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FTR #406 Interview with John Loftus

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In this interview, John Loftus presents the account of his lawsuit against Sami Al-Arian and two critical events that grew out of that suit: the Operation Green Quest raids of March 20, 2002, and the trillion-dollar lawsuit against the Saudi elite filed on behalf of the survivors of victims of 9/11. In addition, John highlights articles from his website and points of information from his books. People interested in the continuing tension in the Muslim world will be fascinated to hear the realities of “non-Wahhabi” Islam as recounted in the Hadith, the essential body of Muslim literature that supplements the Koran. The concluding portion of the program features a couple of central points of information concerning the fates of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

Program Highlights Include: Discussion of the Bush family’s ties with the Thyssen-Bornemisza industrial empire; the suspicious death of the manager of the Dutch president of one of the banks that financed Thyssen-Bornemisza on behalf of the Nazis; the untimely demise of a Dutch reporter in 1996 when he went to investigate the Bush/Thyssen-Bornemisza connection; the Carlyle group and its connections to George Bush; the role of Enron in brokering the Afghan pipeline deal that appears to have facilitated the 9/11 attacks; the struggle within the Bush administration between old reactionaries aligned with his father’s oil cronies and others who want to break with that political tradition; the Islamist links to Grover Norquist and the GOP; the contempt of Saudi King Fahd for the Palestinians; the Saudi funding of the PLO; the disabling of Osama bin Laden through the use of a dialysis machine that made him sicker and jaundiced—unable to appear in public; the account of how Saddam Hussein was killed early in the Iraqi campaign; the traditional Muslim tolerance for Jews, Christians and women.

1. The program begins with an account of the lawsuit that John filed against Sami Al-Arian. A Palestinian widely alleged to have been a central figure in anti-Israeli terrorism, Al-Arian has been a focal point of investigation for years—much of the information about his activities has been on the public record for a long time.

2. Following discussion of the Al-Arian suit, the program highlights the magnificent follow-up to that suit—the consummately important Operation Green Quest raids of March 20, 2002. As discussed in FTR 357, it was the information provided by John Loftus to federal investigators that precipitated these raids. In this part of the program, John notes that George W. Bush is in a difficult position. If the investigation were to go as far as it might, Bush would be in the position of seeing his father indicted.

3. After helping to launch the Operation Green Quest raids, John was instrumental in forging the legal coalition and providing the documentary underpinning for the lawsuit filed against powerful members of the Saudi elite on behalf of the survivors of victims of the 9/11 raids. John is the intelligence adviser to that suit.

4. Next, the program highlights the role of Enron in brokering the Caspian Sea pipeline deal across Afghanistan. According to John Loftus, Enron sought to evade bankruptcy by brokering the pipeline deal, with the Bin Laden family construction firm being lined up for some of the construction contracts. The available evidence suggests that Mohammed Atef—Al Qaeda’s operations chief—was aware of the negotiations and that this facilitated the 9/11 attacks.

5. Further developing another article posted on John’s web site, the program reviews the Bush/Thyssen-Bornemisza banking connection. After discussing the Webb-Parmeline law (a loophole in the anti-trust legislation that permitted American ‘Robber Barons’ to form cartels—international monopolies—abroad), the broadcast highlights the Wall Street investments in Germany and Italy. Of particular interest in this regard are the precipitous deaths of the Dutch manager of the Bank Voor Handel en Scheepvart and a Dutch journalist in 1996. Both deaths were highly suspicious and followed attempts at investigating the Bush/Thyssen/Third Reich connection.

6. Supplementing information presented in FTR 362, the program highlights the differences between Wahhabiism and Islam as presented in the Hadith—the important body of Muslim law compiled in the wake of the Prophet Mohammed’s passing. It is particularly important to note that Islam is not anti-Semitic, anti-Christian or anti-women’s rights. It is John’s view that as literacy spreads among the Muslim population, the overweening influence of Wahhabiism will diminish as growing numbers of Muslims learn to read the Hadith. The Wahhabi doctrine has been branded a heresy more than 60 times.

7. Next, John highlights the Saudi funding of the Palestine Liberation Organization and Saudi King Fahd’s hatred of the Palestinian people.

8. The program discusses divisions within the Republican Party about the Wahhabi influence within the party—epitomized by Grover Norquist. According to John, there is a war between lobbyists. Old-line reactionaries epitomized by Norquist and people with a more progressive outlook. John also notes the Bush/Bin Laden business connections epitomized by the Carlyle Group.

9. The concluding portion of the broadcast discusses information “hot off the presses,” so to speak. According to John’s intelligence contacts, Osama bin Laden is jaundiced and his face is yellow—the result of U.S. intelligence having a rigged dialysis machine that made him sicker, rather than better. Jaundice is viewed as a Satanic affliction in Islam, so he is now viewed as cursed. In the viewpoint of the intelligence community, this is better than bin Laden being killed (he would have become a martyr) or captured (inviting a ransom-generating retaliation.)

10. According to John’s intelligence connections, there does appear to be some information linking North Korean nuclear capability with that of Iraq. Interestingly, North Korea suddenly agreed to negotiations with the Bush administration in the immediate aftermath of the war in Iraq and the confirmation of the Iraqi/North Korean nuclear link.

11. Lastly, the program features information about the fate of Saddam Hussein. According to John’s intelligence contacts, Saddam was killed during the opening phase of the war by a combination of satellite-guided munitions and cruise missiles directed by laser-sighting technology. The cruise missiles were directed down a “chimney” dug into the ceiling of Saddam’s bunker by the satellite-guided munitions. The resulting thermobaric shock killed Saddam Hussein.


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