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FTR #46 Orders to Kill

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This series analyzes the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In addition to analyzing the FBI’s extended efforts to politically neutralize King, the series discusses the combination of national security and organized crime elements that appear to have performed the assassination. Based on the book Orders to Kill by William Pepper (Hardcover edition published by Carroll and Graff in 1995), the series discusses, among other things: an organized crime arms-smuggling ring, which maneuvered accused assassin James Earl Ray into position to take the fall for the crime; the member of that arms-smuggling ring who boasted of actually done the shooting; the Army intelligence program to surveil and neutralize black American leaders (including King); the 20th Special Forces Group “A team” that, according to Pepper, served as a backup sniper team poised to kill Dr. King and his then-aide Andrew Young (in case the organized crime marksman missed); and the apparent role of elements of the National Security Agency in helping to set Ray up for the assassination. (Recorded in September of 1995.)


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