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FTR #433 Fifth Column, Part II

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Introduction: Continuing a previous line of analysis, this program sets forth the structure of an apparent Underground Reich/Islamist Fifth Column within the US political and military establishments. Embodied in the milieu of the Operation Green Quest Raids of March 20, 2002, this Fifth Column embraces the Islamic Institute (virtually an extension of the GOP), the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Chaplains program in the United States. Significant elements of the so-called antiwar movement grouped around International ANSWER overlap the same milieu, and might be viewed as exemplifying a “Red/Brown” (Communist/Fascist) milieu. This, too, can be seen as part of the Underground Reich Fifth Column. The overall goal of this Fifth Column is to effect the physical/political/economic destruction and or subjugation of the United States.

Program Highlights Include: GOP operative Kamal Nawash’s connections to Abdurahman Alamoudi—an associate of Youssef Nada; Nawash’s connections to GOP operative Grover Norquist; Norquist’s work on behalf of the Islamic Institute and Alamoudi; Alamoudi’s connections with the targets of the Operation Green Quest raids; Alamoudi’s association with Al Taqwa’s Yousssef Nada and Ahmed Idris Nasreddin; the conflict between the CIA and the Bush White House over the leaking of the CIA background of Valerie Plame; the influence of Henry Ford’s The International Jew on anti-Semitism in the Muslim world; the role of the Spanish-based elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 9/11 attacks.

1. The broadcast begins with the subject of Kamal Nawash, a Republican candidate for the Virginia state senate and an intimate of the Islamist/GOP milieu.

“Kamal Nawash, an immigration lawyer and legal director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) since 1997, has thrown his hat in the ring as a Republican candidate for state senator in the 31st district of Virginia . . .”

(“Hussein Ibish’s Favorite Political Candidate?” by Daniel Pipes; 9/10/2003.)

2. Among Nawash’s supporters is Abdurahman Alamoudi—an associate of Youssef Nada, Al Taqwa and Al Qaeda, as well as GOP bigwig Grover Norquist.

“Nawash is getting support for his candidacy from some suspicious quarters. Abdurahman Alamoudi, former head of the American Muslim Council whose contribution was returned by Hilary Clinton, sent out a fundraising letter urging support for Nawash: ‘I am urging you today to ask that you join me in supporting . . . Kamal Nawash . . . Toward that end I personally contributed money to Kamal’s election campaign.’ And Grover Norquist, the Republican activist who paved the way for militant Islamic groups to enter the Bush White House, is hosting a fundraiser for Nawash in his own house.”

(“Sept. 23, 2003 Update”; Idem.)

3. In addition, Alamoudi is represented by Nawash’s law firm.

“Legal papers filed today indicate that Alamoudi is being represented by a team of three lawyers . . . and May Kheder,of Hanania, Kheder & Nawash, P.C. in Falls Church, VA. The last of these, of course, is a partner of Kamal Nawash.”

(“Oct. 22, 2003 Update”; Idem.)

4. One of the most important elements in the broadcast is an interview from “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” from October 23. Information provided by John Loftus corroborates Mr. Emory’s working hypothesis that the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by an Underground Reich Fifth Column overlapping both the Bush administration and the Al Taqwa/Al Qaeda networks.

” . . . ‘MYERS (voice-over): Abdurahman Alamoudi, a consultant to the Pentagon on the Chaplain Program for more than a decade, now accused of helping Osama bin Laden and Hamas. Court documents filed late last night, claim Alamoudi has provided ‘financial support to Hamas’ and ‘financial support to fronts for al-Qaeda.’ One of the groups allegedly tied to Alamoudi is a charity which gave this Virginia post office as its address. Alamoudi was vice president. Who founded it? Abdullah bin Laden, Osama bin Laden’s nephew. Also ringing alarms, Alamoudi’s palm pilot which the government claims included the names and numbers of six designated global terrorists. . .”

(“Countdown with Keith Olbermann for Oct. 23″; MSNBC News; 10/23/2003.)

5. ” . . . Over the years, Alamoudi has been a familiar face in Washington. The Pentagon chose him to help select Muslim chaplains. He met with President Clinton, made six trips to Muslim nations as a goodwill ambassador for the State Department, met with candidate George Bush. Last year, FBI director Rob Mueller even spoke to an organization founded by Alamoudi over the objections of some agents. . . .” (Idem.)

6. ” . . OLBERMANN; NBC’s Lisa Myers on this extraordinary story in Washington. Joining us now, with more on the purported double life of this prominent Muslim-American is John Loftus, host of ‘The Loftus Report’ and frequent guest on this show. John, good evening.” (Idem.)

7. “LOFTUS: Well, you know, it’s a funny story. About a year-and-a half ago, people in the intelligence community came and said-guys like Alamoudi and Sami al-Arian and other terrorists weren’t being touched because they’d been ordered not to investigate the cases, not to prosecute them, because they were being funded by the Saudis and a political decision was being made at the highest levels, don’t do anything that would embarrass the Saudi government. So, of course I immediately volunteered to do it and I filed a lawsuit, against al-Arian charging him with being a major terrorist for Islamic Jihad, most of his money came from Saudi charities in Virginia.” (Idem.)

8. “Now, Alamoudi’s headquarters were in the same place, he was raided the same day, on March 20. An hour after I filed my lawsuit, the U.S. government finally got off its butt and they raided these offices. And, the stuff that they’re taking out of there now is absolutely horrendous. Al-Arian has now, finally been indicted, along with Alamoudi, today. But, who was it that fixed the cases? How could these guys operate for more than a decade immune from prosecution? And, the answer is coming out in a very strange place. What Alamoudi and al-Arian have in common is a guy named Grover Norquist. He’s the super lobbyist. Newt Gingrich’s guy, the one the NRA calls on, head of American taxpayers. He is the guy that was hired by Alamoudi to head up the Islamic institute and he’s the registered agent for Alamoudi, personally, and for the Islamic Institute.” (Idem.)

9. “Grover Norquist’s best friend is Karl Rove, the White House chief of staff, and apparently Norquist was able to fix things. He got extreme right wing Muslim people to be the gatekeepers in the White House. That’s why moderate [Muslim] Americans couldn’t speak out after 9/11. Moderate Muslims couldn’t get into the White House because Norquist’s friends were blocking their access.” (Idem.)

10. “OLBERMANN: How does this tie back into the thing that apparently pulled the stopper out of the drain, if you will-The developments at Guantanamo Bay? How rotten is the system of the interpreters and the chaplains-the Muslim chaplains that Alamoudi was involved in setting up?” (Idem.)

11. Islamist elements of this Underground Reich milieu appears to have successfully infiltrated the US military. “LOFTUS: It’s as rotten as it gets. Think of the Muslim chaplain’s program that he set up as a spy service for al-Qaeda. The damage that’s been done is extreme. It wasn’t just sending home mom and dad messages. From the prisoners. These guys, this network in Guantanamo, stole the CIA’s briefing books. Everything that the CIA knew about al-Qaeda is now back in al-Qaeda’s hands. That’s about as bad an intelligence setback as you can get.” (Idem.)

12. “OLBERMANN: John, how does this end up? How far will the investigation into this necessarily have to go to get to the bottom of it?” (Idem.)

13. “LOFTUS: There’s a lot more to go. Norquist had a lot of other clients. There’s a whole alphabet soup of Saudi agencies that funded terrorism in this country. They had an awful lot of protection. And one of the things we may find about 9/11 is that people out in the field weren’t allowed to connect the dots and questions will be asked whether guys like Grover Norquist were part of the problem?” (Idem.)

14. Reviewing previous information, the broadcast underscores the numerous connections of Abdur Rahman Alamoudi.

“At the network’s center is Abdur Rahman Alamoudi, a Muslim-American activist who was indicted yesterday in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, VA. On money laundering and tax, immigration and customs-fraud charges. The 18-count indictment isn’t directly related to the Virginia probe, focusing mostly on alleged illegal dealings with Libya. . . . In other recent filings, prosecutors unveiled evidence that they say links Mr. Alamoudi to Hamas, the Palestinian group designated as terrorist by the U.S., and Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda organization. Prosecutors say Mr. Alamoudi’s Palmpilot contained contact information for seven men designed as ‘global terrorists’ by the U.S. in freezing their assets. They included Saudi businessman Yassin Qadi, and alleged supporter of Hamas and al Qaeda, and Swiss financier Yusuf Nada, an alleged al Qaeda banker. . .”

(“Unraveling Terror’s Finances” by Glenn R. Simpson; Wall Street Journal; 10/24/2003; p. A2.)

15. Among the factors blunting attempts at neutralizing the Nada/Al Taqwa milieu is the functional connection between the Bush Administration’s corporate allies and firms connected to Nada et al.

“One reason the Bush Administration gave for going to war in Iraq was Saddam Hussein’s alleged ties to terrorists. So it is ironic that one of the partners in a big Iraqi firm being used US contractors in Iraq is also a founding partner in an organization that’s been identified as helping fund al Qaeda. So far, however, neither the government nor the contractors have shown much concern. Sadoon Al-Bunnia is one of three principals in one of Iraq’s oldest companies, the Al-Bunnia Trading Company. The Iraqi firm has become a major subcontractor for US firms working under US government contracts in Iraq. But, as documents obtained by The Nation from the Lugano office of the Swiss Federal Commercial Registry show, Sadoon al-Bunnia is also a founding partner of a Swiss-registered firm called the Malaysian Swiss Gulf and African Chamber (MIGA), which the US government and the United Nations Security Council have designated as funders of Al Qaeda.”

(“Strange Bedfellows [The AIQ/Al-Bunnia/Bechtel Links] by Laura Rozen; The Nation; 11/10/2003.)


“MIGA is one of fourteen businesses controlled by Ahmed Idris Nasreddin and Youssef M. Nada. Then-Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill said in an August 29, 2002, news release that businesses in the Nasreddin-Nada network ‘appeared to be providing a clandestine line of credit to a close associate of Usama bin Laden and as of late September 2001, Usama bin Laden and his Al Qaida organization received financial assistance from Youssef M. Nada. . . .”


17. Haley Barbour—governor-elect of Mississippi—is among those whose businesses transact with the Nada-linked Al-Bunnia firm.

” . . . Agreeing with that assessment is Bechtel, which signed up the Al-Bunnia Trading Company as its first Iraqi subcontractor to work on the reconstruction of Iraq’s Al Mat Bridge. . . .Another firm with close ties to the White House that’s angling to help clients win Iraq contracts, GOP lobbyist Haley Barbour’s New Bridge Strategies, proudly announces on its website that its local partner in a consortium bidding on a contract is ‘led by the Al-Bunnia family, who are a leading commercial group in Iraq with over 80 years experience in Iraq.'”



” . . . Following Ernie Fletcher’s capture of the Kentucky governor’s mansion for the Republican party for the first time in 32 years, Haley Barbour’s victory in Mississippi, which means all Deep South states are now in Republican control, and Arnold Schwarenegger’s imminent assumption of California’s governorship, the Republican national leadership revelled in strategic territorial gains . . .”

(“Republican Victories in South Boost Bush Hopes for 2004” by James Harding; Financial Times; 11/6/2003; p. 2.)

19. In FTR#’s 372, 412, Mr. Emory set forth his view that the present-day US could be compared to France in the pre-Second World War period. In effect, there is a civil war underway pitting elements associated with the Underground Reich through structural economic relationships against patriotic domestic elements. It is Mr. Emory’s view that the struggle encompasses the conflict underway between the Bush Administration and elements of the intelligence community over the invasion of Iraq. (That affair can be seen as a trap which lured the US into a draining conflict with Muslim peoples in their native lands, what the Nazis called “The Earth Island.”)

“The Bush administration’s exposure of a clandestine Central Intelligence Agency operative was part of a campaign aimed at discrediting US intelligence agencies for their failure to support White House claims that Saddam Hussein was reconstituting Iraq’s nuclear weapons program, former agency officials said. In a rare hearing called by Senate Democrat leaders, the officials said that the White House engaged in pressure and intimidation aimed at generating intelligence evidence to support the decision to make war on Iraq.”

(“Naming of CIA Agent ‘Aimed to Discredit the Service'” by Edward Alden; Financial Times; 10/25-10/26/2003; p. 3.)


“Senior administration officials in July revealed the name of Valerie Plame, a former clandestine CIA officer and the wife of Joseph Wilson, who was sent by the CIA in 2002 to assess claims that Iraq ws attempting to purchase enriched uranium from Niger. Mr. Wilson had angered the White House by concluding that there was no evidence to support the claim, and then going public with that information after the war. The Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation to determine the source of the leak, which in effect ended Ms. Plame’s career as a CIA operative and may have endangered agency sources who came in contact with her.”



“Vince Cannistraro, former operations chief at the CIA, charged yesterday: ‘She was outed as a vindictive act because the agency was not providing support for policy statements that Saddam Hussein was reviving his nuclear program.’ The lead was a way to ‘demonstrate an underlying contempt for the intelligence community, the CIA in particular.’ He said that in the run-up to the war with Iraq, the White House had engaged in unprecedented pressure on the CIA and other intelligence agencies to find evidence that Iraq had links to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda and that Mr. Hussein’s regime was trying to build a nuclear bomb.”



“While the intelligence agencies believe their mission is to provide accurate analysis to the president to aid policy decisions, in the case of Iraq ‘we had policies that were already adopted and they were looking for those selective pieces of intelligence that would support the policy’, Mr. Cannistraro said. In written testimony, he said that Vice-President Dick Cheney and his top aide Lewis Libby went to CIA headquarters to press mid-level analysts to provide support for the claim. Mr. Cheney, he said, ‘insisted that desk analysts were not looking hard enough for the evidence’. Mr. Cannistraro said his information came from current agency analysts.”



“Other agency officials, who said they had been colleagues of Ms. Plame when she was trained as a CIA agent, said the leak could do severe damage to the morale of the intelligence agencies. ‘The US government has never before released the name of a clandestine officer,’ said Jim Marcinkowski, a former CIA case officer. ‘My classmates and I have been betrayed.'”


24. Part of the Fifth Column attacking the US is to be found within elements of the so-called progressive sector.

“According to a web-posting, Nawash spoke at a ‘Muslim Solidarity Day for Justice and Peace’ rally near the White House on May 24, 2003, promoted by International ANSWER . . .”

(“Sept. 23, 2003 Update” by Daniel Pipes.)

25. Another of the Islamists in the ANSWER orbit and a fellow-traveler of terrorist elements is Imam Siraj Wahaj, named as an alleged unindicted co-conspirator in a plot to destroy landmarks in New York City.

“The group will be joined by many peace, justice, religious and civil rights organizations and will include speakers such as . . . Imam Siraj Wahaj . . .”

(“Thousands to Protest Bush Attack on Muslims, Immigrants, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties;” International A.N.S.WE.R. bulletin.)


” . . . Imam Wahhaj’s worlds collided when the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993. The FBI investigation of the bombing led to charges not only against the bombers but also a network of anti-American Muslims who planned to destroy the United Nations’ headquarters, the George Washington Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel and other New York area landmarks. The FBI soon figured out that two members of that network had worshipped at Masjid at-Taqwa: Sheik Abdel-Rahman and Mr. Hampton-El. In a Feb. 2, 1995, letter to defense lawyers in the landmarks-bombing case, then-U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White named about 170 people as ‘unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators.’ Imam Wahhaj was on the list, but was never charged. Ms. White declined to comment. . . .”

(“One Imam Traces The Path of Islam in Black America” by Paul M. Barrett; The Wall Street Journal; 10/24/2003; p. A8.)

27. One of the concluding elements of the program underscores the role of Western anti-Semitism in the contemporary Muslim world. An article discussing the strident anti-Semitic speech given by outgoing Malaysian prime minister Mahathir disclosed that Henry Ford’s The International Jew (a major influence on Hitler) is selling well in Malaysia.

” . . . One book prominent in Malaysian bookstores has on its cover a Star of David superimposed on the statue of Liberty. It is The International Jew, an anti-Semitic tract commissioned in the 1920’s by Henry Ford . . .”

(“Departing Mahathir Shuns Diplomacy to the Bitter End” by John Burton; Financial Times; 10/23/2003; p. 16.)

28. Updating information about Balthasar Garzon’s investigation and indictment of elements of Al Qaeda in connection with 9/11, the program highlights the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in connection with the attacks.

” . . . Asked about the case, Garzon said the investigation of the alleged Syrian immigrant terrorist cell dates back, coincidentally, to Sept. 11, 1995. Alony fled Syria in 1980, during an era when the Syrian army was killing students it believed belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood, a militant Islamist group trying to overthrow the secular government. His arrival coincided with many others in the alleged cell of Syrian immigrants working for Al-Qaeda. . . .”

(“Spain Indicts Al-Jazeera Correspondent” by Kevin Hall [Knight Ridder]; San Jose Mercury News; 11/2/2003; p. 21A)

29. One of the most unequivocally outspoken of the potential Democratic presidential candidates concerning Bush’s behavior in connection with 9/11 is General Wesley Clark, Mr. Emory’s personal choice as a presidential candidate in 2004.

“In a blistering review of President Bush’s national security policy, Gen. Wesley K. Clark said on Tuesday that the administration could not ‘walk away from its responsibilities for 9/11.’ ‘You can’t blame something like this on lower-level intelligence officers, however badly they communicated in memos with each other,’ said the retired general, the latest entrant in the Democratic presidential field. ‘It goes back to what our great president Harry Truman said with the sign on his desk: ‘the buck stops here.’ And it sure is clear to me that when it comes to our nation’s national security the buck rests with the Commander in Chief, right on George W. Bush’s desk.’ ‘And,’ he added, ‘we’ve got to say again and again and again, until the American people understand: strong rhetoric in the aftermath is no substitute for wise leadership.'”

(“Clark Lays Responsibility for 9/11 at Bush’s Feet” by Katharine Q. Seelye; The New York Times; 10/29/2003.)


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