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FTR-71 Martin A. Lee Live

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Lee’s landmark book about the re-emergence of fascism (The Beast Reawakens; hardcover edition Little Brown; copyright 1997) is the focal point of this broadcast. Much of the early part of the discussion centers on fascism and the former Soviet Union. In addition to a detailed discussion of the traditional German stratagem of aligning with Russia in order to achieve global domination, the program discusses fascist movements and personalities in various parts of the former Soviet Union.

The program also sets forth some of the new forms that fascist movements in various countries have adopted, in order to appear to be “populist” and even “democratic.” European neo-fascists, such as Jean Thiriart, Alain de Benoist and exponents of the “third position,” structure their political agenda to appeal to people from the “progressive” political sector.

Other topics of discussion include: Nazi and fascist connections and operations in the Middle East; the Conservative Revolution in Weimar Germany and its influence on the rise of Hitler; H. Keith Thompson (an agent of the SD, the SS intelligence service, and the ODESSA during and after World War II); the rise of the Liberty Lobby and its connections with people like Nazi ideologue Francis Parker Yockey; connections between the “Old Guard” of the Hitler period and contemporary Nazis.


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  1. Great Episode sadly more relevant then ever with a massive expansion of thrid and fourth way fascism since the 90’s thanks to the intrenet. And of course the ever increasing scapegoating of immigrants in Europe and US.

    Posted by Hugo Turner | May 23, 2016, 2:09 pm

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