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FTR #418 A Fireside Chat

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This program is, as Monty Python once said, “something completely different.” Intended as just what the title states it to be, this program is philosophical in nature, providing listeners with some of Mr. Emory’s insights on what people should do in the face of the overwhelming political realities of the time. The program also sets forth some of Mr. Emory’s perspectives on historical, psychological, metaphysical and spiritual matters. Although there are some elements of text and scholarship as such in this broadcast, it is primarily rhetorical/philosophical in nature. As such, this written description is relatively brief.

1. Consider the situation of the U.S. in recent years, in light of what is to follow. Imagine, also that this is what the Underground Reich is doing and intends to do to the United States. It is Mr. Emory’s considered opinion that this is in fact the case. (As will be discussed in future broadcasts, the reality of contemporary world politics involves an “Underground Japanese Empire” as well. That, literally, is an extension of fascist Japan.)

There is no art higher than that of destroying the enemy’s resistance without a fight on the battlefield. The direct tactic of war is necessary only on the battlefield; but only the indirect tactic can lead to a real and lasting victory.

(The Art of War by Sun-Tzu; Excerpted in The Service: The Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen.; World Publishing Company; Copyright 1972 [HC]; p.331.)


Subvert anything of value in the enemy’s country. Implicate the emissaries of the major powers in criminal undertakings; undermine their position and destroy their reputation in other ways as well, and expose them to the public ridicule of their fellow citizens.



Do not shun the aid of even the lowest and most despicable people. Disrupt the work of their government with every means you can.



Spread disunity and dispute among the citizens of the enemy’s country. Turn the young against the old. Use every means to destroy their arms, their supplies, and the discipline of the enemy’s forces. Debase old traditions and accepted gods. Be generous with promises and rewards to purchase intelligence and accomplices. Send out your secret agents in all directions. Do not skimp with money or with promises, for they yield a high return.


5. Mr. Emory recommends that listeners write at least one letter a month to the editor of the local paper, an elected representative, or an executive with a broadcast media outletÑmore often if possible. The broadcast presents a good example of what can be said, if one puts his or her mind to it.

“‘GOP Seeks Lasting Majority’ (July 21) is depressing and disheartening for anyone who really cares about the future of our country and our planet.”

(Letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times; 7/26/2003; p. B27.)


“Why in the name of God (or GOP?) would anyone other than rich people and public officials with an ‘R’ designation after their names want a permanent Republican control of the U.S.Ñand permanent budget deficits, permanent war, the permanent trashing of the environment (while it lasts), the permanent alienation of most of our allies, a permanent 20.7-mpg auto fuel-efficiency standard that wastes gasoline and drives global warming and Middle Eastern oil wars, the permanent decline of every noncorporate institution and activity in the U.S. and the permanent and continuous shoveling of wealth up to the people who already have most of it?”



“Your article notes that the Democratic Party was the dominant party for much of the 20th century. That century has been called ‘the American Century.’ That’s a connection, not a coincidenceÑand American voters should keep that in mind s they go to the polls in 2004, 2006, 2008 . . . well, permanently.”


8. Among the recommendations that Mr. Emory presents in the program are: minimizing the use of televisionÑit is a waste of time and electricity and has been proven to reduce synaptic response in the neurons of the brain, as well as reducing attention span. One should also minimize energy consumption: car-pool, walk, ride a bicycle, use mass transit. Avoid driving to the maximum extent possible. Organize reading and discussion groups with friends. Reading increasing one’s sphere of knowledge and is excellent for the physical health of the brain. Organizing reading and discussion groups will also minimize energy useÑyou won’t be driving around wasting energy and will be improving your mind and broadening your political/intellectual horizons.

9. Finally, it is important to understand that there is a higher power out there. Mr. Emory closes the discussion with a presentation of scientific proof of some kind of higher reality. Recent discoveries by astro physicists have determined that harmonics found in gases and subatomic particles in space are the harmonics of a sound, with which the original Big Bang took placeÑbeginning the creation of the Universe. Consider this event. If a sound began the universe, what made the sound? There IS some higher power, and we may all take a degree of comfort in that certainty.

10. The program ends with reading of a section of They Thought They Were Free that was also read in FTR#417, as well an excerpt from All Honorable Men by James Stewart Martin. In that passage, he warns about the possibility that economic catastrophe in this country could lead to the coming of fascism in the U.S. Mr. Emory opines that the Underground Reich and the Underground Japanese Empire intends to precipitate just such a crisis.


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  1. Great Program. Very edifying. I believe there is an ancient Vedic myth that speaks of the universe being created with the first sound. I’ll have to look into that further when I have more time. Thanks again.

    Posted by GrumpusRex | January 30, 2012, 9:58 am
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