories, it is suggested that they read three books-The Art of War by Sun-Tzu, The Prince by Niccolo Macchiavelli, and On War by Karl von Clausewitz. This should enrich their understanding.

40. Those who remain skeptical of the analysis presented in connection with the 9/11 attacks should listen to FTR 310, recorded on July 8, 2001, and broadcast by the heroic WFMU, right across the river from the World Trade Center, from 7pm on Monday, September 10. As you listen to it, bear in mind that John O’Neill died right across the river, roughly 18 hours after the broadcast.


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