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FTR #47 Update on the JFK Assassination

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The assassination of President Kennedy is a main focal point of Mr. Emory’s research. This series updates a number of aspects of the investigation into that crime. In addition to discussing a former CIA operative’s allegations that elements of the Agency were involved in the assassination, the programs highlight the mysterious life and death of Richard Case Nagell, a U.S. intelligence operative, who maintains that he was assigned to kill Lee Harvey Oswald and prevent the assassination from going forward. Nagell died just before being interviewed by the Assassination Records Review Board concerning his alleged role in the plot. Nagell contends that fascist elements in the U.S. national security establishment killed Kennedy and that he (Nagell) was assigned by a KGB officer to assassinate Oswald. Nagell contends that his “control” was part of a KGB operation that had infiltrated the CIA. Nagell also contended that Oswald may very well have been “dangled” in front of the Soviets for the purpose of identifying KGB elements infiltrating the CIA’s U-2 spy plane program. The series also highlights U.S. intelligence’s interest in (and attempts to destroy) the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Oswald was the only member of that organization’s New Orleans chapter. The fourth segment contains a tape of Oswald’s interview on WDSU in New Orleans (arranged by the Information Council for the Americas and highlighted in the 6/2/96 Ed Haslam interview.) (Recorded in the spring of 1996.)


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