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FTR #44 ODESSA: Then and Now

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Well before the end of the Second World War, the SS (Hitler’s Elite Guard) had made elaborate plans to “go underground” and survive military defeat. These plans were successfully realized and gave rise to ODESSA, the post-World War II SS organization that has played a profound, lethal and largely unrecognized role in modern history. This program: touches on the role of the ODESSA in the Eric Priebke case (Priebke was tried in 1997 for war crimes committed in Italy during World War II); documents the connection between ODESSSA and Nazi wealth secreted in Swiss bank accounts during the war; connects ODESSA to German corporations; examines the role of a successor organization to ODESSA in the financing “neo-Nazi” activities around the world; analyzes the symbiotic role between elements of Western intelligence and ODESSA; documents connections between ODESSA Nazis employed by Western Intelligence and contemporary fascist and Nazi groups in the United States. (Recorded on 2/16/97.)


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