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FTR #456 Compendium on Nazi and Fascist Connections to 9/11

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Intro­duc­tion: A col­lec­tion of doc­u­men­ta­tion of Nazi and fas­cist con­nec­tions to the events of 9/11, this pro­gram ties together con­tem­po­rary neo-Nazi ele­ments, Islam­o­fas­cists asso­ci­ated with the Al Qaeda net­work, vet­er­ans of the Third Reich and neo-fascist ele­ments in Europe. These ele­ments have net­worked together and the 9/11 attacks and other events have been the out­growth of that net­work­ing. It should be noted that this descrip­tion con­tains infor­ma­tion not con­tained in the orig­i­nal broad­cast itself. Note, also, that the anthrax attacks also appear to involve Nazi and fas­cist elements.

Pro­gram High­lights Include: The Third Reich her­itage of Bank Al Taqwa prin­ci­pals Youssef Nada and Ahmed Huber; Nada’s assis­tance in the escape of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem from Ger­many; the links of Huber to key Nazi banker Fran­cois Genoud; alle­ga­tions that Genoud set up Bank Al Taqwa; Genoud’s alleged con­nec­tions to the events of 9/11; Genoud’s role as a finan­cial advi­sor to the Bin Laden fam­ily; the pres­ence of Genoud lawyer and friend Bau­doin Dunand on the board of direc­tors of SICO—the Bin Laden Euro­pean hold­ing com­pany; the numer­ous links between Bank Al Taqwa and Ital­ian fas­cist ele­ments; net­work­ing between Huber and Euro­pean neo-fascists and far right­ists; Huber’s efforts to cre­ate liaisons between Islamists and Euro­pean and Amer­i­can neo-Nazis; links between the Al Qaeda milieu and Islamic fas­cist ele­ments in the Balkans; the recre­ation of Mus­lim Waf­fen SS for­ma­tions in the Balkans in the 1990’s; evi­den­tiary trib­u­taries con­nect­ing the first attack on the World Trade Cen­ter, the Okla­homa City Bomb­ing and the 9/11 attacks; National Alliance head William Pierce’s fore­shad­ow­ing of the 9/11 attacks; col­lab­o­ra­tion between Al Qaeda and neo-Nazi ele­ments in Latin Amer­ica; Mohammed Atta’s Ger­man con­nec­tions; Atta’s asso­ci­a­tion with a foun­da­tion named after an I.G. Far­ben exec­u­tive; links between the Saudis, neo-Nazis and Holo­caust deniers.

1. Begin­ning with infor­ma­tion about one of the most impor­tant fig­ures in post­war fas­cism, the broad­cast high­lights the polit­i­cal legacy of Hitler, as pro­mul­gated by Nazi banker and ter­ror mas­ter­mind Fran­cois Genoud. “In the pref­ace to the [Mar­tin] Bor­mann doc­u­ment, Hitler’s Table Talk, Genoud wrote that Hitler wanted the peo­ple of the Third World to carry on the work of the Thou­sand Year Reich.”
(“Hitler’s Swiss Con­nec­tion” by David Lee Pre­ston; The Philadel­phia Inquirer; 1/5/1997; p. 3)

2. The pro­gram con­tin­ues with a review of for­mer Third Reich defense min­is­ter Albert Speer’s account of Hitler’s vision of the anni­hi­la­tion of New York City. “As Germany’s defeat loomed dur­ing the final months of World War II, Adolf Hitler increas­ingly lapsed into delu­sional [?] fits of fan­tasy. Albert Speer, in his prison writ­ings, recounts an episode in which a mani­a­cal Hitler ‘pic­tured for him­self and for us the destruc­tion of New York in a hur­ri­cane of fire.’ The Nazi fuehrer described sky­scrap­ers turn­ing into ‘gigan­tic burn­ing torches, col­laps­ing upon one another, the glow of the explod­ing city illu­mi­nat­ing the dark sky.’ An approx­i­ma­tion of Hitler’s hell­ish vision came true on Sep­tem­ber 11, when ter­ror­ists destroyed the Twin Tow­ers in New York, killing nearly 3,000 peo­ple.”
(“The Swastika & the Cres­cent” by Mar­tin A. Lee; Intel­li­gence Report; Spring 2002 [#105]; Pub­lished by the South­ern Poverty Law Cen­ter; p. 1.)

2a. Even more telling is the fact that Hitler’s plan for destroy­ing New York involved crash­ing air­craft into the sky­scrap­ers with kamikaze-style attacks! “. . .  Not only Hitler’s fan­tasy but also his plan for real­iz­ing it recall what hap­pened in 2001: the idea was for Kamikaze pilots to fly explo­sive –crammed light air­craft lack­ing land­ing gear into the Man­hat­tan sky­scrap­ers. The draw­ings for the Daimler-Benz ‘Amerik­abomber’ actu­ally exist. They show giant four-engine planes with raised under­bel­lies beneath which small bombers could be strapped. The bombers were to be released shortly before the plane reached the East Coast, after which the mother plane would return to Europe. . . .“
(Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11; Matthias Kuntzel; Telos Press Pub­lish­ing [HC]; Copy­right 2007 Telos Press Pub­lish­ing; ISBN 10: 0–914386-36–0; pp. XIX-XXI.)

3. An illu­mi­nat­ing state­ment was made by Nazi/Islamist Ahmed Huber, a key direc­tor of the Bank Al Taqwa described in FTR#455 and later in this pro­gram. “By his [Ahmed Huber’s] account, a group of aging SS offi­cers and mem­bers of Hitler’s per­sonal guard who meet every few weeks in the Ger­man state of Bavaria for beer and con­ver­sa­tion recently bestowed the title ‘hon­orary Pruss­ian’ on Bin Laden. They praised his ‘valiant fight’ against the United States, Huber said. One of the mem­bers called Huber after the meet­ing to tell him that hence­forth they had decided to call the Al Queda leader ‘Herr von Laden,’ Huber said.”
(“Unlikely Allies Bound by a Com­mon Hatred” by Peter Finn; Wash­ing­ton Post; 4/29/2002; p. A13.)

4. One of the high­lights of the pro­gram is the alle­ga­tion that Al Taqwa’s Youssef Nada helped key axis spy Haj Amin Al-Husseini–the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem–escape from Ger­many at the end of World War II. “Another val­ued World War II Nazi col­lab­o­ra­tor was Youssef Nada, cur­rent board chair­man of al-Taqwa (Nada Man­age­ment), the Lugano, Switzer­land, Liecht­en­stein, and Bahamas-based finan­cial ser­vices out­fit accused by the US Trea­sury Depart­ment of money laun­der­ing for and financ­ing of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda. As a young man, he had joined the armed branch of the secret appa­ra­tus’ (al-jihaz al-sirri) of the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood and then was recruited by Ger­man mil­i­tary intel­li­gence. When Grand Mufti el-Husseini had to flee Ger­many in 1945 as the Nazi defeat loomed, Nada report­edly was instru­men­tal in arrang­ing the escape via Switzer­land back to Egypt and even­tu­ally Pales­tine, where el-Husseini resur­faced in 1946.)
(“Islamism, Fas­cism and Ter­ror­ism (Part II)” by Marc Erik­son; Asia Times; 11/5/2002; p. 2.)

5. Youssef Nada him­self (the head of the Brotherhood’s Bank Al Taqwa) is alleged to have been an agent of the Abwehr, the mil­i­tary intel­li­gence ser­vice of the Third Reich. “But Yussef Nada is even better-known to the Egypt­ian [intel­li­gence] ser­vices, who have evi­dence of his mem­ber­ship in the armed branch of the fra­ter­nity of the Mus­lim Broth­ers in the 1940’s. At that time, accord­ing to the same sources, he was work­ing for the Abwehr under Admi­ral Canaris and took part in a plot against King Farouk. This was not the first time that the path of the Mus­lim Broth­ers crossed that of the ser­vants of the Third Reich.”
(Dol­lars for Ter­ror: The United States and Islam; by Richard Labeviere; Copy­right 2000 [SC]; Algora Pub­lish­ing; ISBN 1–892941-06–6; pp. 140–141.)

6. The broad­cast sets forth some of the back­ground of Nazi/Islamist Ahmed Huber. (Huber is a direc­tor of the Bank Al Taqwa—an alleged Al Qaeda fund­ing con­duit.) “After spend­ing more time in the Mid­dle East, Huber aban­doned his ear­lier pro-Israeli views with a vengeance. He told the French inves­tiga­tive jour­nal­ist Pierre Pean that in 1965 he began to accept the views of the Egyptian-based Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini, who gave Huber ‘a totally dif­fer­ent ver­sion of the his­tory and nature of the Third Reich. The Grand Mufti knew Hitler per­son­ally and actively col­lab­o­rated with the Axis pow­ers in World War II. (The Mufti ws even respon­si­ble for cre­at­ing the Bosnian-based 13th Waf­fen SS Divi­sion that was com­posed of Mus­lim recruits.) Huber fur­ther told Pean that, while he was in Egypt, he also grew close to Johann von Leers, a fanat­i­cal Jew hater, for­mer Nazi Pro­pa­ganda Min­istry offi­cial, and the Grand Mufti’s good friend. Leers had relo­cated to Egypt in the mid 1950’s; where he con­verted to Islam and changed his name to Umar Amin von Leers. He remained in Cairo until his death in 1965, help­ing to direct Nasser’s pro­pa­ganda appa­ra­tus, which reg­u­larly churned out Nazi-like anti-Semitic pro­pa­ganda through­out the Arab world.”
(“The Mys­te­ri­ous Achmed Huber: Friend to Hitler, Allah and Ibn Ladin?” by Kevin Coogan; [orig­i­nally pub­lished in Hit List; April/May 2002]; pp. 1–2.)

7. Next, the broad­cast high­lights Huber’s rela­tion­ship with key Nazi banker and agent Fran­cois Genoud. “Back in Switzer­land, Huber next became close friends with the Swiss banker Fran­cois Genoud, whom Huber recalls first meet­ing in ‘pro-Arab asso­ci­a­tions.’ Best known for fund­ing SS butcher Klaus Barbie’s legal defense team, Genoud held the legal copy­right to writ­ings by Hitler, Goebbels and Mar­tin Bor­mann. Genoud, who com­mit­ted sui­cide in 1996, is also believed to have played a key role in the post­war man­age­ment of Nazi funds. In the late 1960’s, he also worked closely with rad­i­cal Pales­tin­ian groups, par­tic­u­larly the ‘Pop­u­lar Front for the Lib­er­a­tion of Pales­tine’ (PFLP). Along with orga­niz­ing legal sup­port for cap­tured PFLP mil­i­tants, he even helped coor­di­nate the PFLP’s hijack­ing of a Lufthansa Boe­ing 747 en route from Delhi to Aden. Through his ties to the PFLP’s leader, Dr. Wadi Had­dad (who affec­tion­ately dubbed him ‘Sheikh Fran­cois’), Genoud befriended Ilyich Ramirez Sanchez, bet­ter known as ‘Car­los the Jackal.’ Both men remained in close con­tact right up to Genoud’s death.” (Ibid.; p. 2.)

8. “At the same time that Genoud was devel­op­ing close ties to the left­ist PFLP, Huber was actively pro­mot­ing pro-Arab views inside the Swiss left. While work­ing as a Social Demo­c­ra­tic jour­nal­ist whose beat was the Swiss par­lia­ment, he became involved with the Bern Non­con­formists. The Non­con­formists were a mix of 1960’s coun­ter­cul­ture activists, poets, painters and New Left­ists. Inside the Non­con­formists, Huber used left­ist rhetoric to push an anti-American, anti-Israeli, and strongly neu­tral­ist line. In the 1970’s, how­ever, he found it increas­ingly dif­fi­cult to oper­ate inside the Left. The Swiss Social­ist Party finally expelled Huber in 1994 for ‘Khome­in­ism, anti-Feminism, and con­tact with rad­i­cal right­ists.’” (Idem.)

9. “Huber’s state­ments regard­ing Sep­tem­ber [they endorsed the act] 11 reflect a broader con­sen­sus inside the far right. They also echo the remarks of his friend Horst Mahler, a for­mer leader of the far left ter­ror­ist group, the ‘Rote Armee Frak­tion’ (RAF), also known as ‘The Baader/Meinhof Gang’, who is today a lead­ing spokesman for the far right Nation­aldemokratis­che Partei Deutschland’s (NPD). Shortly after the WTC attack, Mahler issued a state­ment enti­tled ‘Inde­pen­dence Day live’. In it, he argued that 9/11 ‘marked the end of the Amer­i­can Cen­tury, the end of global cap­i­tal­ism’ and with it, the end of the sec­u­lar ‘Yahweh-Cult of Mam­monism.’ Huber is also a pop­u­lar speaker at NPD events. On Octo­ber 11th, 2000, for exam­ple, he addressed the sev­enth ‘Euro­pean Con­gress of the NPD’s youth orga­ni­za­tion, the Junge Nation­aldemokraten (JN) on the topic ‘Islam and the New Right.’” (Idem.)

10. More about Huber’s rela­tion­ship with Fran­cois Genoud: “ . . . Dur­ing his many tribu­la­tions, Achmed Huber became acquainted with the neo-Nazi banker Fran­cois Genoud, whose path in life presents a sin­gu­lar sum­mary of the inter­con­nec­tions, the spe­cific alliances that have been tied and untied between Islam and the swastika. Pierre Pean, who thor­oughly stud­ied the par­al­lel lives of this enig­matic des­tiny, inter­viewed Achmed Huber at length. Huber explained to him that he is sym­pa­thetic to Fran­cois Genoud because ‘every­one jumps on him.’”
(Dol­lars for Ter­ror: The United States and Islam; by Richard Labeviere; Copy­right 2000 [SC]; Algora Pub­lish­ing; ISBN 1–892941-06–6; pp. 143–144.)

11. “Still refer­ring to the neo-Nazi banker, A.H. told Pean, ‘I never asked him any ques­tions, but I noted that, in cir­cles as dif­fer­ent as the Ger­man Right, the Islamic move­ments of Asia, the Pales­tini­ans, and in the Maghreb, peo­ple speak of him with great respect. Every­one told me: he helped us. I have the impres­sion that he played an impor­tant though dis­creet role. . . . It was I who intro­duced him to the Ira­ni­ans. I said to them: ‘He is a friend, you can trust him.’ Here, in Switzer­land, he was very active in oppos­ing the antiracist law inspired by the Zion­ists who wanted to crim­i­nal­ize ‘revi­sion­ism’. Genoud was with us. Offi­cially we lost, but by such a small mar­gin that the law is not applied.’” (Ibid.; p. 144.)

12. The pro­gram revis­its an arti­cle in the San Fran­cisco Chron­i­cle con­tain­ing an alle­ga­tion that Fran­cois Genoud is believed to have founded Al Taqwa in order to fund ter­ror­ists such as Car­los the Jackal and Bin Laden. “Author­i­ties believe Genoud founded Al Taqwa Bank and allo­cated its resources to sup­port inter­na­tional ter­ror­ists such as Vladimir Ilich Ramirez, alias Car­los the Jackal, and Bin Laden.”
(“Swiss Probe Anti-U.S. Neo-Nazi” by Jay Bushin­sky; San Fran­cisco Chron­i­cle; 3/12/2002; p. A12.)

13. Repris­ing a pre­vi­ous item of dis­cus­sion, the pro­gram cites the opin­ion of Ernest Backes (one of Europe’s fore­most experts on money laun­der­ing) con­cern­ing the role of Fran­cois Genoud in the devel­op­ment of the events of 9/11. Genoud (who com­mit­ted sui­cide in 1996) was very close to Al Taqwa per­son­ages, espe­cially Achmed Huber. Accord­ing to Backes, Genoud was also a finan­cial adviser to the Bin Laden fam­ily. “Finan­cial expert Ernest Backes of Lux­em­bourg has [stud­ied] white-collar crime in the field of bank­ing for many years. Accord­ing to him, there are indi­ca­tions of unusual trans­ac­tions with which the groups [asso­ci­ated with] bin Laden could have earned money. ‘You can, for exam­ple, exam­ine whether, within a cer­tain time period there’s been an attack against the secu­ri­ties of a given air­line com­pany. Since these secu­ri­ties are safe in a ‘clear­ing sys­tem,’ you can’t get an over­all view, who the owner was at a given time.’ . . . Accord­ing to Backes’ infor­ma­tion, the trail leads to Switzer­land, to the accounts of an orga­ni­za­tion that ws founded by the late lawyer Fran­cois Genoud and evi­dently still sur­vives. Says Backes, ‘One of the grounds for accu­sa­tion is that this Swiss attor­ney had the clos­est con­nec­tions with the Bin Laden fam­ily, that he was an advi­sor to the fam­ily, one of its invest­ment bankers. It’s known for cer­tain, that he sup­ported ter­ror­ism and was the estate execu­tor for Hitler and part of the ter­ror milieu.’ [Empha­sis added].”
(“Insider Trad­ing Prior to the Ter­ror Attacks in the US?: Spec­u­lat­ing on Terror—Who Prof­ited from the Attacks?” by Rolf Bovier & Pierre Matthias; Bay­erische Rund­funk Online (BR-Online); 9/25/2001.)

14. Before leav­ing the sub­ject of Genoud, the pro­gram revis­its another past item of inter­est. The co-chairman of the board of direc­tors of SICO, the hold­ing com­pany that man­ages the Bin Laden busi­ness inter­ests in Europe, is Bau­doin Dunand, a friend and pro­fes­sional asso­ciate of Fran­cois Genoud. “This com­pany, estab­lished by the bin Ladens in 1980, is the flag­ship for the group’s activ­i­ties in Europe. It is headed by Yeslam bin Laden, and the board of direc­tors is made up almost exclu­sively of mem­bers of the fam­ily clan, except for a Swiss cit­i­zen, Bau­doin Dunand. This well-known lawyer from French-speaking Switzer­land, who is on the boards of sev­eral dozen com­pa­nies, came to pub­lic notice in 1983 when he agreed to rep­re­sent the Swiss banker Fran­cois Genoud, a con­tro­ver­sial fig­ure who had been a dis­ci­ple of Hitler and sole heir of Goebbels’s copy­rights before becom­ing one of the financiers of the FLN dur­ing the Alger­ian War. The friend­ships of the bin Ladens some­times seem sur­pris­ing, but they are log­i­cal: Fran­cois Genoud has always been pro-Arab.”
(In the Name of Osama Bin Laden; by Roland Jacquard; Copy­right 2002 [SC]; Duke Uni­ver­sity Press; ISBN 0–8223-2991–3; pp. 17–18.)

15. Repris­ing infor­ma­tion from one of Kevin Coogan’s remark­able essays, the broad­cast high­lights some of the pos­si­ble eco­nomic impli­ca­tions of the Nazi/Islamist con­nec­tion high­lighted in this descrip­tion. “The over­whelm­ing thrust of this report has been to give the reader a great deal of empir­i­cal infor­ma­tion that he or she may not have easy access to in order that they may eval­u­ate the claims for them­selves. I have avoided draw­ing any con­clu­sions because I do not feel qual­i­fied to draw con­clu­sions about the Islamist finan­cial machi­na­tions this report dis­cusses. How­ever I find it impos­si­ble not to put out a call for fur­ther research involv­ing the over­lap between Nazi and Islamist net­works that seem to have been in con­tin­ual con­tact from the 1930’s until today. In the case of Genoud, Huber, and [Mus­lim Broth­er­hood king­pin Said] Ramadan, this is becom­ing more and more impos­si­ble to avoid.”
(“Report on Islamists, The Far Right, and Al Taqwa” by Kevin Coogan; p. 15.)

16. “My own belief is that it is less the appar­ently fan­tas­tic and ‘James Bond’-like qual­ity of this analy­sis that is most dif­fi­cult to under­stand. The real dif­fi­culty is the utter igno­rance of most West­ern­ers (Amer­i­cans in par­tic­u­lar) about the very exis­tence of such peo­ple as Fran­cois Genoud. Thus when Ernst Backes, one of Europe’s lead­ing experts in money laun­der­ing, told the Luxemourg-based eco­nomic jour­nal Plus Minus last year that he believed the finan­cial source of funds for the 9/11 ter­ror­ists would ulti­mately be traced back to Swiss bank accounts estab­lished by Genoud, few Amer­i­cans had any idea what Backes could pos­si­bly be talk­ing about. For this same rea­son there has been vir­tu­ally no inde­pen­dent inves­ti­ga­tion into SICO’s Bau­doin Dunand’s rela­tion­ship to Genoud or (for that mat­ter) the role of Syrian-born Muham­mad Mar­dam Bay (believed to be related to a for­mer Syr­ian for­eign min­is­ter) has played both as a mem­ber of Magnin, Dunand & Asso­ciates as well as Bay’s pos­si­ble links with Genoud. And what does it mean when we are told that Youssef Nada, for exam­ple, is believed by Egypt­ian author­i­ties to have worked for Ger­man intel­li­gence in World War II?” (Idem.)

17. “It is not at all impos­si­ble that net­works first devel­oped in the 1930’s and who saw their eco­nomic power fan­tas­ti­cally mul­ti­plied in the wake of the enor­mous hike in oil prices in 1973 are now engaged in try­ing to enact a major finan­cial shift away from the dol­lar and Anglo-American finan­cial net­works and to shift the vast wealth of the Mulim oil states into a new Euro-based finan­cial net­work that would vastly increase the power of those banks and finan­cial inter­ests in Europe asso­ci­ated with ele­ments of far right elites that sur­vived World War II rel­a­tively intact.” (Idem.)

18. “If this were at all the case, it would not be a new devel­op­ment. The very same attempt to develop an inde­pen­dent Saudi-German hookup to sub­vert the U.S. and British dom­i­na­tion of the Saudi oil mar­kets was actu­ally attempted in the mid-1950’s. At that time, the Saudi royal family—using the advise of the famous Ger­man banker Hjal­mar Schacht—attempted to employ Aris­to­tle Onas­sis to trans­port Saudi oil on new oil tankers that would be con­structed in the ship­yards of Ger­many. This attempt to break the West­ern oil con­trol over Saudi Ara­bia was finally blocked by the United States, a story well doc­u­mented in Jim Hougan’s book Spooks (New York: William Mor­row, 1978.)” (Ibid.; pp. 15–16.)

19. “The doc­u­men­ta­tion regard­ing this com­plex ques­tion is there for any­one who wants to exam­ine it. Of course I am NOT attempt­ing to sug­gest a sim­ple mono-causal expla­na­tion for the cur­rent cri­sis. What I am sug­gest­ing is that sooner or later these con­nec­tions between the far right and groups like the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood that began in the 1930’s and con­tinue today will have to become the sub­ject of seri­ous and sober research in order to help us shed new light on the extra­or­di­nary cir­cum­stances we are liv­ing under today.” (Ibid.; p. 16.)

20. Huber has net­worked with other Amer­i­can and Euro­pean fas­cists and far right­ists, includ­ing Gian­francco Fini, head of the Ital­ian Alleanza Nationale. “Per­haps the most recent remark­able story con­cern­ing Huber comes from a brief item in the Swiss tabloid Blick that in an April 26, 2002 arti­cle by Alexan­der Saut­ter that Huber was involved in a meet­ing of far-right lead­ers from Europe. A photo show­ing Huber with Jean Marie Le Pen accom­pa­nies the arti­cle. The Blick story (avail­able on the web) is as fol­lows: Mon Pelerin VD: Chris­t­ian Cam­buzat, the pro­moter (Scharf­macher) of the right extrem­ist Jean-Marie Le Pen (73): The guru assem­bles together some of the top lead­ers of the Euro­pean right. On the idyl­lic Mont Pelerin, they debate their crude ideas. At his secret visit to a spa in Switzer­land, Le Pen hardly remained alone. Right­ist lead­ers from all over Europe trav­eled to meet the extrem­ist pres­i­den­tial can­di­date who was hosted by Cam­buzat. Franz Schon­hu­ber (79). Founder of the Repub­li­can Party in Ger­many and a for­mer mem­ber of the SS. He talked with Le Pen who con­sti­tutes together with Schon­hu­ber the ‘Front National’ Fac­tion in the Euro­pean par­lia­ment. Gian­franco Fini (50). Ital­ian post-fascist, Mus­solini admirer, and founder of the Alleanze Nationale. He also was at the meet­ing with Le Pen and Schon­hu­ber. Ahmed Huber (74). The Swiss is on the Bush Admin­is­tra­tion black­list . . . ‘I met le Pen at Mont Pelerin as he went to Chris­t­ian Cambuzat’s spa,’ Huber told Blick yes­ter­day. At the extrem­ist ren­dezvous an Amer­i­can far right politi­cian was also sup­posed to have taken part. [Note: the Amer­i­can is not fur­ther identified.—KC] Chris­t­ian Cam­buzat said that Le Pen (after the elec­tion) had again become the sharpest weapon of the ‘Front National’ because Le Pen changed his image from a ven­omous old man to a ‘kindly U.S. TV evan­ge­list.’ Proudly Cam­buzat brags, ‘With me Le Pen can relax well’ [from his polit­i­cal endeavors—KC]. And openly link up with new con­tacts. [Although the Blick story does not give details, Cam­buzat runs a spa for the very rich, the Lemanique de Revi­tal­i­sa­tion, inside a hotel on the famous Mont Pelerin.]” (Ibid.; pp. 14–15.)

21. Other Ital­ian fas­cists from the AN/P-2 milieu are to be found within the Al Taqwa orbit. “The goal of the meet­ing with the notary was the found­ing of ‘al-Taqwa man­age­ment Orga­ni­za­tion SA’ that said it would be con­cerned with import­ing and export­ing var­i­ous goods. Taqwa man­age­ment Orga­ni­za­tion SA’ that said it would be con­cerned with import­ing and export­ing var­i­ous goods around the world. 333 of the 1000 shares (at 100 Swiss Francs a share) went to Mohammed Man­sour and his wife. 332 went to Huber. Nada and Him­mat took the rest. Man­sour was named the pres­i­dent but rarely was the clause in the con­tract papers men­tioned that each deci­sion must be co-signed by the minor­ity hold­ers Nada and Him­mat . . . Among the 500 share­hold­ers besides Huber, Him­mat and Nada were ‘also a noto­ri­ous right extrem­ist from Italy’ [not fur­ther iden­ti­fied but this is Alessan­dro Karim Abdul Ghe] and three mem­bers of the bin Laden fam­ily.” (Ibid.; p. 8.)

22. More about Allessan­dro Ghe: “Another Con­nec­tion involves al-Taqwa group share­holder Alle­san­dro Ghe, an Ital­ian rad­i­cal who has been ques­tioned by his country’s secu­rity forces about his links to Bin Laden. Ghe was a mem­ber of the Ital­ian neo-fascist ‘Ordine Nuovo’ that began cou­pling up with Moslem rad­i­cals in the 1970’s, says Ely Kar­mon.”
(“A Ter­ri­fy­ing Alliance” by Yael Haran; 1/14/2002; Enduring-Freedom-Operation.org; pp. 4–5.)

23. The Al Taqwa orbit con­tains one Gus­tavo Selva—a par­lia­men­tary rep­re­sen­ta­tive of Fini’s Alleanza Nationale. “Gus­tavo Selva belongs to Nasreddin’s wider cir­cle. The for­mer jour­nal­ist and today par­lia­men­tary mem­ber of the post fas­cist Partei Alleanza Nationale, Selva was until April 19, 1999, involved in the Roman-based busi­ness, the Arab-Italian Con­sult­ing House. Six months before it went under, on Sep­tem­ber 18, 1998, a cer­tain Ser­gio Marini was named the firm’s offi­cial receiver. Marini was, together with the Nasred­din Inter­na­tional Group Lim­ited Hold­ings, also part of the Milan-registered Line Invest­ment srl. Since 1988, Marini was CEO of ‘L.I.N.E. Devel­op­ment Light Indus­try and Envi­ron­ment Devel­op­ment srl’ in Rome whose admin­is­tra­tive direc­tor was Abduhrahim Nasred­din along with his deputy Ghaleb Him­mat, him­self a founder of Al Taqwa Group.”
(“Report on Islamists, The Far Right, and Al Taqwa” by Kevin Coogan; p. 9.)

24. Another evi­den­tiary trib­u­tary lead­ing in the direc­tion of the Ital­ian far right con­cerns areas of over­lap between the Al Taqwa milieu and that of Sil­vio Berlusconi—former mem­ber of the fas­cist P-2 lodge and the head of the Ital­ian coali­tion gov­ern­ment of which Fini’s AN is part. “The deeper inves­ti­ga­tors dug, the more sense­less it seemed. For exam­ple: The Liechtenstein-registered Nasred­din Inter­na­tional Lim­ited Hold­ings on Octo­ber 20, 1994, decided to change its name to Mid­dle East and Turkey Invest­ment Hold­ing Ltd. And then eight days later it returned to its orig­i­nal name. There is also the fact that Nasred­din at the found­ing of the Nasred­din Inter­na­tional Group Lim­ited Hold­ing in Jan­u­ary 1997 appointed—next to Dr. Enrico Walser as trustee—of all peo­ple the Tessino lawyer Dr. Ercole Doninelli to the admin­is­tra­tive board. Doninelli, until his death, was seen as the ‘soul’ of the Lugano finance soci­ety Fimo that was widely involved in the finan­cial scan­dals of the 1990’s. Fimo helped Ital­ians to send up to 250 mil­lion Swiss francs yearly in cap­i­tal flight. Even more defin­i­tive is the role Fimo has played since 1968 in the financ­ing into the mil­lions the first projects of the (at the time utterly unknown) con­struc­tion builder from Milan, Sil­vio Berlus­coni. The knowl­edge of how cap­i­tal from the mar­ried pair of Ercole and Ste­fa­nia Doninelli went from Eti Hold­ings in Chi­asso to more stops in the Inter­change Bank and from there to Ital­cantieri, a com­pany headed by two Berlus­coni straw men, finally ended with the mass bank­ruptcy of Fimo.” (Ibid.; pp. 9–10.)

25. Another per­son bridg­ing the worlds of Berlus­coni and Al Taqwa is Pier Felice Barchi, an attor­ney for both Berlus­coni and Yussef Nada. “The Akida Bank of Nasred­din was also sup­posed to be con­cerned with the spread­ing of Islamic bank­ing prac­tices. The Lugano-registered affil­i­ate of the bank listed along with its founder Nasred­din, the Tessino-based Pier Felice Barchi. This attor­ney had great expe­ri­ence with rich and influ­en­tial for­eign cus­tomers. Barchi was also con­cerned with the Tessino finan­cial inter­ests of Ital­ian Prime Min­is­ter Berlus­coni and the Saudi minor­ity part­ner in Berlusconi’s media group Medi­aset, Prince al-Waleed al Talal.” (Ibid.; pp. 10–11.)

26. Wall Street Jour­nal reporter Daniel Pearl’s kid­nap­per and killer–Omar Sheikh–appears to have been heav­ily influ­enced by Nazi ide­ol­ogy while wag­ing jihad in the Balkans. “ . . . Mr. Levy cap­tures this divide in his book when he reports that Omar ‘played chess and read Mein Kampf.’ At one point dur­ing the C-Span inter­view, I asked him about Omar and Mein Kampf: ‘There are those who say ‘Hitler is dead,’ but among peo­ple like Omar—terrorists, jihadists like him—Hitler is spo­ken of with affec­tion, right?’ True, Mr. Levy said: Accord­ing to the tes­ti­mony of one of the men he kid­napped in India, Omar ‘was able to recite entire pages of Mein Kampf by heart.’ Mr. Levy gave a world-weary, Gal­lic shrug: ‘Every­body has the poetry he deserves.’ And he went on to add that Omar was not alone in seek­ing to fin­ish what Hitler started: ‘You have today, in Dam­as­cus, in Syria, in Libya, some peo­ple who think that the anti-Semitic mes­sage of the Nazis was a good message—and has to be com­pleted’ . . .”
(“In Danny Pearl Book, Levy Says Next 9/11 Brew­ing in Pak­istan” by Ron Rosen­baum; New York Observer; 9/15/2003.)

27. The broad­cast excerpts the obit­u­ary of for­mer Bosn­ian pres­i­dent Alija Izetbe­govic, high­light­ing his asso­ci­a­tion with the SS Handzhar Divi­sion in World War II, and the sup­port he received from Osama bin Laden. “ . . .Dur­ing World War II, when Bosnia became part of the puppet-Nazi state of the Croa­t­ian Ustashe, Mr. Izetbe­govic joined the Young Mus­lims, a group torn between sid­ing with the German-sponsored Handzar divi­sions orga­nized by the Ger­man SS or with the Yugoslav com­mu­nist par­ti­sans led by Josip Broz Tito. Mr. Izetbe­govic sup­ported the Handzars. After Tito’s Com­mu­nist gov­ern­ment was estab­lished in 1946, a mil­i­tary court sen­tenced Mr. Izetbe­govic to three years in prison for his wartime activ­i­ties. . . .”
(“Alija Izetbe­govic, Mus­lim Who Led Bosnia, Dies at 78” by David Binder; The New York Times; 10/20/2003; p. 2.)

28. “ . . . Osama bin Laden vis­ited him [Izetbe­govic] in Sara­jevo in 1993 and spon­sored some fight­ers from Ara­bic coun­tries to fight on the Mus­lims’ side in Bosnia, accord­ing to a report in the Ger­man mag­a­zine Der Spiegel. . .” (Idem.)

29. Sup­ple­ment­ing pre­vi­ous dis­cus­sion of the fas­cist her­itage of the gov­ern­ment of Alija Izetbe­govic (the first pres­i­dent of Bosnia-Herzegovina), the broad­cast sets forth the back­ground of the first Deputy Defense Min­is­ter of Bosnia-Herzogovina. Like Izetbe­govic him­self, Cengic was a vet­eran of the 13th Waf­fen SS Division—the Handzar Divi­sion. “Indica­tive of Sarajevo’s inten­tions and pri­or­i­ties is the appoint­ment in Jan­u­ary 1996 of Hasan Cengic to the posi­tion of Deputy Defense Min­is­ter: the man in charge of the imple­men­ta­tion of the reor­ga­ni­za­tion. A vet­eran of the SS Handzar Divi­sion dur­ing World War II, Cengic is a close per­sonal friend and con­fi­dant of Alija Izetbe­govic, espe­cially since the time they served together in Yugoslav Pres­i­dent Tito’s prison. . .”
(Some Call It Peace: Wait­ing for War in the Balkans; Yossef Bodan­sky; Copy­right 1996 [SC] by Yossef Bodan­sky; Pub­lished by Inter­na­tional Media Cor­po­ra­tion Ltd.; ISBN 0–9520070-5–3; p. 39; Note: Although this book has a dis­tinct ide­o­log­i­cal bias—Clinton bashing—its intel­li­gence data on Bosn­ian mil­i­tary for­ma­tions is very credible.)

30. Under Izetbe­govic and Cengic, the Handzar Divi­sion was recre­ated! “ . . .These are the men of the Handzar divi­sion. ‘We do every­thing with the knife, and we always fight on the front­line.’ A Handzar told one U.N. offi­cer. Up to 6,000 strong, the Handzar divi­sion glo­ries in a fas­cist cul­ture. They see them­selves as their heirs of the SS Handzar divi­sion, formed by Bosn­ian Mus­lims in 1943 to fight for the Nazis. Their spir­i­tual model was Mohammed Amin al-Hussein, the grand Mufti of Jerusalem who sided with Hitler. Accord­ing to U.N. offi­cers, sur­pris­ingly few of those in charge of the Handzars in Fojnica seem to speak good Serbo Croa­t­ion ‘Many of them are Alban­ian, whether from Kosovo (the Serb province where Alba­ni­ans are the major­ity) or from Alba­nia itself.’”
(“Alba­ni­ans and Afghans fight for the heirs to Bosnia’s SS Past” by Robert Fox; Daily Tele­graph; 12/29/1993.)

31. As we reflect on the Balkans war and the events of 9/11, one of the sce­nar­ios to be seri­ously con­sid­ered is the pos­si­bil­ity that ele­ments of US intel­li­gence uti­lized the “Arab Afghans” (includ­ing Al Qaeda) in the Balkans, as they had against the Sovi­ets in Afghanistan. Indeed the geopol­i­tics first prac­ticed by the Third Reich in the “Earth Island” appears to have served as some­thing of a model for what took place in the lat­ter part of the Cold War. America’s erst­while Islamist and Islam­o­fas­cist allies later turned against the United States with a vengeance. “They are trained and led by vet­er­ans from Afghanistan and Pak­istan, say U.N. sources. The strong pres­ence of native Alba­ni­ans is an omi­nous sign. It could mean the seeds of war are spread­ing south via Kosovo and into Alba­nia. Thence to the Alba­ni­ans of Mace­do­nia. Pak­istani fun­da­men­tal­ists are known to have had a strong hand in pro­vid­ing arms and a small weapons indus­try for the Bosn­ian Mus­lims.” (Idem.)

32. The broad­cast presents more about the recre­ation of the Handzar Divi­sion under Izetbe­govic and Cengic. Note that the divi­sion was trained and led by Afghan and Pak­istani vet­er­ans. The milieux of Al Qaeda and “Handzar II” over­lap. “Another major Islamist force remained: the Handzar Divi­sion, named after the 13th SS Handzar Divi­sion which served under the Ger­man flag in World War II. The cur­rent Handzar Divi­sion is Sarajevo’s Prae­to­rian Guards, and is com­prised of a 2,500 to 3,000 elite force deployed in Sara­jevo and a 6,000 to 7,500 strong back-up force at a major train­ing base around Fojnica, but is moved around to aug­ment major fight­ing fronts. The major­ity of the troops of the Handzar Divi­sion come from the region’s non-Bosnian Mus­lim minori­ties, pri­mar­ily Alba­ni­ans, and are led by vet­eran Pak­istani and Afghan experts.”
(Some Call It Peace: Wait­ing for War in the Balkans; p. 15.)

33. Relat­ing more about “Handzar II,” the pro­gram notes that the foot sol­diers of the unit were largely of Alban­ian extrac­tion and that they were engaged in force pro­jec­tion into Kosovo and Mace­do­nia. Another area of Islamist activism was Kosovo, with the KLA being the ben­e­fi­ciary of Islamist activ­ity. Many of the com­bat­ants in the KLA were the sons and grand­sons of mem­bers of the 21st Waf­fen SS or Skan­der­beg divi­sion. “In mid-1993 Sara­jevo revived the Handzar Divi­sion is the Prae­to­rian Guard for Pres­i­dent Alija Izetbe­govic and other senior lead­ers in Sara­jevo. The Handzar Divi­sion is com­prised of a 2,500 to 3,000 elite force deployed in Sara­jevo and a 6,000 to 7,500 strong back-up force in Fojnica.” (Ibid.; p. 158.)

34. “Sig­nif­i­cantly, the major­ity of the troops of the Handzar Divi­sion are not Bosn­ian Mus­lims. Instead, they come from the region’s other Mus­lim minori­ties, pri­mar­ily Alba­ni­ans, and are led by vet­eran Pak­istani and Afghan experts. ‘Sur­pris­ingly few of those in charge of the Handzars in Fojnica seem to speak good Serbo-Croatian. Many of them are Alban­ian, whether from Kosovo or from Alba­nia itself,’ explained UN offi­cers in Fojnica. ‘The Handzars are trained and led by vet­er­ans from Afghanistan and Pak­istan. The strong pres­ence of native Alba­ni­ans is an omi­nous sign. It could be that the seeds of war are spread­ing south via Kosovo and into Alba­nia, thence to the Alba­ni­ans of Mace­do­nia.’ These obser­va­tions, made in late 1993, proved cor­rect.” (Ibid.; pp. 158–159.)

35. “By 1995, the Handzar Divi­sion had been trans­formed into a zealot and com­bat proven spe­cial forces. In many cases, par­tic­u­larly in the surge into west­ern Bosnia-Herzogovina in the Summer-Fall of 1995, they oper­ated in close coop­er­a­tion with the muja­hedin units. The deploy­ment of Alban­ian vet­er­ans and sup­port muja­hedin cadres to Alba­nia began in the Fall of 1995.” (Ibid.; p. 159.)

36. Neo-Nazi/Islamist Achmed Huber has appar­ently been active in form­ing work­ing rela­tion­ships between Amer­i­can far-right and Islamist ele­ments as well—a sub­ject that will be explored at greater length below. “ . . . Recently, he went to Chicago for a dis­creet con­gress that brought together the ‘authen­tic Right and the fight­ers for Islam,’ and he says that ‘major deci­sions were taken . . . the reuni­fi­ca­tion is under way.’”
(Dol­lars for Ter­ror; p. 143.)

37. Next, the pro­gram reviews a speech made by William Pierce 1998, the pro­gram sets forth the National Alliance leader’s eerie fore­shad­ow­ing of the events of 9/11. (Pierce is the author of The Turner Diaries and Serpent’s Walk.) Pierce spoke of Osama bin Laden attack­ing tall build­ings, such as the World Trade Cen­ter, and the com­ing of bio-terrorism to the U.S. This is but one indi­ca­tion that the rela­tion­ship between Islamists and neo-Nazis sought by Huber had become a reality—whether or not Huber was the one who cemented its gen­e­sis. Note that the National Alliance and the Ger­man NPD (with which Huber is affil­i­ated) are very close. “Upon perus­ing his speeches from 1998–99, I dis­cov­ered that Pierce, who heads the so-called ‘National Alliance,’ did indeed utter some most inter­est­ing (pre-9/11—if not prophetic—remarks about Osama bin Laden and bio-terrorism. The run­ning theme in Pierce’s com­men­taries is—to para­phrase his hero Hitler—that Osama Bin Laden’s warn­ing to Amer­ica is ‘I Am Com­ing.’ And so is bio-terrorism.”
(“Neo-Nazis and 9/11” by Jack McCarthy; Coun­ter­punch; 10/29/2001.)

38. “In one chill­ing com­men­tary Pierce, (after not­ing that Bin Laden and the rest of the lost gen­er­a­tion of angry Moslem youth had it with their par­ents’ com­pro­mises and were hell bent on revenge against infi­del Amer­ica) issued this stark, prophetic warn­ing in a 1998 radio address titled, ‘Stay Out of Tall Build­ings.’ ‘New York­ers who work in tall office build­ings any­thing close to the size of the World Trade Cen­ter might con­sider wear­ing hard hats . . .’ Pierce warned. . . . [Ital­ics are Mr. Emory’s].” (Idem.)

39. Next, review­ing pre­vi­ous infor­ma­tion, the broad­cast high­lights the sim­i­lar­ity between the events of 9/11 and the con­clud­ing episode of The Turner Diaries—the blue­print for Tim­o­thy McVeigh and com­pany, as well as the Nazi ter­ror group The Order. That Nazi tract (authored by the above-mentioned William Pierce) con­cludes with a low-level sui­cide aer­ial attack against the Pen­ta­gon. “I con­ferred pri­vately with Major Williams of the Wash­ing­ton Field Com­mand for more than an hour on the prob­lem of attack­ing the Pen­ta­gon. The military’s other major com­mand cen­ters were either knocked out on Sep­tem­ber 8 or sub­se­quently con­sol­i­dated with the Pen­ta­gon, which the top brass appar­ently regards as impreg­nable. And it damned near is. We went over every pos­si­bil­ity we could think of, and we came up with no really con­vinc­ing plan—except, per­haps one. That is to make an air deliv­ery of a bomb.”
(The Turner Diaries; “Andrew Mac­don­ald;” Bar­ri­cade Books, Inc. [SC] 1996; Copy­right 1978, 1980 William Pierce; ISBN 1–56980-086–3; p. 201.)

40. “In the mas­sive ring of defenses around the Pen­ta­gon there is a great deal of anti-aircraft fire­power, but we decided that a small plane, fly­ing just above the ground, might be able to get through the three-mile gaunt­let with one of our 60-kiloton war­heads. One fac­tor in favor of such an attempt is that we have never before used air­craft in such a way, and we might hope to catch the anti-aircraft crews off their guard.” (Idem.)

41. “Although the mil­i­tary is guard­ing all civil air­fields, it just hap­pens that we have an old crop duster stashed in a barn only a few miles from here. My imme­di­ate assign­ment is to pre­pare a detailed plan for an aer­ial attack on the Pen­ta­gon by next Mon­day. We must make a final deci­sion at the time and then act with­out fur­ther delay.” (Idem.)

42. It is worth not­ing that The Turner Diaries fea­tures the cli­mac­tic attack on the Pen­ta­gon as occur­ring on Novem­ber 9th. That date had great sig­nif­i­cance for the Nazis. The Ger­man sailors’ rebel­lion that pre­cip­i­tated the advent of the Weimar Repub­lic so hated by the Nazis began on 11/9. Attempt­ing to roll back the Weimar rev­o­lu­tion, the Nazis launched the ill-fated Beer Hall Putsch on that date, as well. Die Krys­tall­nacht (the Night of Glass pogrom) of 1938 was launched on that date also. Inter­est­ingly, the Berlin Wall came down on Novem­ber 9. A Ger­man (or other Euro­pean) would write the date Novem­ber 9 as—9/11! “Novem­ber 9, 1993. It’s still three hours until first light, and all sys­tems are ‘go.’ I’ll use the time to write a few pages—my last diary entry. Then it’s a one-way trip to the Pen­ta­gon for me. The war­head is strapped into the front seat of the old Stear­man and rigged to det­o­nate either on impact or when I flip a switch in the back seat. Hope­fully, I’ll be able to mange a low-level air burst directly over the cen­ter of the Pen­ta­gon. Fail­ing that, I’ll at least try to fly as close as I can before I’m shot down.” (Ibid.; p. 202.)

43. “Thus end Earl Turner’s diaries, as unpre­ten­tiously as they began. His final mis­sion was suc­cess­ful, of course, as we all are reminded each year on Novem­ber 9—our tra­di­tional Day of the Mar­tyrs.” (Ibid.; p. 205.)

44. A Ger­man paper on the neo-Nazi/Islamist con­nec­tion dis­cusses dia­logue writ­ten by Pierce in The Turner Diaries. The pro­tag­o­nist of this book (express­ing the views of William Pierce, the book’s author) rants about his desire to see the “100 floors of the sky­scraper fall.” Recall that—as seen above—the book also has a scene eerily like the attack on the Pen­ta­gon and that Pierce him­self fore­shad­owed the attacks in a 1998 radio broad­cast. “47 years later the Hitler wor­ship­per William Pierce (born 1933) tells in his right-wing ter­ror­ist novel “The Turner Diaries” of a right-wing extrem­ist Kamikaze-ing an air­plane into the Pen­ta­gon. In an apoc­a­lyp­tic scene Pierce rejoices over the destruc­tion of the cen­ter of the world capital-contaminated, Jewish-dominated New York. The neo-Nazi, writ­ing under the alias Andrew Mac­Don­ald, says he desires to see the ‘100 floors of the sky­scraper’ fall. Pierce’s book [The Turner Diaries] is a utopian fan­tasy, pro­moted as a neo-nazi Bible world-wide, as the pub­li­ca­tion of the diaries of the US-American right-wing extrem­ist Earl Turner found in the years 2091 dur­ing exca­va­tions of the ruins of Wash­ing­ton, 100 years after the national rev­o­lu­tion of 1991–93.”(“The Unholy Alliance Between the Swastika and the Cres­cent, Part I—Neo Nazis and Fun­da­men­tal­ist Islam” by Anton Maegerle; 12/12/2001; p. 2.)

45. Next, the broad­cast recaps infor­ma­tion con­cern­ing the alleged pres­ence of Okla­homa City bomber Terry Nichols at a bomb-making and logis­tics plan­ning sem­i­nar in the Philip­pines. Also present at this sem­i­nar were Ramzi Yousef, the mas­ter­mind of the first World Trade Cen­ter attack and Hakim Murad, another of the con­spir­a­tors in the first World Trade Cen­ter attack. The account comes from Edwin Ange­les, the co-founder of Abu Sayyaf, the Al Qaeda affil­i­ate in the Philip­pines. Ange­les had been sub­poe­naed as a defense wit­ness by Tim­o­thy McVeigh’s coun­sel in the Okla­homa City bomb­ing case. (McVeigh, Nichols and com­pany were inspired by Pierce’s Turner Diaries. Accord­ing to Carol Howe—an ATF infor­mant who passed a poly­graph examination—McVeigh’s par­tic­i­pa­tion in the Okla­homa City bomb­ing was as a pro­tégé of Andreas Strass­meier, a for­mer Ger­man Army intel­li­gence offi­cer, son of Gun­ther Strassmeier—the son of Hel­mut Kohl’s chief of staff and the archi­tect of Ger­man reuni­fi­ca­tion. Gun­ther, in turn, was the son of one of the early mem­bers of the Ger­man Nazi party under Adolph Hitler.) Another impor­tant detail to note in the pas­sages that fol­low is that another of the top­ics allegedly dis­cussed by the con­spir­a­tors is Oper­a­tion Bojinka—said to be the oper­a­tional tem­plate for the 9/11 attacks. “(NOTE: Basi­lan Provin­cial Infor­ma­tion Offi­cer Christo­pher Puno was present in the ward at Basi­lan Com­mu­nity Hos­pi­tal when I [Sicat] inter­viewed Elmina Abdul, less than two weeks prior to her death.) Elmina Abdul, widow of one of the Abu Sayyaf co-founders, Edwin Ange­les, died in the pre-dawn hours of Sat­ur­day, March 30. Ten days before she died, she talked with this writer in con­fi­dence while lying on her deathbed at Basi­lan com­mu­nity Hos­pi­tal. I was the last, if not the only reporter, to ever talk with her.”
(“Deathbed Con­fes­sion: Abu Part of Okla­homa Blast” by Dorian Zumel Sicat; Manilla Times; 4/2/2002.)

46. “ . . . Among the most inter­est­ing rev­e­la­tions that Ange­les shared with Elmina was about a meet­ing between him­self, Ram­sey Yousef, Abdul Murad (both of whom are now serv­ing mul­ti­ple prison terms for ter­ror­ist activ­i­ties, includ­ing the first World Trade Cen­ter bomb­ing in 1993), Abdu­ra­jak Abubakar Jan­nalani, uniden­ti­fied mem­bers of the Moro Islamic Lib­er­a­tion Front (MILF), and two men who Ange­les only iden­ti­fied as Iraqis. The meet­ing, accord­ing to Elmina, was held in a ware­house near a Dole (Phil.) plant in South Cota­bato, between Gen­eral San­tos City and Davao del Sur. There were two other men at that meet­ing: a man whom Ange­les iden­ti­fied as Nichols and as ‘code name farmer,’ and another Amer­i­can who he did not iden­tify by name. (It is impor­tant to note that most Fil­ipinos com­monly describe Cau­casians in the coun­try as Amer­i­cans.) The meet­ing, accord­ing to Elmina took place in 1994, She could not remem­ber the exact date.” (Idem.)

47. “In that meet­ing, accord­ing to Elmina, Ange­les told her that the major topic of the dis­cus­sion was the bomb­ing of spec­i­fied tar­gets and how to build bombs. Ange­les told Elmina that Nichols was later sent to a place that he (Ange­les) didn’t name for more detailed instruc­tion on how Nichols and his other ‘Amer­i­can’ friend could build a bomb to destroy a build­ing in the United States. She did not specify—she could not remember—which build­ing that was to be.” (Idem.)

48. “Elmina also told me that before he was gunned down, Edwin showed her doc­u­ments that proved that he actu­ally was a deep-cover agent for the Depart­ment of National Defense. He said that those doc­u­ments were pre­sented in court in his defense and that was the rea­son that he was acquit­ted of the charges against him. That is a mat­ter of record. But since I have never seen the doc­u­ments, I will not name the ‘high rank­ing’ Defense offi­cials whose sig­na­tures were said to appear on those doc­u­ments.” (Idem.)

49. “Ange­les also told Elmina about Project Bojenko, an [allegedly] Iraqi-financed oper­a­tion of ter­ror that tar­geted sev­eral build­ings in the U.S., the bomb­ing of sev­eral US air­lin­ers, bomb­ing US embassies over­seas, and hit­ting other US inter­ests. Among the build­ings in the US, accord­ing to Elmina, were another attack on the World Trade Cen­ter; the Fed­eral Build­ings in San Fran­cisco, and in ‘a place he called Uklahuma (Okla­homa). . . .’” (Idem.)

50. “ . . . Was there an inter­na­tional con­spir­acy of ter­ror forged in a meet­ing in an aban­doned ware­house in 1994 that included Ange­les and Nichols, who he referred to as ‘the Farmer?’ Did that con­spir­acy include mem­bers of Al-Qaeda and the Iraqi gov­ern­ment (or at least Iraqis)? Does the ASG actu­ally receive finan­cial and mate­r­ial assis­tance from Al-Qaeda and [or] Iraq in order to carry on its cam­paign of ter­ror? Elmina did not give pre­cise, clear answers to those ques­tions. She was relat­ing what Ange­les had told her not long before he died.” (Idem.)

51. “There is one thing clear: Edwin Ange­les did meet with Nichols and another ‘Amer­i­can’ along with some state-sponsored inter­na­tional ter­ror­ists. Elmina knew that she was dying. She knew that all our efforts to help her recover would not be enough to save her. She told what she knew to be the truth, as her hus­band told it to her.” (Idem.)

52. Next, the pro­gram reviews infor­ma­tion about a 2002 arti­cle on the Okla­homa City bomb­ing and a pos­si­ble link between that attack and some of the hijack­ers impli­cated in the 9/11 attacks. A motel located at some dis­tance from Nor­man, Okla­homa (where some of the alleged hijack­ers appar­ently took flight train­ing) may pro­vide doc­u­men­ta­tion of con­nec­tions between Atta and accused 20th hijacker Zac­carias Mous­saoui. Atta allegedly tried to book rooms at this motel with Mous­saoui and another of the sus­pected hijack­ers. This is sig­nif­i­cant for sev­eral rea­sons. For one thing, the motel was far­ther away than other, reasonably-priced motels. Atta, for what­ever rea­son, wanted this motel. As stated above, the fol­low­ing account may estab­lish a hard link between Atta and Mous­saoui. This same motel was appar­ently fre­quented by Mujahid Menepta, an asso­ciate of Mouss­saoui, who vis­ited the motel in the time before the 1995 Okla­homa City bomb­ing. This same motel was also reported to have been host to Tim McVeigh and alleged Mid­dle East­ern and/or Iraqi nation­als, with whom he may have been con­spir­ing. It is also worth not­ing that legal author­i­ties in this coun­try do not appear to have been overly eager to pur­sue these leads, per­haps out of a desire to avoid hav­ing to reopen the inves­ti­ga­tion into the Okla­homa City bomb­ing. Atta and asso­ciates were also report­edly inter­ested in pur­su­ing crop dust­ing aircraft—the type of plane used in the attack on the Pen­ta­gon in The Turner Diaries. “What hap­pened at the non­de­script road­side motel out­side Okla­homa City was just fleet­ing encounter dur­ing the twisted cross-country odyssey of the ter­ror­ists who would carry out the Sep­tem­ber 11 attacks. Mohammed Atta, alleged leader of the plot, and two com­pan­ions wanted to rent a room, but couldn’t get the deal they wanted, so they left.”
(“The Ter­ror­ist Motel” by Jim Cro­gan; L.A. Weekly; 7/26/–8/1/2002.)

53. “It was an inci­dent of no par­tic­u­lar impor­tance, except for one thing. The owner of the motel remem­bers Atta being in the com­pany of Zacara­ias Mous­saoui, the so-called “20th hijacker,’ who was arrested prior to “Sep­tem­ber 11 and now faces con­spir­acy charges in con­nec­tion with the ter­ror assaults.’ . . .” (Ibid,; p. 1.)

54. “ . . . The motel co-owner, who spoke on con­di­tion of anonymity, said the inci­dent occurred around August 1, 2001, just six weeks before 9/11.‘They came in around 10 or 11a.m. and started talk­ing to my desk clerk,’ he said. Even though he was work­ing about 10 feet away from the trio, the owner didn’t really pay any atten­tion at first. ‘They were ask­ing my clerk, who no longer works here, about a weekly rate for our rooms.’ (The for­mer clerk could not be reached for com­ment.) . . .” (Ibid.; p. 2.)

55. “ . . .The motel owner said that Mous­saoui and a man who appeared to be Mar­wan al-Shehhi—who helped crash a jet­liner into the south tower of the World trade Center—were friendly and said a few things, but Atta was clearly the leader. ‘He did most of the talk­ing and seemed very seri­ous,’ said the owner, adding, ‘I was stand­ing face to face, about two feet away from Atta, and talked to the three of them for about 10 min­utes. Atta asked if he could rent one of the other rooms at a weekly rate, and I told him no.” (Idem.)

56. “ ‘I asked him what they were doing here in the area. And Atta told me they were going to flight school. I thought he meant [Fed­eral Avi­a­tion Admin­is­tra­tion] train­ing in Okla­homa City. But Atta told me no, they were tak­ing flight train­ing in Nor­man.” (Idem.)

57. “ ‘I said I didn’t under­stand why they wanted to rent one of my rooms, since we were about 28 miles from Nor­man and there are a lot of rea­son­ably priced motels a lot closer. But he said they had heard good things about my place and wanted to stay there. I told them I was sorry, but we couldn’t accom­mo­date them. Atta finally said okay. Then they all thanked me for my time and left.’ . . .” (Idem.)

58. “After the attacks, said the motel owner, he rec­og­nized his vis­i­tors in pho­tos from tele­vi­sion reports. ‘I was really stunned,’ he said. Then he decided to call the FBI hot line. The motel owner said he didn’t hear right back from the FBI. In the interim, he also spoke to a for­mer law-enforcement offi­cer who was inves­ti­gat­ing reported sight­ings of Mujahid Abdulquaadir Menepta at the same motel dur­ing the mid-1990’s. Menepta, report­edly a friend of Moussaoui’s, was arrested 30 years ago in Col­orado for aggra­vated rob­bery and served more than three years in prison.”(Idem.)

59. “After Sep­tem­ber 11, Menepta pub­licly defended Mous­saoui, call­ing him a ‘scape­goat.’ The FBI arrested him as a mate­r­ial wit­ness and sub­se­quently charged Menepta with a fed­eral gun vio­la­tion. He pleaded guilty and in April 2002 was sen­tenced to 15 months in fed­eral prison. He was never charged with any terrorism-related crime. But dur­ing the pre­lim­i­nary hear­ing on the gun charge, Alco­hol, Tobacco and firearms Agent Jef­frey Whit­ney tes­ti­fied that a con­fi­den­tial source placed Menepta at a meet­ing of a rad­i­cal Islamic group in St. Louis where he allegedly threat­ened to shoot any police offi­cer who entered the mosque. Menepta’s attor­ney chal­lenged the cred­i­bil­ity of this report in court.” (Ibid.; pp. 2–3.)

60. “A for­mer desk clerk at the motel—a dif­fer­ent clerk from the one who pur­port­edly dealt with Atta and Moussaoui—told the Weekly that he remem­bered Menepta because in 1994 and 1995—prior to the Okla­homa City attack—Menepta fre­quently vis­ited the motel office. There, he bought cof­fee and talked for hours to this clerk.” (Ibid.; p. 3.)

61. “The clerk and his wife, who both for­merly worked at the motel, said they picked Menepta’s pic­ture out of a photo lineup pre­pared by a law-enforcement offi­cer who had inter­viewed the motel owner. This offi­cer, who also spoke to the Weekly on con­di­tion of anonymity, said that after the motel owner told him about the Mous­saoui sight­ing, he con­tacted a mem­ber of Oklahoma’s Joint Ter­ror­ism Task Force, which includes the FBI. The FBI finally acted on the tip. The motel owner said that on Decem­ber 19, 2001, he went to FBI offices in Okla­homa City for a for­mal inter­view, where he was debriefed by an FBI agent and by Okla­homa City Police Sergeant Jerry Flow­ers. ‘We talked for sev­eral hours, and I told them every­thing I knew.’ The motel owner said he would have taken a poly­graph exam but was not asked to do so. The Weekly’s law-enforcement source cor­rob­o­rates the Decem­ber 19 inter­view. . . .”(Idem.)

62. “ . . . One rea­son for the FBI’s appar­ent lack of inter­est might be this motel’s alleged con­nec­tion to Tim­o­thy McVeigh and a group of Iraqis who worked in Okla­homa City. Accord­ing to the motel owner and other wit­nesses and inves­ti­ga­tors inter­viewed by the Weekly, McVeigh and sev­eral of these Iraqis were motel guests in the months pre­ced­ing the 1995 bomb­ing. Wit­nesses also claimed they saw sev­eral of the Iraqis mov­ing bar­rels of mate­r­ial around on the bed of a truck. The motel owner said the mate­r­ial smelled of diesel fuel and he had to clean up a spill. Diesel fuel was a key com­po­nent of the truck bomb that blew up the Fed­eral Build­ing.” (Idem.)

63. “The motel owner said he and his staff reported this infor­ma­tion to the FBI in 1995.‘We did have an ATF agent come out and col­lect the orig­i­nals of the room reg­is­tra­tions for that period, but we never heard back from them. And I never could get the reg­is­tra­tions returned.’ He added that his pre­vi­ous expe­ri­ence with the FBI made him reluc­tant to con­tact them about Mous­saoui. ‘But I decided it was my duty to tell them what had hap­pened. So I did.’” (Idem.)

64. Next, the pro­gram reviews infor­ma­tion sup­ple­ment­ing the exam­i­na­tion of neo-Nazi con­nec­tions to the events of 9/11. Specif­i­cally, the pro­gram fur­thers some details con­nec­tion­ing the 1993 World Trade Cen­ter bomb­ing, the Okla­homa City bomb­ing, and 9/11. Andreas Strass­meir, the alleged mas­ter­mind of the OKC bomb­ing and Tim­o­thy McVeigh’s alleged supe­rior in the oper­a­tional aspects of the attack is alleged in a 5/10/1995 FBI mem­o­ran­dum to have sought the pur­chase of a Boe­ing 747 from Lufthansa. The pos­si­bil­ity that this may be an indi­ca­tion that neo-Nazis and Islamists were coop­er­a­tively plot­ting attacks like 9/11 in the mid-1990’s is not one to be too read­ily dis­missed. “ . . . Extrem­ists resid­ing at Elo­him City received military-style train­ing from a num­ber of sources. One of the train­ers there was Andreas Carl Strass­meir of Ger­many, a neo-Nazi and the son of Guenter Strass­meir, a chief aide of dis­graced for­mer Ger­man chan­cel­lor Hel­mut Kohl. The elder Strass­meir is widely regarded as the archi­tect of Kohl’s reuni­fi­ca­tion plan that merged the for­mer East Ger­many with the Fed­eral Repub­lic in 1991. And Guenter’s father was one of the orig­i­nal mem­bers of the Nazi Party in the early 1920s.” (“Al Qaeda’s Neo-Nazi Con­nec­tions” by William Grim; The Jew­ish Press; p. 3.)

65. “Andreas Strass­meir is impor­tant to this story because he not only became a close friend and con­fi­dant of Tim­o­thy McVeigh, but also because he is regarded by many inves­ti­ga­tors as John Doe #2, the unknown per­son assist­ing McVeigh and Terry Nichols at the scene of the Okla­homa City bomb­ing who was seen by a num­ber of eye­wit­nesses.” (Ibid.; pp. 3–4.)

66. “In addi­tion to train­ing var­i­ous neo-Nazi and mili­tia groups, Strass­meir was involved in a num­ber of very curi­ous activ­i­ties. Accord­ing to an FBI report dated May 10, 1995, ‘Addi­tional doc­u­ments reveal that at one time Strass­meir was attempt­ing to pur­chase a 747 air­craft from Lufthansa; how­ever, the rea­son for the pur­chase is not reflected in the doc­u­ments.’ In 1995 it would not have been unrea­son­able for an FBI inves­ti­ga­tor to give Strassmeir’s aborted air­liner pur­chase merely pass­ing notice. In light of 9/11, how­ever, it gives one pause and raises the real pos­si­bil­ity that 9/11 type attacks were being planned as far back as 1995 by insid­ers in the neo-Nazi/Islamic ter­ror­ist net­work. . . .” (Ibid.; p. 4.)

67. Next, the broad­cast presents infor­ma­tion about alleged Aryan Nations par­tic­i­pa­tion in the events of 9/11. (The sub­ject of Islamist/neo-Nazi coop­er­a­tion in the Triple Bor­der area of Latin Amer­ica will be dealt with at greater length in FTR#457.) “ . . . And there were Amer­i­cans at the camp as well. Risi learned about one of them and on Jan­u­ary 12, 1996, he says, he took a poly­graph test and made a state­ment to the Fed­eral Court in Buenos Aires tes­ti­fy­ing to every­thing he knew about this Amer­i­can. The man—whose name also won’t be divulged—is an ex-Special Forces sol­dier who had been a com­mu­ni­ca­tions expert in Viet­nam and had seen com­bat there. He returned home to join the Michi­gan Mili­tia, then con­verted to Islam, worked in Jor­dan, and became asso­ci­ated with another Amer­i­can, who had been inves­ti­gated by the D.E.A. for activ­i­ties in Cen­tral Amer­ica. Now, accord­ing to Risi, the Viet­nam vet, who speaks Span­ish, is in Triple Bor­der with two other Amer­i­can extrem­ists, act­ing as an instruc­tor at one of the ter­ror­ist train­ing camps. He is also respon­si­ble for secu­rity oper­a­tions and pro­vided armed guards when top al-Qaeda and Hezbol­lah associates—in par­tic­u­lar, Muganiyah—were in town.”
(“Terrorism’s New Geog­ra­phy” by Sebas­t­ian Junger; Van­ity Fair; December/2002; p. 205.)

68. “Accord­ing to Risi, the man had also been in the United States on Sep­tem­ber 11 and had pro­vided logis­ti­cal sup­port to Atta before the attacks. . . . Accord­ing to Risi, Aryan Nations had peo­ple in Triple Bor­der as early as 1985, and they were coop­er­at­ing with Islamic extrem­ists in the United States. (Stephen Jones, the chief defense lawyer for tim­o­thy McVeigh, sus­pects that con­victed Kuwaiti ter­ror­ist Ramzi Yousef sup­plied tech­ni­cal exper­tise in the 1995 Okla­homa City Alfred P. Mur­rah Fed­eral Build­ing bomb­ing.) . . .” (Idem.)

68a. The pro­gram high­lights an alleged link between the Okla­homa City bomb­ing and the AMIA bomb­ing. An inves­ti­ga­tion by the FBI found some of the par­tic­i­pants in the bombing–Argentine  secu­rity ser­vice per­son­nel– belonged to the Amer­i­can white suprema­cist Tom Metzger’s White Aryan resis­tance. McVeigh also [allegedly] belonged to this group. The above Sebas­t­ian Junger arti­cle from Van­ity Fair notes that Islamists from the Tri Bor­der area were involved in the AMIA bomb­ing. (“AMIA Bomb Plot­ters’ Con­nec­tion;” La Nacion; 7/27/97.)

69. Review­ing the his­tory of the World Mus­lim Con­gress (founded by the Grand Mufti), the broad­cast details some of its fas­cist history—a his­tory that embod­ies the syn­the­sis of Third Reich-related ele­ments, neo-Nazis and Mid­dle East­ern oil king­dom money. It is this syn­the­sis that is at the foun­da­tion of the ele­ments that we are exam­in­ing in this broad­cast and descrip­tion. “Another favorite IHR speaker and col­lab­o­ra­tor was Issah Nakleh of the World Mus­lim Con­gress (WMC). Based in Pak­istan, the WMC was ini­tially headed by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who, like his friend H. Keith Thomp­son, stood by the Third Reich until his death in 1974. A few years later, the WMC, then headed by Pak­istani Dr. Ina­mul­lah Kahn, mailed Holocaust-denial lit­er­a­ture to every mem­ber of the U.S. Con­gress and the British Par­lia­ment. The WMC’s offi­cial mouth­piece, Mus­lim World, car­ried the ads for The Pro­to­cols of the Elders of Zion and Henry Ford’s The Inter­na­tional Jew. Dr. Khan’s con­gress also pub­lished Freema­sonry, a book warn­ing that Jews were using lodge mem­bers to extend secret con­trol over reli­gion and society—a para­noid the­ory that has long been pop­u­lar among Lib­erty Lobby sup­port­ers and neo-Nazi groups around the world. Acknowl­edg­ing their polit­i­cal kin­ship, WMC secretary-general Khan sent a let­ter to the Spot­light prais­ing its ‘superb in-depth analy­sis’ and stat­ing that the paper deserved ‘the thanks of all right-minded peo­ple.’ Dr. Khan also served as an advi­sor to the Saudi Ara­bian royal fam­ily, which lav­ished funds on the WMC. In addi­tion, the Saudi Ara­bian gov­ern­ment retained the ser­vices of Amer­i­can neo-nazi William Grim­stead as a Wash­ing­ton lob­by­ist . . . Soon, the World Mus­lim Con­gress began work­ing closely with U.S. intel­li­gence and Pak­istani mil­i­tary offi­cials, who were covertly sup­port­ing the Afghan mujahideen in their fight against the Soviet-installed regime in Kabul. This effort was strongly endorsed by Dr. Khan, who served for many years as the Pak­istani rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the Nazi-infested World Anti-Communist League, which played an impor­tant role in the Rea­gan administration’s ‘secret war’ in the Golden Cres­cent.
(The Beast Reawak­ens; Mar­tin A. Lee; Copy­right 1997 [HC]; Lit­tle, Brown & Co.; ISBN 0–316-51959–6; pp. 225–226.)

70. Another pos­si­ble indi­ca­tion of Nazi/Islamist coop­er­a­tion con­cerns Mohammed Atta’s Ger­man con­nec­tions, which appear to have been numer­ous and sig­nif­i­cant. “A year-long Mad­Cow­Morn­ingNews inves­ti­ga­tion has uncov­ered evi­dence that at least seven of Mohamed Atta’s clos­est asso­ciates in Florida dur­ing the year lead­ing up to the 9/11 attack were not Arab, but Ger­man. The names of the seven, all pilots, have not sur­faced in any press accounts of Atta’s stay in the U.S., nor has their exis­tence been men­tioned or alluded to in offi­cial state­ments. Trav­el­ing with Atta, or meet­ing him around the state, Atta’s Ger­man friends appeared to share a rela­tion­ship with him of long-standing, accord­ing to eye­wit­nesses, dat­ing back to his days in Ham­burg. The meet­ings, in places like key West and Miami, were appar­ently very seri­ous busi­ness; when they returned, said some­one who was there, Atta and his Ger­man asso­ciates ‘always came back glum.’ Only one of the seven is still in the U.S.; five live in Ger­many or Switzer­land. The sev­enth, with whom Atta report­edly trav­eled exten­sively, has a crim­i­nal record in Ger­many, and today lives in Saudi Ara­bia. The iden­ti­ties of the seven Ger­man nation­als were pieced together from infor­ma­tion gleaned in inter­views with Atta’s one-time Amer­i­can girl­friend, cor­rob­o­rated by inde­pen­dent avi­a­tion sources in Venice and Naples, FL. . .”
(“9/11: The Ger­man Con­nec­tion” by Daniel Hop­sicker; Mad Cow Morn­ing News; p. 1.)

71. The arti­cle stresses the struc­tural sim­i­lar­ity of Atta’s Ger­man asso­ciates with the back­ground of Andreas Strass­meir, alleged mas­ter­mind of the Okla­homa City bomb­ing and asso­ciate of Tim­o­thy McVeigh. “ . . . Strassmeir’s father was once a top aide to Ger­man Chan­cel­lor Hel­mut Kohl; Atta’s Ger­man friends are all chil­dren of the Ger­man elite. But before delv­ing fur­ther into Atta’s Ger­man con­nec­tions, there were two other related devel­op­ments in Florida last week. In the first, the for­mer owner of the ter­ror flight school in Venice, FL., Rudi Dekkers, was arrested last week on a sin­gle count of felony fraud, and booked into the Col­lier County jail in Naples, FL.” (Ibid.; p. 2.)

72. Both of the men run­ning the fly­ing schools in Florida that trained the hijack­ers were Dutch nation­als. Might this have some con­nec­tion to the Thyssen-Bornemisza link to the Nether­lands? “As the Mad­Cow­Morn­ingNews has been report­ing, sus­pi­cious and often ille­gal activ­i­ties were com­mon­place occur­rences at Dekkers-owned flight schools at the same time the schools were train­ing a ver­i­ta­ble ‘Who’s Who’ of Ham­burg cadre ter­ror­ists. Now the arrest of the con­tro­ver­sial Dutch national comes amid indi­ca­tions from author­i­ties that Fed­eral agen­cies involved in the 9/11 inves­ti­ga­tion are tak­ing a closer look at Dekker’s busi­ness activ­i­ties in Florida dur­ing the past decade, fuel­ing spec­u­la­tion he might become the first non-Arab charged in a wider 9/11 con­spir­acy than has so-far been revealed. . . .Pos­ing for a new mug shot is the lat­est in a series of rever­sals suf­fered recently by the Venice ‘Magic Dutch Boy,’ so-called because he is one of two Dutch nation­als who owned flight schools at the Venice Air­port which each—by appar­ent freak coincidence—ended up train­ing ter­ror­ists to fly. . .” (Idem.)

73. Is some­one work­ing to silence Dekkers and Kruithof? “ . . . Then, too Dekker’s heli­copter crashed recently, while he was en route to a show­down meet­ing with part­ner Wally Hilliard over con­trol of Huff­man Avi­a­tion. In another freak coin­ci­dence, owner of the sec­ond Dutch-owned flight school at the Venice Air­port, Arne Kruithof, also suf­fered a near-fatal avi­a­tion mishap last sum­mer when his plane fell from a hun­dred feet in the air onto the run­way of the Venice Air­port. It appears as if both would be well-advised to stay away from open win­dows.” (Ibid.; pp. 2–3.)

74. “The Ger­man ele­ment arrived in Florida with ‘Wolf­gang’ in 1996. Prior to arriv­ing in Naples he was asso­ci­ated with an orga­ni­za­tion called ‘The Fly­ing Club of Munich.’ ‘Wolf­gang showed up from Munich in the mid-1990’s and imme­di­ately began oper­at­ing a flight school ille­gally in ’96,’ stated an avi­a­tion source in Naples. ‘He’s half Swiss, half Ger­man.’ Wolf­gang was instru­men­tal in bring­ing another of Atta’s Ger­man asso­ciates to Florida, a pilot named ‘Stephan,’ who we were to learn has done jail time in Ger­many, was on parole there when he came to the U.S., and recently spent a year in Gun­dogdu, Turkey.” (Ibid.; p. 3.)

75. “While reg­u­lar Ger­man flight stu­dents strug­gle to obtain the nec­es­sary visas, Wolf­gang and Stephan appar­ently had inside con­nec­tions which smoothed their progress. ‘Some­times it makes me mad that a crim­i­nal gets pref­er­ence,’ stated one Ger­man national flight instruc­tor in Naples with obvi­ous bit­ter­ness. ‘Wolf­gang signed off on Stephan’s books, and Stephan also got in on a fraud­u­lent busi­ness investor’s visa.’ ‘Wolf­gang was in his thir­ties,’ says Amanda Keller, who lived with Atta dur­ing March and April of 2001. ‘He and Wolf­gang were very tight, they went every­where together. When he came into the pic­ture they were together all the time. . .’” (Idem.)

76. “Strangely, Keller also states that Atta always spoke Ger­man with Wolf­gang, a state­ment con­tra­dicted by the tes­ti­mony of Rudi Dekkers, who told a Con­gres­sional Com­mit­tee that when he addressed him in Ger­man, Atta had merely looked at him strangely . . . Newsweek says its sources say the unnamed coun­try is Saudi Ara­bia. That may prove to be at least partly cor­rect; still, there are few, if any, Saudis named ‘Wolf­gang.’ Newsweek should keep dig­ging.” (Ibid.; pp. 3–4.)

77. A riv­et­ing alle­ga­tion about Mohammed Atta’s Ger­man con­nec­tions is fea­tured on inves­tiga­tive reporter Daniel Hopsicker’s web­site. Be sure to check it out. Atta was appar­ently traf­ficked around under the stew­ard­ship of the Carl Duis­berg Gesellschafft—named after one of the most impor­tant offi­cials of I.G. Far­ben. (Far­ben was the firm at the core of the Third Reich’s indus­trial struc­ture and prin­ci­pally involved in the financ­ing of Hitler.) “For at least four years while liv­ing in Ham­burg dur­ing the 1990’s ter­ror­ist ring­leader Mohamed Atta was part of a ‘joint ven­ture’ between the U.S. and Ger­man Gov­ern­ments, the Mad­Cow­Morn­ing News has learned, an elite inter­na­tional ‘exchange’ pro­gram run by a little-known pri­vate orga­ni­za­tion with close ties to pow­er­ful Amer­i­can polit­i­cal fig­ures like David Rock­e­feller and for­mer Sec­re­tary of State Henry Kissinger. The jointly-funded gov­ern­ment effort picked up the tab for Atta on sojourns in Cairo, Istan­bul, and Aleppo in Syria dur­ing the years 1994 and 1995 and employed him as a ‘tutor’ and ‘sem­i­nar par­tic­i­pant’ dur­ing 1996 and 1997.”
(“Atta Worked for Elite US-German Exchange Pro­gram” by Daniel Hop­sicker; Mad­Cow­Morn­ingNews; 4/24/2003; p. 1.)

78. Note that Atta’s Ger­man spon­sor­ship may have dated to 1992. “More­over Atta’s finan­cial rela­tion­ship with the U.S.-German gov­ern­ment effort may even have extended back to his ini­tial move from Egypt to Ger­many in 1992, after being ‘recruited’ in Cairo by a mys­te­ri­ous Ger­man cou­ple dubbed the ‘hijacker’s spon­sors’ in a recent news account in the Chicago Tri­bune. In the years before he became a ‘ter­ror­ist ring­leader,’ Atta was enjoy­ing the patron­age of a gov­ern­ment ini­tia­tive over­seen by the U.S. State Depart­ment and the Ger­man Min­istry of Eco­nomic Coop­er­a­tion and Devel­op­ment, the Ger­man equiv­a­lent of the U.S. Agency cur­rently super­vis­ing the secre­tive bid­ding race for tens of bil­lions of dol­lars of post-war recon­struc­tion con­tracts in Iraq, the Agency for Inter­na­tional Devel­op­ment.” (Idem.)

79. The orga­ni­za­tion that appar­ently spon­sored Atta’s trav­els was the Carl Duis­berg Gesellschaft (its Amer­i­can com­po­nent is the Carl Duis­berg Society)—named for one of the prin­ci­pal fig­ures in the found­ing of I.G. Far­ben. “News that Mohamed Atta had been on the pay­roll of an elite inter­na­tional pro­gram known as the ‘Congress-Bundestag Pro­gram first sur­faced a month after the 9/11 attack in a brief seven-line report by Ger­man news­pa­per Frank­furter Alge­meine Zeitung on 10/18/2001 under the head­line ‘Atta was Tutor for Schol­ar­ship Hold­ers.’ The story quoted a spokesman for ‘Carl Duis­berg Gesellschaft,’ described as a ‘Ger­man inter­na­tional fur­ther edu­ca­tion orga­ni­za­tion,’ as hav­ing admit­ted pay­ing Ham­burg cadre prin­ci­pal Atta as a ‘schol­ar­ship holder’ and ‘tutor,’ as the spokesman put it, between 1995 and 1997.” (Ibid.; pp. 1–2.)

80. “But the shock­ing rev­e­la­tion that Atta had there­fore been on the pay­roll of a joint U.S.-German gov­ern­ment pro­gram was con­cealed by the news­pa­per through the sim­ple expe­di­ent of neglect­ing to men­tion that the ‘Carl Duis­berg Gesellschaft’ was merely a pri­vate entity set up to admin­is­ter an offi­cial U.S. and Ger­man gov­ern­ment ini­tia­tive. The U.S. end of the pro­gram is run out of an address at United Nations Plaza in New York by CDS Inter­na­tional. The let­ters stand for Carl Duis­berg Soci­ety, which is also the name of its Ger­man coun­ter­part in Cologne, the Carl Duis­berg Gesellschaft. Both are named for Carl Duis­berg, a Ger­man chemist and indus­tri­al­ist who headed the Bayer Cor­po­ra­tion dur­ing the 1920’s.” (Ibid.; p. 2.)

81. “CDS Inter­na­tional, states the organization’s lit­er­a­ture, pro­vides oppor­tu­ni­ties for young Ger­man pro­fes­sion­als. ‘These young Ger­man engi­neers earn real world expe­ri­ence and are given assign­ments to con­tribute from the start,’ a pro­gram spokesman enthused in a news­pa­per inter­view . . .” (Idem.)

82. “Hav­ing pow­er­ful friends in such high places may also explain the curi­ous omis­sions in a sec­ond story about Mohamed Atta’s time in Ger­many which appeared recently in The Chicago Tri­bune, head­lined ‘9/11 Haunts Hijacker’s Spon­sors; Ger­man Cou­ple Talks of Liv­ing with Pilot Atta.’ The March 7, 2003 describes the 1992 meet­ing in Cairo which led Mohamed Atta to move to Ham­burg, between Atta and a Ger­man cou­ple, which the paper does not name, who ran an inter­na­tional stu­dent exchange pro­gram, which the paper also leaves anony­mous. . . .” (Idem.)

83. “Dur­ing a visit to the Egypt­ian cap­i­tal in fall 1991, said the Tri­bune, the Ger­man cou­ple had stayed with friends who knew Atta’s father, a Cairo lawyer, and his father’s friends had then intro­duced the Ger­man cou­ple to Atta. ‘Atta who had recently grad­u­ated with a degree in archi­tec­tural engi­neer­ing from the Uni­ver­sity of Cairo, told the cou­ple he wanted to study archi­tec­ture in Ger­many, but he had no par­tic­u­lar idea where he should go,’ the paper reported . . .” (Ibid.; p. 3.)

84. “ ‘In this first con­ver­sa­tion, we sug­gested he con­tinue his stud­ies in Ham­burg and offered him a place to live at our house,’ the paper quotes the Ger­man wife telling inves­ti­ga­tors from the BKA, the Ger­man equiv­a­lent of the FBI. Atta, she states, accepted their offer right away. Why did an (unnamed) Ger­man cou­ple, run­ning an (unnamed) inter­na­tional exchange pro­gram leap at the chance to engage a young man who was not even con­sid­ered promis­ing enough to gain entrance to a local Cairo grad­u­ate school? The Tri­bune doesn’t say.” (Idem.)

85. “After study­ing Ger­man in Cairo, Atta arrived in the coun­try on July 24, 1992, accord­ing to inves­ti­ga­tors’ records, and then lived rent-free for at least the next six months in the couple’s home in a quiet, middle-class neigh­bor­hood. It is more than curi­ous that although Tri­bune cor­re­spon­dent Steven­son Swan­son cites the Ger­man cou­ple for ‘hav­ing played such an impor­tant role in Atta’s move to Ger­many,’ he never gives their names, nor that of the orga­ni­za­tion they worked for. But since just two years later, Atta was on the pay­roll of the ‘Congress-Bundestag Pro­gram,’ it is rea­son­able to con­clude that this same government-funded pro­gram was respon­si­ble for bring­ing him to Ger­many in the first place, under the aegis of an unnamed Ger­man cou­ple. His elite spon­sors are appar­ently pow­er­ful enough to keep the organization’s name out of the news­pa­pers, or at any rate, out of the Chicago Tri­bune.” (Idem.)


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