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FTR #618 Veteran’s Day Interview with John Loftus

Recorded November 11, 2007
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In 2007, Mr. Emory observed Veterans’ Day by visiting with John Loftus, a former military officer who has heroically uncovered and exposed the machinations of international fascism, bringing the forces of both law and journalism to bear on the malefactors. In addition to helping locate and prosecute Nazi war criminals that found their way into the United States after the war (many brought in by elements of the government), John has diligently pursued the Islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood. Founded in 1928, the Brotherhood fought with the Axis during World War II, jumped to British intelligence and the CIA after the war and—ultimately—spawned the Afghan mujahideen, Al Qaeda, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The first part of the program sets forth a new book by John Loftus—an historical novel that manifests many of the areas of investigation John encountered while working for the government. Titled The Witness Tree, the book treats the subjects o:f U.S. industrialists and financiers that backed Hitler and Mussolini (including the Bush family); the family of Allen, John Foster and Eleanor Dulles and the resulting blackmail that helped to form the fledgling state of Israel. Reviewing John’s work for the Justice Department, the program highlights his investigation of the Crusade For Freedom [CFF], an illegal domestic intelligence operation that brought Central and Eastern European fascists into the United States after World War II, many of them war criminals of the first order. Eventually, the CFF spawned a Nazi wing of the Republican Party, with its roots firmly anchored in the Third Reich and closely associated with the leading Republicans of the second half of the 20th century. After reviewing the Bush family’s involvement with Nazi industry, John also recaps the roles of Allen Dulles, British spy and Nazi double-agent Jack Philby and Ibn Saud in the founding of the state of Saudi Arabia. Treating the subject of the Muslim Brotherhood, John reviews that organization’s participation in World War II on the side of the Axis and its subsequent incorporation into the West’s “fascist freedom fighters” program during the Cold War. Heir to the Muslim Brotherhood, Sami al-Arian was part of the Bank al-Taqwa complex that was nurtured by leading Republicans and was busted in the 3/20/2002 Operation Green Quest raids, precipitated by a lawsuit filed by John. After noting that al-Arian’s name disappeared from a list of terrorist suspects, John speculated that either he had turned informant, or that his powerful friends in the GOP may have gotten him off. Revisiting the subject of WMD’s, John disclosed that he has recently had opportunity to review captured Iraqi documents indicating that Saddam did indeed have WMD’s. It is worth noting that the program was neither what the Bush administration stated, nor what its critics have claimed. Stored in specially constructed warehouses built under the Euphrates River, the WMD technology was spirited out of Iraq under the noses of American troops.

Program Highlights Include: Discussion of John’s new online radio program; Richard Nixon’s participation in the Crusade For Freedom; Ronald Reagan’s participation in the Crusade For Freedom; William Casey’s participation in the Crusade For Freedom; the elder George Bush’s involvement with the Crusade For Freedom milieu and his installation of the Nazis as a permanent part of the Republican Party; the links of GOP lobbyist Grover Norquist to the terrorist funding apparatus busted on 3/20/2002; Karl Rove’s links to the same terror-funding milieu.

1. The discussion begins with information about John’s new book The Witness Tree. Highlighting the life of Eleanor Dulles (sister of Allen and John Foster Dulles), this historical novel notes that her husband was a Jew, who died under strange circumstances. Noting the Western financial support for Hitler and fascism and the behind-the scenes maneuvering around the creation of the state of Israel, the book presents historical truth packaged in the form of a novel. Not yet available in the United States as of the time of the interview, the book is available in Canada. Learn more about The Witness Tree.

2. In addition to discussing John’s new book, the program set forth details John’s new Internet broadcast, The Loftus Report.

3. Promoting yet another of John’s projects, we also highlighted his annual “Intelligence Summit”— a gathering of media personnel and intelligence officers, assembled for the purpose of sharing information and developing solutions for the world’s complex problems. Find out more about this project at: http://www.intelligencesummit.org/speakers/JohnLoftus.php.

4. With the program being recorded on Veterans’ Day, the discussion highlighted John’s work with the Office of Special Investigations, a Justice Department organization assembled for the purpose of bringing to justice Nazi war criminals that escaped to the United States. Of particular significance in this part of the program is the Crusade For Freedom, a domestic intelligence operation that imported Nazis and Eastern European collaborators for domestic political purposes. This fascist milieu eventually evolved into a major wing of the Republican Party. (For more about the CFF, see—among other programs—FTR#465.) The CFF was the brainchild of Allen Dulles, who played a major role in helping to finance Nazi Germany and subsequently assisted the Nazis in their flight capital program that evolved into the Bormann capital network. [Dulles later became director of the CIA at the same time that his brother and fellow Sullivan & Cromwell partner John Foster Dulles became Secretary of State.] (For more information about Dulles and his efforts on behalf of the Nazi bankers and industrialists and their American business partners, see—among other programs—FTR#’s 361, 532, 578.)

5. Ronald Reagan served as the front man for the Crusade for Freedom. Devised by Allen Dulles (who invested Bush family money in the Third Reich and later became director of the CIA), this operation was overseen by Richard Nixon. William Casey (Nixon’s director of the SEC and manager of the Reagan-Bush campaign in 1980) oversaw the State Department machinations that brought these Nazi and fascist elements into the United States. Casey later became director of the CIA. “As a young movie actor in the early 1950’s, Reagan was employed as the public spokesperson for an OPC front named the ‘Crusade for Freedom.’ Reagan may not have known it, but 99 percent for the Crusade’s funds came from clandestine accounts, which were then laundered through the Crusade to various organizations such as Radio Liberty, which employed Dulles’s Fascists. Bill Casey, who later became CIA director under Ronald Reagan, also worked in Germany after World War II on Dulles’ Nazi ‘freedom fighters’ program. When he returned to New York, Casey headed up another OPC front, the International Rescue Committee, which sponsored the immigration of these Fascists to the United States. Casey’s committee replaced the International Red Cross as the sponsor for Dulles’s recruits. Confidential interviews, former members, OPC; former members, British foreign and Commonwealth Office.”
(The Secret War Against the Jews; by John Loftus and Mark Aarons; Copyright 1994 by Mark Aarons; St. Martin’s Press; [HC] ISBN 0-312-11057-X; p. 605.)

6. More about Nixon’s recruiting role for CFF: “The truth was quite sordid: With the help of the Dulles-Angleton clique, the Vatican had sent many of the Eastern European Nazis to Western countries, including the United States, Australia and Canada, where the right wing recruited them to get out the rest of the Eastern European ethnic vote. The man who ran the political recruitment was Richard Nixon.” (Ibid.; p. 122.)

7. While serving as chairman of the Republican National Committee, the elder George Bush shepherded the Nazi émigré community into position as a permanent branch of the Republican Party. “It was Bush who fulfilled Nixon’s promise to make the ‘ethnic emigres’ a permanent part of Republican politics. In 1972, Nixon’s State Department spokesman confirmed to his Australian counterpart that the ethnic groups were very useful to get out the vote in several key states. Bush’s tenure as head of the Republican National Committee exactly coincided with Laszlo Pasztor’s 1972 drive to transform the Heritage Groups Council into the party’s official ethnic arm. The groups Pasztor chose as Bush’s campaign allies were the émigré Fascists whom Dulles had brought to the United States.”(Ibid.; pp. 369-370.)

8. In keeping with remembrance of Veterans’ Day, the program reviews information about the role of American financiers and industrialists in financing Hitler and Mussolini. In particular, the program reviews the Webb-Pomerene Act, a loophole in the anti-Trust laws that made monopolies illegal. The Webb-Pomerene Act made it legal for the “Robber Barons” to partner with their counterparts in foreign countries in the formation of cartels—international monopolies. Under the provisions of the Webb-Pomerene Act, the profits from the U.S. industrial boom of the 1920’s were reinvested abroad, mostly in German, Japanese and (to a lesser extent) Italian strategic heavy industry. For more discussion of this subject, see FTR#’s 426, 370, 532, as well as the “Introduction” to the anti-fascist books available on this website. Nelson Rockefeller’s role in financing the Nazis (along with the efforts in that regard of the rest of the Rockefeller family) was utilized by the fledgling Zionist movement to blackmail him in order to muster the requisite votes in the United Nations to create the nation of Israel. (For more about this subject, see FTR#29, as well as John’s The Secret War Against the Jews, co-authored with Mark Aarons.) John highlights the fact that at a conference in Dusseldorf in 1939, an assembly of the world’s corporate elite agreed on a plan for dividing industrial production among the world’s giant firms and allocating patent technology accordingly. This “New World Order” was to have been the realization of the cartelists’ plans, but was [temporarily] disrupted by the outbreak of World War II.

9. Next, the program reviews some of the Bush family industrial connections to the Third Reich. (For more about this, see—among other programs—FTR#’s 361, 370, 435, 475. See also: www.debatecomics.org/BushFamilyFortune/, a site that accesses the actual declassified government documents about the Bush family’s involvement with Nazi industry and finance.) “Apart from disclosing that ‘Grandfather Walker’ came from ‘ a devout Catholic family,’ was named after the poet George Herbert, and formed his own investment firm, George Bush revealed practically nothing about his grandfather in his autobiography. However, there was another, far seamier side to George Walker. Walker was one of Hitler’s most powerful financial supporters in the United States. The relationship went all the way back to 1924, when Fritz Thyssen, the German industrialist, was financing Hitler’s infant Nazi party. As mentioned in earlier chapters, there were American contributors as well. Some Americans were just bigots and made their connections to Germany through Allen Dulles’ firm of Sullivan & Cromwell because they supported fascism. The Dulles brothers, who were in it for profit more than ideology, arranged American investments in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s to ensure that their clients did well out of the German economic recovery. ‘Dulles clearly emphasized projects for Germany . . . and for Mussolini’s fascist state . . . All told, these and more than a dozen similar transactions had a combined value in excess of a billion dollars.’ Walker also set up a deal to take over the North American operations of the Hamburg-Amerika Line, a cover for I.G. Farben’s Nazi espionage united in the United States. The shipping line smuggled in German agents, propaganda, and money for bribing American politicians to see things Hitler’s way. The holding company was Walker’s American Shipping & Commerce, which shared the offices at 39 Broadway with Union Banking. In an elaborate corporate paper trail, Harriman’s stock in American Shipping & Commerce was controlled by yet another holding company, the Harriman Fifteen Corporation, run out of Walker’s office. The directors of this company were Averill Harriman, Bert Walker, and Prescott Bush. At some point, Prescott Bush [W’s grandfather] must have realized that his father-in-law was, to put it mildly, a very shady character. A 1934 congressional investigation alleged that Walker’s ‘Hamburg-Amerika Line subsidized a wide range of pro-Nazi propaganda efforts both in Germany and the United States.” (Ibid.; pp. 358-359.)

10. Next, the broadcast reviews some of the “networking” that has occurred among the house of Saud, the Third Reich, the Dulles brothers (principal operators in Sullivan & Cromwell) and British spy and Nazi agent Jack Philby. It was this trio—Dulles, Philby and Saud—who launched the existence of “modern” Saudi Arabia. “This period, stretching from the end of World War I to just after the end of World War II, was characterized by three very evil men: Jack Philby, a British spy; Ibn Saud, his Arab protégé; and Allen Dulles, an American spy and Wall Street lawyer specializing in international finance. The racist nature of their secret war against Zionism does not appear in history books for a simple reason. Jack Philby later was paid by Western oil companies to write pro-Arab propaganda disguised as history. Ibn Saud is remembered as the glorious Arab leader who unified Saudi Arabia and led the richest oil region in the world into partnership with the West. Philby, if he is remembered at all, has the reputation of a scholarly British Arabist overshadowed by his son, Kim, the infamous Soviet double agent. Jack Philby has become an obscure footnote to the history of the Cold war. But his legacy was far from minor. He is one of the lesser-known but most influential persons in the modern history of the Middle East, the renegade British intelligence agent who plucked an obscure terrorist out of the desert and helped to make him the king of Saudi Arabia. Ibn Saud was very much his creation. Philby stole the information from British intelligence files that engineered Saudi control over the holiest shrines of the Moslem world. Jack Philby and Ibn Saud betrayed the British Empire and made the American oil companies economic masters of the region. The man who helped them do it was Allen Dulles, an American spy who had befriended Philby while he was coordinating American intelligence gathering in the Middle East in the first half of the 1920’s. Between them, these three men built the very foundations of the modern Middle East. They were the architects of the oil weapon, the instigators of war, the manipulators of history. More important, Philby’s and Ibn Saud’s political and philosophical allegiance was to Nazi Germany, while much of Dulles’s profits came from the same source. ” (Ibid.; p. 21.)

11. Turning to the subject of the Muslim Brotherhood, John recaps the history of the Brotherhood, its collaboration with the Axis during World War II, its postwar sponsorship, first by British intelligence and then by the CIA, which assisted the Broherhood’s diaspora to Saudi Arabia, where it spawned the Afghan mujahideen, Al Qaeda, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. For more about this, see—among other programs—FTR#473.

12. One of the grotesque ironies of the heinous disinformation being disseminated by the so-called “Truthers”—the unsavory assemblage touting the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center/cruise missile hit the Pentagon nonsense—is the fact that there is an unequivocal body of evidence linking elements of the Bush administration and the GOP to the milieu that executed the 9/11 attacks. Numerous broadcasts have highlighted the 3/30/2002 Operation Green Quest Raids. Those raids disclosed significant links between GOP kingpins Karl Rove and Grover Norquist and Islamist charities and businesses that are part of a terror-funding milieu connected to Al –Qaeda, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. (For more about this, see—among other programs—FTR#’s, 435, 454, 462, 464, 467, 515, 538.) John disclosed that al-Arian’s name had disappeared from a list of federal terror suspects! He [John] speculated that either al-Arian’s powerful friends—George Bush, Grover Norquist or Karl Rove—might have gotten him off! Mr. Emory noted that al-Arian’s supporters bridge the gap between ultra-reactionary and “progressive.” In addition to people like Bush, Norquist and Karl Rove, al-Arian enjoys the support of interests like the Pacifica radio network and similar faux-progressive institutions. “LOFTUS: Well, you know, it’s a funny story. About a year-and-a half ago, people in the intelligence community came and said-guys like Alamoudi and Sami al-Arian and other terrorists weren’t being touched because they’d been ordered not to investigate the cases, not to prosecute them, because they were being funded by the Saudis and a political decision was being made at the highest levels, don’t do anything that would embarrass the Saudi government. So, of course I immediately volunteered to do it and I filed a lawsuit, against al-Arian charging him with being a major terrorist for Islamic Jihad; most of his money came from Saudi charities in Virginia. Now, Alamoudi’s headquarters were in the same place, he was raided the same day, on March 20. An hour after I filed my lawsuit, the U.S. government finally got off its butt and they raided these offices. And, the stuff that they’re taking out of there now is absolutely horrendous. Al-Arian has now, finally been indicted, along with Alamoudi, today. But, who was it that fixed the cases? How could these guys operate for more than a decade immune from prosecution? And, the answer is coming out in a very strange place. What Alamoudi and al-Arian have in common is a guy named Grover Norquist. He’s the super lobbyist. Newt Gingrich’s guy, the one the NRA calls on, head of American taxpayers. He is the guy that was hired by Alamoudi to head up the Islamic institute and he’s the registered agent for Alamoudi, personally, and for the Islamic Institute. Grover Norquist’s best friend is Karl Rove, the White House chief of staff, and apparently Norquist was able to fix things. He got extreme right wing Muslim people to be the gatekeepers in the White House. That’s why moderate [Muslim] Americans couldn’t speak out after 9/11. Moderate Muslims couldn’t get into the White House because Norquist’s friends were blocking their access.”
(“ ‘Countdown with Keith Olberman’ for Oct. 23”; MSNBC News; 10/23/2003.)

13. The fact that elements of the Al Qaeda milieu appear to have been involved in Western intelligence covert operations in the Balkans, as well as the inconvenient GOP ethnic/Green Quest connection may well explain the FBI’s and CIA’s hostile interest in the investigators of Operation Green Quest. The investigators who were so harassed included Rita Katz, A.K.A. “Anonymous.” (For more about Rita Katz, see—among other programs—FTR#569.) After reviewing the harassment of Rita and other Green Quest investigators, the program highlights the similar harassment received by John Loftus after the 3/20/2002 Operation Green Quest raids. John also reviewed the harassment he received in the early 1980’s following his investigative work for the Office of Special Investigations, culminating in his work on a 1982 60-Minutes segment on the importation of Nazi war criminals into the United States. “The CIA was investigating me and the SAAR investigators from Green Quest and Customs. The CIA and the FBI investigated everyone who had anything to do with the SAAR investigation. White vans and SUV’s with dark windows appeared near all the homes of the SAAR investigators. All agents, some of whom were very experienced with surveillance, knew they were being followed. So was I. I felt that I was being followed everywhere and watched at home, in the supermarket, on the way to work . . . and for what? . . .”
(Terrorist Hunter by “Anonymous” [Rita Katz]; CCC [imprint of Harper Collins]; Copyright 2003 by Harper Collins [HC]; ISBN 0-06-052819-2; p. 328.)

14. John presented a [to many] surprising and thought provoking element—his review of captured Iraqi documents that disclosed that Saddam DID have an active WMD program. The hardware and other essential elements of the program were stored in underground warehouses beneath the Euphrates River. They were spirited out right under the noses of the occupying troops. This subject will be taken up at greater length in a future broadcast. For more information about this subject, see “About Shattering Conventional Wisdom.”

15. Two video productions are being generated by a couple of documentary filmmakers. One is a DVD of a three-lecture series called “The First Refuge of a Scoundrel: The Relationship Between Fascism and Religion.” In addition, there will soon be a documentary about Mr. Emory, titled “The Anti-Fascist.” For more about this project, visit TheAntiFascist.com.


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