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FTR #720 Update on the Pan-Turkist Movement

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Introduction: Anticipating a number of programs dealing with activities on the “Earth Island,” this program reviews information from AFA #14 about the Pan-Turkist movement. The first of two AFA programs dealing with the former World Anti-Communist League or WACL, AFA #14 detailed the history, ideology and operations of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations or ABN.

One of WACL’s central elements, the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN) was essentially a re-naming of the Committee of Subjugated Nations, formed by Hitler in 1943. Comprised of fascist organizations allied with Hitler, such as the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists/Bandera or OUN/B and Hungarian Arrow Cross, the ABN advocated an anti-communist approach that not only favored the rolling back of Soviet influence from Eastern Europe, but the dissolution of the Soviet Union into its constituent republics. A political goal of the Third Reich, the eventual resolution of events in the manner favored by ABN wasn’t accidental. (AFA #’s 36 & 37 document the role of ABN elements in the destabilization of the former Soviet Union, utilizing the profound connections between the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations and the ABN.)

One of the elements represented in the ABN is the pan-Turkist movement. Allied with Nazi Germany in World War II and fascist in nature, the pan-Turkists had long sought to carve up the Soviet Union and restore the Ottomon Empire. This goal was predicated on bringing the so-called “outside Turks” (Turks living outside of Turkey) into a “Greater Turkey.” The main contemporary vehicle of pan-Turkism is the National Action Party and its youth wing, the Grey Wolves. Founded by Alparslan Turkes (who advocated a war-time alliance between Turkey and Nazi Germany), its best-known member is Mehmet Ali Agca, convicted of shooting the Pope. An associate of the National Action Party, Ruzy Nazar, represented the ABN at a WACL conference in Dallas in 1984.

The late Turkish investigative reporter Ugur Mumcu alleged that Nazar worked for the CIA, an allegation given further substance in the book A Mosque in Munich. (Mumcu was assassinated in a car-bomb attack in the early 1990’s.) In AFA #21 and FTR #549, we examined Nazar’s involvement with the milieu that shot Pope John Paul II in 1981. Nazar–pictured at right–will be examined at greater length in FTR #721.)

Much of the broadcast sets forth the history of the Promethean League, a pre-World War II anti-communist confederation. A direct predecessor of WACL, the Promethean League was based in Paris and had as its goal, the break-up of the former Soviet Union. It united a number of elements that also worked for the Nazis during the war and WACL afterward, including pan-Turkist and Ukrainian Nationalist elements.

One of the principal architects of using non-Russian Soviet nationalities as combatants and agitprop agents against the former Soviet Union was SS officer Theodor Oberlander (pictured above and at left.) Oberlander became a prime advocate of using Turkic elements against the former Soviet Union, a subject we will explore at greater length in FTR #721.

Program Highlights Include: Turkes’ role as a key Turkish representative to NATO; Ruzy Nazar’s participation in an SS unit notorious for its extreme brutality; collaboration between Grey Wolf elements and Italian fascists associated with the P-2 Lodge and the Strategy of Tension; the career of SS veteran Theodor Oberlander, a Nazi war criminal and WACL member; the extermination of the Lvov (Ukraine) ghetto by the Einsatzgruppe Nightingale, composed of Ukrainian fascists associated with the OUN/B and commanded by Oberlander.


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