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FTR #577 Truth and Consequences—Interview with Ed Haslam and Daniel Hopsicker

Recorded November 19, 2006

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New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison

Introduction: Observing the 43rd anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination, this program features two guests who have pursued different investigative pathways, both of which began with the personal and professional associations of David Ferrie in New Orleans. (David Ferrie was the initial focal point of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s investigation into the Kennedy killing. Ferrie was also cited by the House Select Committee on Assassinations as a figure worthy of investigation by the Justice Department.)

Ed Haslam’s investigation into Ferrie’s activities led him to research an underground medical laboratory involved in studying a cancer-causing monkey virus that contaminated the polio vaccine. Daniel Hopsicker investigated Barry Seal, a CIA operative and the most prolific drug smuggler in U.S. history. Seal got his start in government service as a member of David Ferrie’s Civil Air Patrol unit in New Orleans. (Lee Harvey Oswald was another member of the unit.) The fundamental theme of the program concerns the need to address major illnesses on, or in, the body politic. Failure to do so can lead to major problems—a soft-tissue cancer epidemic, an epidemic of drug addiction, and even 9/11.

Program Highlights Include: Oswald’s links to organized crime in the New Orleans area; Oswald’s links to a woman named Judith Vary Baker, who dated Oswald; Baker’s work with David Ferrie turning cancer-causing monkey viruses into a biological weapon to assassinate Fidel Castro; Ferrie’s skills as a hypnotist; Barry Seal’s probable role as the pilot of a getaway plane carrying JFK shooters to safety; the Bobby Baker scandal in the administration of LBJ; Colonel Dan Marvin’s attempted recruitment to kill a Navy officer involved in the autopsy of President Kennedy.

1. Beginning with the theme of the program, Mr. Emory opens the broadcast by noting that, when a society ignores a major wound on the body politic (in this case the assassination of President Kennedy), it can lead to members of that society getting cancer from a monkey virus that contaminates vaccines and/or people with “monkeys on their back” because of narcotics brought into the country with the collusion of members of the government. Because JFK’s murder was not properly investigated, the cancer-causing SV-40 monkey virus continued to contaminate vaccines and to be sexually-transmitted, resulting in an epidemic of soft-tissue cancers. Because JFK’s murder was not properly investigated, the elements of the intelligence community that collaborated with organized crime and trafficked in drugs have proceeded uninterrupted.

2. Next, Ed Haslam noted that the vast majority of the American public does not believe the Warren Report. In the immediate aftermath of the assassination, polls indicated that 32% of the American people believed that Lee Harvey Oswald committed the crime alone and unaided. After the Warren Report that percentage jumped to 37%. The point Ed makes is that only the government and the media really believe the Warren Report. (For more about Ed Haslam, see—among other programs—FTR#’s 16, 19, 62, 63, 76, 198, 269, 557.)

3. Although Ed’s investigation of an underground medical laboratory and the SV-40-generated soft-tissue cancer epidemic is radically different from, and a long way removed from, Daniel Hopsicker’s investigation of the life, career and professional associations of Barry Seal, a CIA officer and the largest drug smuggler in U.S. history. And yet, the investigative pathways followed by both men began with investigations of the associations of David Ferrie, a career U.S. intelligence agent, participant in the assassination of President Kennedy and the first focal point of Jim Garrison’s investigation of Kennedy’s murder.

4. Barry Seal began his career in U.S. intelligence working for the Civil Air Patrol unit commanded by David Ferrie. Lee Harvey Oswald was a member of the same unit. Daniel related information set forth in Barry and the Boys indicating that Ferrie had been practicing hypnosis on the boys in his unit. When one of them seriously cut his hand during a drill, Ferrie extended his arm and suggested that the fellow would feel no pain and that the bleeding would promptly stop. That the subject responded quickly and positively indicates that he had been hypnotized by Ferrie on numerous occasions. (Ferrie was a master hypnotist.)

5. After Mr. Emory noted that Barry Seal was flying covert missions carrying arms and possibly drugs while he was still in high school, the topic of discussion turned to the probability that Barry Seal had flown a getaway plane out of Dallas on 11/22/1963. Mr. Emory’s guests added that it was common knowledge in certain circles that there had been a getaway plane on that fateful day. For more about this, see FTR#’s 288, 503.

6. Next, Ed Haslam noted that the links between organized crime and the political establishment were already profound on 11/22/1963. In that context, Ed noted that Lee Harvey Oswald regularly dined at restaurants owned by Carlos Marcello, the mafia boss of New Orleans. Oswald would merely walk out with a knowing look and gesture and-voila!-he didn’t have to pay.

7. Supplementing Ed’s discussion of SV-40, Mr. Emory summed up the way in which the virus causes cancer. For more about this, see—among other programs—FTR#199.

8. Among the major points of discussion, one of the most important (and new) topics was a woman named Judith Vary Baker, who not only dated Lee Harvey Oswald, but worked with him at the Reilly Coffee Company. [Mr. Emory noted that the Reilly Coffee Company was owned by a financial backer of the anti-Castro Cuban exile community in New Orleans. It seems more than a little strange that he would be supportive of Oswald, who was ostensibly a backer of Castro.] Ed disclosed that Ms. Baker was working with David Ferrie on a project to develop the cancer-causing monkey viruses into a biological weapon to assassinate Fidel Castro. It should be noted that, as Ed mentions, Ms. Baker has been the focal point of disinformation on the Internet.

9. The program began its conclusion with Ed relating an anecdote about the Bobby Baker scandal from the early 1960’s. [The Bobby Baker scandal overlapped the investigation into the Kennedy assassination.]

10. Mr. Emory noted the evidentiary and historical tributaries that extend forward from Barry Seal’s work in David Ferrie’s Civil Air Patrol unit to the drug-smuggling milieu through which Mohamed Atta and company infiltrated into the United States. Mr. Emory editorialized that people might not care about the Kennedy assassination, but the failure to address the political realities inherent in that killing can lead to events such as 9/11. (For more about the evidentiary and historical tributaries connecting the milieu of Barry Seal to the milieu of 9/11, see—among other programs—FTR#’s 482, 483, 484.)

11. Ed Haslam recounted the story of Colonel Dan Marvin, recruited to murder one of the figures involved in JFK’s autopsy. For more about Colonel Marvin’s odyssey, see FTR#8.

12. Be sure to visit Daniel Hopsicker’s website: www.madcowprod.com, as well as Ed Haslam’s site: doctormarysmonkey.com/index.htm. For more information about the Kennedy assassination and Jim Garrison’s investigation into that crime, see—among other programs—FTR#’s 19, 47, 190, 253, 288, as well as the Guns of November, available from SPITFIRE.


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