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FTR #492 Musings on the End of One Year and the Beginning of Another

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As 2004 drew to a close and 2005 loomed large on the horizon, Mr. Emory recorded this program in order to present and collate key information about the Underground Reich. The first half of the broadcast and part of the second are devoted to discussion of William Armsted Robinson, the reclusive magnate who is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s number one financial backer. Robinson appears to be a cat’s paw for the intrusion of big German capital into the U.S. Air Cargo market. (This intrusion is apparently taking place through Deutsche Post—the German postal monopoly—and its control of DHL, the company Robinson founded.) Mr. Emory notes in this regard that under the Bush administration, firms controlled by foreign governments have made significant inroads into U.S. markets. The available evidence suggests very strongly that Schwarzenegger represents the Underground Reich. The second half of the program deals largely with Mohammed Atta’s German associates in Florida, as well as ominous indications that Atta’s German contacts and (perhaps) U.S. neo-Nazis may combine with Islamists in the next major terrorist incident. If this hunch is correct, this will dwarf 9/11.

Program Highlights Include: The role of the law firm of Wilmer Cutler Pickering in the DHL deal; Wilmer Cutler & Pickering’s links to the CDU funding scandal; that law firm’s role in the takeover of an American telecommunications company by Deutsche Telekom (also controlled by the German government); Schwarzenegger presidential booster Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones’ links to the Bush family; Mohammed Atta’s links with the children of major German industrialists; the disclosure that Rudi Dekkers’ 9/11-linked German network continues to infiltrate the United States illegally through the Bahamas; attempts by Atta’s German associates to silence discussion of them; the FBI’s neutralization of one of its agents who wanted to infiltrate white-supremacist groups that were linking up with Islamist groups; the Bin Laden family’s SICO company’s training of pilots at Rudi Dekkers’ Huffman Aviation; SICO’s use of unregistered Clearstream accounts in the spring of 2001—possibly to fund the 9/11 attacks; the role of Baudoin Dunand in SICO; Dunand’s close relationship with Francois Genoud—one of the Nazi underground’s top operatives in the postwar period.

1. The program begins with discussion of William Armsted Robinson, the reclusive magnate who is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s number one financial backer. There is evidence that Robinson may be serving as a cat’s paw for German capital to move in to the American cargo carrier market. Specifically, Federal Express and UPS are charging that the real owner of DHL (founded by Robinson) is Deutsche Post, the German postal monopoly. (It is Mr. Emory’s considered opinion that Schwarzenegger is a tool of the Underground Reich. For more about Schwarzenegger, see FTRs 421, 422, 429, 434, 436, 440.) “He’s spent his millions on exotic show horses, a home for retired chimpanzees—and California’s actor-governor. William Armsted Robinson, founder of the DHL courier service, has quietly become a top donor of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, forming a triumvirate with real estate developer Alex Spanos and Spanish-language TV executive Jerry Perenchio. While his counterparts are well-known and well-established in California—Spanos owns the San Diego Chargers, Perenchio heads Univision—the 65-year-old Robinson is not. He’s an elusive recluse who has spent the last decade sequestered in Idaho, where he has two homes. Robinson’s first major contribution to a big-time politician is the $650,000 he has given Schwarzenegger. . . .”
(“Reclusive Millionaire Tops Schwarzenegger Donors” [AP]; www.cnn.com; 12/3/2004; p.1.)

2. “ . . . He founded Document Handling Limited, one of the nation’s first courier services, in 1970 and spent years chasing around the globe to help expand what became DHL Airways and DHL International. United Parcel Service and Federal Express had trouble finding Robinson a year ago when they wanted him to testify in a federal transportation proceeding as they unsuccessfully tried to block his sale of DHL to Astar Air Cargo Inc. ‘He’s been somewhat mysterious,’ said UPS spokesman David Bolger. ‘He’s really a colorful character.’” (Ibid.; p. 2.)

3. American investigators have charged that DHL has evaded taxes. “ . . . A 2001 book by Washington, D.C.-based Center for Public Integrity titled ‘The Cheating of America’ alleged DHL was among companies that sheltered its income in international tax havens. A judge ordered DHL to pay $550 million in back taxes and penalties in 1998, but the company appealed and won a partial victory over the value and transfer of the courier company’s DHL trademark.” (Ibid.; pp. 2-3.)

4. More about the dispute over the role of Deutsche Post and German capital in the DHL case: “DAS CITIZEN PART DEUX . . . . as FedEx and UPS Inc. are asking the Dept. of Transportation to reject a federal administrative law judge’s ruling that Astar Air Cargo Inc. is owned & controlled by a U.S. citizen, not a German company. FedEx & Atlanta-based UPS made the comments in a Jan. 26 filing that served as a response to the law judge’s Dec. 19 ruling. Final authority rests with the DOT, which has not said when it will decide. At issue in the fight is the Astar Air Cargo’s ability to do business in the U.S. FedEx & UPS say Miami-based Astar, called ‘DHL Airways’ under former ownership, should be disqualified because of its ties to the German government. The contention is that Astar Air Cargo is controlled by German postal monopoly Deutsche Post. It is illegal for foreign companies to own more than25% of a U.S. domestic air carrier. In April, FedEx & UPS challenged whether DHL Airways met the U.S. citizenship requirements. At the time, 55% of DHL Airways stock was owned by a U.S. citizen, William A. Robinson. On July 14, a group led by former Northwest Airlines CEO John Dasburg bought all shares of DHL Airways & renamed it Astar.”
(“Das Citizen Part Deux”; The Cargo Letter.)

5. “AMERICAN, NOT GERMAN? . . . . as DHL Airways has denied, in a filing with the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, that it is a German company, as alleged by competitors FedEx & UPS. Under the U.S. law, in a true American corporate citizen at least 75% of the voting rights must be in American hands, and at least 66% of the board & managing officers must be genuine U.S. citizens. The DOT has previously stated that DHL Airways is a legal American company, but according to UPS & FedEx things have changed. The Germans are the boss at DHL, they say. According to DHL it still complies with the rules, it stated in its filing. Competitors point out that Deutsche Post already owns 50.6% of DHL Int’l, and is to buy another 25% from Lufthansa. DHL airline is another entity, according to Deutsche Post. In a Sept. 6 PR Newswire release, DHL stated that its largest shareholder is William A. Robinson, a private investor. Robinson, a U.S. citizen, controls 75% of the voting stock and appoints 75% of the airline’s board of directors, each of whom must be citizens of the U.S.
Stay tuned. . . .”
(“American, Not German?”; The Cargo Letter.)

6. “William Armsted Robinson, a top contributor to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, founded Document Handling Limited, one of the nation’s first courier services, and sold it for $57 million last year. Competitors United Parcel Service and Federal Express, which fought the sale, wanted Robinson to testify that he was merely a financial front for the minority owner, Germany’s Deutsche Post. The U.S. Department of Transportation eventually ruled against their claim and allowed the sale.”
(“DHL Founder Pleads Ignorance in Sworn Testimony” [AP]; KCBS.com.)

7. Carefully note Robinson’s blithe explanation for his financial transactions. Are these the candid responses of a skilled businessman or the equivocation of someone looking to evade scrutiny? “In a transcript of his sworn confidential deposition, obtained by The Associated Press, Robinson said he had no idea how he came up with his $60 million asking price for the company. But when he was offered $37 million, he said he responded, ‘Just forget it, we’re going fishing.’ He testified he disregarded a financial analysis that valued the company at up to $118 million—more than double its ultimate sale price. And Robinson couldn’t explain why he was paid $51 million for his 55 percent share of the company, while Deutsche Post was paid $6 million for the remaining 45 percent.” (Idem.)

8. “When Robinson’s representative told him $51 million was the best he could get, ‘I said, ‘Well, I might as well take it.’ For all his professed ignorance, Robinson offered two pieces of astute business advice that his former company has since adopted. Asked how DHL could better compete with industry leaders UPS and FedEx, he advised Deutsche Post to launch a ‘massive advertising campaign.’ And when the new owners proposed to change the name, he called the idea ‘crazy. . . a dumb thing to do’ because DHL was known the world over by that acronym.” (Idem.)

9. Note that the parent company of DHL—Astar Air Cargo Inc.—counts the husband of U.S. Senator (from California) Dianne Feinstein among its major investors. This places another prominent California politician within the context of the DHL situation. It also represents something of an economic link between the Schwarzenegger and Feinstein camps. “Though the company is now owned by Astar Air Cargo Inc., it recently embarked on a major television advertising campaign—under the DHL name. Among investors in the new company is Richard Blum of Blum Capital Partners, husband of Democratic U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California.” (Idem.)

10. “ . . . He [Robinson] made his millions as a founder of Document Handling Limited, one of the nation’s first courier services in 1970, and spent years racing around the globe to help expand what became DHL Airways and DHL International.”
(“Elusive Donor Favors Schwarzenegger” by Don Thompson; [AP]; Contra Costa Times; p. 2; contracostatimes.com.)

11. One should note in the context of the struggle between UPS/FedEx and DHL that the Bormann group dominates the German economic landscape. One should also bear in mind that the Bormann group makes it a point to include Jews in its ranks. (See the description for FTR#305, accessing information from the Manning Text). “United Parcel Service and Federal Express had trouble finding Robinson a year ago when they wanted him to testify in a U.S. Department of Transportation proceeding as they unsuccessfully tried to block Robinson’s sale of the company to Astar Air Cargo Inc., whose investors include Richard Blum, husband of Democratic U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California. ‘He’s been somewhat mysterious,’ said UPS spokesman David Bolger. ‘He’s really a colorful character.’” (Idem.)

12. “ . . . In it, Robinson professes a near total ignorance of his own financial dealings, saying he delegated everything to brothers Roy and Todd Moulton, whom he met through the contractor who built his house when he moved to Felt, Idaho, in 1991. Roy Moulton was not only Robinson’s attorney, but he became chairman of DHL Airways Inc., while Todd served as Robinson’s financial adviser and the second of three members Robinson appointed to the four-member DHL board.” (Ibid.; pp. 2-3.)

13. “ . . . The investment group is led by chairman, president and chief executive John Dasburg, and will change the carrier’s name to Astar Air Cargo after the transaction is completed. By doing so, they hope to defuse a challenge to the airline’s citizenship brought by FedEx Corp. and United Parcel Service. U.S. law requires that U.S. citizens must own 55 percent of the equity and 75 percent of the voting stock in U.S. airlines. DHL Airways contends that it meets those citizenship requirements because the principal owner is William Robinson, a private investor based in Idaho.”

14. “FedEx and UPS contend, however, that the airline is actually controlled by Deutsche Post World Net, a Germany-based company, and its subsidiary, Brussels-based DHL Express. The two big U.S. companies argue that regardless of who owns the airline, it will still be controlled by Deutsche Post and DHL Express because it will continue to get almost all of its traffic from DHL Express’s U.S.-based subsidiary, DHL Worldwide Express. The citizenship complaint is the subject of a hearing before an administrative law judge at the U.S. Department of Transportation. Judge Ronnie L. Yoder is expected to rule in the case by Oct. 31.” (Idem.)

15. It is interesting and perhaps significant that one of the investors in Astar Air Cargo is a partner in Wilmer Cutler & Pickering. This law firm was instrumental in facilitating the takeover by Deutsche Telekom of an American telecommunications firm—an historic development that had been precluded by American regulatory statutes prior to the accession of the Bush administration. One of the partners in Wilmer Cutler and Pickering is Matthias Wissman, who was the treasurer for the German CDU party during the CDU funding scandal. “FedEx and UPS have sought to compel testimony from a wide range of Deutsche Post and DHL officials, including Deutsche Post Chief Executive, Klaus Zumwinkel, and Chief Executive Uwe Dorken. An attorney for Deutsche Post and DHL said FedEx and UPS purported to serve the subpoenas requiring depositions from Zumwinkel and Doerken by e-mail last week. The companies will file a motion today to quash those attempts, saying they are not consistent with U.S. law.” (Idem.)

16. “Dasburg who became chairman and chief executive of the carrier on April 1, already owns 5 percent of the airline. Assuming the sale goes through, he will own 40 percent, while Richard C. Blum, chairman of San Francisco-based Blum Capital Partners, L.P., a private equity firm, will hold another 40 percent. Michael R. Klein, co-founder and chairman of the board of CoStar Group Inc. and a partner in the Washington-based law firm Wilmer Cutler and Pickering, will own the other 20 percent. The law firm is representing Deutsche Post and DHL in the
case before Judge Yoder. [Emphasis added.]” (Ibid.; p. 2.)

17. Next, the program highlights the woman behind the “Amend for Arnold” campaign (promoting a constitutional amendment to allow Schwarzenegger to be president). Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones comes from a family that has long-standing ties to the Bush family. “If anyone understands the game, Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones does. The 47-year-old Bay Area woman is a retired money manager and financial journalist and the daughter of David Morgenthaler, a patriarch of the venture capital industry who helped fuel the growth of the Silicon Valley. She’s also an unabashed fan of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the woman behind the ‘Amend for Arnold’ campaign. . . .”
(“Little Amendment Ad Hits It Big” by Margaret Talev—Bee Capitol Bureau; Sacramento Bee; 11/22/2004; p. 1.)

18. “ . . . But Morgenthaler-Jones is not just some wealthy eccentric appearing out of nowhere. She grew up in a politically connected household. Her parents, she said, ‘used to party on the Bush parents’ back porch.’” (Idem.)

19. In the discussion of Schwarzenegger backer Robinson, we noted that he has settled in the Pacific Northwest. In a speculative point of analysis, Mr. Emory notes that neo-Nazi elements have long seen the Pacific Northwest as a projected “Aryan Homeland.” Is Robinson somehow involved with such plans? The program returns to a topic of discussion covered in

FTRs 477, 482, 483, 484—the fact that 9/11 hijacker chief Mohammed Atta was associated with a German milieu while in the United States! One of Rudi Dekkers’ associates in the shady airlines in which he engaged was Rick Boehlke. Boehlke, in turn, worked for a mysterious German industrialist named Folker, who was reported to be “buying up all the land in that area.” Is it possible that “Folker” is buying up land in that area in anticipation of the establishment of an “Aryan Homeland?” “Who had Rudi Dekkers and co. been working for? We didn’t know anyone you could just walk up to and ask. We maybe got a clue from Mike Pickett, the aviation executive who had watched Rick Boehlke with the same amazement with which aviation professionals in Florida watched Dekkers. ‘When Boehlke came in he was just a restaurateur at the Gig Harbor airport,’ he said. ‘Then he became the General Manager for a German named Folker, a German industrialist buying up all the land in that area.’ [Emphasis added.] More Germans. Jessica Daley, an attractive airline professional in her late twenties, worked for Rick Boehlke at Harbor Air and later transferred and worked for Rudi Dekkers at Florida Air. While Harbor Air was going under, Boehlke told Jessica to fly down to Florida and see Rudi. ‘When I walked into his (Rudi’s) office he was yelling and screaming at people,’ she recalled. ‘He said, ‘People call me a bastard Nazi because I’m loud and I’m German. And I’m very demanding.’ Dekkers told her he was German, not Dutch, Jessica said.”
(Welcome to Terrorland: Mohamed Atta & the 9-11 Cover-Up in Florida; by Daniel Hopsicker; Madcow Press [HC]; Copyright 2004 by Daniel Hopsicker; ISBN 0-9706591-6-4; pp. pp. 233-234.)

20. Daniel notes that, according to agents of the BKA (the German Federal Police), several of the people with whom Atta was associating were the children of prominent German industrialists. The Bormann organization controls corporate Germany. The information provided to Daniel by the BKA agents suggests that Atta was being shepherded by the Bormann group. Note that Atta’s travels were (to a considerable extent), conducted under the auspices of the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft, named after one of the principal figures in the I.G. Farben chemical firm.

21. In an excerpt from FTR#482, Daniel notes that one of Atta’s German associates was threatening to sue, in order to block any further discussion of him in connection with Atta.

22. The next topic of discussion is excerpted from FTR#484. In that program, Daniel revealed that Rudi Dekkers and an associate named P.J. Black are continuing to infiltrate the United States illegally (and without going through customs) in cooperation with their German network. This infiltration is being effected through the Bahamas. Taken in conjunction with the frustration of FBI special agent German’s attempts to infiltrate white-supremacist groups, this frightening disclosure suggests to Mr. Emory that planning for the next major terrorist attack is already under way. The next attack—in all probability worse than 9/11—will involve collaboration between white supremacists and islamists, both working under the direction of the underground Reich. In FTR#456, the neo-nazi links to 9/11 are covered at length and in detail.

23. A fascinating and important detail concerning the hijackers is the fact that Yeslam bin Laden’s SICO subsidiary trained its pilots at Huffman Aviation in Venice, Florida!! Huffman is the school at which Atta and company were “trained.” Although he denies it, there are profound indications that Yeslam and SICO are involved with the activities of Al Qaeda. This subject will be dealt with at greater length below. “ . . . Swiss police questioned Yeslam [bin Laden] because one of his companies, Avcon Air Charter, had offered flight training to clients at the Venice flight school attended by some of the hijackers. As a result of what Le Monde called ‘a still unexplained coincidence,’ the pilots of Yeslam bin Laden’s company trained at Huffman Aviation in Florida, the paper stated. ‘I didn’t chose that flight school,’ Yeslam protested. ‘I don’t have contact with my half-brother since over 20 years ago.’”
(Welcome to Terrorland; p. 178.)

24. “Swiss magazine L’Hebdo reported that Swiss federal inspectors were seeking information on the activities of several bin Laden family companies, including Geneva-based Saudi Investment Company, a financial clearinghouse for the family’s international investments, and Avcon Business Jets SA, which owned a fleet of private jets which it leased to clients. . . .” (Idem.)

25. Next, the program reviews an expose of the FBI’s suppression of a veteran agent’s revelations about developing cooperation between Islamist terrorists and homegrown white supremacist/militia types. (Robert Mueller is a “ringer”—someone put in to deliver the FBI to the Bush administration and its governing entity, the Underground Reich.) Why is the bureau suppressing this type of investigation?! “As a veteran agent chasing home-grown terrorist suspects for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mike German always had a knack for worming his way into places few other agents could go. In the early 1990’s, he infiltrated a group of white supremacist skinheads plotting to blow up a black church in Los Angeles. A few years later, he joined a militia in Washington State that talked of attacking government buildings. Known to his fellow militia members as Rock, he tricked them into handcuffing themselves in a supposed training exercise so the authorities could arrest them.”
(“Another F.B.I. Employee Blows Whistle on Agency” by Eric Lichtblau; The New York Times; 8/2/2004; p.1.)

26. “So in early 2002, when Mr. German got word that a group of Americans might be plotting support for an overseas Islamic terrorist group, he proposed to his bosses what he thought was an obvious plan: go undercover and infiltrate the group. But Mr. German says F.B.I. officials sat on his request, botched the investigation, falsified documents to discredit their own sources, then froze him out and made him a ‘pariah.’ He left the bureau in mid-June after 16 years and is now going public for the first time—the latest in a string of F.B.I. whistle-blowers who claim they were retaliated against after voicing concerns about how management problems had impeded terrorism investigations since the Sept. 11 attacks.” (Idem.)

27. “ ‘What’s so frustrating for me,’ Mr. German said in an interview, a copy of the Sept. 11 commission report at his side,’ is that what I hear the F.B.I. saying every day on TV when I get home, about how it’s remaking itself to fight terrorism, is not the reality of what I saw every day in the field.’ Mr. German refused to discuss details of the 2002 terrorism investigation, saying the information was classified.” (Idem.)

28. Among the groups seen by officials as probable collaborators of al-Qaeda or other Islamist groups are white supremacist groups within the correctional system. “But officials with knowledge of the case said the investigation took place in the Tampa, Fla. area, where a domestic militia-type group and a major but unidentified Islamic terrorist organization, were considering joining forces. A tape recording of the meeting appeared to lend credence to the report, one official said. Law enforcement officials have become increasingly concerned that militant domestic groups could seek to collaborate with foreign-based terrorist groups like Al Qaeda because of a shared hatred of the American government. This has become a particular concern in prisons.” (Idem.)

29. “The Tampa case is not known to have produced any arrests. But Mr. German, in an April 29 letter to several members of Congress, warned that ‘the investigations involved in my complaint concern very active terrorist groups that currently pose significant threats to national security.’” (Idem.)

30. “He also wrote ‘Opportunities to initiate proactive investigations involved in my complaint concern very active terrorist groups that currently pose significant threats to national security.’ He also wrote, ‘Opportunities to initiate proactive investigations that might prevent terrorist acts before they occur, which is purported to be the F.B.I.’s number one priority, continue to be lost, yet no one is held accountable.’” (Idem.)

31. “ . . . Mr. German, in his letter to lawmakers, cited ‘a continuing failure in the F.B.I’s counterterrorism program,’ which he said was ‘not the result of a lack of intelligence, but a lack of action.’ Officials said Mr. German also complained internally about a second case in the Portland, Ore., area in 2002 in which he said he was blocked from going undercover to pursue a domestic terrorism lead. That case was also thought to center on a militia group suspected of plotting violence.” (Ibid.; p. 2.)

32. “In the Tampa case, officials said Mr. German complained that F.B.I. officials had mishandled evidence concerning a suspected domestic terrorist group and failed to act for months on his request in early 2002 to conduct an undercover operation. That failure, he said, allowed the investigation to ‘die on the vine.’ While Mr. German would not confirm the location of the investigation, he said in an interview at the office of his Washington lawyer, Lynne Bernabei, that his problems intensified after he complained about the management of the case in September 2002. He said F.B.I. officials whom he would not name backdated documents in the case, falsified evidence and falsely discredited witnesses in an apparent effort to justify their approach to the investigation. [Emphasis added.] He cited institutional inertia, even after Sept. 11.” (Ibid.; pp. 2-3.)

33. “ ‘Trying to get approval for an operation like this is a bureaucratic nightmare at the F.B.I.,’ he said. Mr. German said that beginning in late 2002, he took his concerns to his supervisors at the F.B.I. and to officials at headquarters in Washington, including Mr. Mueller himself in an e-mail message that he said went unanswered. He also went to the Justice Department’s inspector general and, frustrated by what he saw as a languishing investigation, brought his concerns this spring to several members of Congress and the Sept. 11 commission.” (Ibid.; p. 3.)

34. “In the meantime, Mr. German said, his career at the F.B.I. stalled, despite what he said was an ‘unblemished’ record and an award for his work in the Los Angeles skinhead case. Soon after raising his complaints about the 2002 terrorism investigation, he was removed from the case. And, he said, F.B.I. officials wrongly accused him of conducting unauthorized travel, stopped using him to train agents in ‘proactive techniques’ and shut him out of important domestic terrorism assignments.” (Idem.)

35. “ ‘The phone just stopped ringing, and I became a persona non grata,’ he said. ‘Because I wouldn’t let this go away, I became the problem.’ For now he has no job and is uncertain of his future. ‘My entire career has been ruined, all because I thought I was doing the right thing here,’ he said.” (Idem.)

36. Reviewing information presented in FTR#356, the program notes that SICO opened 16 unpublished accounts with the Clearstream network in early 2001. The possibility that these accounts were used to finance the activities of 9/11, including (perhaps) the enormous amounts of cash available to Rudi Dekkers, Atta and company is one to be SERIOUSLY INVESTIGATED. Note in this context that Clearstream is owned by the Deutsche Borse, which in turn is owned by the major German commercial banks and they are controlled by the Bormann group. Note also that the BCCI heavily utilized the Clearstream network, as (apparently) did the 9/11 conspirators. Robert Mueller covered up the BCCI investigation and his FBI is now covering up Operation Green Quest—the investigation into the 9/11 money trail. “In November, U.S. authorities named some banks that had bin Laden accounts, and it put them on a blacklist. One was Al Taqwa, ‘Fear of God,’ registered in the Bahamas with offices in Lugano, Switzerland. Al Taqwa had access to the Clearstream system through its correspondent account with the Banca del Gottardo in Lugano, which has a published Clearstream account (No. 74381). But Bin Laden may have other access to the unpublished system. In what he calls a ‘spectacular discovery,’ Ernest Backes reports that in the weeks before CEO Andre Lussi was forced to leave Clearstream last May, a series of 16 unpublished accounts were opened under the name of the Saudi Investment Company, or SICO, the Geneva holding of the Saudi Binladen Group, which is run by Osama’s brother Yeslam Binladen (some family members spell the name differently.) Yeslam Binladen insists hat he has nothing to do with his brother, but evidence suggests SICO is tied into Osama’s financial network. SICO is associated with Dar Al-Maal-Al-Islami (DMI), an Islamic financial institution also based in Geneva and presided over by Prince Muhammed Al Faisal Al Saoud, a cousin of Saudi King Fahd, that directs millions a year to fundamentalist movements. DMI holds a share of the Al Shamal Islamic Bank of Sudan, which was set up in 1991 and partly financed by $50 million from Osama bin Laden. Furthermore, one of SICO’s administrators, Geneva attorney Baudoin Dunand, is a partner in a law firm, Magnin Dunand & Partners, that set up the Swiss financial services company SBA, a subsidiary of the SBA Bank in Paris, which is controlled by the bin Mahfouz Family.”
(“Banking with Bin Laden” by Lucy Komisar [sidebar to “Explosive Revelation$”]; In These Times; 3/15/2002.)

37. The co-chairman of the board of directors of SICO, the holding company that manages the Bin Laden business interests in Europe, is Baudoin Dunand, a friend and professional associate of Francois Genoud, one of the most important postwar operatives of the Underground Reich. “This company, established by the bin Ladens in 1980, is the flagship for the group’s activities in Europe. It is headed by Yeslam bin Laden, and the board of directors is made up almost exclusively of members of the family clan, except for a Swiss citizen, Baudoin Dunand. This well-known lawyer from French-speaking Switzerland, who is on the boards of several dozen companies, came to public notice in 1983 when he agreed to represent the Swiss banker Francois Genoud, a controversial figure who had been a disciple of Hitler and sole heir of Goebbels’s copyrights before becoming one of the financiers of the FLN during the Algerian War. The friendships of the bin Ladens sometimes seem surprising, but they are logical: Francois Genoud has always been pro-Arab.”
(In the Name of Osama Bin Laden; by Roland Jacquard; Copyright 2002 [SC]; Duke University Press; ISBN 0-8223-2991-3; pp. 17-18.)

38. Reprising an item of discussion from FTR#357, the program cites the opinion of Ernest Backes (one of Europe’s foremost experts on money laundering) concerning the role of Francois Genoud in the development of the events of 9/11. Genoud (who committed suicide in 1996) was very close to Al Taqwa personages, especially Achmed Huber. According to Backes, Genoud was also a financial adviser to the Bin Laden family. “Financial expert Ernest Backes of Luxembourg has [studied] white-collar crime in the field of banking for many years. According to him, there are indications of unusual transactions with which the groups [associated with] bin Laden could have earned money. ‘You can, for example, examine whether, within a certain time period there’s been an attack against the securities of a given airline company. Since these securities are safe in a ‘clearing system,’ you can’t get an overall view, who the owner was at a given time.’ . . .According to Backes’ information, the trail leads to Switzerland, to the accounts of an organization that was founded by the late lawyer Francois Genoud and evidently still survives. Says Backes, ‘One of the grounds for accusation is that this Swiss attorney had the closest connections with the Bin Laden family, that he was an advisor to the family, one of its investment bankers. It’s known for certain, that he supported terrorism and was the estate executor for Hitler and part of the terror milieu.’ [Emphasis added.].”
(“Insidergeschäfte vor den Terroranschlägen in den USA? [Insider Trading Prior to the Terror Attacks in the US?]: Speculating on Terror—Who Profited from the Attacks?” by Rolf Bovier & Pierre Matthias; Bayerische Rundfunk Online (BR-Online); 9/25/2001.)

39. The program reviews an item of discussion from FTR#352. An article in the San Francisco Chronicle contains an allegation that Francois Genoud is believed to have founded Al Taqwa in order to fund terrorists such as Carlos the Jackal and Bin Laden. Note that Bank Al Taqwa was the principal repository for all traceable funds still accessible to Al Qaeda after 9/11. Note also that Bank Al Taqwa is the bridge between the “Old Guard” of the Underground Reich and so-called “neo-Nazis”. “Authorities believe Genoud founded Al Taqwa Bank and allocated its resources to support international terrorists such as Vladimir Ilich Ramirez, alias Carlos the Jackal, and Bin Laden.”

(“Swiss Probe Anti-U.S. Neo-Nazi” by Jay Bushinsky; San Francisco Chronicle; 3/12/2002; p. A12.)


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