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FTR #7 Interview with Frank Spiering

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This interview with noted crime writer Frank Spiering, author of Who Killed Polly, reveals facts concerning the Polly Klaas murder case that weren’t reported by the mainstream press. Outrage over Polly’s murder led to the passage of the “Three Strikes” law in California. Although Richard Alan Davis certainly kidnapped Polly, it appears unlikely that he killed her or sexually molested her. Nor did he act alone. Spiering reveals that Davis was probably working for some very powerful and influential interests and that Polly may very well have been sold into “white slavery,” used in a “snuff flick,” used for child pornography purposes, or possibly used in some sort of Satanic ritual. Spiering presents convincing evidence that whoever directed Davis and arranged for Polly’s kidnapping had the support and collusion of elements of law enforcement, including the FBI. Global “kiddie porn” and “white slavery” operations are detailed in the interview. Spiering died shortly after this interview was recorded. (Recorded in August of 1996.)


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