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FTR #70 Interview With Martin A. Lee

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This interview delves into the subject material of Martin A. Lee’s opus The Beast Reawakens [3] (hard-cover, Little Brown, copyright 1997.) In addition to substantive discussion of the Reinhard Gehlen spy outfit, the program sets forth the reciprocal relationship between that organization and the ODESSA. Gehlen was Hitler’s top intelligence officer, having been in charge of intelligence for the Eastern front. After the war, Gehlen and his organization jumped, in turn, to the CIA, NATO and the Federal Republic of Germany. The ODESSA (the post-war SS underground and support organization) recruited for the Gehlen organization and was nourished by it. Other major points touched on in the program include: the re-institution of Nazi elements at all levels of post-war German society; the ODESSA’s close collaboration with Soviet intelligence during the Cold War; the re-emergence of fascism in Germany following re-unification; Germany’s renewed drive for European domination and empire; the pivotal role of Germany in promoting the breakup of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia; the parallel and overlapping agendas of so-called neo-Nazis and the Kohl government in Germany; the German tradition of alignment with Russia as a stratagem for effecting global domination; the “mainstreaming” of fascism in contemporary European society and the parallels between European neo-fascists such as Jörg Haider (Austria) and Jean-Marie Le Pen (France) and “respectable” politicians like Newt Gingrich.