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FTR #546 Barry and the Milieu – Interview with Daniel Hopsicker

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Introduction: Over the last several years, we have been visiting with the heroic investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker. In this return visit, Daniel relates some of the flack and bad tidings he has received as a result of his investigations. Daniel has had to settle a suit against “Stephan” (name withheld by request), one of the German associates of 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta. Daniel is settling the suit because of a lack of financial resources, not a lack of evidence. Daniel also relates a warning delivered by former Mob associate (turned federal informant) Randy Glass. Glass commented (in a friendly way) that Daniel’s investigation into the Gus Boulis murder could endanger him, because it was threatening current operations. Daniel also related a distinctively unfriendly utterance voiced by another of Atta’s German associates Wolfgang Bohringer. Bohringer and his wife tried to get Daniel to return to Atlanta, where they live, so the police could arrest him. Much of the program was devoted to touching on breaking stories.

Program Highlights Include: The role of Boulis’s silent partner Leonard Mercer’s daughter in the William Kennedy Smith rape case; a piece of testimony in the Zaccharias Moussaoui trial that contradicts the “official” version of Mohamed Atta’s activities in Florida in the run-up to 9/11; a lawsut filed from Saudi Arabia against a defense contractor by a Venice convenience store owner who was an associate of Atta’s, as well as part owner of a Florida casino boat.

1. Much of the discussion in the first half of the program centers on some of the difficulties Mr. Hopsicker has encountered as a result of his heroic investigations. Daniel has settled his lawsuit with one of the German pilots with whom Atta associated while in Florida, due to a lack of financial resources, not to a lack of evidence.

2. Citing more adversity, Daniel mentions a friendly warning given to him by mob operative turned federal sting man Randy Glass. At a function, Glass warned Daniel that his reporting on the Gus Boulis case could get him (Daniel) killed, because he is threatening current operations. Although GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff has been convicted, the SunCruz casino boats offshore in Florida are still operating. Providing a totally unregulated, unverifiable slush fund available to the controllers.

3. Although Daniel has settled his suit against one of Atta’s German associates, another—Wolfgang Bohringer—remains a focal point of Hopsicker’s research. Bohringer (and his wife) intimidated Hopsicker after Daniel left his business card at Bohringer’s Atlanta residence. Calling Daniel on his cell phone, Bohringer and his wife challenged Daniel to return to Atlanta so that he could be arrested by the police. Daniel relates how Bohringer met his Indian-born wife. He was yachting around the Indian Ocean, and decided (“spontaneously”) to take a turn to visit India, where he met his wife. Likely story.

4. On the subject of the murder of Gus Boulis, Daniel reports that Leonard Mercer, Boulis’s silent partner, was the father of the apparent “handler” of the woman who charged William Kennedy Smith with rape. Convicted in connection with the Teamsters’ pension fund scandal, Mercer hated the Kennedys. The question arises as to what role Mr. Mercer may have played in the Kennedy /Smith case. Did Mercer coach his daughter to manipulate her friend (and Smith’s accuser) in order to besmirch the Kennedy family, yet again. In Mr. Emory’s on-air discussion of the Kennedy/Smith incident, he has noted that the circumstances were unusual and suggested the possibility of a set-up.

5. Turning to breaking stories, Daniel mentioned that the serial numbers on a plane which 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta was flying after he supposedly left Venice, Florida match those of a plane registered to Huffman Aviation. This effectively negates the official version of Atta’s story. For more about this, see Daniel’s story “Moussaoui Trial Testimony Confirms FBI Cover-Up in Venice”.

6. Another breaking story concerns a Florida convenience store owner who is credibly linked to Atta, an apparent Saudi prince and Zaccharias Moussaoui. A cab driver saw those three maneuvering a heavy trunk shortly before 9/11. The convenience store owner disappeared after that. Daniel reveals that this convenience store owner was an owner of a casino boat off the coast of Florida. He recently filed suit from Saudi Arabia against a U.S. defense contractor.


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