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FTR #660 Walkin’ the Snake in the Middle East, Part I: The Von Bolschwing Legacy

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Applying the strategies set forth in the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk against the background of the recent war in the Middle East, the program (and FTR #661) suggests that we are witnessing the realization of the Nazi ascent that is the book’s foundation. In addition, the program presents this development against the background of the ideology and career of SS man Otto Von Bolschwing, whose protege (Helene Von Damm) selected the personnel who have staffed the GOP over the years. The junior players in the Reagan administrations became some of the senior figures–the so-called neo-cons–in the Bush II years. In the pre-World War II period, Von Bolschwing hatched a plan to use Zionism as a sort of “global agent-provacateur” to alienate the Arab and Muslim worlds, driving them toward alignment with the Axis powers and giving the fascist forces control over the pivotal petroleum resources of the earth island. Hatched in league with Axis sympathizer Ibn Saud (King of Saudi Arabia and the founder of the House of Saud) and Nazi spy Jack Philby, Von Bolschwing’s plan entailed luring the British into supporting Jewish emigration into the Middle East in order to entice them into eroding their own political and diplomatic situation in that critical part of the world. Utilizing control over the opinion-forming media, the Underground Reich appears to be realizing the Von Bolschwing gambit and manipulating it in such a way as to discredit the United States (in lieu of Britain) and to demonize Israel, with an eventual eye toward its annihilation. (Serpent’s Walk ends with a pre-emptive nuclear strike on israel by a number of countries allied with the Underground Reich.)

The program opens with a quote from al-Taqwa director, Islamist and neo-Nazi Achmed Huber, in which Huber predicts that popular opinion about Israel will be changed in the United States. Reviewing the Gehlen spy organization, the program highlights the pivotal role of that organization in the Third Reich’s successful plans to go underground. The program illustrates that the Gehlen organization was the vehicle for projecting Von Bolschwing into his pivotal position in the United States, a position which enabled Von Damm to select the cast of characters who have dominated the American and world political stages for the last several decades. After noting his influence on the GOP and after detailing his 1930’s era plans to manipulate Zionism to the advantage of the Axis powers, the program notes that Von Bolschwing also conspired with Axis sympathizers to ship oil to Nazi Germany. One of Von Bolschwing’s allies in that scheme was Nazi sympathizer and personal friend of Hitler J. Paul Getty, whose family remained close to Von Bolschwing during his postwar, American career. The broadcast concludes with discussion of links between the Von Bolschwing/Getty milieu and prominent Bay Area Democrats, including San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. On the other side of the political aisle, Karl Rove’s father [to whom Rove was very close] was the chief geologist for Getty Oil.

Program Highlights Include: Review of the Crusade for Freedom, the program that brought Von Bolschwing and other Nazi war criminals into the GOP; review of the ownership of key media corporations by the Underground Reich and its Arab and Muslim Brotherhood allies; review of the Gehlen Organization’s status as a projection of the Third Reich’s national security establishment across the Atlantic and through the years; review of the Gehlen Organization’s status as a front for the ODESSA–the postwar SS underground.

1. Following the quote from al-Taqwa director, Islamist and neo-Nazi Achmed Huber, the broadcast sets forth information suggesting that Huber’s prediction is actually taking place, decisively enabled by Underground Reich control of the “opinion forming media” as set forth in the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk. For The Record has long presented the case that, like The Turner Diaries, a companion volume published by National Vanguard Books, Serpent’s Walk is in fact a blueprint and manifesto detailing Underground Reich strategy for its foot soldiers.

“The U.S. is the ally of 15 million Jews against 1.3 billion Muslims; it is allied with 5 million Israelis against 200 million Arabs. . . We will bring down the Israel lobby and change foreign policy. We’ll do it in America. When it happens, you’ll understand.”

“Swiss Probe Anti-U.S. Neo-Nazi”; San Francisco Chronicle; 3/12/2002; p. A12.

2. Reviewing the Gehlen spy organization, the program highlights the pivotal role of that organization in the Third Reich’s successful plans to go underground. Von Bolschwing’s entree into the United States was enabled by this organization, a projection of the Third Reich’s national security establishment across the Atlantic and through the decades.

“William Shirer closed his 1960 masterpiece, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, with the judgment that the Nazi regime “had passed into history,”1 but we cannot be so confident today. On the contrary, the evidence as of 1990 is that World War II did not end as Shirer believed it did, That Nazism did not surrender unconditionally and disappear, that indeed it finessed a limited but crucial victory over the Allies, a victory no less significant for having been kept a secret from all but the few Americans who were directly involved. . . . But Martin Bormann, who was even more powerful than Himmler, did not accept the premise of the separate-peace idea. Bormann was an intimate of Hitler’s, the deputy fuhrer and the head of the Nazi Party, thus superior to Himmler in rank. Bormann wielded additional power as Hitler’s link to the industrial and financial cartels that ran the Nazi economy and was particularly close to Hermann Schmitz, chief executive of I.G. Farben, the giant chemical firm that was Nazi Germany’s greatest industrial power. . . With the support of Schmitz, Bormann rejected Himmler’s separate-peace strategy on the ground that it was far too optimistic.6 The Allied military advantage was too great, Bormann believed, for Roosevelt to be talked into a separate peace. Roosevelt, after all, had taken the lead in proclaiming the Allies’ demand for Germany’s unconditional surrender and total de-Nazification. Bormann reasoned, rather, that the Nazi’s best hope of surviving military defeat lay within their own resources, chief of which was the cohesion of tens of thousands of SS men for whom the prospect of surrender could offer only the gallows.

Bormann and Schmitz developed a more aggressive self-contained approach to the problem of the looming military defeat. the central concept of which was that large numbers of Nazis would have to leave Europe and at least for a time, find places in the world in which to recover their strength. . . .

The international organization created to accommodate Bormann’s plans is most often called ‘The Odessa,’ a German acronym for ‘Organization of Veterans of the SS.’ It has remained active as a shadowy presence since the war and may indeed constitute Nazism’s most notable organizational achievement. But we must understand that none of Bormann’s, Skorzeny’s, and Schacht’s well-laid plans would have stood the least chance of success had it not been for a final component of their organization, one not usually associated with the Odessa at all but very possibly the linchpin of the entire project.

This final element of the Odessa was the so-called Gehlen Organization (the Org), the Nazi intelligence system that sold itself to the U.S. at the end of the war. It was by far the most audacious, most critical, and most essential part of the entire Odessa undertaking. The literature on the Odessa and that on the Gehlen Organization, however, are two different things. No writer in the field Of Nazi studies has yet explicitly associated the two, despite the fact that General Reinhard Gehlen was tied politically as well as personally with Skorzeny and Schacht. Moreover, Gehlen’s fabled post-war organization was in large part staffed by SS Nazis who are positively identified with the Odessa, men such as the infamous Franz Alfred Six and Emil Augsburg of the Wannsee Institute. An even more compelling reason for associating Gehlen with the Odessa is that, without his organization as a screen, the various Odessa projects would have been directly exposed to American intelligence. If the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) and the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) had not been neutralized by the Gehlen ploy, the Odessa’s great escape scheme would have been discovered and broken up. . . .”

“The Secret Treaty of Fort Hunt” by Carl Oglesby; Covert Action Information Bulletin [Fall 1990].

3. Note that Gehlen cleared his operations with Admiral Von Doenitz [who assumed the official reins of Nazi command after Hitler’s death] and General Franz Halder, his former chief of staff. This indicates that the German chain of command was still in place while Gehlen was going to work for the U.S.!

” . . . As Gehlen was about to leave for the United States, he left a message for Baun with another of his top aides, Gerhard Wessel: ‘I am to tell you from Gehlen that he has discussed with [Hitler’s successor Admiral Karl] Doenitz and [Gehlen’s superior and chief of staff General Franz] Halder the question of continuing his work with the Americans. Both were in agreement.'”


4. Before detailing Otto Von Bolschwing’s concept for manipulating Zionism as a vehicle for alienating the Arab and Muslim worlds and boosting Nazi fortunes, the program reviews von Bolschwing’s entrance into the country as part of the Gehlen spy organization and a participant in the Crusade for Freedom. Note that this program paved the way for key Nazis–many of them war criminals–to move into the GOP. Von Bolschwing’s protege Helene Von Damm selected the personnel from which Ronald Reagan made his cabinet appointments. The cast of characters who occupied the stage during the Bush administrations were junior players on the Reagan team who moved up the professional ladder. This is a critical element of the Von Bolschwing legacy.

5. A key portion of the program deals with Otto von Bolschwing’s cynical manipulation of Zionism as a vehicle for alienating the Arabs and inflaming their anger toward the British. In effect, the Jews were being used as “agents provacateurs,” in order to win the Arabs’ sympathies over to the Axis. The central question to be considered here is the extent to which the “neo-conservatives” [read “Jews”] may have been included in Von Bolschwing protégé von Damm’s list of Reagan appointees in order to scapegoat them at a future time. To what extent are Wolfowitz & company fall guys for the Underground Reich?

“Eichmann was replaced on the Middle Eastern scene by a far more skilled intelligence officer, Otto Von Bolschwing. Before World War II, Von Bolschwing set up an import-export business in Palestine as a cover for his espionage initiatives. He was an educated man from a good family and an enthusiastic supporter of Hitler. After the war, Von Bolschwing became one of Allen Dulles’s senior agents in the CIA.”

(The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People; John Loftus and Mark Aarons; Copyright 1994 [SC]; St. Martin’s Press; ISBN 0-312-15648-0; p. 46.)

6. It should be noted that Bush family business associate Allen Dulles brought Von Bolschwing to the United States. Dulles and British spy (and Nazi double agent) Jack Philby were instrumental in helping Ibn Saud establish Saudi Arabia.

“Dulles helped Von Bolschwing emigrate to California, where he established a business association with Helene Von Damm, later Ronald Reagan’s ambassador to Austria. In later years, his business went bankrupt and he was forced to surrender his American citizenship on the grounds that he was a Nazi war criminal. He was just the sort of fellow to get along well with jack Philby. He hated Jews.”


7. “In the 1930’s, Otto Von Bolschwing was a realist. He knew full well that the Moslem bigots would never accept even a token immigration of Jews to Palestine. Philby agreed. After more than a decade of anti-Zionist propaganda, quietly supervised by the British secret service, the climate was hardly receptive toward a homeland for the Jews in the Middle East. Still, there was profit to be made in the attempt.”


8. “In any future war, Von Bolschwing said, the support of the Moslem world was essential to Hitler’s plans. Not to mention that Philby and Ibn Saud could make a healthy profit by secretly ensuring Germany’s supply of oil. Hitler would guarantee that the Moslems received favored status. Indeed, they later had their own SS division, raised, ironically, from among the Bosnian-Moslem population subjected to ‘ethnic cleansing’ by the Serbs and Croats fifty years later.”


9. “The SS division was personally blessed by Philby’s old friend, the grand mufti of Jerusalem. The mufti had been Hitler’s honored guest and was even taken on guided tours of the Nazi death camps. Hitler promised that when Germany won the war, he would guarantee that the Arab states would be free of British colonial domination. They would be independent states, and full allies with the Third Reich. All of Philby’s dreams could come to pass. All that was needed was a little push.”


10. “Von Bolschwing’s proposition was simple. Philby should encourage British support for Zionist emigration schemes, penetrate the secret negotiations, and then leak them to the press, with the certain knowledge of the popular discontent that would result among Moslems. The Arab backlash to a new British-Zionist initiative might not drive the region into the arms of the Third Reich, but it would certainly keep the oil-producing Arabs ‘neutral,’ but actually tilting toward the Nazis.”

(Ibid.; pp. 46-47.)

11. “It was no secret that Ibn Saud had more than a little sympathy for the German position on the Zionist issue. His extreme anti-Jewish feelings were made clear to a British diplomat in 1937. The king said his ‘hatred for the Jews’ stemmed from ‘their persecution and rejection’ of Christ and ‘their subsequent rejection’ of Muhammed. Ibn Saud added that ‘for a Muslim to kill a Jew [in war], or for him to be killed by a Jew, ensures him an immediate entry in Heaven and into the august presence of God Almighty.”

(Ibid.; p. 47.)

12. “According to several of our sources, this was one of the aspects of Islam that most appealed to Philby. He had all sorts of schemes that could aid the Nazis, who meant business when it came to the Jews. Our sources say Jack obtained the king’s permission to become a double agent for the Third Reich, publicly helping the Jews, privately aiding the Nazis, always making a profit for the House of Saud and, naturally, himself. The scheme appealed to Philby’s clandestine nature. The more he worked to link Britain and Zionism publicly, the more damage he could do to the empire’s position in the Middle East. . . .”


13. “In fact, the king and Jack were playing a nasty little game with the Jews. Despite their ‘disagreement’ over the partition plan, in early 1939, Ibn Saud sent Philby to London to be on hand for the Palestine Round Table Conference. It does seem rather strange that the king would send someone whose views conflicted so clearly with his own. Apparently, Philby’s true mission was sabotage.”


14. “In order to set all sides against each other, Philby developed his own plan on the Palestine question, which he put to British officials as well as to the Jews and Arabs. In February 1939, he had a secret lunch with [Chaim] Weizmann and [David] Ben-Gurion, and introduced the Zionist leaders to Fuad Hamza, Ibn Saud’s long-time foreign affairs official. Philby offered the Zionists substantial Jewish immigration into Palestine if they would support the country coming under Saudi domination.”

(Ibid.; pp. 47-48.)

15. “Weizmann was blamed when the ‘secret’ plan was leaked to the press, and there was no further progress. As will be seen, all of Philby’s schemes with the Zionists had a suspicious habit of coming to nothing. There is a definite pattern of sabotage, with the Zionists as ‘fall guys’ every time. Amazingly, the Zionists stuck by Philby for nearly five critical years, while he treated the game as an auction.”

(Ibid.; p. 48.)

16. Philby then conspired with the Third Reich to try to secure Saudi oil for Hitler, using Franco’s Spain as a trans-shipment point. (Ibid.; p. 51.)

17. In 1940, Philby, Ibn Saud, Allen Dulles, Dulles’ brother (and law partner in the powerful Sullivan & Cromwell firm) and Dillon, Read investment professionals Paul Nitze and James Forrestall worked a three-way deal in order to secure Saudi oil for the Third Reich. (Ibid.; pp. 63-64.)

18. Ibn Saud, the Third Reich, Philby and the Grand Mufti actively conspired to secure the Middle East for Nazi Germany, with Ibn Saud as the head of the “caliphate.” This broadcast suggests that the Von Bolschwing legacy entails using Israel/Zionism as “global agent provacateurs” to secure the Middle East for the Underground Reich. (Ibid.; p. 68.)

19. Noting that J. Paul Getty was one of the oil barons who worked with Philby, Von Bolschwing et al to supply oil to the Nazis, the broadcast highlights Getty’s affiliation with Hitler.

“The Texan oil billionaire Jean Paul Getty was at the heart of a conspiracy to provide support to Hitler’s Germany early in the Second World War, according to newly released intelligence documents.

The file links Getty to a shadowy network of financiers who supplied the Nazis with fuel in defiance of a British blockade and accuses him of gathering spies and traitors around him at his fashionable Hotel Pierre in New York.

It records that he returned from Berlin in 1939 ‘talking breezily of his old friend Hitler’ and that his business contacts included Serge Rubinstein, a notorious fraudster who ran part of his empire through London.

The ‘Suspect Persons’ file prepared by the Foreign Office for the Ministry of Economic Warfare has just been declassified at the National Archives at Kew, south-west London. It appears to be the work of the British Security Co-ordination team in New York, run by William Stephenson, Churchill’s secret envoy to President Roosevelt, codenamed Intrepid.

He was rumored to be behind the assassination of one of the leading figures in the deal to try to stop it continuing. The dossier was compiled after the detention in Trinidad in October 1941 of the banker who worked for Hermann Goering, shifting Nazi funds out of Europe. He was carrying $100,000 cash and had another $1 million in a South American bank. . . .”

“Getty Helped Traitors Sell Oil to Hitler” by Peter Day; Daily Telegraph; 8/25/2003.

20. The Getty interests were very close to Otto Von Bolschwing, with J. Paul Getty, Jr. being a director of Von Bolschwing’s TCI firm. (“Ex-Nazi’s Brilliant U.S. Career Strangled in a Web of Lies” by Pete Carey; San Jose Mercury News; 11/20/81; pp. 1A-24A.)

21. Noting another part of the Von Bolschwing legacy, the program notes profound Getty family influence on Bay Area Democrats. Judge William Newsom was one of Von Bolschwing’s close personal friends and a director of TCI, Von Bolschwing’s electronics firm. His son Gavin Newsom is mayor of San Francisco. (In 2004, Newsom initiated the gay marriage program in San Francisco, in direct contravention of California law (under which gay marriage was illegal). Many key Democrats feel that Newsom’s actions had much to do with getting the Christian right to turn out in force for the 2004 election, thereby making it close enough for the Republicans to steal. When interviewed about his motives, Newsom replied with a George W. Bushian smirk. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also very close to the Newsom/Getty axis. Her husband Paul Pelosi became a billionaire in the gaming machine industry. Doesn’t everybody? Again, the Gettys are VERY close to this bunch, and some members of the family have perpetuated the reactionary family political heritage. What we may well be seeing here are “Bormann Democrats.”

“Belinda Barbara Newsom, who was born into one politically prominent Bay Area family and married into another, died Saturday at their home in San Francisco at age 73. . . . Ms. Newsom, who went by Barbara and whose married name was Pelosi, was the sister-in-law of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the aunt of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. . . ‘We were baptized Catholic and Democrat,’ chuckled [Von Bolschwing friend and business partner] Bill Newsom, the retired state appellate court justice and father of Mayor Newsom. . . .”

“Belinda Barbara Newsom–Politics Filled Her Life” by Julian Guthrie; San Francisco Chronicle; 11/24/2008; p. B3.

22. Fleshing out the “Getty Axis”–the program notes that Karl Rove’s father Louis was the head geologist for Getty Oil!

” . . . His [Karl Rove’s] response was: Well, my senior year in high school, my Dad was coming home on Christmas Eve. He had gotten a new job, a huge job as the chief geologist at Getty Oil Company in Los Angeles. We were going to celebrate my birthday the next day. . . .”

“James Moore Explains Karl Rove, the Architect of Bush’s Master Plan” [Buzzflash Interview]; Buzzflash.com;9/19/2006.

23. Tackling an Internet story that’s made the rounds for the last five years, the program sets forth allegations that Karl Rove has an overt Nazi heritage. [This turned out to be disinformation, as I suspected–D.E.]

” . . . Karl Rove has parallel ties. The shadowy Rove serves as ‘Bush’s Brain’ in the current White House. He is the political mastermind behind the California coup, and is now in the headlines for outing Valerie Plame, the CIA wife of Ambassador Joseph Wilson. A consummate strategist, Rove may have outed Plame in retaliation for Wilson’s failure to back up the Bush claim that Saddam Hussein was buying nuclear weapons materials in Africa. According to some published reports, as many as seventy CIA operatives have been put at risk by Rove’s retaliatory strike.

According to Wilson, and to Retired U.S. Navy Lt. Commander Al Martin (www.almartinraw.com), Rove’s grandfather was Karl Heinz Roverer, the Gauleiter of Oldenburg. Roverer was Reich-Statthalter — Nazi State Party Chairman — for his region. He was also a partner and senior engineer in the Roverer Sud-Deutche Ingenieurburo A. G. engineering firm, which built the Birkenau death camp, at which tens of thousands of Jews, Gypsies, dissidents and other were slaughtered en masse. . . . “

“Fourth Reich? The Bush-Rove-Schwarzenegger Nazi Nexus” by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman;Counterpunch; 10/6/2003.


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