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FTR #61 Update on the Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103

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Previously recorded segments and archive programs analyze a growing and compelling body of information indicating complicity on the part of elements of Western intelligence agencies with the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 on 12/21/88. This program updates that information by discussing the shoddy (and probably illegal) treatment of former Defense Intelligence Agency operative Lester Coleman. Coleman provided information alleging that a DEA sting operation went awry, permitting the Pan Am 103 bombers to carry out the act. Imprisoned in New York City, whistle blower Coleman has been denied access to treatment for the cancer that afflicts him, thus endangering his life. In addition, the broadcast sets forth the alarming circumstances surrounding the death of documentary film-maker Alan Francovich, whose film The Maltese Double Cross accesses Coleman’s allegations, as well as highlighting other evidence of the complicity American, British and German intelligence services with the bombing. The film had been the focus of active attempts at suppression. Francovich died of an apparent heart attack while going through U.S. customs in Houston, with documents in his possession that would exonerate Coleman and implicate the Reagan and Bush administrations and the CIA in a number of unsavory and illegal activities.


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