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FTR #46 Orders to Kill

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This series analyzes the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In addition to analyzing the FBI’s extended efforts to politically neutralize King, the series discusses the combination of national security and organized crime elements that appear to have performed the assassination. Based on the book Orders to Kill by William Pepper (Hardcover edition published by Carroll and Graff in 1995), the series discusses, among other things: an organized crime arms-smuggling ring, which maneuvered accused assassin James Earl Ray into position to take the fall for the crime; the member of that arms-smuggling ring who boasted of actually done the shooting; the Army intelligence program to surveil and neutralize black American leaders (including King); the 20th Special Forces Group “A team” that, according to Pepper, served as a backup sniper team poised to kill Dr. King and his then-aide Andrew Young (in case the organized crime marksman missed); and the apparent role of elements of the National Security Agency in helping to set Ray up for the assassination. (Recorded in September of 1995.)


2 comments for “FTR #46 Orders to Kill”

  1. “Orders to Kill” was outstanding. Thank you.
    I’m thinking of Part III, I believe, where you mentioned in passing that the FBI trained the Ku Klux Klan.

    Posted by Viki D. | April 6, 2018, 8:29 pm
  2. Kudos to KFJC for broadcasting twelve hours of Dave Emory archives and new commentary on the
    heartbreaking 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination. While the William Pepper
    investigation and trilogy of books were front and centre it was also a good chance to re-examine the
    possible role of the PFLP, the neglected work of Louis Lomax and the ambiguous actions of Mark Lane
    connecting Jim Jones and the People’s Temple to the King cover-up.

    And though I get the concept that, in the poetry of Robinson Jeffers, people are bound to the wheel
    there are at least a couple of guys I’d like to see bound to the stake and rolled out into the public
    square to account for themselves. And they are both SPOOKS, covert operatives of the national security
    establishment lionized as opponents to the international corporate capitalist fascist juggernaut. Both
    are complete and utter frauds emblematic of the deception and duplicity of the liberal and alternative
    news and media.

    Jesse Jackson was not just an FBI informant but, as portrayed in the Pepper trilogy, an active accomplice
    in the murder of MLK. And Jackson had the most to gain from King’s assassination.
    Daniel Ellsberg, as documented over the years by Doug Valentine, participated in CIA covert ops in
    Viet Nam under the direction of Ed Lansdale. Ellsberg found “controlled opposition” at MIT in the form
    of Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn. (I’ve heard audio interviews in which Bill Pepper named Chomsky
    as the “progressive” who was unaware that anyone was investigating King’s assassination.) Ellsberg
    sought out Zinn and Chomsky and they were among the first to read xerox copies of the Pentagon Papers.
    Chomsky has admitted this when interviewed by Amy Goodman. Chomsky and Zinn also participated
    as editors of the Papers, alongside Ellsberg, which were contrived in such a fashion so as to make Viet Nam
    look like JFK’s idea and to divert attention from both CIA drug trafficking and the CIA Phoenix Program
    of assassinations.

    In a 1967 interview that can be found on youtube Mort Sahl appeared with Elliot Mintz and described
    being blacklisted from radio and TV for trying to help Jim Garrison solve the Kennedy assassination. He
    talked about Eugene Bradley, Carl McIntire and Arcacha Smith. Sahl is 90, still alive, still blacklisted. He
    discussed the liberal Hollywood establishment with Mintz, the managers and agents who told him before
    the JFK assassination he’d never work in America again if he kept mocking president Kennedy in his stand-
    up routine. Said Sahl “They loved him you see. These same people changed gloves from the left hand to
    the right hand, and see that you continue not to work for asking who killed him.”
    Yet phonies like Jackson, like Ellsberg are trotted out on Democracy Now or CNN every time there’s an
    anniversary or a new leaker to peddle their counterfeit yammerings while continuing to be nothing but
    SPOOKS, disinformation sorcerers.

    There are lots of old photos on the internet supposedly showing Bernie Sanders at civil rights sit-ins or
    being carted away with other 60s protesters by the cops. Yet does Sanders ever denounce America’s
    political assassinations and ask for new investigations? He’s “controlled opposition” just like Chomsky,
    Ellsberg, Jackson and Goodman. They all make me sick!

    And we’ll go through the whole charade again in June during the 50th anniversary of the Robert Kennedy
    assassination (gee what a coincidence King and Kennedy were murdered two months apart)!
    Perhaps senator Kamala Harris will offer some condolences. After all as California AG she wanted nothing
    to do with William Pepper, while he represented patsy Sirhan Sirhan, when his investigation disclosed the
    tampering of ballistic evidence as well as clear indication that Sirhan was hypo-programmed to distract
    from the real team of assassins that night in Los Angeles.
    Who knows perhaps in 2020 the Democratic ticket will be SANDERS/HARRIS.
    Wouldn’t that be a breathtaking duo! #WE TOO.

    Posted by Dennis | April 9, 2018, 8:37 pm

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