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FTR #542 Interview with Daniel Hopsicker – Catching up with the Boys in Florida

Recorded February 26, 2006

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Introduction: In this interview, Daniel Hopsicker updates the audience on the status of a lawsuit filed against him by “Stephan” (name withheld by request), one of the German, Austrian and Swiss associates of 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta. Daniel informs us that Stephan corroborated an important detail about Wolfgang Bohringer, another of Atta’s German associates. After discussing the upcoming publication of new, supplemented editions of both of his books, Daniel provides more detail about connecting links between the scandals enveloping the GOP.

Program Highlights Include: Discussion of the fact that Bohringer’s father owned a fleet of taxicabs and was the controlling figure in the Flying Club of Munich, to which Wolfgang belongs; the use of such “clubs” by postwar German neo-Nazis to circumvent that country’s anti-Nazi laws; the fact that 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta and associates visited SunCruz casino boats at least four times in the run-up to 9/11; links between GOP operator Brent Wilkes and the Iran-Contra drug smuggling front World Finance Corporation.

1. The program begins with discussion of forthcoming new editions of both of Daniel’s books—Barry and the Boys and Welcome to Terrorland. Both volumes will contain supplemental information not contained in the original editions. Mr. Emory then notes that there are significant elements of continuity that run throughout both of Daniel’s books and many of his articles. As we saw in FTR#’s 482, 483, 484, the milieu in Florida in which Mohamed Atta and company operated has many evidentiary tributaries running in the direction of the Iran-Contra scandal and the epic drug-smuggling that accompanied that operation. That is the milieu of Barry Seal, the focal point of Barry and the Boys.

Future programs will feature discussion of some of the evidentiary tributaries running between Daniel’s books and some of his articles on the overlapping GOP scandals involving Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff and Randy “Duke” Cunningham.

Daniel mentioned that the new edition of Welcome to Terrorland will contain a considerable amount of information from Mark Shubin, a former U-2 pilot who was part of the aeronautical milieu around Venice (Florida).

2. Much of the first side of the program involves developments in a lawsuit the Daniel has been fighting. Filed by “Stephan” (name withheld by request)—one of the Germans, Austrians and Swiss with whom Atta associated in Florida–the suit featured an interesting deposition about Wolfgang Bohringer. Discussed briefly in FTR#477, Bohringer was one of the German associates of Atta, and may have been involved in some of the planning for the event. In his deposition, “Stephan” corroborated a key detail about the circumstances surrounding Bohringer’s entry into the United States. Amanda Keller—Atta’s girlfriend in Florida—mentioned to Daniel that Bohringer won his green card in a lottery. “Stephan” corroborated this detail. In the discussion of the green card lottery, both Daniel and Mr. Emory mention that they had never heard of a green card lottery. Subsequently, a number of listeners helpfully mentioned that such lotteries are not uncommon in other countries.

3. Discussing Bohringer’s background, Daniel mentions that Bohringer was part of an organization called the Flying Club of Munich, which is controlled by his father. (FTR#477 contains a brief mention of the Flying Club of Munich.) Discussing that organization, Mr. Emory notes that many neo-Nazi organizations in postwar Germany represent themselves as clubs or civic organizations of some kind in order to hide their true nature. Mr. Emory cites the Sportgroup Hoffman, a neo-Nazi organization that was active in the Middle East and worked with Arab and Palestinian terrorists. (For more about the Sportgroup Hoffman, see FTR#333.) Discussing Bohringer’s father, Daniel mentions that he owns a taxicab company in Munich, an interesting detail in light of the liberal use made of cabs by Atta and company in their South Florida operations. Mr. Emory notes that owning aircraft and cabs would facilitate any number of clandestine activities, including drug and arms smuggling. Apparently, Bohringer’s father is quite wealthy and powerful. The possibility that he may be associated with the Bormann capital network is not one to be too readily dismissed.

4. Noting some of the evidentiary tributaries running between Daniel’s books and his ground-breaking investigative pieces, Mr. Emory mentions that Atta and company visited one of the SunCruz casino boats on September 11th of 2001. (SunCruz was owned by the late Gus Boulis, a friend of the elder George Bush who was murdered gangland-style in February of 2001.) Daniel mentioned that there appear to have been at least four trips to SunCruz boats by Atta and company, perhaps to launder money. (For more about the Boulis murder and the takeover of SunCruz by GOP bigwig Jack Abramoff, see—among other programs—FTR#516.)

5. Noting again the numerous evidentiary tributaries connecting Daniel’s investigative pieces with his books, Mr. Emory notes that Brent Wilkes, an associate of disgraced (and now convicted) San Diego congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham, used to work for the World Finance Corporation, one of the money-laundering vehicles for the Iran-Contra drug smuggling.
For more about this connection, see “Cunningham Scandal Figure Linked to Iran Contra Cocaine Trafficking”.

6. Mr. Emory also notes that Wilkes ran a front company used by Randy Cunningham in many of his operations. That front company kicked back vast sums of money to lobbying firm run by Jack Abramoff and operated by two former associates of Tom De Lay.
For more about this, see “Cunningham Stripped $700 Million from U.S. Defense: ‘Dukester’s’ Epic Boo-Boo Hiding Masssive Pentagon Rip-Off”.


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