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FTR #487 Interview with Daniel Hopsicker on the Electoral Coup of 2004

Recorded November 28, 2004
NB: This stream contains both FTR #s 487 and 488 in sequence. Each is a 30 minute broadcast.

Many people now know the name of Diebold—one of the companies manufacturing the controversial electronic voting machines. Less well known is the Sequoia Pacific firm—a company that is tainted with organized crime connections, as well as a history of legal malfeasance and reactionary politics. Daniel Hopsicker once again joined Mr. Emory for a discussion of two articles from his www.madcowprod.com website about Sequoia Pacific. In addition to detailing some of Sequoia Pacific’s colorful history, Daniel relates the involvement of that company in Louisiana election scandals. It is worth noting that Sequoia uses a number of different corporate fronts to mask its operations from scrutiny.

Program Highlights Include: Sequoia founder Lloyd Dixon’s criminal history; Sequoia chief Louis Wolfson’s attempt at bribing Supreme Court Justice Ape Fortas; extralegal machinations by election software firm ES & S—bailed out of hot water by the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980; the alleged “suicide” of the official who was in charge of the New Orleans warehouse where the Sequoia voting machines were kept; local candidate Susan Bernacker’s testing of Sequoia machines—she was videotaped voting for herself, only to have the machine tally her vote for her opponent; the Gambino crime family’s links to Sequoia, as well as that powerful Mafia family’s narcotics operations conducted in cooperation with the late CIA agent Barry Seal.

1. (For more about the subject of voting machines and electoral fraud, see FTR#’s 466, 468, 470.) The focal point of this program (as well as that of FTR#488) is the electoral fraud that is becoming routine in the United States. Highlighting aspects of two articles written by Daniel Hopsicker on Sequoia Pacific, the broadcast notes the significant position of this company in the growing (and largely fraudulent) electronic voting field. Inextricably linked with organized crime, the company complements Diebold and ES & S as companies that are mortgaging what little is left of American democracy. For the convenience of the reader, the articles are reproduced below:

“The Big Fix 2004”—How to Fix a Presidential Election
Pt. 1: Convicted, Felons, ‘Shadowy Financiers’ Own Companies Counting Votes
November 15, 2004; Venice, Fl.; by Daniel Hopsicker

An investigation into the surprisingly-sordid history of America’s “election services industry” has revealed that executives and owners of the two largest companies, E S & S and Sequoia Pacific, have been convicted of bribery and suborning public officials in more than a dozen states.

And while a felony conviction may be enough >>Continue orginal article>>

Election Company Has Long Criminal History
Thugs, Racketeers Counting American Votes
November 24, 2004; Venice, Fl.; By Daniel Hopsicker

While Ukrainians poured into the streets of their capital Kiev to protest a presidential election they say was stolen by that country’s current regime, here in the U.S. a little-known election company called Sequoia Pacific, responsible for putting our own ‘current regime’ in powerfour years ago, was at the center of controversy last week… for the second Presidential election in a row.

While U.S. newspapers have been filled >>Contiune original article>>

4. Beginning with discussion of the Gambino crime family, Daniel notes that Salvatore Reale—an operative of that powerful Mafia entity—noted that Sequoia personnel attempted to “grease the skids a little” at a function hosted by Mr. Reale. The aim was to facilitate Sequoia’s share of the market for electronic voting machines in New York City. Daniel notes that Barry Seal’s CIA-connected cocaine importing operation in the 1980’s appears to have been intimately connected to the Gambino family’s operations. (The family was apparently distributing the cocaine that Seal was importing.)

5. From its inception, Sequoia has been inextricably linked with criminal activities. Begun as American Voting Machine, the company was under the control of stockholders in [North American] Rockwell, a major defense contractor. President and CEO Lloyd Dixon was convicted of bribing an official and sentenced to prison.

6. Company owner Louis Wolfson was convicted of attempting to bribe Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas.

7. Sequoia competitor ES& S has been similarly tainted by criminal activity. ES & S’s Ransom Shoup was under investigation for criminal activity, but escaped conviction due to the election of Ronald Reagan. Shoup had been involved with trying to sell the company’s voting machines to former dictator Anastasio Somoza.

8. Much of the program concerns the fascinating tale of (Louisiana Election Commissioner) Jerry Fowler and Pasquale Ricci, Sequoia’s Southeast representative. Both were convicted when the ten million dollars’ worth of bribes Fowler received from Ricci came to light. Having gotten deeply into debt through gambling, Fowler was an easy target for graft. The result of these machinations was a thoroughly skewed, corrupt election process in Louisiana. Local candidate Susan Bernacker was videotaped voting for herself, while the Sequoia machines recorded votes for her opponent. Tony Giambelluca (who held the keys to the warehouse where the election machines were kept) turned up as an apparent suicide. He “killed himself” behind a garbage dumpster. Tough luck.



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