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FTR-68 The Aliens Are STILL Not Among Us

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In addition to a discussion of the proposed development of human cloning by the “Raelians,” an “Alien-Contactee” cult with alarming fascistic overtones, this broadcast sets forth the ultra right-wing and fascist associations of Lt. Col. Philip Corso, a retired U.S. Army Colonel and aid to Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina (the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.) Thurmond has written the introduction to a book by Corso (The Day After Roswell), in which Corso alleges that the U.S. government has been in contact with “space aliens” and that he was personally involved with developing “alien technology” and distributing it to the U.S. military and industrial communities. In the past, Corso has also claimed that Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist who killed President Kennedy. One of the most important elements of this program concerns a pivotally important article in the July 1997 issue of Popular Mechanics. Accessing information obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, the article develops the thesis that the Roswell Incident actually occurred, but that the flying device that crashed there was not of extra-terrestrial origin. One of the most celebrated of the UFO incidents, the Roswell episode was probably sparked by the crash of a prototypical flying device being developed by the U.S. using captured German and/or Japanese technology obtained under “Project Paperclip.” Project Paperclip was an American program that imported Axis nations’ military technology and scientists for the purposes of utilizing them for the U.S. (The best known outgrowth of this program was the importation of the Nazi rocket scientists, such as SS officer Werner von Braun, to work for the U.S. space exploration program.)