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FTR #58 “Operation Gladio” Update

Listen now: One Segment [1]

Updating material from previous archive programs and 30-minute segments, this program provides supplemental information on “Operation Gladio,” the Italian component of a NATO operation code-named “Stay Behind.” Ostensibly aimed at creating anti-communist guerrilla groups to resist a Soviet invasion of Western Europe or a peaceful communist takeover in Western Europe, the operation gave rise to programs of fascist terrorism (usually blamed on the left). In addition to updating information about the ongoing Italian investigation of the “Years of Lead” (the Italians’ nickname for the Gladio program of bombings, kidnappings and assassinations), the broadcast discusses a possible relationship between an Italian component of “Stay Behind,” code-named “Operation Chaos” and an illegal CIA domestic operation directed at the anti-Vietnam War movement during the 1960s also named “Operation Chaos.”