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FTR #615 Going Native, Part 2 German Foreign Policy and Its Implications

Recorded October 21, 2007
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Karl Von Habsburg, standing, third from left.

Continuing analysis from FTR#550, this program looks at the use of native, “unrepresented” peoples by political elements that don’t appear to be genuinely concerned with the welfare of those population groups. Specifically, we look at a strange brew of Tibetan Buddhists, Mongolian Buddhists, Islamists and Pan-Turkists working under the auspices of the House of Habsburg in order to precipitate the secession of resource-rich provinces from China. It is Mr. Emory’s opinion that the use of unrepresented, “native” peoples by ultra-reactionary interests like the Hapsburgs is a cynical manipulation of these populations. Rather than sincerely championing the interests of these groups and promoting their welfare, sustenance and democratic governance, they appear to be using these groups as vehicles for the destabilization and partitioning of larger nations—China in particular. It is for the purposes of covert destabilization that the House of Habsburg and its ally the Underground Reich appear to be “going native.” One should not fail to note that Native American tribes like the Lakota and Native Hawaiians have been focal points of the Hapsburg political front the UNPO—“The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization.” One of the most important points of the broadcast concerns the close collaboration between Germany, German political parties of the center, right and left and the Dalai Lama. Directed at weakening or fragmenting China, this collaboration has enlisted the support of the South Tyrolean independence movement and used that movement as a paradigm for furthering Tibetan independence from China. Indeed, the Tibetan and Mongolian independence movements and the South Tyrolean separatists allied with them are direct manifestations of what the Germans call “Volksgruppenrechte”—the rights of ethnic minorities. The superficially noble appearance of this principle should not blind an observer to the cynical, fascistic ends toward which this dedication to the cause of ethnic minorities is directed. The second program (FTR#616) sets forth two other manifestations of the German “Volksgruppenrechte.” German officials have cited the Holy Roman Empire (all white, all Christian) as an appropriate precedent and model for the operation of the EU—no “ethnic minorities” need apply, thank you very much. In addition, German ethnic thinking expressed through the Bertelsmann foundation has found favor in certain U.S. military circles, which are proposing to redraw the map of the Middle East along “ethnic lines.” If enacted, this outcropping of Volksgruppenrechte will fundamentally alter life and the balance of power in the Middle East.

Program Highlights Include: Discussion of the possible use of Native Hawaiians and other native peoples of the United States to weaken or dissolve the U.S. at some point in the future; the World War II alliance between Nazi Germany, its Japanese ally and the young Dalai Lama; the Nazi origins of the South Tyrolean separatists who huddled with the Dalai Lama during his visit to Bolzano [Italy]; review of the roles of Otto von Bolschwing and Helena von Damm in infiltrating the Republican party and turning it into a vehicle for the Nazification of the United States.

1. Returning to a subject that Mr. Emory dealt with in FTR#’s 547, 548, 549, 550, these programs delve deeper into the Dalai Lama’s historical connections to the Third Reich and elements of the SS. In addition, the broadcasts set forth more information about the use of ethnic minority groups to destabilize and fragment larger countries. The Dalai Lama has been active on behalf of Tibetan separatism and the separatist movement of Mongolia as well–both separatist movements are directed at fragmenting China in such as a way as to permit a foreign entity desirous of exploiting China’s natural resources without having to reckon with the Chinese government. As will be seen below, this same tactic might be used in the future to fragment or weaken the United States, as well. Much of the program material highlights the profound German support for the Dalai Lama’s separatist efforts, as well as the extent to which the German tactic of “Volksgruppenrechte” has served as the template for the Dalai Lama’s activities. Indeed, the Dalai Lama has drawn support from the South Tyrolean separatist movement, which seeks to tease this German-speaking minority region in Northern Italy from the Italian nation as a whole. (Serious listeners are referred to FTR#’s 547, 548, 549, 550 in order to gain an understanding of the fundamental background material necessary for a serious comprehension of the material.) “The German chancellor is reinforcing Berlin’s special relationships to Chinese separatists, in spite of Beijing’s massive protests. The Dalai Lama had talks in the German Chancellery, for the first time, Sunday, Sept. 23. He is the leader of a self-proclaimed Tibetan exile government, with its headquarters in India, which is calling for the secession of Tibet from the Peoples Republic of China or at least special rights in accordance with the German model of ‘autonomy.’ The Dalai Lama is a western ally, helping to weaken Beijing and hamper its rise to the status of world power. For decades he has been enjoying the cross-party sympathy in Germany and is receiving support from conservatives, liberals and Greens alike. Still his meeting with Angela Merkel has been met with criticism, because business circles fear retaliatory actions on the part of the Chinese government will have a negative effect on their business. German strategies of attrition against Beijing, their historical precursors in the first half of the 20th century and the scenes of current measures, are the themes of a series of articles that german-foreign-policy.com began Monday Sept. 24. . . . The role model for the rights of autonomy, that the Dalai Lama is demanding from Beijing, is patterned on the German ethnic model ‘Volksgruppenrechte’ (the rights of ethnic minority groups). In the Northern Italian autonomous region of Trentino-Alto Adige (South Tyrol) this is in force and has done nothing toward ending efforts toward secession. Already in 1993 an assistant of the European Academy Bozen, in Alto Adige, contacted the ‘foreign minister’ of the Tibetan exile government.[2] This academy, that has an ad hoc ‘Volksgruppenrecht’, Institute was founded with the participation of the foreign ministry of Germany.[3] The Dalai Lama personally visited Bolzano in 1997. Still during the 90s, the Tibetan exile government began consultations with the European Academy on the question of ‘Volksgruppenrecht’. ‘South Tyrol has definitely the character of a role model for Tibet’ explained the Tibetan exile ruler during his second visit to Bolzano in 2005. . . . In meeting the Dalai Lama, the Chancellery is taking a major risk. As one hears in Berlin, Beijing is probably avoiding any conflict with Germany and German firms, immediately preceding the Olympic Games. The opportunity for intensifying support for Tibetan separatism without risks are therefore growing. And this, it is said, is quite desirable. As Roland Koch, the prime minister of Hesse, is said to have learned during his trip to Tibet last July, the chances are growing to intensify the pressure on the People’s Republic of China and Beijing is worried that if the Tibetan dignitary (72) dies, rebellions could break out in Tibet and in other national minority areas. According to Koch, Chinese government circles are speaking of the danger of Tibet becoming a ‘powder keg’ [9] with serious consequences. ‘If it doesn’t work out good there (in Tibet, the author) it could have repercussions in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia’ rejoices the Dalai Lama with the two other potential secessionist regions in mind: ‘after all, these three autonomous regions stretch over half of the Chinese territory’. . . .”
(“Strategies of Attrition (Part I)”; German-Foreign-Policy.com; 9/24/2007.)

2. Supplementing information about the Dalai Lama’s Nazi connections presented in FTR#547, the program notes that both Germany and Japan were allied with the Dalai Lama as early as 1942! “ . . . German plans for Tibet became topical for the last time, during the Nazi rule. in 1942. Impressed by the Wehrmacht’s advance on Soviet territory, Himmler ordered the ‘total exploration of the Central Asian vital living space (‘Lebensraum’)’.[11] When, in the summer of 1942, Japanese troops advanced into the region bordering Tibet, they encountered a German ally in Lhasa – the Dalai Lama. [Emphasis added.] The god-king’s camarilla was hoping to disengage itself from Chinese, Soviet Russian and British influence and to eternalize the Tibetan feudal dictatorship. The goal was to create a ‘Pan-Mongolian Federation’ – under the leadership of the Third Reich and Japan. . . .”
(“Strategies of Attrition (Part II)”; German-Foreign-Policy.com; 9/27/2007.)

3. The South Tyrolean People’s Party that networked with the Dalai Lama during his European visit also has strong Nazi roots: “ . . . Last week, a delegation of North Italian parliamentarians held extensive talks with the Tibetan self-proclaimed ‘exile government’ at its headquarters in Dharamsala, Northern India. This is important for the foreign policy of Germany, because ‘South Tyrol’ has many links to the networks of ethnic German ‘Volksgruppen’ policy. Franz Pahl’s party (leader of the delegation), the Südtiroler Volkspartei (South Tyrolean People’s Party), is a member of the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN), that was founded by Nazi ‘Volksgruppen’ experts and is today still financed by the German government. The FUEN is also supported by the Autonomous Region Trentino – South Tyrol and the Autonomous Province of Bozen. The ‘South Tyrol’ autonomy is patterned after concepts of the German ‘Volksgruppen’ policy and was established after a series of terrorist attacks, instigated by German residents. Former ‘South Tyrol’ terrorists are still sheltered on German soil. . . .”
(“Strategies of Attrition (Part III)”; German-Foreign-Policy.com; 10/02/07.)

4. Note that another “Strategies of Attrition” paper (IV) has been published by German-Foreign-Policy.com. It is available at: http://www.german-foreign-policy.com/en/fulltext/56104. The information in this article supplements and updates the material in FTR#’s 549, 550, further developing information about the UNPO and its association with the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan separatist movement and the Mongolian separatist. Note that the UNPO is headed by Karl von Hapsburg, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
(“Strategies of Attrition (Part IV)”; German-Foreign-Policy.com; 10/22/07.)

5. Examining the application of Volksgruppenrechte to Europe, the broadcast notes that some German officials are looking to the Holy Roman Empire of medieval Europe—“all German, all the time”—as a working model for the European Union. Don’t expect to see ethnic minorities in Europe getting the “Dalai Lama treatment!” In this context, Mr. Emory notes that in the early 1990’s, Germany denied the North Frisians and the Sorbs the right to speak their own language. (The Sorbs are a Slavic minority people in Germany and the North Frisians are a Danish ethnic minority in the Federal Republic. No Volksgruppenrechte for them!) Note that Otto von Hapsburg, the father of UNPO head Karl von Hapsburg, is an enthusiastic supporter of the view of the European Union as “Holy Roman Empire Redux.” Otto von Hapsburg has overt fascist sympathies, as can be seen in the excerpt that follows in paragraph #9. Also of interest here is Bernd Neumann’s invitation to the Pope to attend the EEC’s 50th anniversary celebration. As discussed in FTR#’s 508, 559, the available evidence suggests very strongly that the current Pope is answerable to the Underground Reich. “The medieval, Europe-wide German Reich is a valid model for the union of European countries today. So says the Berlin State Minister for Culture, Bernd Neumann. According to him, the memory of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation reveals ‘an inner historical consistency’ with the founding and steady expansion of the European Union. These remarks are a preparation for the festivities in Berlin for the fiftieth anniversary of the European Economic Community (EEC), to which the Federal Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has invited the German Pope, Joseph Ratzinger. Ratzinger is a committed supporter of the ‘Imperial Ideal’ (Reichsidee) and is to speak on the ‘spiritual foundations’ of Europe in the German capital. This government offensive to revitalize the mperial Ideal will underline the German leadership of the EU and confirm fears in France, Great Britain and almost all the states of eastern Europe. Sections of the German elites are warning against an all-too-public assertion of German hegemony. As the Berlin State Culture Minister Bernd Neumann said, the German Reich of the Middle Ages can ‘from today’s viewpoint’ serve ‘as a valid model of the functioning order of a superstate’. . . . The public references to the structures of the medieval Reich which are evident in Neumann’s position used to be the province of the extreme right, or confined to clerical-conservative circles – at any rate since the Second World War. This was the opinion of the CSU (Christian Social Union) politician and grandson of the Austrian Kaiser, Otto von Habsburg who made it known at the end of the Seventies that ‘the European integration of our times (…) follows the grand outline and principles of the Reich, which survived 1806, because they are of lasting validity’.[3] Similarly, the Pan-Europa Union, an association of EU supporters close to the CSU insisted that ‘the eternal function of the Reich must be renewed in the Europe of tomorrow in the interest of the West’.[4] Similarly, Joseph Ratzinger, the present Pope Benedict XVI acknowledged that the origins of today’s EU should acknowledge ‘a common imperial ideal (Reichsidee)’.[5] In recent years, conservative newspapers have opened their columns to new advocacy for the‘Reich’. . . .”
(“The Ordering of a Superstate”; German-Foreign-Policy.com; 8/29/2006.)

6. The broadcast sets forth the fascist inclinations of Otto von Habsburg, the aging patriarch of that family and the father of Karl von Habsburg. (Younger listeners should note that Rudolph Hess was one of Hitler’s closest aides and the last prisoner at Spandau prison.) For more about the Hapsburgs and the UNPO, see FTR#550. “ . . . The final escalation was reserved for Otto von Habsburg, a CSU delegate to the European parliament and the son of the last Austrian emperor; since 1973 he has also been president of the ultra-right Pan-Europa-Union and a member of the Freedom for Rudolf Hess Committee [Emphasis added.] . . . .”
(The New Reich: Violent Extremism in Unified Germany and Beyond; by Michael Schmidt; Copyright 1993 by Michael Schmidt; Pantheon Books [HC]; ISBN 0-679-42578-0; p. 137.)

7. Next, the focus turns to an application of “Volksgruppenrechte” being proposed for the Middle East by some strategic thinkers with influence within American military circles. Borrowing on ideas floated by the Bertelsmann foundation, some U.S. military theoreticians are proposing to redraw the boundaries of the Middle East to coincide with the populations of ethnic minorities. Note that the Bertelsmann Foundation is closely associated with the Bertelsmann media corporation, the major focal point of the For The Record series about German corporate control of American media. The publishing house of the SS and the largest publisher of books for the Wehrmacht during World War II, Bertelsmann’s patriarch Heinrich Mohn was in the SS. Bertelsmann’s official corporate historian—Dirk Bavendamm—has published books as recently as 1998 blaming World War II on U.S. imperialism, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and “Jewish control over the American news media.” That is an interesting point of view for the official historian of the company that dominates English language publishing. [For more about Bertelsmann, the Third Reich and the ongoing Nazi influence at Bertelsmann, see—among other programs—FTR#298, as well as the other programs in the series on German corporate control of the American media.] In the context of this potential American application of “Volksgruppenrechte” in the Middle East, it is important to remember that the Underground Reich has gained control of the United States, largely through the infiltration of the Republican Party as a result of the Otto von Bolschwing/Helene von Damm connection described in—among other programs—FTR#’s 180, 332, 465. “American military circles are recommending a re-organization of all nations in the Middle East along ethnic lines. Loss of territory and drawing new borders will effect Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan among others. Through the complete dissolution of states, new actors will be created in international law, along the lines of ethnic and religious affiliation. According to this plan, a country, by the name of ‘Free Kurdistan’ will be created, three times the size of Syria, from territory taken from today’s northern Iraq and eastern Turkey. The remainder of Iraq will be divided, the capital, Baghdad, smashed. Iran would lose extensive areas of its coast, as well as, territory bordering on Pakistan, where a ‘Free Baluchistan’ is to be founded. Mekka and Medina, until now located in Saudi Arabia, will be promoted to capitals of an ‘Islamic Sacred State,’ that will extend to the southern borders of Jordan – doubling the surface of the Hashemite territory (‘Greater Jordan’). This ethnic re-organization is depicted on several US maps, that the historian Dr. Pierre Hillard (Paris) has now published in France. In his talk with german-foreign-policy.com Hillard deems that ‘German policy plays an important role in propagating these ideas’. German-foreign-policy.com publishes, for the first time in Germany, the US cartography. Recommendations for a complete overthrow of the prevailing state order were published in the ‘Armed Forces journal’ (AFJ, June 2006) a magazine of the ‘Army Times Publishing Company’. This enterprise publishes at least ten military magazines (including ‘Army Times’ and ‘Navy Times’) and is owned by the Gannett Media Group (Virginia, USA). In a self-portrait, the operational income of the group, to which the well-known daily, ‘USA Today’ is also affiliated, figured at US $7.6 billion in 2005. . . . As the French historian, Pierre Hillard, judges, this ethnicist aggression, carried out by western powers, is being decisively promoted through the foreign policy of Germany. Hillard refers to continuous efforts by German front organizations, seeking to ‘remodel the Middle East,’ [5] and in this connection, mentions specifically the activities of the Bertelsmann Foundation. The foundation annually organizes forums (‘Kronberg Talks’) on the Middle East, where discussions center around a ‘complete transformation of the political, economic and religious Institutions’ of the Muslim resource states – with the objective of ‘coupling them to the Euro-Atlantic axis,’ . . . The reapportionment of entire state systems is not unknown to Bertelsmann. Thus, on the eve of the (1999) aggression against Yugoslavia, the foundation recommended ‘the ethnic principle’ [8] and the mobilization of ethnic groups against Belgrade – genetically defined minorities with claims to territorial rights. Bertelsmann, in 1996, likewise proposed an ethnic partition plan for Hungary, Romania, Russia and the northern Caucasus. Similar to the propositions contained in the ‘Armed Forces Journal’ several UN member states are being threatened with the loss of their existence, as nation-states. The author at Bertelsmann bases himself on the allegedly ‘unnatural’ drawing of the borders and stakes claims to bogus tribal rights of ethnic communities. . . .”
(“Dirty Little Secret”; German-Foreign-Policy.com; 9/8/2006.)

8. Concluding the discussion with the topic of Native Hawaiian rights, the program notes that Congress recently passed a bill that would give the natives of the 50th state rights similar to those of other native American populations. One should not fail to note that the native Hawaiians have been among the peoples on which the UNPO has focused. (For more about the UNPO, see FTR#550.) The possibility that Hawaii and its native population could be targeted for secession from the United States following an economic, political or natural catastrophe is one to be seriously considered. Might the native Hawaiians, or the Lakota or some other ethnic minority be used by the Underground Reich or a related entity to weaken or dissolve a failing United States? “Native Hawaiians should regain some of the self-governance powers lost when the islands’ queen was overthrown more than a century ago, the House decided Wednesday. The White House threatened a veto, saying the legislation that passed by a 261-153 vote would divide Americans ‘along suspect lines of race and ethnicity.’ The bill would give the 400,000 people nationwide of Native Hawaiian ancestry the right to form a governing entity that could negotiate with the state and federal governments over such issues as control of natural resources, lands and assets. The interior secretary would have to approve that governing body. Native Hawaiians, who long have sought the bill, insist they deserve many of the self-autonomy rights provided to American Indians and Native Alaskans. . . .”
(“House Passes Native Hawaiian Bill” by Jim Abrams [AP]; San Francisco Chronicle; 10/25/2007.)


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  1. Interesting stuff Dave.

    Bertelsmann makes the Murdoch media empire look like a market stall.

    It was the Bertelsmann Foundation which suggested to the EU to re-write the Lisbon Constitution (which voters struck down) as the Lisbon Treaty (which then didn’t need a plebiscite, and could be rammed through parliaments).

    They then used the Bertelsmann Empire to push the ‘Treaty’ lie to the people of Europe through the press.

    In order to free Europe, sooner or later Bertelsmann will need to be removed from its dominant position.

    What is amazing, is that the Bertelsmann Foundation takes a large amount of money from this monster media empire, and it is then openly engaged in political wrangling, particularly at an EU level.

    German, Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, was also official paid lobbyist to the EU on behalf of… Bertelsmann.

    Its getting increasingly difficult to publish a book in Europe, without going through an imprint of Bertelsmann.

    Thats a lot of editorial/marketing clout to prevent books which Germany doesn’t like. Including history books.

    Bertelsmann has been involved in German propaganda in Polish schools for a long time, but is now branching out into more ‘educational’ literature.

    The EU officially sees WW1 and WW2 as the European CIVIL WAR.
    That is the sort of ‘education’ Bertelsmann is pushing.

    The whole population of Europe is being re-framed/brainwashed into a new view of the past, and therefore the present.

    History is written by the victor. And history is being written by Germany.

    That tells you all you need to know.

    Posted by GW | January 8, 2013, 5:41 am

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