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FTR #6 The Priebke Affair

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Heralded by the media as “the last war crimes trial of the Second World War,” the trial of former SS officer Eric Priebke for his role in the World War II massacre of Italian hostages has revealed more about the Post-World War II world than about the massacre. Like so many SS officers and Nazi war criminals, Priebke appears to have been aided in his flight from justice by the Vatican, U.S. intelligence and the ODESSA network (the post war SS underground formed to aid veterans of Hitler’s SS.) The program discusses the ongoing assistance given men such as Priebke by the intelligence services of many countries (including the United States) and successful efforts to form alliances between these men and powerful, trans-national corporations. One of the star witnesses against Priebke, fellow SS officer and massacre participant Karl Hass, has worked for U.S., Italian and German intelligence following the war. (Recorded in August of 1996.)


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