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FTR #547 Hell-o Dalai

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Introduction: This program begins a lengthy examination of the Dalai Lama’s association with a covert-action milieu, much of it fascist and associated with the Underground Reich. This material is to be viewed in the context of author and political scientist Philip Bobbitt’s concept of “the virtual state”—a state without formal geographical borders. In addition to the Dalai Lama’s collaboration with Islamist and secular Pan-Turkist separatist elements in Xinjiang province of China, the Nobel Peace Prize winner has maintained close connections over a period of decades with SS officers, some of them war criminals.

Indeed, the Dalai Lama’s brand of Tantric Buddhism contains philosophical elements that can be readily adapted to a fascist and warlike ideological construction. It was this feature of the Tibetan religious philosophy that attracted the Nazi SS to Tibetan society, an attraction that resulted in SS expeditions to that country. Those expeditions led to the genesis of the Dalai Lama’s association with SS men over the years. (The Dalai Lama is twice pictured here with his associate, SS war criminal Dr. Bruno Beger, discussed below. The picture to the left shows Breger to the immediate left of “His Holiness” in 1994, displayed by the Tibetan Government in Exile on their website.)

A major element of this program and ones to follow centers on the Dalai Lama’s participation in the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, headed up by Karl von Habsburg, the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We are a long way from just “Buddhists” here, a fact that should be borne in mind when considering the Dalai Lama’s situation. Be sure to take note of the correction in paragraph number 8!

Program Highlights Include: The Tibetan Government in Exile’s selection of SS officers (including war criminals) to state their case to the world; the Dalai Lama’s close relationship with Shoko Asahara—the head of the Aum Shinrikyo cult (influenced by Hitler, the cult perpetrated a sarin gas attack in Tokyo); the Dalai Lama’s association with Jean Marques-Riviere (in his absence convicted and given the death sentence for turning Jews over to the Gestapo in France); the Dalai Lama’s association with Chilean occult fascist Miguel Serrano; the apocalyptic, warlike philosophy contained in the brand of Buddhism practiced by the Dalai Lama; the significance of the Kalachakra Sand Mandala and the creation and destruction of such a mandala at the World Trade Center in the 1990’s; the Dalai Lama’s close association with Erkin Alptekin, a former employee of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and an apparent asset of elements of U.S. intelligence; the Dalai Lama’s connections to the CIA; the Dalai Lama’s collaboration with Al Qaeda-related Islamist elements in Xinjiang province.

1. Addressing a cognitive consideration central to grasping the enormous gap between the public perception of the Dalai Lama and the unsavory reality of his political connections and religious practices, the broadcast opens with a telling, relevant quote from Christopher Hitchens. Indeed, the Dalai Lama has his words and actions judged by his reputation, not the other way around. This broadcast should afford the discriminating listener an opportunity to do otherwise.

“ . . . The greatest triumph that modern PR can offer is the transcendent success of having your words and actions judged by your reputation, rather than the other way about. The ‘spiritual leader’ of Tibet has enjoyed this unassailable status for some time now, becoming a byword and synonym for saintly and ethereal values. Why this doesn’t put people on their guard I’ll never know. . . .”

(“His Material Highness” by Christopher Hitchens; Salon.com; 7/13/1998.)

2. Introducing the subject of the Nazi SS’s fascination with Tibet and its exploration of that country, the program presents an account of the 1938 SS expedition to Lhasa. It is essential to understand the fascination that Tibetan society and the Tibetan perversion of Buddhism had for SS chief Heinrich Himmler, a man profoundly influenced by occultist theory. As noted by Christopher Hale, author of Himmler’s Crusade, the occultist views of Himmler and the SS were inextricably linked with Nazi racism and murder.

“One of the many baffling things about the Nazis is how they managed to combine faith in ludicrous mythology and pseudo-science with running an efficient state machine. The mild- looking Reichsfuhrer, Heinrich Himmler, head of the German police and the SS, was the most prominent exponent of this mysticism. He believed in the lost kingdom of Atlantis, in pagan rituals involving fir sprigs and holly, in the martial virtues of Hinduism and in ‘World Ice Theory’ (the early ancestors of the Aryans had been frozen in ice until their release by divine thunderbolts). Christopher Hale makes the point in this book that, ‘Historians have often viewed Himmler’s occult obsessions as exotic marginalia in a life otherwise dedicated to efficient policing and ruthless genocide. The truth is that Himmler’s enthusiasms about lost civilizations, prehistoric archaeology, the Holy Grail and, especially, the origins of the ‘Indo-Germanic’ races were intricately interwoven with the racial ‘theories’ that demanded the elimination of the unfit.’”

(“Patrick French Reviews Himmler’s Crusade by Christopher Hale; Daily Telegraph; 91/2003.)

3. The physical appearance (high cheekbones) and imperious behavior of the Tibetan nobility led some SS theoreticians to posit an anthropological link between the Tibetans and the so-called “Aryans.” One of the principal exponents of this theory was Bruno Beger, an SS anthropologist and, as we shall see, a murderous war criminal and close personal associate of the Dalai Lama.

“In 1938 an expedition set off for Lhasa under Himmler’s patronage, funded by German business groups. It was led by Ernst Schafer, a brilliant marksman and naturalist who had been on two expeditions to China and Tibet. He was an odd choice for such a mission, being prone to violent rages, but was a favorite of Himmler. A British diplomat described Schafer as ‘volatile, scholarly, vain to the point of childishness, disregardful of social convention or the feelings of others, and first and foremost always a Nazi’. The other principal figure was Bruno Beger, a rising young anthropologist and SS member who believed that ‘Europids’ or ‘Aryans’ might have originated in central Asia, and that the Tibetan nobility with their ‘imperious, self-confident behavior’ and sharp cheekbones might provide a missing link. Beger intended to measure a sample of Tibetans and take moulds of their faces. By the end of the trip, the team had accumulated over 60,000 photographs and shot more than 120,000 feet of film. The German expedition left Tibet with 50 new varieties of barley and wheat seeds, some ethnographic ephemera and plenty of dubious data. Schafer tried without success to take home a favored Sikkimese helper, saying, ‘I have lost my wife, I also have nobody, I might even adopt him as my son.’ (In fact he had shot his wife dead two years earlier in a bizarre hunting accident.) Back in Berlin, Schafer was treated as a hero and given an SS death’s-head ring by Himmler, although the mission had brought Germany little substantive scientific or political gain. . . .”


4. In order to test some of his anthropological theories, Beger had over 100 inmates at Auschwitz murdered so their corpses and skeletal remains could be studied. Again, Beger was a close associate of the Dalai Lama.

“ . . . Although Schafer remained part of Himmler’s circle, he was unnerved by the Holocaust and preferred to concoct a hare-brained scheme to recruit Himalayan irregulars for an invasion of India. Beger, however, selected over 100 inmates of Auschwitz, some of whom looked like ‘Asiatics,’ for anthropological investigation. After they had been studied and photographed, the victims were gassed and their bodies preserved in vats of ethanol. Beger was imprisoned after the war as an accomplice to murder, Himmler’s Crusade suffers from too many diversions, but is a wide-ranging book which offers a warning about the dangers of alternative history. The author might, however, have observed that the Dalai Lama’s official website features a statement of support from Bruno Beger and others, together with a 1994 photograph showing the old Waffen-SS man standing at the Dalai Lama’s right hand. . . .”


5. More about the war crimes of the Dalai Lama’s pal Bruno Beger:

“…In 1942, SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Prof. Dr. August Hirt, chairman of the anatomy department at the Reich University in Strasbourg, set about assembling a collection of Jewish skeletons under the auspices of the Ahnenerbe Foundation. To this end, he received permission from Himmler to select the required number of prisoners at Auschwitz. The selection of 115 persons (79 Jewish men, 30 Jewish women, 2 Poles, and 4 ‘Asians’ – probably Soviet POWs) and the preliminary preparation, consisting of biometrical measurements and the collection of personal data, were carried out by Hirt’s collaborator, SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Dr. Bruno Beger, who arrived in Auschwitz in the first half of 1943. Beger finished his work by June 15, 1943. After going through quarantine, some of the prisoners whom Beger selected were sent in July and early August to Natzweiler-Struthof, where they were killed in the gas chamber. The victims’ corpses were sent to Hirt as material for his skeleton collection, which was intended for use in anthropological studies that would demonstrate the superiority of the Nordic race. Hirt selected thirty-nine women for their racial characteristics: [They] were given a sham physical examination for reassurance, then gassed. The corpses were immediately transported to the anatomy pavilion of the Strasbourg University Hospital. A French inmate, who had to assist the project’s director…told how ‘preservation began immediately,’ with the arrival of bodies that were ‘still warm, the eyes…wide open and shining.’ There were two subsequent shipments of men, from each of whom the left testicle had been removed and sent to Hirt’s anatomy lab.”

(Biography of Dr. August Hirt.)

6. Another close associate of the Dalai Lama had an SS pedigree—Heinrich Harrer, played by Brad Pitt in the movie “Seven Years in Tibet.” The Trimondis [Herbert and Mariana Röttgen]—former close religious, political and professional associates of the Dalai Lama—note that he has maintained continuous contact with the likes of Harrer and Beger. Later on in the broadcast, we will examine other Nazi and war criminal associates of the Dalai Lama.

“As depressing as it may be for the Nobel peace prize winner’s followers, there has been continuous contact between the Dalai Lama and the far right wing and former national socialists (Nazis). His close friendship with his German mentor, Heinrich Harrer has become the most well– known of these. It caused a small scandal in 1997-1998 when, after years of research, the Austrian journalist, Gerald Lehner, succeeded in making public Harrer’s ‘brown-shirt’ (i.e., German fascist) past, which the latter had been able to keep secret for many years. Harrer is not just anybody. He is one of the best-known international authors and has sold over four million books in 57 languages (mostly about Tibet and the Fourteenth Dalai Lama).”

(The Shadow of the Dalai Lama: Sexuality, Magic and Politics in Tibetan Buddhism; online book by Victor and Victoria Trimondi [Herbert and Mariana Röttgen].)

7. More about Heinrich Harrer, the Dalai Lama’s SS tutor and his relationship to the SS Tibet research:

“The Austrian mountain climber and competition skier joined the SS on April 1, 1938 and in the same year received instructions to climb Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas after an official meeting with Adolf Hitler. Heinrich Himmler, himself most interested in occult phenomena is said by Harrer to have offered him a Tibet expedition. In 1942, the Reichsfuhrer of the SS (Himmler) ordered the creation of the Sven Hedin Institute for Central Asian Research]. This educational establishment had combined esoteric, scientific, and racial studies goals. It was completely in this vein that Himmler was interested in occult doctrines from ‘mysterious Tibet’, and assumed – probably under the influence of theosophical ideas – that a ‘race with Nordic blood’ existed there, oppressed by the English and Chinese, and waiting for their liberation by the Germans. Himmler’s ‘advisor’, reports the German magazine Spiegel, ‘… and scientist Ernst Schafer believed that Tibet was the cradle of humanity, the refuge of an ‘Aryan root race’, where a priestly caste had created a mysterious kingdom of Shambhala – decorated with the Buddhist symbol of the wheel of teaching, a swastika. In 1934 Schafer set out on the first of two expeditions financed by the SS to track down remnants of the ‘Nordic intellectual’ nobility’ (Spiegel, 16/1998, p. 111).”


8. Both Harrer and Beger were among the seven individuals assembled by the Tibetan “Government in Exile” (headed by the Dalai Lama) in order to give testimony about how splendid Tibet was before the Chinese invasion.

“In September 1994, a historic meeting took place in London. Seven individuals from different parts of the world gathered there to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who was on a visit to the United Kingdom, and to talk about one common issue: their recollection of the days spent in independent Tibet. These individuals had spent some time in Tibet in different parts of this century. They were: Mrs. Joan Mary Jehu (who visited Tibet in September 1932 accompanying her father, Colonel Weir, the Political Officer in Sikkim, on an official mission to Tibet.); Mr. Robert Ford (who was radio officer with the British Mission in Lhasa in 1945 and radio officer to the Tibetan Government from 1948 to 1950.); Mr Heinrich Harrer (who spent seven years in Tibet from 1943 to 1950); Mr Archibald Jack (who visited the British Army garrison at Gyantse in 1938); Dr Bruno Beger (anthropologist, ethnologist, geographer and physician of the 1939 German Schaefer expedition to Tibet.); Prof. Fosco Maraini (who visited Tibet in 1937 and 1948 with Prof. Giuseppe Tucci of Rome University.); and Kazi Sonam Topgyal (official interpreter and translator to the Indian Mission in Lhasa from 1949 for the next seven years. [He] visited Tibet again in 1957-58 as a member of an Indian delegation to explore the possible visit of Indian Prime Minister Nehru.). Mr. Hugh Richardson, the head of the British mission in Lhasa, could not attend on account of indisposition, but he nevertheless issued a statement. . . .”

(Posting on the site of the Tibetan Government in Exile.)

9. Much of the balance of the program draws upon the research of Victor and Victoria Trimondi, who were very closely associated with the Dalai Lama. (The names are pseudonyms [for Herbert and Mariana Röttgen]—the Trimondis fear retribution for their critical discussion of the Dalai Lama and his many fascist contacts.) The passage that follows relates the Trimondis’ relationship to the Dalai Lama, as well as discussing how he presents two faces to the world at large.

“ . . . STEPHENS: . . . How did you first come to know the Dalai Lama? TRIMONDI: We first met the XIV Dalai Lama in the eighties and became friends while publishing his writings in our publishing house, Trikont-Dianus-Verlag. While organizing international conferences with him and other famous speakers on interreligious and intercultural topics and specifically securing governmental level invitations to Germany and Austria for him, we began to seriously explore Tibetan Buddhism. However, after many years of extensive study and reflection, we seriously questioned some of the fundamental tenets of the Tantric Buddhism the Dalai Lama professed and eventually became one of his sharpest critics. . . Frankly speaking, the Dalai Lama has two faces. He makes his official contact with the West under the maxim of Mahayana Buddhism and then deftly assimilates the highest values and ideals of western culture (Christian, Jewish and humanist). On his present trip to America he has met with Muslims like Mohammed Ali, Jesuits at the University of San Francisco, political leaders from Republican and Democratic persuasions, and then will comfortably meet with ethicists and scientists at MIT and Harvard. Through diplomatic tolerance he wins agnostics as well as the hearts of unsuspecting Jews and Christians, to whom he preaches in the tongue of ‘a man of peace’ and as a human rights activist relates passages of ‘compassion, love, and non-violence’ from the ‘Sermon on the Mount.’ Nearly all of the speeches the Dalai Lama delivers in public are extremely tolerant, human and compassionate. You can only agree. And yet, there is another face that peeks out from behind the mask of goodness, charity and kindness, which gives one pause to think more deeply about the shadow of this ‘man of peace’. . . .”

(An interview with Victor and Victoria Trimondi by James C. Stephens; 9/11/2003)

10. Next, the Trimondis highlight some of the features of the Tantric Buddhism practiced by the Dalai Lama. In addition to a belief in demons and a reliance on magic rituals (some of them sexual in nature), the Dalai Lama’s brand of Tantric Buddhism espouses a militant, warlike and intolerant nature toward other religions. As noted by the Trimondis, there are some similarities between this perverted manifestation of Buddhism and the Wahhabi/Muslim Brotherhood’s perverted manifestation of Islam. (For more about the Muslim Brotherhood’s perversion of the concept of jihad, see FTR#540.) The Dalai Lama’s brand of Tantric Buddhism contains what might be a viewed as “Buddhist jihadism.” In addition, the Trimondis take note of the significance of the Kalachakra Tantra ceremony performed by the Dalai Lama, a subject to which we will return later in the broadcast. In addition, Tantric Buddhism’s apocalyptic vision of a climactic war of the religions (“Shambala War”) bears some similarities to the fundamentalist Christian vision of Armageddon.

“TRIMONDI: The XTV Dalai Lama, the God-King of Tibet is the highest representative of Tantric Buddhism, established in Tibet in the 8th century, A.D. Tantrism, the last stage in the history of Buddhism (since the 5th century A.D. in India) is based on ritual and magic formulas. Not unlike other religions it also has ‘skeletons in its closet’ which it carefully conceals as a guest in the Western world. Tibetan Tantrism is a belief in spirits and demons, secret sexual practices, occultism, mind control, and an obsession with power. In contrary to every democratic custom, the present Dalai Lama consults with the Nechung Oracle, a monk who is possessed by a Mongolian war God, on all-important state decisions. What primarily concerns us about the interreligious ceremony in the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. is the level of naivety in the West. For the past 25 years, the Dalai Lama has quietly performed the Kalachakra Tantra (‘The Wheel of Time’), the highest of all ancient Tantric initiations for tens of thousands of spiritual novices in the West; introducing Tantric ideology, secret sexual practices, and magic rituals integrated into the context of his religious-political world view. Critical voices have been raised, while he continues to secretly transmit the Kalachakra’s prophetic vision of the establishment of a universal Buddhocracy (Shambhala) in which spiritual and worldly power are united in one person, the ‘world emperor’(Chakravartin), wherein other religions will no longer exist. . . . . In the Kalachakra Tantra is prophesized the establishment of a Buddhocratic Empire, a clash of civilizations will arise as the military forces of Buddhism wage war against the armies of non-Buddhist religions. Murderous super-weapons possessed by the Buddhist Shambhala Army are described at length and in enthusiastic detail in the Kalachakra Tantra Text (Shri Kalachakra I. 128 -142) and employed against ‘enemies of the Dharma (Buddha’s teachings).’ Over the last five years in the German speaking countries, these shadow-aspects of Lamaism have lead to a vast, steady and increasing stream of criticism in the media. During the Kalachakra-Initiation of the Dalai Lama last year in Austria there were very controversial debates on TV and radio stations and press media. The internationally well known newspaper Der Standard published an article entitled ‘A Warrior Ritual with the Dalai Lama: The Kalachakra’. The German Weekly of Christian intellectuals ‘Der Rheinische Merkur entitled an article: ‘What is hidden behind the Kalachakra Tantra? Supremely ferocious warriors!’ STEPHENS: Who are these non-Buddhist enemies spoken of in the Kalachakra Teachings? I’ve seen articles in the Buddhist magazines the Shambhala Sun and Tricycle about Lamas dressing up in military uniforms. I thought Buddhism was a peaceful faith? TRIMONDI: The secret text of the Kalachakra explicitly names the ‘leaders’ of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as the opponents of Buddhism: ‘Adam, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mani, Muhammad and the Mahdi’ describing them as ‘the family of the demonic snakes’ (Shri Kalachakra I. 154). The final, Armageddon-like battle (Shambhala war) ends in the total victory of the Buddhists. The official Kalachakra-Interpreter Alexander Berzin openly compares the principles of the Islamic ‘Jihad’ with that of the Shambhala war. As in the Islamic martyr-ideology Shambhala-Warriors, who will be killed in the last battle have earned passage into the [Buddhist] paradise. The military scenarios in some Buddhist Centers such as the Shambhala training camps of the deceased Lama Chögyum Trungpa, have until now only a symbolic meaning, and yet they are interpreted as a spiritual preparation of the prophesized great Shambhala War. In the imagination of some Lamas all participants in a Kalachakra initiation have the questionable privilege of being reborn as ‘Shambhala Warriors’ in order to be able to participate in the coming apocalyptic battle either as infantry or officers, dependant on rank. High lamas of particular lineages have already been assigned to commanding positions in the future. . . .”


11. Next, the Trimondis note the influence of Tantric Buddhism (and other Eastern religions) on the philosophy of SS chief Heinrich Himmler. They also note that well-known German Buddhist teachers Durckheim and Herrigel have been doctrinaire Nazis. In addition, the Trimondis note that the Dalai Lama has maintained close connections with other Nazis and fascists over the years, including “the French SS- collaborator, convinced anti-Semite, recognized Orientalist and Kalachakra Tantra expert Jean Marques-Riviere (in his absence convicted and given the death sentence for turning Jews over to the Gestapo in France).” The Aum Shinrikyo guru Shoko Asahara was also a friend of the Dalai Lama and was influenced by the ideology of the Kalachakra Tantra. (For more about the Aum Shinrikyo cult, including the influence of Hitler on the Dalai Lama’s friend Shoko Asahara, see FTRs 35 and 69.)

“TRIMONDI: In our historical essay Hitler – Buddha – Krishna – an Unholy Alliance from the Third Reich to Today, we show that the warlike and racist ideas of Heinrich Himmler of the SS and of other well known Neo-fascists have been fundamentally inspired by elements of different Asian religions, such as Vedism, Buddhism, Lamaism and that prominent German Zen Teachers-Durckheim & Herrigel have been convinced Nazis. It’s really shocking, in the ‘SS-Ahnenerbe’, which was the academic brain trust of the SS, that its Chief Heinrich Himmler, was openly engaged in ongoing discussions with the most distinguished German Orientalists of his time in the construction of a new Indo- Arian Nazi-Religion. After WW II, this discussion was continued by prominent neo- fascist ideologues. Both of our books have stimulated a great discussion about the ideological sources of religious fundamentalism and about the clash of civilizations. . . . TRIMONDI: It is a fact that the Shambhala War Ideology of the Kalachakra-Tantra has led to aggressive behavior, megalomaniacal visions and conspiracy theories both in the history of the Asia as well as in that of religious fascism and neo-fascism. Already in the SS-Ahnenerbe, where Heinrich Himmler’s Nazi-Religion was born, there was an interest in the contents of the Kalachakra-Tantra. The influential fascist and cultural philosopher Julius Evola saw in the mythic world of Shambhala an esoteric center of a sacred warrior race. This vision is today still firmly anchored in the religious ideas of the international far-right movement. That alone makes it necessary for the Dalai Lama to distance himself clearly from the war-mongering Shambhala Myth. Instead of this he has cultivated friendly contacts with people such as the ex-SS men Bruno Beger (convicted as helping to murder more than 86 Jews) and Heinrich Harrer, author of Seven Years in Tibet (a chronicle of his experience with the Dalai Lama over seven years prior to his exile to India). The Homepage of the Government of Tibet in Exile shows the XIV Dalai Lama between Bruno Beger on his right and Heinrich Harrer on his left. Beger has been a member of the famous SS-Tibet Expedition organized by the SS in 1938/1939 whose primary goal was to find traces of an ancient, lost indo-Arian religion in the Himalayas. Some occult leaders in the SS were convinced that Tibetan Lamas are the key holders of these Indo- Arian Mysteries. Beger is highly respected by the Government of Tibet in Exile as a chief witness for the political independence of the country in the 30’s and 40’s of the last century. [Emphasis added.] Nearly unknown until now are the contacts of the Dalai Lama with the French SS- collaborator, convinced anti-Semite, recognized Orientalist and Kalachakra Tantra expert Jean Marques-Riviere (in his absence convicted and given the death sentence for turning Jews over to the Gestapo in France). The founder of an esoteric Hitler movement, the ex-Chilean diplomat Miguel Serrano (promoter of an extremely racist SS-mysticism, which is based on Tantric practices and on the idea of the Shambhala Warriors) met the Dalai Lama four times. Well known became his relationship with the Japanese terrorist, Shoko Asahara, whom he described, even after the Tokyo sarin gas attacks, as his ‘friend, albeit an imperfect one’. Only later he did distance himself from the Guru. Asahara’s Doomsday Philosophy was mainly influenced by the Shambhala Ideology and by Tibetan Tantrism.”


12. Next, the program sets forth the significance of the Kalachakra Sand Mandala, the construction and destruction of which is believed by Tantric Buddhists to have tangible metaphysical significance. Specifically, the ritual is believed to call into play the pantheon of spirits and demons of this brand of Buddhism, and to embody the eventual destruction of all things physical. Interestingly (and perhaps significantly), the Dalai Lama and his disciples performed such a ritual at the World Trade Center in the wake of the first World Trade Center bombing. While this may have no political significance whatsoever, it may be very significant, indeed!! Were occult fascists within the Dalai Lama’s milieu invoking a mystical element they believed would aid (or be aided by) the destruction of the World Trade Center? For more about fascist and Nazi connections to 9/11, see—among other programs—FTR#456.

“TRIMONDI: A Mandala is a sacred pictogram; one also can call it a ‘magic circle’. It is an instrument to evoke the gods, goddesses and demons of the Tantric pantheon. For a modem Western approach, in which religion and arts are not yet unified, the Mandala is a work of art. However, in the Lamaist tradition where there is no difference between the aesthetic and the sacred and where art is always sacred art, the Mandala is a spiritual power vortex, an assembly point of gods and demons, a palace of the divine, a spiritual battery from where powerful energies are radiating. It is also connected with the Lamaist idea that the place where the Mandala is erected, stands under the absolute control of its divine or, we would say, demonic ‘inhabitants’. The intricate Mandala, constructed during the Kalachakra Ceremony, is made with colored sand and symbolizes the whole universe. At the end of the ritualistic performance the sand construction will be destroyed by the Tibetan monks. The so called ‘dismantling’ of the sand Mandala symbolizes the destruction of the world and of the universe. This is part of the apocalyptic Doomsday Scenarios in the Kalachakra prophecies, which culminate in a final battle and the End of our planet. Nevertheless the construction and destruction of the Mandala is presented by the Dalai Lama as a contribution to world peace. Although one would desire to believe in its peace producing energy, realistically one has to accept, that the construction of this magic circle after more than 25 years in the West has brought no more appeasement to the people than it did in Tibet, which has suffered much. The aggressive and terrorist energies have become more and stronger in our world and the clash of religions has become an everyday-problem in politics. Is it not evident that the construction of 300 sand Mandalas throughout the U.S. you are speaking of has not contributed peace to this country? History, on the contrary, has proceeded in the opposite direction and is on the way of destruction and war. In our studies it was alarming to find that following the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 a Wheel of Time (Kalachakra) Sand Mandala was built in the lobby of Tower One. For over thirty days, many of the World Trade Center workers and visitors were invited by the Tibetan Monks to participate in the construction of this Mandala. When the Dalai Lama visits New York in the next days, we would ask: Why the terrible event of 9/11 could happen at the World Trade Center that was consecrated by the so called ‘Circle of Peace,’ the Kalachakra Sand Mandala, the same mandalas that were unable to prevent the destruction of 7500 monasteries of Tibet? In this context a sentence of the Tantra expert and Indian scholar Shashi Bhusan Dasgupta may be remarkable: ‘The word Kala means time, death and destruction. Kala-Chakra is the Wheel of Destruction.’ We just did find in the Internet a statement of a participant of the WTC Kalachakra Ceremony, which seems really revealing especially because it is made by an initiand of the Tantra: ‘The topic shifted to the Kalachakra Mandala that was made at One World Trade Center. I was at the dissolution ceremony there, may be around ’96. The monks gathered up all the sand from the Mandala at 1WTC, put it in a vase, then carried it across the bridge into World Financial Center through the Winter Garden, then dumped the sand ceremoniously into the Hudson River for the sake of World Peace. The surface of the river glittered with the afternoon sun, and I cried. 5 years later, the whole building is gone, just like the sand Mandala’ . . .”


13. Again, it should be noted here that the Trimondis were among the Dalai Lama’s most devoted professional, political and spiritual associates. What they have to say is not to be taken lightly. The Trimondis editorialize about their fears concerning the propagation of the Dalai Lama’s spiritual/political philosophy:

“TRIMONDI: We are really uneasy, if you ask us, as to what may potentially happen if this ‘Buddhist-Jihad-Ideology’ of the Kalachakra Tantra will become a new vision of the Chinese political self-understanding. Will the much more peaceful and softer philosophy of Daoism and Confucianism be replaced by the ‘Shambhala Warrior Doctrine’, which was once propagated in thirties by the Japanese Shinto-Fascists to mobilize the Mongolian minorities of Manchuria and West China? If the present situation in Europe is any indicator, we must say that we are alarmed as we witness the rising interest in Germany [on the part] of Fascist, Neo-fascist and Nazi-intellectuals and in Asia of a terrorist like the Japanese Doomsday Guru Shoko Asahara in the ideological concepts of the Shambhala War of the Kalachakra Tantra. This should be a Menetekel, that the ‘writing is on the wall’ as a major wake-up call for the West.”


14. Gaining a broader view of the political milieu of which the Dalai Lama is a part, the broadcast notes that the Dalai Lama has collaborated with Islamists from among the Uighur population of Xinjiang province of China. The Uighurs–a largely Muslim population who speak a Turkic language—have been agitating for independence from China. (The Uighurs refer to Xinjiang as East or Eastern Turkestan.) With Xinjiang province being rich in petroleum, the Uighurs have had little trouble obtaining support from foreign intelligence services. For additional information about Uighur involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda milieu, see FTR#348. It should be noted that we are a long way from dealing with “Buddhists” here!! The Dalai Lama’s milieu is part of a larger Underground Reich virtual state.

“India should have reasons to be concerned over the Dalai Lama’s hobnobbing with the pan- Islamic elements in Xinjiang. One cannot avoid suspecting that the influence of these elements must have been behind his participation in a conference organized in Chennai last year by some elements, which have been acting as apologists for Gen. Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistani military dictator, which was attended by a representative of the Huryiat of J&K and a large number of Pakistanis, some of them retired Pakistani military officers. The Dalai Lama’s set-up subsequently denied or played down some of the controversial remarks attributed to him at the conference. The Government of India should consider conveying to the Dalai Lama its unhappiness and concern over his association with pan-Islamic elements in Xinjiang.”

(“US & Terrorism in Xinjiang” by B. Raman; From the website of the South Asia Analysis Group [an Indian intelligence/national security think tank]; 7/02.)

15. More on the Uighur involvement with Al Qaeda:

“10. The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and the Abu Sayyaf of the southern Philippines have been designated as Foreign Terrorist Organizations under the US law of 1996, but not the Eastern Turkestan Islamic Party, though all the three are members of Osama bin Laden’s International Islamic Front For Jehad Against the USA and Israel. In initiating action, either for designation as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, or for action under the UN Security Council Resolution No, 1373 in respect of bank accounts, the US and the European Union have focused essentially on terrorist organizations, which are perceived by them as international in nature or which are seen as posing a threat to their nationals and interests. Terrorist organizations viewed by them as purely indigenous have been excluded. These multiple yardsticks have been used vis- a-vis China as well as India.”


16. Note that both the Islamist element of the Uighur independence movement and its secular allies have collaborated with the Dalai Lama.

“7. Uighurs were found fighting with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. We are aware of credible reports that some Uighurs who were trained by al-Qaeda have returned to China. . . .24. The second similarity relates to the external causes of aggravation of the terrorist violence in Xinjiang. Just as in J & K, in Xinjiang too, there are two distinct terrorist/extremist movements- -one resorting to violence on ethnic grounds to assert the Uighur ethnic identity against the perceived Han Chinese domination and the other using religious and pan-Islamic arguments to justify violence for the establishment of an independent Islamic State. While the ethnic separatist elements have been the beneficiaries of sympathy and support from the Dalai Lama’s set-up and the Tibetan diaspora abroad, and the US, Taiwanese and Turkish intelligence agencies, the religious fundamentalist elements have been in receipt of support from the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)-backed jehadi organizations in Pakistan, the Taliban and bin Laden’s International Islamic Front For Jehad Against the USA and Israel.”


17. According to the Raman paper, the CIA had close connections to Erkin Alptekin, a member of the board of the Dalai Lama Foundation and a functionary of the movement to establish Xinjiang province of China as an independent (Muslim) Uighur state—East Turkestan. It should be noted that Alptekin is an operative of the Pan-Turkist movement, which is distinct from the Islamist element in the Uighur independence movement. The Pan-Turkist movement is discussed at length in FTR#549, as well as RFA#’s 14 and 21, available from Spitfire.

“25. In the 1970s and the 1980s, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the USA had built up a network of contacts with the Uighur separatist elements and some of those, who had in the past worked for the Munich-based Radio Liberty of the CIA such as Erkin Alptekin, chairman of the Europe-based Eastern Turkestani Union and a close Uighur associate of the Dalai Lama, are now in the forefront of the ethnic separatist movement. . . .”


18. The Dalai Lama himself is no stranger to elements of U.S. intelligence, specifically the CIA.

“ . . .However, throughout the 1960’s, the Tibetan exile community was secretly pocketing $1.7 million from the CIA, according to documents released by the State Department in 1998. Once this fact was publicized, the Dalai Lama’s organization itself issued a statement admitting that it had received millions of dollars from the CIA during the 1960’s to send armed squads of exiles into Tibet to undermine the Maoist revolution. The Dalai Llama’s annual payment from the CIA was $186,000. Indian intelligence also financed both him and other Tibetan exiles. He has refused to say whether he or his brothers worked for the CIA. The agency has also declined to comment. . . .”

(“Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth” by Michael Parenti; 7/04.)

19. In addition to his background with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty—both closely connected to U.S. intelligence—Erkin Alptekin is a founder and key member of the UNPO, about which we will have more to say in weeks to come. “ERKIN ALPTEKIN is one of the foremost human rights advocates for the Uighur people of Eastern Turkestan, also known as the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China. Mr. Alptekin was employed by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty from 1971 to 1994. He is one of the founders of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), and currently serves as its general secretary.”

(Excerpt from the list of the board of the Dalai Lama Foundation.)

20. Looking ahead to future discussions of the milieu to which the Dalai Lama belongs, the program highlights the head of the UNPO—Karl von Habsburg, the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. (For more about the Habsburgs and their fascist connections, see—among other programs—FTR#536.) Again, we are a long, long way from dealing with “Buddhists” here! With the Dalai Lama and his milieu, we appear to be looking at manifestations of the Underground Reich as a “virtual state”—a state without formal geographical borders.

“The eldest son and heir of the dynasty is Karl (Karl’s website), who lives in Austria and has served in the Austrian army and was a member of the European Parliament, like his father, from 1996-1999. [Emphasis added.] He has worked hard to keep the family in the public limelight, even hosting a popular television game show. He works quietly to change the Austrian laws of 1919 that forbid the Habsburgs from holding any political office and has often been mentioned as a possible Chancellor of the Austrian Republic. At this time he is the Generaldirektor of the UNPO (United Nations and Peoples organization). In 1993 Karl married Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza who is well known in European high society.”

(Entry for Karl von Habsburg.)


8 comments for “FTR #547 Hell-o Dalai”

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  4. Here’s an interesting twist; “The Burmese Bin Laden”…(somewhat misnamed)
    And it looks like some Generals might be pulling the strings:

    “Rumours abound that those inciting the fighting, like Wirathu, are pawns for being used by Burma’s military generals to stir up trouble in the nascent democracy.”


    Burmese Buddhist monk Wirathu uses YouTube to spread anti-Muslim hatred to thousands
    By Kate Hodal, The Guardian
    Thursday, April 18, 2013 11:39 EDT

    Thousands watch YouTube videos of 45-year-old ‘Burmese Bin Laden’ who is inciting violence against country’s Muslim minority

    His name is Wirathu, he calls himself the “Burmese Bin Laden” and he is a Buddhist monk who is stoking religious hatred across Burma.

    The saffron-robed 45-year-old regularly shares his hate-filled rants through DVD and social media, in which he warns against Muslims who “target innocent young Burmese girls and rape them”, and “indulge in cronyism”.

    To ears untrained in the Burmese language, his sermons seem steady and calm – almost trance-like – with Wirathu rocking back and forth, eyes downcast. Translate his softly spoken words, however, and it becomes clear how his paranoia and fear, muddled with racist stereotypes and unfounded rumours, have helped to incite violence and spread misinformation in a nation still stumbling towards democracy.

    “We are being raped in every town, being sexually harassed in every town, being ganged up on and bullied in every town,” Wirathu recently told the Guardian, speaking from the Masoeyein monastery in Mandalay where he is based.

    “In every town, there is a crude and savage Muslim majority.”

    It would be easy to disregard Wirathu as a misinformed monk with militant views, were it not for his popularity. Presiding over some 2,500 monks at this respected monastery, Wirathu has thousands of followers on Facebook and his YouTube videos have been watched tens of thousands of times.

    The increasing openness of Burma, which was once tightly controlled under a military junta, has seen a wave of anti-Muslim sentiment spread across the 60 million-strong Buddhist majority – and Wirathu is behind much of it.

    Rising to prominence in 2001, when he created a nationalist campaign to boycott Muslim businesses, Wirathu was jailed for 25 years in 2003 for inciting anti-Muslim hatred but freed in 2010 under a general amnesty.

    Since his release, Wirathu has gone back to preaching hate. Many believe him to be behind the fighting last June between Buddhists and ethnic Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine state, where 200 people were killed and more than 100,000 displaced.

    It was Wirathu who led a rally of monks in Mandalay in September to defend President Thein Sein’s controversial plan to send the Rohingya to a third country. One month later, more violence broke out in Rakhine state.

    Wirathu says the violence in Rakhine was the spark for the most recent fighting in Burma’s central city of Meiktila, where a dispute in a gold shop quickly spiralled into a looting-and-arson spree. More than 40 people were killed and 13,000 forced to flee, most of them Muslims, after mosques, shops and houses were burned down across the city.

    Wirathu says part of his concern with Islam is that Buddhist women have been converted by force and then killed for failing to follow Islamic rules. He also believes the halal way of killing cattle “allows familiarity with blood and could escalate to the level where it threatens world peace”.

    So he is back to leading a nationalist “969″ campaign, encouraging Buddhists to “buy Buddhist and shop Buddhist” and demarcate their homes and businesses using numbers related to the Buddha (the number refers to his nine attributes, the six attributes of his teaching and the nine attributes of the Buddhist order), seemingly with the intention of creating an apartheid state.

    Wirathu openly blames Muslims for instigating the recent violence. A minority population that makes up just 5% of the nation’s total, Wirathu says Burma’s Muslims are being financed by Middle Eastern forces: “The local Muslims are crude and savage because the extremists are pulling the strings, providing them with financial, military and technical power,” he said.

    Not everyone agrees with Wirathu’s teachings, including those of his own faith. “He sides a little towards hate,” said Abbot Arriya Wuttha Bewuntha of Mandalay’s Myawaddy Sayadaw monastery. “This is not the way Buddha taught. What the Buddha taught is that hatred is not good, because Buddha sees everyone as an equal being. The Buddha doesn’t see people through religion.”

    Critics point to Wirathu’s lack of education to explain his extremism as little more than ignorance, but his views do have clout in a nation where many businesses are run successfully by Muslims.

    The second son of eight children, Wirathu was born in 1968 in a town near Mandalay and only attended school until 14, after which he became a monk. Eager to leave “civilian life rife with its greed and spite”, he said he had no intention of marrying: “I didn’t want to be with a woman.”

    Wirathu claims he has read the Qur’an and counts Muslims among his friends, but said: “We’re not so close because my Muslim friends don’t know how to talk to Buddhist monks … I can accept [being friends] if they consider me an important and respected religious figure.”

    Despite spending seven years in prison for stoking religious violence, Wirathu won a “freedom of religion” award in February from the UK’s foremost Burmese monastery, Sasana Ramsi in London, in the same week that he spread rumours that a Rangoon school would be developed into a mosque.

    Analysts warn that Wirathu’s seeming freedom to preach as he pleases – in addition to his influence over other monks, who have also started preaching against Islam – should be taken as a wake-up call to the rest of the world. “If a similar hate movement like Burma’s ’969′ movement – which spreads hate speech and hate symbols – [existed] specifically against, say, the Jews in Europe, no European government would tolerate it,” Burmese activist and London School of Economics visiting fellow Maung Zarni said.

    “Why should the EU not take it seriously, in a major EU-aid recipient country?”

    Both Thein Sein and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi have been criticised for not taking a greater stand against the violence that has racked Burma in recent months. Some have pointed to the seemingly planned nature of many of the attacks; UN special envoy Vijay Nambiar said the violence had a “brutal efficiency” and cited “incendiary propaganda” as stirring up trouble.

    Multifaith activists in Burma recently took to the streets to counter the violence, distributing T-shirts and stickers with the message: “There shall be no racial or religious conflicts because of me.” But the Buddhist-Muslim tension has already spread far and wide.

    In Rangoon, a recent mosque fire that killed 13 children was widely believed to be a case of arson. And in Indonesia, eight Buddhists were beaten to death by Rohingya Muslims at a detention centre, in apparent retribution for incidents of sexual assault by Buddhist inmates against Rohingya women.

    Rumours abound that those inciting the fighting, like Wirathu, are pawns for being used by Burma’s military generals to stir up trouble in the nascent democracy. But Wirathu insists he is working alone: “These are my own beliefs,” he said. “I want the world to know this.”

    In a chilling sermon last month, Wirathu warned that the “population explosion” of Burma’s Muslims could mean only one thing: “They will capture our country in the end.”

    And just like his namesake, this “Burmese Bin Laden” made a brazen call to arms: “Once we [have] won this battle, we will move on to other Muslim targets.”

    Preacher of hate

    1968 Wirathu is born in Kyaukse, near Mandalay

    1984 Joins the monkhood

    2001 Starts promoting his nationalist “969″ campaign, which includes boycotting Muslim businesses

    2003 Jailed for 25 years for inciting religious violence after distributing anti-Muslim leaflets, leading to 10 Muslims being killed in Kyaukse

    2010 Freed under a general amnesty

    June 2012 Violence breaks out between ethnic Rohingya Muslims and Rakhine Buddhists in Rakhine state

    September 2012 Wirathu leads a rally of monks in support of President Thein Sein’s proposal to send the Rohingya to a third country

    October 2012 More violence breaks out in Rakhine state

    March 2013 Inter-religious fighting in Meiktila sees 40 killed and nearly 13,000 displaced; “969″ stickers and plaques distributed throughout Burma

    © Guardian News and Media 2013

    Posted by Swamp | April 20, 2013, 9:03 am
  5. This was so incredibly sad for me. To be perfectly honest I was depressed for a few days after listening to this program and if I hadn’t already watched Werner Herzog’s documentary: “Wheel of Time”


    I might not have believed you. In this film the Dalai Lama showed his true colors. You must watch documentary to understand the full impact of what the Dalai Lama did but suffice it to say he denied the Kalachakra empowerment to thousands of poor people in Bodh Gaya, India, many of whom had been making the pilgrimage for several months on their hands and knees, citing “ill health” only to perform the ceremony a few months later at a 5 star convention center in Graz, Austria.

    This documentary broke my heart but now I understand why in Austria and why in such an affluent venue.

    You might not believe what I am about to say but I swear it is true. Yesterday on Drudge Report there was a link to a Reuters article that said: “Dalai Lama’s Website attacking visitors”. I clicked on the link and it took me to a page that said the article didn’t exist. I left it on screen and in a new tab searched for the same article through Starpage. I found it!…. but it had been changed. This is the link to the article:


    It says the Dalai Lama’s web site had been “hacked” and was infected with malicious software that could be used to spy on people. This is a pure, unadulterated LIE! His web site had a spy tracker just as many other sites like Infowars or Medscape. I know because I have an integrated software that detects these trackers. Somebody at Reuters got wind of this and published the article only to be immediately pulled and substituted with the current article which makes the Dalai Lama appear as a “victim” instead of a perpetrator.

    Now, what followed next is what shocked me the most. When I went back to the original link so I could post it here proving how it said “the article does not exist”….. It was gone! Instead the Reuters homepage was on screen and when I checked my history folder the link had disappeared from this folder as well! How?!? I have taken great pains and precautions to keep my computer free from any intrusion so…. what does this mean? If you Dave, or any of your listeners know how this was done I would really appreciate the information.

    Posted by Shibusa | August 13, 2013, 10:35 am
  6. @Shibusa–

    With regard to having one’s heart broken by the material–I can certainly relate.

    It is an emotion I have been experiencing for decades.

    Graz, Austria, by the way, was one of Hitler’s favorite cities, called by him “The City of the Elevation.”

    Schwarzenegger’s father was chief of police in an immediately adjacent town.

    Graz was also a way-station on the Vatican “Rat Line” that helped escaped Nazis.

    With regard to destroying the Marine Corps and U.S. military–this is what Von Clausewitz termed “the continuation of war by other means.”

    The GOP is a Nazi “deep fifth column” in the United States.

    They are using economics to do what foreign enemies have been unable to do.



    Posted by Dave Emory | August 13, 2013, 3:38 pm
  7. http://www.worldbulletin.net/haber/141178/sri-lankan-hardline-buddhist-links-dalai-lama-to-islam

    Update: 09:27, 23 July 2014 Wednesday

    Sri Lankan hardline Buddhist links Dalai Lama to Islam
    Tibetan spiritual leader called on monks in Myanmar and Sri Lanka to end violence towards Muslims in their countries.

    World Bulletin/News Desk

    A hardline Sri Lankan Buddhist monk leading an anti-Muslim campaign accused the Dalai Lama on Tuesday of being influenced by Islam and said the Tibetan could not be accepted as a world Buddhist leader.

    Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara, the secretary general of the Sri Lanka’s hardline group Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), or “Buddhist Power Force”, spoke out after the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader called on monks in Myanmar and Sri Lanka to end violence towards Muslims in their countries.

    Clashes broke out in two Sri Lankan towns with large Muslim populations in June during a BBS-led protest. Early this month, hundreds of Myanmar Buddhists threatened to kill Muslims in the country’s second-largest city of Mandalay.

    Reacting to the Dalai Lama’s comments made in India, Gnanasara told reporters: “Like Pope for Christians, he is considered as the leader for all Buddhists by the West. But we don’t accept him as the leader of the Buddhists.”

    Gnanasara said the exiled Tibetan leader, who won the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize, was unlikely to visit Sri Lanka because Colombo did not want to upset its close relations with Beijing.

    “We see Dalai Lama is also a victim of the Muslim extremism,” the BBS leader said. “They have fed misinformation and he has got wrong information.”

    Sectarian tensions erupted on June 15 in the southern coastal towns of Aluthgama and Beruwela during a protest march led by the BBS.

    Many residents of the towns, popular with tourists, said BBS activists had made inflammatory statements against Muslims at a rally before the violence that killed at least three. Much of the coast is dominated by majority Buddhist Sinhalese community.

    Two people died in the unrest in Mandalay early this month that the Dalai Lama mentioned, raising the prospect of further communal violence there.

    Posted by Vanfield | August 3, 2014, 2:27 pm
  8. So long Dalai?

    Dalai Lama says no need for successor

    September 7, 2014 5:55 PM

    The Dalai Lama has told a German newspaper that he should be the last Tibetan spiritual leader, ending a centuries-old religious tradition from his Himalayan homeland.

    His comments to the Welt am Sonntag newspaper echo his previous statement that “the institution of the Dalai Lama has served its purpose”, but were even more explicit.

    “We had a Dalai Lama for almost five centuries. The 14th Dalai Lama now is very popular. Let us then finish with a popular Dalai Lama,” he said.

    “If a weak Dalai Lama comes along, then it will just disgrace the Dalai Lama,” he added with a laugh, according to a transcript of the English language interview.

    He also said: “Tibetan Buddhism is not dependent on one individual. We have a very good organisational structure with highly trained monks and scholars.”

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | September 9, 2014, 6:15 pm

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