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FTR #53 The Terror Connection (Pt. 2)

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In the late 1960s, 70s and early 80s, Italy experienced “the years of lead”- a series of bombings, kidnappings and assassinations resulting from the “Strategy of Tension.” The Strategy of Tension (intended to destabilize Italy, drive it to the right and – ultimately – restore fascism to that country), appears to have been an outgrowth of “Operation Gladio.” Gladio was the code-name for the Italian element of a NATO program called “Operation Stay Behind.” This program was ostensibly aimed at setting up guerrilla groups to resist the Communists, if they should come to power in Europe. This broadcast illustrates that, in launching the terrorism, the operation appears to have precipitated collaboration between Italian fascist groups and elements of Western intelligence. (Recorded in the fall of 1995.)