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FTR #65 Contemporary Influences of Third Reich Occultism

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These segments delineate influences and manifestations of Third Reich Occultism in the modern world. After discussion of the SS officer who served as the tutor of the Dalai Lama, the program sets forth the profound interest of the Ahnenerbe (the SS ancestral research bureau) in Tibet. Believing Tibet to be highly significant for archeological reasons, the SS sponsored a number of expeditions there in order to shed light on the development of the mythical “Aryan race.” The broadcast also discusses “Colonia Dignidad,” a Nazi enclave in Chile, that has served as a prison and torture center for opponents of the regime of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. This highly secretive institution has served as a safe haven for Nazi war criminals on the run and as an epicenter for some operations of the ODESSA, the powerful and deadly post-World War II SS underground. The enclave has also had dealings with some elements of U.S. intelligence and served as a focal point for “Operation Condor,” an assassination program jointly operated by Latin American dictatorships. The focus of numerous charges of child molestation and mind control activities, the Colony appears to have been heavily influenced by the Nazi pagan philosophy and religion.


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