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FTR #72 More Discussion With Martin A. Lee

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This program begins with an analysis of connections between the Reinhard Gehlen Nazi spy organization and Gerhard Frey, a German fascist who was a major financier of the rise of Russian fascist Vladimir Zhirinovsky. The segments also touch on Nazi agent H. Keith Thompson’s role as the P.R. person for Lee Harvey Oswald’s mother after the assassination of President Kennedy.

Much of the program focuses on the exploitation of the issue of immigration by neo-fascists around the world, as well as similarities between European neo-fascists and their counterparts in the United States. The broadcast also highlights attempts by American fascists to appear to be “Christians” or “conservatives” in order to broaden their political appeal. One of the most important points of discussion concerns the revival of the fascist pseudo-science of eugenics, exemplified by the mainstream backing for and acceptance of the racist best-seller The Bell Curve.


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