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FTR #634 Update on September 11 and Related Matters

Recorded May 18, 2008
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Beginning with discussion of the Nazi origins of 9/11, the program highlights Hitler’s plan for the “Amerikabomber”—a giant aircraft designed to carry smaller kamikaze-style planes, which were designed to crash into New York skyscrapers. Turning to the subject of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the broadcast notes that China—a former ally of Iran—has disclosed to the United Nations that Iran is indeed working to develop nuclear weapons. As disturbing as the notion of a nuclear Iran is, it is no more disturbing than George Bush’s agreement to transfer “peaceful” nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, a country that continues to be the leading funder of terrorist causes according to recent congressional testimony. After discussing the hunger strike of Sami Al-Arian, the figure whose activities triggered the largest terror-funding investigation in U.S. history, the program notes that Al-Arian’s milieu has been tapped by both the FBI and the CIA for the recruiting of agents. Next, the program notes that the Muslim bloc in the United Nations is attempting to squelch criticism of Islam, such as the cartoons published by a Danish newspaper in 2006. Such gambits will ultimately be made more successful by the tremendous and growing clout of the oil-producing Muslim nations, whose wealth will translate into greater political influence in the West. The conclusion of the program documents the growing Nazification of much of the Arab and Muslim world.

Program Highlights Include: Abu Dhabi’s purchase of a stake in American Micro Devices; the teaching of Holocaust denial in the Palestinian territories; the popularity of Hitler’s Mein Kampf in the Palestinian territories; Holocaust denial in official Egyptian government publications; the Nazi-style ideology of 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta.

1. Beginning with discussion of the Nazi origins of 9/11, the program highlights Hitler’s plan for the “Amerikabomber”—a giant aircraft designed to carry smaller kamikaze-style planes, which were designed to crash into New York skyscrapers. (For more about Nazi and fascist connections to 9/11, see—among other programs—FTR#456.) ” The idea of using suicide pilots to obliterate the skyscrapers of Manhattan originated in Berlin. ‘In the latter stages of the war, I never saw Hitler so beside himself as when, as if in a delirium, he was picturing to himself and to us the downfall of New York in towers of flame,’ wrote architect Albert Speer in his diary. ‘He [Hitler] described the skyscrapers turning into huge burning torches and falling hither and thither, and the reflection of the disintegrating city in the dark sky.’ Not only Hitler’s fantasy but also his plan for realizing it recall what happened in 2001: the idea was for Kamikaze pilots to fly explosive –crammed light aircraft lacking landing gear into the Manhattan skyscrapers. The drawings for the Daimler-Benz ‘Amerikabomber’ actually exist. They show giant four-engine planes with raised underbellies beneath which small bombers could be strapped. The bombers were to be released shortly before the plane reached the East Coast, after which the mother plane would return to Europe. . . .”
(Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11; Matthias Kuntzel; Telos Press Publishing [HC]; Copyright 2007 Telos Press Publishing; ISBN 10: 0-914386-36-0; pp. XIX-XXI.)

2. Turning to the subject of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the broadcast notes that China—a former ally of Iran—has disclosed to the United Nations that Iran is indeed working to develop nuclear weapons. (For more about contradiction of the National Intelligence Estimate’s report that Iran had abandoned its nuclear weapons program, see FTR#’s 625, 632.) “China has betrayed one its closest allies by providing the United Nations with intelligence on Iran’s efforts to acquire nuclear technology, diplomats have revealed. Concern over Tehran’s secretive research program has increased in recent weeks after officials at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN’s nuclear watchdog, discovered that Iran had obtained information on how to manufacture nuclear-armed weapons. . . .”
(“China Reveals Iran’s Nuclear Secrets to UN” by Damien McElroy; Daily Telegraph [UK]; 4/4/08.)

3. Another disturbing development is Bush’s agreement to transfer “peaceful” nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. “The two countries used the occasion of Bush’s visit to sign new agreements. Among them was an agreement for the U.S. to assist the kingdom in developing civilian nuclear power. Another involves U.S. promises to help protect any Saudi nuclear infrastructure with training, the exchange of experts ‘and other support services as needed.’ Hadley said it would not involve U.S. troops. . . .”
(“Bush Fails to Win Saudi Help on Gas Prices” by Terence Hunt; Associated Press; Yahoo News.)

4. Bush’s agreement with the Saudis on nuclear matters comes despite the fact that Saudi Arabia continues to be the primary source of terror funds. “Saudi Arabia remains the world’s leading source of money for Al Qaeda and other extremist networks and has failed to take key steps requested by U.S. officials to stem the flow, the Bush administration’s top financial counter-terrorism official said Tuesday. Stuart A. Levey, a Treasury undersecretary, told a Senate committee that the Saudi government had not taken important steps to go after those who finance terrorist organizations or to prevent wealthy donors from bankrolling extremism through charitable contributions, sometimes unwittingly.’ Saudi Arabia today remains the location where more money is going to terrorism, to Sunni terror groups and to the Taliban than any other place in the world,’ Levey said under questioning. . . .”
(“Saudi Arabia is Prime Source of Terror Funds, U.S. Says” by Josh Meyer; Los Angeles Times; 4/2/2008.)

5. One of the major investigations into Saudi terror funding culminated in the Operation Green Quest raid of 3/20/2002, initiated by the investigation into Palestinian terrorist Sami Al-Arian. Sami is on a hunger strike. (For more about Operation Green Quest, see—among other programs—FTR#’s 462, 464. For more about Sami Al-Arian, see—among other programs—FTR#538.) “Sami Al-Arian, the former University of South Florida professor who remained in a Virginia prison on contempt of court charges despite his acquittal on serious terrorist charges, has lost 32 pounds in a month-long hunger strike, according to an Islamic group’s executive director who visited Al-Arian on Monday. Al-Arian is on his second hunger strike to protest his detention. His family last year moved to Egypt and he is expected to be deported as soon as he is released from prison. But his refusal to testify before a federal grand jury is delaying his release. . . .”
(“Al-Arian Gets Visitors During Hunger Strike” by Keith Morelli; Tampa Tribune; 3/31/08.)

6. Al-Arian’s milieu continues to be viewed with surprising favor by the FBI and CIA. (For more about the pro-Islamist Fifth Column in the U.S., see—among other programs– FTR#’s 356, 454, 462, 464, 467, 515, 569, 632.) “In a frightening and bizarre turn, the two chief agencies tapped with safeguarding America’s national security have started advertising in a publication that can only be described as objectively pro-terrorism. The online edition of the Washington Report for Middle East Affairs (WRMEA), a publication linked to former Congressman Paul Findley, who once described himself as ‘Yasir Arafat’s best friend in Congress,’ features recruiting advertisements seeking new agents for both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency. WRMEA’s history of support for Hamas, other terrorist groups and individual terrorists is well known. Currently on the front page of its website, right in the center, is an homage, constituting of a collection of articles and hagiographies, to convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative Sami Al-Arian. . . .”
(“Looking Under a Rock: FBI and CIA Hit New Low in Recruitment Drive” by Steven Emerson; Investigative Project; 2/8/2008.)

7. With the acquiescence of a surprisingly large portion of the Western world, the Muslim bloc in the United Nations is restricting the right of free speech. (For more about the controversy that sparked this gambit by the Muslim U.N. bloc, see FTR#543.)”Arab and Muslim countries defended Tuesday a resolution they pushed through at the United Nations to have the body’s expert on free speech police individuals and news media for negative comments on Islam. The United States, Canada and some European countries criticized the role reversal for Kenyan legal expert Ambeyi Ligabo, who has reported to the global body on measures by dictatorships and repressive governments to restrict free speech. The U.S. and other Western nations warned that the Muslim-backed resolution at the U.N. Human Rights Council could curtail freedom of expression and help dictatorial regimes block dissenting views. . . .”
(“Arabs, Muslims Battle US, Europeans over Free Speech at UN” [AP]; The International Herald Tribune; 4/1/08.)

8. The accelerating price of oil—greatly aided by the war and threat of war in the Middle East—is enabling the purchase of equity in sensitive companies in the West. (For more about the warfare in the Middle East and its effect on global economics, see FTR#’s 560, 561.) “With oil prices surging and U.S. stock prices slumping, chip maker Advanced Micro Devices Inc.’s sale of an 8.1 percent stake to the Abu Dhabi government’s investment arm represents the latest plunge by a wealthy Middle Eastern nation into a troubled U.S. corporation. It also raises fresh questions about the appropriateness of Middle Eastern firms owning large chunks of U.S. businesses that specialize in advanced technologies. . . .”
(“Abu Dhabi Buys Stake in Sunnyvale-Based AMD” [AP]; Associated Press; 11/16/07.)

9. The rest of the program highlights the Nazification of the Arab and Muslim worlds. A 2002 editorial in the second largest [and government-controlled] newspaper was supportive of Hitler and the Holocaust. ” . . . ‘With regard to this Holocaust swindle, many French studies have shown that this is nothing more than a fabrication, a lie and a fraud,’ declared, for example, the Cairo columnist Fatma Abdullah Mahmoud on April 29, 2002. He continued, ‘But, I, personally, complain to Hitler, even saying to him from the bottom of my heart, ‘If only you had done it, brother, if only it had really happened, so that the world could sigh in relief without their evil and sin.’ This heartfelt wish to see all the Jews at last annihilated was published in the country’s second largest daily, the [Egyptian] Government-controlled Al-Akhbar.” (Jihad and Jew Hatred; p. 61.)

10. Islamist theoretician Sayyid Qutb saw Hitler as a divine instrument, sent by Allah to punish the Jews. Qutb is the single greatest ideological influence on Osama bin Laden and the majority of the world’s jihadists.” . . . In Qutb’s eyes, the Jews are to blame for everything they have suffered over the centuries, and this applies to Hitler and the Shoah too. Thus, in the modern period, ‘the Jews again returned to evil-doing and consequently Allah . . . brought Hitler to rule over them.’ But even the ‘punishment’ meted out by Hitler was not sufficiently terrible, since ‘once again today the Jews have returned to evil-doing, in the form of ‘Israel’ . . . So let Allah bring down upon the Jewish people . . . the worst kind of punishment.’ Qutb’s message is internally consistent: the Jew is the source of evil in the world, the Shoah is therefore no crime and Israel deserves to be erased from the map. . . .” (Ibid.; p. 84.)

11. At Gaza’s Islamic University, faculty members engage in Holocaust denial. ” . . . To this day, it seems virtually impossible to graduate from Gaza’s Islamic University without becoming an anti-Semite. ‘Lies have been revealed about murdered Jews and the Holocaust.’ Declared Dr. Issam Sissalem, a history professor at the University, in a broadcast on a Palestinian Authority television channel in November 2000. ‘Of course, all this is lies and unjustified assertions. No Chelmno, no Dachau, no Auschwitz! This was about disinfection facilities.’ ” (Ibid.; p. 105.)

12. The influential head of Cairo’s Al-Azhar University admires Hitler: ” . . . How unremarkable it is even today for Hitler-style anti-Semitism to imbue an Egyptian religious textbook is demonstrated by the standard text, ‘The people of Israel in the Koran and Sunna’ by Sheikh Muhammad Sayed Tantawi. Tantawi is the Head of Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, which means he is one of Sunni Islam’s most renowned spiritual authorities. The fourth edition of his book—it was also his PhD thesis, written in 1967—appeared in 1997. In it, Tantawi writes that the Jews were behind the French and October [Bolshevik] Revolutions. That they provoked the First and Second World Wars. That they control the world’s media and economy. That they endeavor to destroy morality and religion and run brothels worldwide. Tantawi, the highest Sunni Muslim theologian, quotes Adolf Hitler’s remark in Mein Kampf that ‘in resisting the Jew, I am doing the work of the Lord.'” (Ibid.; pp. 94-95.)

13. Holocaust denial is rife in the Palestinian community, in which it is deemed unacceptable to teach about the Holocaust. On the other hand, the Palestinian Authority has sanctioned the publication of Mein Kampf. In this context bear in mind that the Palestinian Authority constitutes the moderate element of the Palestinians. ” . . . The Chairman of the Palestinian Parliament’s Education Committee declared that, ‘we have no interest in teaching the Holocaust.’ His parliamentary colleague and Fatah leader , Hatem Abd al-Qadar, added that teaching about the Holocaust would present ‘a great danger’ for the Palestinian Identity. ‘If such a decision [about teaching the Holocaust] is made, it will undoubtedly ruin the Palestinian dream and aspirations. It will entirely obliterate the past, present and future of the Palestinians.’ Not the slightest danger to the Palestinian identity though, seemed to be presented by the circulation with express [Palestinian Authority] approval of Hitler’s programmatic work Mein Kampf, which reached number six in the Palestinian Territory’s best-sellers’ list in 1999. [Italics are Mr. Emory’s, excluding “Mein Kampf.”] The translator of the Arabic edition refers in his introduction to his author’s continued relevance: ‘Adolf Hitler does not belong to the German people alone, he is one of the few great men who almost stopped the motion of history, altered its course. . . . National Socialism did not die with the death of its herald. Rather, its seeds multiplied under each star.’ While the PA ‘sows’ the seeds of National Socialism in this way, and reaps a harvest of murderous anti-Jewish actions from it, Israeli policy is presented in all its media as a continuation or even intensification of Nazism. The constant equation of Israeli and National Socialist policies—’Nazism of the Jews,’ ‘Nazi-like enemy,’ ‘Nazi-Zionist practices’-amounts to a specific form of Holocaust denial, one which legitimates the pursuit of an anti-Jewish extermination policy, while projecting these murderous intentions onto the chosen victim. . . .” (Ibid.; pp. 117-118.)

14. The Nazis were a dominant influence on Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of the Iranian Islamic revolution. (For more about Nazi influence on Khomeini, see—among other programs—FTR#’s 352, 622.) ” . . . In 1937, when he was already an influential figure, Khomeini had linked up with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood. He began to read Hassan el-Banna’s writings and discussed with the Brotherhood’s emissaries for das on end. Khomeini would later make a special point of listening regularly to the Farsi-language broadcasts put out by the Nazis from Zeesen . ‘Germany’s Persian service was, during the war, to enjoy the widest possible audience in Iran and Iraq. Khomeini listened to the programs every evening,’ wrote Amir Taheri in his biography of the Iranian leader. ‘Khomeini had brought with him a radio receiver set made by the British company Pye which he had bought from an Indian Muslim pilgrimage. The radio proved to be a good buy. . . Many mullahs would gather at his home, often on the terrace, in the evenings to listen to Radio Berlin ands the BBC.'” (Ibid.; p. 56.)

15. 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta’s worldview was influenced by the Nazis. Atta was closely associated with Germans and other Europeans in Florida. For more about this, see—among other programs—FTR#’s 456, 542, 546, 573, 593, 594.) ” . . . The accused, Mounir el-Motassadeq, had been a close friend of Atta’s core group between 1998 and 2000, said the following: ‘Atta’s Weltanschauung was based on a National Socialist way of thinking. He considered New York City to be the center of world Jewry which was, in his opinion, Enemy Number One.” This trial in Hamburg also brought to light the sedond delusion underlying the Islamist view of America: that Jews control all the levers of American power. Thus Shahad Nickels testified about the assailants’ core group that: ‘They were convinced that Jews control the American government as well as the media and the economy of the United States . . . .Motassadeq shared Atta’s attitude in believing that a world wide conspiracy of Jews exists. According to him, Americans want to dominate the world so that Jews can pile up capital.'” (Ibid.; p. 129.)

16. Islamism was, and is, a little brother to the European fascism of the World War II era. As Mr. Emory has noted throughout his series on 9/11, the Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood in particular, serve as proxy warriors for the Underground Reich. Listeners are emphatically encouraged to read Kuntzel’s book, which underscores Mr. Emory’s working hypothesis about 9/11 and related matters. (For more about the history and evolution of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic fascism, see—among other programs—FTR#’s 343, 414, 416, 454, 518, 537.) ” . . . Neither the Mufti nor the founders of the Muslim Brothers were creations of European fascism. However, both were strengthened by it. Like an elder brother, National Socialism had backed the fledgling Islamist movement up with catchwords, intellectual encouragement and money. With the ‘Cairo Jewish trial’ the Nazis had exported their anti-Semitism to Egypt. Egyptian movements such as Young Egypt modeled their street processions on the Nazi mass marches. The Muslim Brotherhood got financial support from the German News Agency in Egypt. Again, it was thanks to supplies of money from the Nazis that the Mufti was able to sustain the uprising in Palestine, which al-Banna then used to boost the formation of his jihadi movement. . . .” (Ibid.; p. 57.)


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