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FTR #472 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Recorded August 15, 2004

Taking a break from coverage of the events in and around 9/11, this broadcast brings up to date two paths of inquiry covered in past programs—the subject of AIDS as a possible biological warfare weapon and the Port Chicago explosion of 1944. (For more about AIDS as a biological warfare weapon, see—among other programs—RFA#16—available from Spitfire—as well as FTR#’s 4, 11, 19, 24, 25, 35, 56, 73, 76, 102, 132, 140, 148, 156, 212, 220, 225, 229, 269, 282, 316, 324. For more about the Port Chicago Explosion, see—among other programs—Miscellaneous Archive Show M23—available from Spitfire—as well as FTR#’s 129, 163, 444.) The research presented here reinforces the working hypotheses about AIDS and Port Chicago—that both were man-made events and not the accidents as which they are usually portrayed.

Program Highlights Include: Proof that people of Northern European extraction (“Aryans”) contain a gene that provides immunity to infection by the AIDS virus; proof that no other races contain this gene; discussion of the implications of this finding; projections by German power brokers working in conjunction with the Underground Reich that Africa would be an area of major interest to Germans and other Northern Europeans as a potential target for colonization; scientific evidence of a “radiation plume” in Suisun Bay that may have derived from Port Chicago; discussion of the possible utility for terrorists of the Mark II device apparently used at Chicago.

1. Beginning discussion of the gene providing people of Northern European extraction with immunity from the AIDS virus, the program highlights the CCR5 (Delta 32) gene’s role in providing some people with immunity from bubonic plague. (Bubonic plague infects hosts in a manner not altogether dissimilar with the manner in which the AIDS virus infects and destroys its victims.) “ . . . In September 1665, George Viccars, a tailor in the small, central-England village of Eyam, received a parcel of cloth ridden with plague-infected fleas from London. Four days later, Viccars died. By the end of the month, five more villagers had succumbed to the plague. The panicked town turned to their rector, William Mompesson, who persuaded them to quarantine the entire village to prevent the bacterium from spreading throughout the region. It seemed like suicide. A year later, the first outsiders ventured into Eyam, expecting a ghost town. Yet, miraculously, half the town had survived. How did so many villagers live through the most devastating disease known to man?”
(“Secrets of the Dead—Case File: Mystery of the Black Death; Background”; Secrets of the Dead; p. 1.)

2. “Local Eyam lore tells befuddling stories of plague survivors who had close contact with the bacterium but never caught the disease. Elizabeth Hancock buried six children and her husband in a week, but never became ill. The village gravedigger handled hundreds of plague-ravaged corpses, but survived as well. Could these people have somehow been immune to the Black Death?” (Idem.)

3. “Dr. Stephen O’Brien of the National Institutes of Health in Washington D.C. suggests they were. His work with HIV and the mutated form of the gene CCR, called ‘delta 32,’ led him to Eyam. In 1996, research showed that delta32 prevents HIV from entering human cells and infecting the body. O’Brien thought this principle could be applied to the plague bacteria, which affects the body in a similar manner. To determine whether the Eyam plague survivors may have carried delta 32, O’Brien tested the DNA of their modern-day descendents. What he found out was startling . . .” (Idem.)

4. “For a disease-causing microorganism to infect the human body there must be a gateway or portal through which it enters into human cells. The plague bacterium works this way, hijacking the white blood cells sent to eliminate it. Traveling inside the white blood cells to the lymph nodes, the bacteria break out and attack the focal point of the human immune system. Dr. Stephen O’Brien felt that the mutated CCR5 gene, delta 32, may have prevented the plague from being able to enter its host’s white blood cells.”
(“Secrets of the Dead—Case File: Mystery of the Black Death; Clues and Evidence”; Secrets of the Dead; p. 1.)

5. “Eyam provided O’Brien an ideal opportunity to test this theory. Specifically, Eyam was an isolated population known to have survived a plague epidemic. Everyone in the town would have been exposed to the bacterium, so it’s likely that any life-saving genetic trait would have been exposed to the bacterium, so it’s likely that any life-saving genetic trait would have been possessed by each of these survivors. ‘Like a Xerox machine,’ says O’Brien, ‘their gene frequencies have been replicated for several generations without a lot of infusion from outside,’ thus providing a viable pool of survivor-descendants who would have inherited such a trait. . . .” (Idem.)

6. “ . . . DNA samples could only be collected from direct descendents of the plague survivors. DNA is the principle component of chromosomes, which carry the genes that transmit hereditary characteristics. We inherit our DNA from our parents, thus Eyam resident Joan Plant, for instance, may have inherited the delta 32 mutation from one of her ancient relatives. Plant can trace her mother’s lineage back ten generations to the Blackwell siblings, Francis and Margaret, who both lived through the plague to the turn of the century. The next step was to harvest a DNA sample from Joan and the other descendants. DNA is found in the nuclei of cells. The amount is constant in all typical cells, regardless of the size or function of that cell. One of the easiest methods of obtaining a DNA tissue sample is to take a cheek or buccal swab.” (Idem.)

7. Note that no other ethnic groups or races have the delta 32 gene that prevents infection by HIV. “After three weeks of testing at University College in London, delta 32 had been found in 14% of the samples. This is a genetically significant percentage, yet what, really, did it mean? Could the villagers have inherited delta 32 from elsewhere, residents who had moved to the community in the 350 years since the plague? Was this really a higher percentage than anywhere else? To find out, O’Brien assembled an international team of scientists to test for the presence of delta 32 around the world. ‘Native Africans did not have delta 32 at all,’ O’Brien says, ‘and when we looked at East Asians and Indians, they were also flat zero.’ In fact the levels of delta 32 found in Eyam were only matched in regions of Europe that had been affected by the plague and in America, which was, for the most part, settled by European plague survivors and their descendants.” (Idem.)

8. “Meanwhile, recent work with another disease strikingly similar to the plague, AIDS, suggests O’Brien was on the right track. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, tricks the immune system in a similar manner as the plague bacterium, targeting and taking over white blood cells. Virologist Dr. Bill Paxton at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York City noticed, ‘the center had no study of people who were exposed to HIV but who had remained negative.’ He began testing the blood of high-risk, HIV-negative individuals like Steve Crohn, exposing their blood to three

thousand times the amount of HIV normally needed to infect a cell. Steve’s blood never became infected. ‘We thought maybe we had infected the culture with bacteria or whatever,’ says Paxton. ‘So we went back to Steve. But it was the same result. We went back again and again. Same result.’ Paxton began studying Crohn’s DNA, and concluded there was some sort of blocking mechanism preventing the virus from binding to his cells. Further research showed that that mechanism was delta 32. Scientists studying HIV first learned about the gateway-blocking capacity of the CCR5 mutation in 1996. Several drug companies, then, quickly began exploring the possibility of developing pharmaceuticals that would mimic delta 32 by binding to CCR5 and blocking the attachment of HIV. . . .” (Ibid.; pp. 1-2.)

9. The devastating implications of the findings discussed above were eloquently presented in an online editorial: “This is the nightmare of AIDS no one wants to believe. As we come closer to celebrating, on December 1, yet another World AIDS Day, let’s take a good hard look at what’s really going on before we pour more of our ever diminishing hard earned money down yet another horrendous sinkhole. It has been found that some Caucasians who have tested positive for the HIV virus were found to take a very long time to actually develop ‘full-blown’ AIDS (as they call it). It has since been discovered (since 1997) that 20% of European Caucasians have the so-called ‘Aryan’ genetic disposition. If both your parents, in other words, are of Aryan descent, it appears you can never die of AIDS even though you might be infected.”
(“Aryan Genes Immune to Death from AIDS” by geminiwalker_ink; p. 1.)

10. “The reason for this is in the genetic coding of the killer T-cells, which are part of the body’s immune system protective shield. These are the cells that are attacked by the HIV retrovirus. The location of the attack has been discovered. It is on the CCR5 gene in the 3rd DNA gene pair. The particular location is the Delta 32 RECEPTOR SITE. If either of your DNA pairs (from either your mother or your father) is DELTA 32 POSITIVE then the HIV virus can attach itself at that point. If you are DELTA 32 NEGATIVE then HIV just floats around in your blood harmlessly for you.” (Idem.)

11. “But even though you may be DELTA 32 NEGATIVE at both sites, you can supposedly still spread the virus. What has been discovered is that these 20% of European Caucasians are members of the Aryan gene pool. Also it has been discovered that the farther north you go in Europe, say in Norway, Finland, Sweden, etc., you find the highest percentage of people that are DELTA 32 NEGATIVE at the CCR5 gene allele.” (Idem.)

12. “That this would be a simple coincidence is beyond all human reason. To say that HIV suddenly crawled out of the woodwork in Central Africa by someone being bitten by a green tree monkey is one thing. But then to say that the only human gene pool on Earth that is immune to HIV is the Aryan Race is a coincidence that even Howdy Doody wouldn’t buy.” (Idem.)

13. “What we are looking at is a genocide perpetrated on racial groups of the world that makes the Nazi Holocause look like Romper Room. Add to that the global trafficking in drugs that specifically targets minorities, the poor, and people of color, and while it may not look like the holocaust during WWII, it doesn’t have to. The AIDS epidemic isn’t a mysterious virulogical disease, it is calculated murder. And a genocide that is beyond human comprehension. And since it is the venerated Aryan Race that is immune to it, then one has to assume that they are the ones who promulgated it.” (Ibid.; p. 2.)

14. “Of course, one shouldn’t assume anything, so we will continue to explore this terribly distressing theory as evidence presents itself. This disease has the ability to wipe all of humanity off the earth. If it is true that everyone is at risk, that HIV is sexually transmitted and that mothers and children are most at risk, half the population would be gone already—in one generation. That, clearly, isn’t happening. But something else is. . . .” (Idem.)

15. With Africa among the areas most profoundly threatened by the virus and with Third Reich alumni implicated in the development of AIDS (see the programs discussed above), it is interesting to view Germany’s (and Northern Europe’s) plans for Africa as a major focal point for colonialization. Could HIV be the “Aryan” infection that will facilitate the task of subjugating Africa? The person quoted here is Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, quoted in a 1950 article. “ ‘ . . . A federated Europe will become a Third Force in the world, not as strong as Russia or the United States, but powerful enough to intervene successfully—in a decisive moment—to safeguard the peace . . . Germany has again become a factor with whom others will have to reckon in international affairs . . . There is also a long-range economic goal: the colonization of Africa . . . If we Europeans colonize Africa, we create at the same time a supplier of raw materials for Europe which will be of the greatest importance.’”
(Germany Plots with the Kremlin; by T.H. Tetens; Copyright 1953 [HC] by Henry Schuman, Inc.; p. 16.)

16. Next, the program switches focus from AIDS to the Port Chicago explosion. (Veteran listeners should note that Peter Vogel’s online book about Port Chicago is no longer available for free on the Internet. Researchers must now pay for the book.) Discussion begins with a letter home written in July of 1944 by an officer stationed at Port Chicago. “ . . . Did the late Richard Rendleman, Salisbury businessman, legendary golfer and good friend to all who knew him, see the first atomic bomb blast during World War II? Not on Hiroshima. On U.S. soil at the Navy’s Port Chicago on the California coast where he was stationed during World War II. ‘There’s not only a reasonably credible hypothesis that it’s possible,’ says his son, Dr. Dick Rendleman, finance professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, ‘but there’s also documentation that it could have happened.’”
(“Did He See First Atomic Explosion?” by Rose Post; Salisbury Post; 5/31/2004; p. 1.)

17. “ . . . Peter Vogel, author of ‘The Last Wave from Port Chicago,’ has worked on this, Rendleman says, for 20 years, ‘and he believes it was actually the first atom bomb explosion. The Hiroshima bomb did eventually go through Port Chicago. People from the Los Alamos labs were on the scene the morning after this explosion. And there were all sorts of other documents that led Vogel to believe it was the first atom bomb. . . . Nobody has ever been able to say what really happened that night. ‘There is speculation,’ Margaret Styles says. ‘No hard core proof. Some believe it was actually an experiment’ with an atom bomb. . . .” (Ibid.; p. 2.)

18. Highlighting a key point of debate with regard to the Port Chicago explosion (the presence/lack of residual radiation), the program presents information (from a skeptical observer) that reinforces Peter Vogel’s working hypothesis. “As of the week this is being written, it’s been 60 years since the accident at Port Chicago on July 17, 1944, where a munitions ship exploded. The explosion was so large that some m

yths and urban legends claim it was a nuclear accident, 10 months earlier than the Trinity test. This web page is about my effort to collect real data on background radiation levels in the area with a mobile Geiger counter data collection system. Then the point is to see if the urban legends still hold water. . . .”
(“Background Radiation Measurements near Port Chicago” by Ian Kluft; p. 1.)

19. In evaluating the significance of the information that follows, it is important to understand that the author of this document was openly dismissive of Peter Vogel’s hypothesis. “ . . . Whatever the story, I’m not into conspiracy theories. The ‘leaps of logic’ typically found in them are annoying at best, and serious misinformation at worst. Most are written to sound convincing and can take in a large audience. The best-known example in this case is an online book released in 2002, The Last Wave from Port Chicago by Peter Vogel as an accumulation of his earlier research. . . .” (Ibid.; p. 3.)

20. After discussing the equipment and methodology he used to test for residual radiation at Port Chicago, Kluft presents an account of his 7/15/2004 expedition to Grizzly Island State Wildlife Area. “ . . . Once off the paved road and driving on the levee on Grizzly Island, I was able to turn the screen so I could glance at the data collection. The highest number I saw here was 15uR/hr, which is definitely not normal. What I didn’t notice until reviewing the data at home was that the highest number at Grizzly Island was actually 17 uR/hr. There’s at least a 2 mile stretch along Grizzly Island Road with these abnormally-high levels. (Though these numbers are not dangerous, I only took them from on the road, which is made from imported materials. Levels could be different off the road. So Grizzly Island could use an inspection by experts.) . . . Travis [Air Force Base] seems to be ruled out as the source of the radiation on Grizzly Island, the Potrero Hills and the Montezuma Hills because there is no evidence of a plume leading there . . .” (Ibid.; p. 6.)

21. The author presents his conclusions, all the more significant because of his overt skepticism of Vogel’s working hypothesis. “ . . . CONCLUSIONS: The Grizzly Island data is disturbing. With the new data collected on July 15, it looks like I’ve discovered a possible 2-mile wide radioactive plume, which faces Port Chicago. The nuclear accident theory at Port Chicago isn’t looking so far-fetched any more. But it certainly still isn’t proven by a long shot either. The 2-mile stretch has large patches of 13-17 uR/hr readings. 10-12 is about normal background, the highest you’d expect in most cities. (That’s at sea level. Average background is higher with more elevation.) Back on the July 11 drive, one possibility was that the elevated readings could be something natural in the Montezuma Hills, possibly granite rocks or something else in the ground there. But now we see it’s also on the flats and marshes at the shore of the Bay. So we can rule out a geological cause linked to the hills. It certainly isn’t just in the hills. . . . So just like on July 11, the highest background radiation readings on the July 15 drive were at the point closest to the Port Chicago accident location, now only 5 miles from it. And it’s in a direction that would be normally downwind on a clear summer night in this area. I found both sides of the higher-background area, and the shape continues to match that of a northeast-bound plume from Port Chicago, or shipping on Suisun Bay in front of the base. . . .If we ask ‘what happened there?’ the July 17, 1944 explosion has to be included on the list. I can’t ignore the coincidence that the measured elevated radiation is in the place it would have to be if the nuclear accident scenario was true. That doesn’t prove it’s true, but if confirmed it would take away an objection many of us had about it. Namely that no one knew of any radiation in the area. . . . The area that we found elevated background [radiation] appears to me like it’s parallel to the direction of the runways (wind direction), and lined up with Port Chicago. That was the thing that startled me most when I noticed it. . . .” (Ibid.; pp. 6-8.)

22. Another Internet posting by an observer openly critical (at first) of Vogel’s hypothesis calls attention to the potential danger posed by the acquisition and use by a terrorist group of a Mark II-type weapon. (That was the device apparently used at Port Chicago.) It is to be hoped that US intelligence agencies are factoring the Mark II/Port Chicago eventuality into their planning for terrorism. “ . . . Assuming that it [Port Chicago explosion] happened about as Vogel has documented, the most alarming thing about this incident to me (aside from the shameless coverup) is that the Mark II weapon contained only about five kilograms of moderately enriched fuel, and it used that fuel inefficiently. But that was enough to cause major damage! There are perhaps 300 university or govm’t research reactors worldwide that contain this much fuel, many with even higher enrichment. Scary thought.”
(“Nuclear Terrorism on US Soil” by Jones Beene; p. 2 )

23. The author makes the central point of his presentation: “The sad news for the future of terrorism on US soil is that even when such a crude bomb is detonated—as ‘inefficient’ and poorly designed as it was—and even if only one percent of the fuel actually fissions, the results can be devastating. A second chorus of sad news derives from the fact that CF [Cold Fusion] and LENR do in fact relate closely to this kind of weapons technology, which was patented, by the way. And it is probably for this precise reason that progress in the CF field has been squashed and officially ignored (because if officials had actually intervened 15 years ago, then that would have been a ‘give-away’ as to the real underlying motivation).” (Idem.)

24. “If you read the whole document, you will probably realize that they key patent, now expired, which describes how and why moderately enriched Uranium deuteride is able to work at all as a bomb (and most experts will tell you straight-faced that it will not work) was held by no other than who else . . . MIT. The very folks who doctored their own early results to show that CF was just . . .pathological science. I think that I now understand why they chose those words: pathological science.” (Idem.)

25. “There are two well documented ‘smoking guns’ here, which defy all attempts at explanation. 1) Two high ranking officials from Los Alamos National Laboratory appeared in Port Chicago in 1944, an out-of-the way backwater port that would have taken days to drive to, in a time when there were no commercial flights, the morning after an explosion that occurred after 10 the evening before, and had not even made the national newspapers—despite the fact that there was absolutely no apparent reason for the involvement of a secret lab which supposedly had its hands-full with unrelated important research. Obviously they had been there for some time, for some reason.” (Ibid.; pp. 2-3.)

26. “2) About 500 pages of classified documents are admittedly held in the LANL archives, despite the act that there was officially no nuclear material at Port Chicago, nor had there ever been. . . nor was the place remotely related to anything they were doing . . . except that it was the ideal testing ground for understanding a water based delivery system of the type that could have been used, had the fortunes of war turned against us.” (Ibid.; p. 3.)


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