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FTR #732 Dead Man’s Chest: WikiFascism and the Attack of the Cyber-Wandervogel

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Intro­duc­tion: NB–this post con­tains infor­ma­tion added after the orig­i­nal pro­gram was broad­cast. Pre­sent­ing more analy­sis of the Wik­iLeaks phe­nom­e­non, this broad­cast focuses on what might be termed “the Pirate Vor­tex,” and asso­ci­ated ele­ments. In FTR #725, we exam­ined Wik­iLeaks’ pro­found asso­ci­a­tion with the milieu of Pirate Bay, a file-sharing site that uses the “Bit Tor­rent Plat­form” to share audio and video files–much of them “pirated” (hence the name.)

Although the vast major­ity of the users of the site, includ­ing the “Anony­mous” folks asso­ci­ated with Pirate Bay would char­ac­ter­ize them­selves as “Anarcho/Utopian,” to coin a term, the real­i­ties of Pirate Bay are anti­thet­i­cal to what those peo­ple believe. (Anony­mous are the group that launched attacks on com­pa­nies refus­ing to con­tinue to accept funds for Wik­iLeaks.) These folks have done some worth­while things, but are ignor­ing the old adage that says “Count your but­tons before doing them up.” In the case of Wik­iLeaks, they are being cyn­i­cally used for a polit­i­cal end that, again, is the fun­da­men­tal oppo­site of their beliefs.

In addi­tion to the fact that Wik­iLeaks’ servers were pro­vided by the Swedish Nazi financier Carl Lund­strom, Pirate Bay is actu­ally incor­po­rated as an off­shore front com­pany in the Sey­chelles Islands. (Pirate Bay was sold to a Swedish gam­ing com­pany, but the firm went bank­rupt. The sale was sup­posed to be financed by the sale of GGF’s stock–which rose 170% the day before the deal was announced, rais­ing charges of insider trading.)

Accord­ing to Sil­i­con Val­ley sources, the Pirate Bay/WikiLeaks rela­tion­ship would per­mit the Under­ground Reich to access every­thing being sent to WikiLeaks!

In the wake of charges being filed against Assange in Swe­den, it devel­oped that Wik­iLeaks in fact employed indi­vid­u­als con­nected to the Swedish Nazi/antisemitic milieu! Han­dling much of their busi­ness with Swe­den and Rus­sia are Joran Jer­mas and his son (Johannes Wahlstrom), both anti-Semitic and part and par­cel to the same Nazi and fas­cist milieu to which Carl Lund­strom belongs.

The title of the pro­gram derives from the Wan­der­vo­gel,  part of a youth move­ment that wielded con­sid­er­able influ­ence in early twentieth-century Ger­many. Like the “Anonymous”/Pirate Bay/Pirate Party adher­ents, they were seek­ing a “lib­er­at­ing” per­spec­tive on life, and the Wan­der­vo­gel embraced many ele­ments of youth/hippie cul­ture of the lat­ter part of that century.

A more detailed analy­sis of the Wan­der­vo­gel was pre­sented in FTR #629:  “ . . . The chief vehi­cle for car­ry­ing this ide­o­log­i­cal con­stel­la­tion to promi­nence was the youth move­ment, an amor­phous phe­nom­e­non which played a deci­sive but highly ambiva­lent role in shap­ing Ger­man pop­u­lar cul­ture dur­ing the first three tumul­tuous decades of the cen­tury. Also known as the Wan­der­vo­gel, (which trans­lates roughly as ‘wan­der­ing free spir­its’), the youth move­ment was a hodge-podge of counter-cultural ele­ments, blend­ing neo-Romanticism, East­ern philoso­phies, nature mys­ti­cism, hos­til­ity to rea­son, and a strong com­mu­nal impulse in a con­fused but no less ardent search for authen­tic, non-alienated social rela­tions. Their back-to-the-land empha­sis spurred a pas­sion­ate sen­si­tiv­ity to the nat­ural world and the dam­age it suf­fered. They have been accu­rately char­ac­ter­ized as ‘right-wing hip­pies,’ for although some sec­tors of the move­ment grav­i­tated toward var­i­ous forms of eman­ci­pa­tory pol­i­tics (though usu­ally shed­ding their envi­ron­men­tal trap­pings in the process), most of the Wan­der­vo­gel were even­tu­ally absorbed by the Nazis. This shift from nature wor­ship to fuhrer wor­ship is worth exam­in­ing. . . .” (Eco­fas­cism: Lessons from the Ger­man Expe­ri­ence; by Janet Biehl and Peter Stau­den­maier; AK Press [SC] 1995; Copy­right 1995 by Janet Biehl and Peter Stau­den­maier; ISBN 1–873176-73–2; pp. 9–10.)

Most of the Wan­derevo­gel became Nazis. Despite their “lib­er­a­tionist” per­spec­tive, “the Pirate Vor­tex” has served sim­i­lar forces, no doubt inad­ver­tently. In future pro­gram descrip­tions about Wik­iLeaks, we will rumi­nate about the impli­ca­tions of high-tech and fascism.

Pro­gram High­lights Include: The Swedish Pirate Party’s pro­vi­sion of an under­ground, Cold War nuclear fall­out bunker to house Wik­iLeaks’ oper­a­tions; the Swiss Pirate Party’s host­ing of Wik­iLeaks; the “Anony­mous” milieu’s “Oper­a­tion Pay­back” attack on var­i­ous com­pa­nies’ sites (the attack of the cyber–Wan­der­vo­gel); Wik­iLeaks’ reliance on a start-up com­pany owned by Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde for fund­ing; Carl Lundstrom’s pro­posal to move Pirate Bay to Argentina–a more friendly cli­mate for a Nazi-owned out­fit; the [aborted] sale of Pirate Bay occur­ring in the same week as the death of Michael Jack­son; the pos­si­bil­ity that Lundstrom’s inter­est in Pirate Bay may have been to use the BTP as a vehi­cle for enhanc­ing Ger­man cor­po­rate con­trol of the online music busi­ness; Sweden’s role as home to the most Bor­mann front com­pa­nies set up to receive the cap­i­tal looted by the Third Reich and then re-cycled into the Ger­man “eco­nomic miracle.”

1a. Another fas­ci­nat­ing detail con­cern­ing the tan­gled web that is Wik­iLeaks con­cerns the PRQ server, based in Swe­den. In addi­tion to host­ing Wik­iLeaks, it is the base for Pirate Bay, a con­trol­ling inter­est in which is owned by Carl Lund­strom, a promi­nent Swedish Nazi and financier of that country’s fas­cist polit­i­cal par­ties (includ­ing the Swe­den Democ­rats, who enjoyed con­sid­er­able suc­cess in the recent Swedish elec­tions.) It is unclear if this would give Swedish Nazi ele­ments access to infor­ma­tion from doc­u­ments accessed by Wik­iLeaks, but that seems a rea­son­able pos­si­bil­ity. [Knowl­edge­able con­tacts in the Sil­i­con Val­ley have told me that that would have been the case.]

Note that Lund­strom sold his fam­ily busi­ness to the San­doz com­pany. Part of the old I.G. Far­ben com­plex, it is the firm that devel­oped LSD and, accord­ing to Sarah Moore, pro­vided it gratis to the Hamilton-Byrne cult. Note that the ele­ments of the old I.G. Far­ben firm have coa­lesced into an essen­tial ele­ment of the Bor­mann cap­i­tal net­work, the eco­nomic com­po­nent of the Under­ground Reich.

A Swedish Inter­net com­pany linked to file-sharing hub The Pirate Bay says it’s help­ing online whistle-blower Wik­iLeaks release clas­si­fied doc­u­ments from servers located in a Stock­holm sub­urb. Mikael Viborg, the owner of the Web host­ing com­pany PRQ, on Fri­day showed The Asso­ci­ated Press the site — the base­ment of a drab office build­ing — in Solna on the con­di­tion that the exact loca­tion was not revealed.

“This is the office. The server room is fur­ther inside,” the 28-year-old Viborg said, with the door to the office cracked open. Desks with com­put­ers, doc­u­ments, and empty pas­try boxes and soda cans could be seen inside before he closed the door.

Wik­iLeaks posted more than 76,900 clas­si­fied mil­i­tary and other doc­u­ments, mostly raw intel­li­gence reports from Afghanistan, on its web­site July 25. The White House angrily denounced the leaks, say­ing they put the lives of Afghan infor­mants and U.S. troops at risk.

The secre­tive web­site gives few details about its setup, but says its “servers are dis­trib­uted over mul­ti­ple inter­na­tional juris­dic­tions and do not keep logs. Hence these logs can­not be seized.” . . .

” Swedish Web Host­ing Firm Con­firms Wik­iLeaks Link” by Karl Rit­ter [AP]; msnbc.com; 8/6/2010.

1b. Pirate Bay over­laps and is closely asso­ci­ated with a polit­i­cal party–The Pirate Party–that has branches in Swe­den, Switzer­land and Ger­many, among other coun­tries. The Swedish Pirate Party is help­ing spon­sor Wik­iLeaks’ pres­ence in the coun­try, help­ing to pro­vide them with a for­mer under­ground nuclear shel­ter for an oper­at­ing base.

One of the world’s most con­tro­ver­sial web­sites now has one of the world’s coolest dat­a­cen­ters.
Andy Green­berg at Forbes has picked up on a Nor­we­gian report that Wik­ileaks‘ servers are now hosted in Sweden’s Pio­nen dat­a­cen­tre, housed inside a Cold War-era under­ground nuclear bunker. 30 metres below Stock­holm, it report­edly has a sin­gle entrance with half-metre thick metal doors.

The move has been ini­ti­ated by the Swedish Pirate Party, who began look­ing after Wik­ileaks’ host­ing this month. “We have long admired Wik­ileaks”, the Pirate Party’s Rick Falkvinge told Norway’s VG, claim­ing that as his party is host­ing Wik­ileaks, an attack on Wik­ileaks is also regarded as an attack on a polit­i­cal party. . . .

“Wik­ileaks Now Hosted from an Under­ground Nuclear Bunker” by Mar­tin Bryant; thenextweb.com; 8/30/2010.

1c. After Wik­iLeaks was the focal point of DOS and hack­ing attacks in Novem­ber of 2010, the Swiss Pirate Party under­took to access Wik­iLeaks’ material.

. . . . On Fri­day, the Pirate Party of Switzer­land — part of an inter­na­tional move­ment fight­ing for the free shar­ing of online con­tent — said it owned the “wikileaks.ch” domain name and was happy to sup­port WikiLeaks.

“I don’t see an oppor­tu­nity for a for­eign gov­ern­ment to reach into Switzer­land,” said Leenaars. “This is a very forward-looking move.” . . .

““Wik­iLeaks Diverts Traf­fic to Euro­pean Web­sites amid U.S. Fury” [Reuters]; Van­cou­ver Sun; 12/3/2010.

1d. A start-up owned by a co-founder of the Swedish Pirate Bay (a con­trol­ling inter­est in which is owned by Swedish fas­cist Carl Lund­strom) remains as a con­duit for dona­tions for WikiLeaks.

While major online financ­ing ser­vices such as Pay­Pal, Mas­ter­Card, and Visa have shut down their deal­ings with the embat­tled Wik­iLeaks, one micro­fi­nanc­ing startup is still hang­ing on. Flattr, a micro­pay­ment startup cre­ated by Peter Sunde, co-founder of the infa­mous Bit­Tor­rent shar­ing site The Pirate Bay, still accepts dona­tions on behalf of the document-leaking non-profit. . . .

. . .  Sunde has been a pub­lic advo­cate for Assange and Wik­iLeaks. He has also pro­posed a peer-to-peer DNS sys­tem that would pre­vent domain name reg­is­tra­tions from being revoked, as was done with the WikiLeaks.org domain. . . .

“Wik­iLeaks Still Funded by Pirate Bay Founder’s Startup” by Ken­neth Musante; Web Newser; 12/9/2010.

1e. Lundstrom’s part­ner, Peter Sunde, began his asso­ci­a­tion with the Pirate milieu while work­ing for Siemens, one of the Ger­man core cor­po­ra­tions and, as such, inex­tri­ca­bly linked with the Bor­mann cap­i­tal net­work. (Siemens is also closlely-linked with the BND, the Ger­man intel­li­gence ser­vice. The fol­low­ing is a trans­la­tion of the Nor­we­gian Wikipedia entry about Peter Sunde. Inter­est­ingly, the Amer­i­can Wikipedia arti­cle does not iden­tify the com­pany for which he was work­ing, or the fact that Sunde is cur­rently a res­i­dent of Germany.

. . . . Pro­fes­sion Pro­gram­mer / Web Entre­pre­neur
Nation­al­ity Norwegian-Finnish, liv­ing in Germany

Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi (born 13 Sep­tem­ber 1978 in Udde­valla , also known under the alias Brokep) is a Norwegian-Finnish com­puter spe­cial­ist and one of the peo­ple who fronted Bit­Tor­rent web­site The Pirate Bay . He is the brother Mats Kolmisoppi .

In child­hood Sunde moved around a lot in Scan­di­navia. The age of nine he began to pro­gram and had very good results at school. The school nev­er­the­less chose Sunde to drop out, and was a full-time pro­gram­mer. He then got a per­ma­nent job in the com­mu­nity, before the IT bub­ble par­tic­i­pated in the con­struc­tion of the Swedish por­tal Tjo­hoo . Later he worked for Siemens in Nor­way with data man­age­ment in con­nec­tion with the X-ray machines . After been sick in con­nec­tion with the work he began to show inter­est in the pirate move­ment, and became active in Pirat­byrån and The Pirate Bay. Sunde was then The Pirate Bay’s face. . . .

Jan­u­ary 2008 was Sunde together with Fredrik Neij , Got­tfrid Svartholm and Carl Lund­ström pros­e­cuted in Swe­den for effec­tive and prepa­ra­tion for infringe­ment via The Pirate Bay. The trial started on Mon­day 16th Feb­ru­ary 2009 , and the four defen­dants deny guilt and claim that Pirate Bay is con­sid­ered as a search engine and that no copy­righted mate­r­ial found on the site’s servers . The 17 april 2009, the four sen­tenced to one year in prison each and a total of 30 mil­lion in dam­ages jointly and sev­er­ally to the music, film and record label claims sub­mit­ted in the law­suit. The judg­ment is likely to be appealed. . . .

(trans­la­tion of Nor­we­gian Wikipedia entry for Peter Sunde.)

1f. Fol­low­ing a num­ber of orga­ni­za­tions’ refusal to con­tinue accept­ing money for Wik­iLeaks, mem­bers of Anony­mous, allied with Pirate Bay/Pirate Party, launched “Oper­a­tion Pay­back,” attack­ing numer­ous websites.

The hacker friendly web­site 4chan has begun to orga­nize its mem­bers, known col­lec­tively as Anony­mous, in an effort to pre­vent “the oppres­sive future which looms ahead.” The “Oper­a­tion Avenge Assange” will con­sist of a series of Inter­net attacks that have begun with PayPal.

Julian Assange is a man who has made ene­mies. The editor-in-chief and cre­ator of Wik­iLeaks is fight­ing bat­tles on all fronts: legally, finan­cially, per­son­ally and pro­fes­sion­ally, and even now sits in a jail cell in Eng­land fol­low­ing his arrest ear­lier today, after Swe­den issued an arrest war­rant stem­ming from four charges of sex­ual offences, includ­ing one of rape. But Assange is not with­out his allies, either. One of the more poten­tially pow­er­ful groups to throw in its sup­port is the web­site 4chan, and some of its mem­bers that are col­lec­tively known as Anony­mous.  The group that is either famous or infa­mous depend­ing on your point of view, have begun a new cam­paign to sup­port Wik­iLeaks and its cre­ator that they are call­ing “Oper­a­tion Avenge Assange”.

Oper­a­tion Avenge Assange is a sys­tem­atic attack that will tar­get groups that Anony­mous has deemed to have essen­tially treated Assange unfairly.  The first tar­get on the list is Pay­Pal, which reports that cyber attacks have already begun. . . .

“4chan-based Group ‘Anony­mous’ Tar­gets Pay­Pal to Sup­port Wik­iLeaks” by Ryan Flem­ing; Dig­i­tal Trends; 12/7/2010.

1g. With mem­bers of the hacker com­mu­nity main­tain­ing their “Anonymity,” it remains to be seen how many ide­o­log­i­cal Nazis are in the Pirate Party.

The cri­sis sur­round­ing the euro is lead­ing to grow­ing dis­sat­is­fac­tion with exist­ing par­ties all over the euro­zone. In France, as explained here last week, the cur­rent cri­sis has breathed new life into the far left. In Ger­many, where the far-left Die Linke party is the suc­ces­sor of the Com­mu­nist Party of East-Germany, an alto­gether new party has emerged: the Piraten­partei, the Pirates’ Party.

“I rec­og­nize we have a Nazi prob­lem in the Pirates,” Har­mut Semken, the head of the Berlin PP said. “There’s no alter­na­tive: a party which accepts mem­bers with­out any pre-screening can’t help but attract peo­ple try­ing to hide their con­tempt for human­ity behind free­dom of expres­sion,” he added. It is, how­ever, a strange posi­tion for a party not to allow any crit­i­cism of immi­gra­tion and reli­gions, such as Islam, while at the same time con­don­ing anti-Semitic activ­i­ties under the pre­text of free­dom of expression. . . .

“Will the Pirates Cap­ture Ger­many? by Peter Mar­tino; The Gate­stone Insti­tute; 4/24/2012.

1h. More on Nazis tran­si­tion­ing from the NPD (Germany’s top neo-Nazi party) into the Pirate Party:

Germany’s upstart Pirate Party is fight­ing off accu­sa­tions that right-wing extrem­ists may have infil­trated its ranks, fol­low­ing reports that at least two promi­nent mem­bers once belonged to the far-right National Democratic Party.

Valentin Seipt, a Pirate Party dis­trict chair­man in Freis­ing, Bavaria resigned ear­lier this week after the accu­sa­tion emerged. Matthias Bah­ner, who is a Pirate Party dis­trict coun­cil mem­ber in Greif­swald, Mecklenburg-Western Pomera­nia is still in his posi­tion, although the party has said it will dis­cuss the issue this month.

The rev­e­la­tions are con­tro­ver­sial because the NPD is widely seen as a racist party sup­port­ing extreme right-wing stances.

In con­trast, the Pirate Party, which recently made big inroads in Berlin’s state elec­tions and is win­ning increas­ing sup­port nation­wide, por­trays itself as a party based on free­dom and the pro­tec­tion of civil rights. Recent polls have shown surg­ing fig­ures, with up to nine per­cent of Ger­mans sup­port­ing the Pirates.

Accord­ing to the Süd­deutsche Zeitung news­pa­per, Seipt was an NPD mem­ber from at least 2007 to 2009 and was, for a time, a deputy dis­trict chair­man for the NPD. . . .

“Two Pirates Exposed as For­mer NPD Mem­bers”; The Local; 10/12/2011.

2. Ulti­mately, Pirate Bay was sold to Swedish gam­ing firm GGF. (It appears that the deal wasn’t con­sum­mated due to the bank­ruptcy of GGF. Pirate Bay, in turn, is con­trolled by an off­shore entity called Reservella, reg­is­tered in the Seychelles.)

The ulti­mate motive for a fas­cist like Lund­strom to fund Pirate Bay is, obvi­ously, a mat­ter of spec­u­la­tion. One pos­si­bil­ity to be con­sid­ered is the Serpent’s Walk sce­nario, with the Under­ground Reich gain­ing con­trol of all world media. (This is dis­cussed at greater length in the long For The Record series about Ger­man Cor­po­rate Con­trol of U.S. media. Recall BMG’s alliance with Nap­ster in the early part of the decade. Might Lund­strom have been groom­ing Pirate Bay for cor­po­rate takeover by an Under­ground Reich entity?)

The lucra­tive com­mer­cial­iza­tion of Nap­ster may well have been one of the inspi­ra­tions for GGF’s takeover of Pirate Bay.

Global Gam­ing Fac­tory (GGF) has paid 60m kro­nor (£4.7m) to take over the site from its founders.

Once it has taken con­trol, GGF said it would start pay­ing copy­right fees for the movies, music and games linked to via the site. . . .

“Pirate Bay Site Sold to Game Firm”; BBC News; 6/30/2009.

3. In that same con­text, it is worth not­ing that the quasi-populist ide­o­log­i­cal rhetoric sur­round­ing Pirate Bay dove­tails nicely with the sort of “fas­cist pop­ulism” mar­keted by the polit­i­cal par­ties financed by Lundstrom.

. . . The money man, Carl Lund­ström, on whose servers The Pirate Bay [and WikiLeaks–D.E.] was housed, is straight out of the crime nov­els of Stieg Lars­son. He inher­ited a for­tune built on crisp­bread, and has a long his­tory of involve­ment with extreme rightwing pol­i­tics. In the 1980s, he was a mem­ber of “Keep Swe­den Swedish”, an anti-immigrant fringe group; he has finan­cially backed the Swe­den Democ­rats, a would-be pop­ulist and anti-immigrant party; and only this month the man­ag­ing direc­tor of one of his com­pa­nies was charged with a rob­bery in a small west-coast town, part of a feud within a neo-Nazi group. Lund­ström told the Metro news­paper (http://bit.ly/metro) after he sacked the man that he had known he was a party mem­ber, but not that he had gone to col­lect another member’s com­puter with a sub­ma­chine gun.

Got­tfrid Svartholm Varg and Fred­erik Neij, the nerds who run The Pirate Bay itself, have also been accused by the pros­e­cu­tor of tax eva­sion, but deny that they were mak­ing any money from their busi­ness. Their atti­tude of sneer­ing enti­tle­ment towards the gov­ern­ment is all of a piece with their atti­tude towards the big con­tent companies. . . .

. . . I know that a lit­tle bit of the rhetoric around The Pirate Bay sounds left­wing – the idea that it is wrong for “inter­na­tional cap­i­tal” to push Swe­den around – but that’s just pop­ulist, and could be found in the rhetoric of the kind of par­ties that Carl Lund­ström has sup­ported too.

The over­whelm­ing impres­sion is of a clash between two rightwing views, one that says it is all right to steal from the state, and one which says it is sin­ful to steal from corporations. . . .

“The Pirate Bay trial Is the Col­li­sion of ‘Can I?’ and ‘Should I?’ Cul­tures” by Andrew Brown; The Guardian; 2/26/2009.

4. Inter­est­ingly, and per­haps sig­nif­i­cantly, the pur­chase of Pirate Bay by GGF took place the same week as the death of Michael Jack­son. In FTR #695, we exam­ined his untimely demise against the back­ground of Bertelsmann’s re-entry into the music busi­ness and Michael Jackson’s own­er­ship of the highly lucra­tive Bea­t­les cat­a­log. Might the two events have been linked–part of the Under­ground Reich’s bid to increase its pres­ence in the music business?

Just before GGF’s pur­chase of Pirate Bay, the stock increased dra­mat­i­cally in price, caus­ing many to spec­u­late that insider trad­ing may have been involved.

There have been two big music-business news sto­ries in the past week. One has been – and still is – dom­i­nat­ing all media out­lets, and the other pretty much snuck in under the radar.

The biggest story, of course, was the death of Michael Jack­son and the result­ing can­cel­la­tion of his 50 gigs at the O2. . .

. . . There are reports that sub­scribers are clos­ing their accounts, and GGF is fac­ing an insider-trading inves­ti­ga­tion after its stock saw a huge upswing in trades on Mon­day – the day before the deal was announced. . . .

“Behind the Music: Pirate Bay’s Pur­chase Proves they’re not Altru­is­tic”; The Guardian; 7/03/2009.

5. As indi­cated above, Pirate Bay is nom­i­nally and legally the prop­erty of a mys­te­ri­ous hold­ing com­pany incor­po­rated in the Sey­chelles called Reservella.

When lawyer Ernst-Jan Louw­ers showed up in a Dutch court this week to defend the three Pirate Bay admin­is­tra­tors, he swore that none of the three men in fact owned the site, hav­ing got rid of it in a shady 2006 trans­ac­tion. How shady? Louw­ers told the judge that he could pro­duce lit­er­ally no piece of evi­dence that the site had even been sold at all—no con­tract, no bank trans­fer, no nothing.

The Pirate Bay admins have long said that the site is actu­ally con­trolled by a mys­te­ri­ous com­pany called Reservella, based in the Sey­chelles islands. As for who con­trols Reservella, the admins say they have no idea—and frankly don’t care.

But Dutch antipiracy group BREIN says that it knows who con­trols Reservella, and it has the doc­u­ment to prove it: Fredrik Neij, one of the three Pirate Bay admins. . . .

“Reservella: The Shad­owy Com­pany Behind the Pirate Bay” by Nate Ander­son; Law and Dis­or­der; 10/12/2009.

6. Lund­strom is alleged to have sug­gested mov­ing Pirate Bay’s oper­a­tions to Argentina–certainly a hos­pitable place for a poten­tial Bor­mann cap­i­tal net­work busi­ness enterprise!

. . . . The paper also talks about knowl­edge on Lundstrom’s side about poten­tial legal ram­i­fi­ca­tions. Pros­e­cu­tors say Lund­strom per­son­ally sent an SMS to Fredrik Neij on May 31st of 2006 to warn him about the raids against The Bay and its own­ers. Lund­strom sup­pos­edly also sug­gested in an email to move The Pirate Bay’s oper­a­tions to Argentina. . . .

“Who Is the Fourth Man in the Pirate Bay Case?” by Janko Roettgers; Gigaom; 2/2/2008.

7. After Julian Assange was charged with rape by two women in Swe­den, the Inter­net was abuzz with alle­ga­tions that the women were affil­i­ated with anti-Castro Cuban orga­ni­za­tions. Fea­tured in Alexan­der Cockburn’s Coun­ter­punch online newslet­ter, the story was authored by one “Israel Shamir” (with an edi­to­r­ial credit by Paul Bennett).

8. What received less atten­tion was the fact that “Israel Shamir” is actu­ally one Joran Jer­mas, a rav­ing, doc­tri­naire anti-Semite who is deeply involved with the Swedish Nazi/fascist milieu that counts Carl Lund­strom among its ranks.

A man who claims to be one of Israel’s lead­ing intel­lec­tu­als is also a Swedish anti-Semitic writer. Israel Shamir presents him­self on his web­site as a lead­ing Russian-Israeli intel­lec­tual and a writer, trans­la­tor and jour­nal­ist. But in 2001 he changed his name to Jöran Jer­mas and has sur­rounded him­self in Swe­den and Nor­way with anti-Semites and strange con­spir­acy the­o­rists. . . .. . . Jermas’s trans­la­tor in Nor­way is Hans Olav Brend­berg, a teacher, who was recently asked to leave the exec­u­tive com­mit­tee of a branch of the Red Elec­toral Alliance (RV). The left-wing RV, which took 1.2% of the vote in the gen­eral elec­tion in 2001 and has over 80 local coun­cil­lors, accused Brend­berg of mak­ing anti-Jewish state­ments on the inter­net and in his work as Jermas’s translator.

Brend­berg, 35, stirred up con­tro­versy after writ­ing arti­cles for the left-wing daily Klassekam­pen in which he charged the Jews with killing Christ and hat­ing all non-Jews. But it is through the KK-forum, Klassekampen’s semi-official web-based dis­cus­sion forum, that Brend­berg has gained most noto­ri­ety for state­ments such as: “Mil­lions of nice Ger­mans have always existed but not one of them is men­tioned in Anne Frank’s Diaries. As for the broader pic­ture: is not the world big­ger than the attic of a Dutch city apart­ment block?”

On sev­eral occa­sions, Brend­berg has referred to Kevin Mac­Don­ald, an extreme right-wing Amer­i­can, as an author­ity on Jew­ish mat­ters. Mac­Don­ald, a pro­fes­sor at an obscure Cal­i­forn­ian uni­ver­sity, is a white racist, anti­se­mitic, anti-black, anti-left apol­o­gist for Hitler’s geno­cide and an invet­er­ate fascist.

Mac­Don­ald is per­haps most infa­mous for his claim that the Jews have effected a breed­ing pro­gramme to con­quer other “races”. He appeared in court as a wit­ness on behalf of David Irv­ing, the British quasi-historian and Hitler admirer, in his libel case against Deb­o­rah Lipstadt. . . .

. . . Shamir has found other, even more extreme friends in Swe­den. One of his Swedish trans­la­tors, Lars Adel­skog, is not only a lead­ing fig­ure in the Swedish UFO move­ment but can also be found in the jun­gle of con­spir­acy the­o­ries where the Illu­mi­nati, the Freema­sons and lizards in human form are sup­pos­edly work­ing together to end civil­i­sa­tion as we know it.

Adelskog’s last book bore the pro­found title En tom säck kan inte stå (An empty bag can­not stand) and was pub­lished by the openly nazi pub­lisher Nordiska För­laget. [NB–Carl Lund­strom patron­izes this same pub­lish­ing out­fit, as seen below.) This orga­ni­za­tion also sells books by Mac­Don­ald, Hitler and Irv­ing. In his lat­est book, Adel­skog tries in typ­i­cal nazi style to “prove” that the Nazi geno­cide of the Jews never took place.

Adel­skog was pre­vi­ously the edi­tor of the Swedish “alter­na­tive” mag­a­zine Nexus, where he also spread his pet con­spir­acy the­o­ries. The Nation­al­so­cial­is­tisk Front later touted unsold issues of Nexus through its website.

Jermas/Shamir him­self is no stranger to con­spir­acy the­o­ries. When he vis­ited Nor­way in 2001, he made the laugh­able claim in the main­stream news­pa­per Adresseav­isa that many Jews received text mes­sages warn­ing them to get out of the World Trade Cen­tre in New York before the ter­ror attacks of 11 September.

Another out­let that eagerly pro­motes anti­se­mitic con­spir­acy the­o­ries is the Russ­ian mag­a­zine Zav­tra and its edi­tor Alexan­der Prokhanov. While in Moscow, Jer­mas worked as a jour­nal­ist for Zav­tra, which has been described as Russia’s most anti­se­mitic rag. When the noto­ri­ous racist and for­mer Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke went to Rus­sia to pro­mote his new book, Jew­ish Suprema­cism, and his National Asso­ci­a­tion for the Advance­ment of White Peo­ple, it was on Prokhanov’s invitation.

Despite the dogs with which he is will­ing to lie down, Jer­mas does not seem afraid of catch­ing fleas. In the USA, Alex Lin­der of Kirksville, Mis­souri, who has seem­ingly fallen from grace in the Nazi National Alliance (NA), has set up his own out­fit called the Van­guard News Net­work. Lind­ner is eagerly pro­mot­ing a forth­com­ing con­gress of Holo­caust liars in Sacra­mento this year and pub­lished parts of a pecu­liar email cor­re­spon­dence with Jer­mas, pos­ing under his old name of Shamir. . . .

“Israeli Writer Is Swedish Anti-Semite” by Tor Bach, Sven Johansen and Lise Apfel­bum; The Search­light; May/2004.

9. Pirate Bay sugar daddy Lund­strom has dis­cussed his polit­i­cal sym­pa­thies. [The excerpt below is from Google trans­la­tions. The Swedish sen­tence is fol­lowed by the Eng­lish trans­la­tion.] Note  that he appears on the user/subscriber list for Nordic Pub­lish­ers, the Nazi pub­lish­ing out­fit that han­dles the efforts pro­duced by one of Jermas’s [aka “Shamir’s”] publishers.

. . . Lund­ström har inte gjort någon hem­lighet av sina sym­pa­tier för främ­lings­fientliga grup­per, och förra året fanns hans namn med på kun­dreg­istret hos det nazis­tiska bok­för­laget Nordiska För­laget. Lund­strom has made no secret of his sym­pa­thy for the xeno­pho­bic groups, and last year was his name with the cus­tomer code of the Nazi pub­lish­ing house Nordic Publishers.

– Jag stöder dem genom att köpa böcker och musik. - I sup­port them by buy­ing books and music. Ni i media vill bara sprida mis­sak­t­ning om olika per­soner. You in the media just want to spread con­tempt for dif­fer­ent peo­ple. Ni i media är fyllda av hat till Pirate Bay, avs­lu­tar en mycket upprörd Carl Lund­ström. You in the media is full of hatred to the Pirate Bay, fin­ish­ing a very upset Carl Lundström.

Nordiska För­laget säl­jer vit makt musik och böcker som hyl­lar rasis­tiska våld­shan­dlin­gar. Nordic pub­lish­ing com­pany sells white power music and books that cel­e­brates the racist vio­lence. För­laget stöder nazis­ter­nas demon­stra­tion i Salem och bjöd in Ku Klux Klan ledaren till en före­drag­turné i Sverige. Pub­lisher sup­ports the Nazi demon­stra­tion in Salem and invited the Ku Klux Klan leader [David Duke] for a lec­ture tour in Sweden. . . .

“The Goal: Take over all Piracy” by Peter Karls­son; realtid.se; 3/10/2006.

10a. It turns out that both Jer­mas and his son, of sim­i­lar polit­i­cal sym­pa­thies, are actual employ­ees of Wik­iLeaks. Jer­mas is involved with the outfit’s oper­a­tions in Rus­sia, his son [Wahlstrom] is involved with the Swedish oper­a­tions of WikiLeaks.

The Swedish media has iden­ti­fied Shamir’s son, a dis­graced jour­nal­ist named Johannes Wahlström, him­self accused of anti-Semitism and fal­si­fy­ing quotes, as a Wik­iLeaks spokesman in Swe­den. Indeed, Wahlström has authored sto­ries based on the Wik­iLeaks mate­r­ial for the news­pa­per Afton­bladet and is cred­ited as a pro­ducer on a recent Swedish pub­lic tele­vi­sion doc­u­men­tary about the group.

But while being the son of a famous Holo­caust denier is per­haps only suggestive—Wahlström is surely not respon­si­ble for his father’s many sins—his cel­e­bra­tions of his father’s work in print and his con­tri­bu­tions to Shamir’s web­site sug­gest ide­o­log­i­cal affin­ity.* Indeed, in 2005 Wahlström wrote a story for the left­ist mag­a­zine Ord­front argu­ing that Swedish media, not known for being friendly to the Jew­ish state, was in fact being manip­u­lated by Jew­ish inter­ests on behalf of the Israeli government.

Three of the jour­nal­ists inter­viewed for the story—Cecilia Uddén, Lotta Schüllerqvist, and Peter Löfgren—claimed that Wahlström fal­si­fied quotes, lead­ing the mag­a­zine to with­draw the story and issue an apol­ogy. Heléne Lööw, a his­to­rian of fas­cism and Euro­pean neo-Nazism, com­mented that the Wahlström story con­tained all the “ele­ments that one would find in a clas­sic anti-Semitic con­spir­acy theory.”

A mem­ber of Ordfront’s edi­to­r­ial board, writ­ing in the news­pa­per Dagens Nyheter, lamented that the piece was ever pub­lished, cit­ing Wahlström’s “close work­ing rela­tion­ship with Israel Shamir,” with­out point­ing out just how close the two were.

Wahlström and Shamir, father and son, are the Wik­iLeaks rep­re­sen­ta­tives for two rather large geo­graphic areas. Accord­ing to Swedish Radio’s inves­ti­ga­tion, Wahlström is the gate­keeper of the cables in Scan­di­navia, and “has the power to decide” which news­pa­pers are pro­vided access and what leaks they are allowed to see. (At the time of fil­ing, Wahlström had yet to respond to an email request for comment.) . . .

“Assange’s Extrem­ist Employ­ees: Why is Wik­iLeaks employ­ing a Holo­caust Denier and his dis­graced son?” by Michael C. Moyni­han; Rea­son Mag­a­zine; 12/14/2010.

10b. The above-cited arti­cle chron­i­cled the extreme nature of Jermas/Shamir’s views:

. . . So let us quickly recap the foul­ness of Shamir’s polit­i­cal views. As I noted last week, he has called the Auschwitz con­cen­tra­tion camp “an intern­ment facil­ity, attended by the Red Cross (as opposed to the US intern­ment cen­tre in Guan­tanamo),” not a place of exter­mi­na­tion. He told a Swedish jour­nal­ist (and fel­low Holo­caust denier) that “it’s every Mus­lim and Christian’s duty to deny the Holocaust.” . . .


11. Accord­ing to my Sil­i­con Val­ley sources, the arrange­ment whereby Pirate Bay, Lund­strom, Pirate Party etc. hosts Wik­iLeaks would per­mit the Under­ground Reich (Nazi Inter­na­tional or Fas­cist Inter­na­tional, if you will) to access every­thing sent to Wik­iLeaks! Thus, what­ever else Wik­iLeaks may be, it cer­tainly appears to be a Nazi data-mining oper­a­tion, among other things. An e-mail from Julian Assange to Wik­iLeaks co-founder turned critic John Young gives us an idea just how suc­cess­ful and pro­found that data-mining oper­a­tion is.

To: John Young
From: Wik­ileaks
Sub­ject: martha stu­art pgp
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2007 12:20:25 –0500

J. We are going to fuck them all. Chi­nese mostly, but not entirely a feint. Inven­tion abounds. Lies, twists and dis­torts every­where needed for pro­tec­tion. Hack­ers mon­i­tor Chi­nese and other intel as they bur­row into their tar­gets, when they pull, so do we.

Inex­haustible sup­ply of mate­r­ial. Near 100,000 documents/emails a day. [Ital­ics are mine–D.E.] We’re going to crack the world open and let it flower into some­thing new. If fleec­ing the CIA will assist us, then fleece we will. We have pull­backs from NED, CFR, Free­dom­house and other CIA teats. We have all of pre 2005 Afghanistan. Almost all of India fed. Half a dozen for­eign min­istries. Dozens of polit­i­cal par­ties and con­sulates, World­bank, apec, UN sec­tions, trade groups, Tibet and Fulan Dafa asso­ci­a­tions and… Russ­ian phish­ing mafia who pull data every­where. We’re drown­ing. We don’t even know a tenth of what we have or who it belongs to. We stopped stor­ing it at 1Tb.”


12. In the con­text of Lundstrom’s oper­a­tions, it is inter­est­ing and (pos­si­bly) sig­nif­i­cant that Swe­den is the com­pany that had the largest num­ber of front com­pa­nies set up under the Bor­mann flight cap­i­tal program.

. . . Seven hun­dred and fifty new cor­po­ra­tions were estab­lished in the last months of the war under the direc­tion of Reich­sleiter Bor­mann, using the tech­nique per­fected by Her­mann Schmitz [of I.G. Far­ben]. A national of each coun­try was the nom­i­nal head of each cor­po­rate struc­ture and the board was a mix of Ger­man admin­is­tra­tors and bank offi­cials, while the staffing at senior and mid­dle man­age­ment lev­els was com­prised of Ger­man sci­en­tists and tech­ni­cians. In the back­ground were the shad­owy own­ers of the cor­po­ra­tion, those Ger­mans who pos­sessed the bearer bonds as proof of stock own­er­ship. The estab­lish­ment of such com­pa­nies, usu­ally launched in indus­tries requir­ing high tech­ni­cal skills was wel­comed in Spain and Argentina, to give two exam­ples because those gov­ern­ments appre­ci­ated that Ger­man com­pa­nies would gen­er­ate jobs and imple­ment a more favor­able bal­ance of trade. Coun­try by coun­try, a break­down by U.S. trea­sury inves­ti­ga­tors of these new 750 Ger­man firms was as fol­lows: Por­tu­gal, 58; Spain, 112; Swe­den, 233; Switzer­land, 214; Turkey, 35; Argentina, 98. . . .

(Mar­tin Bor­mann: Nazi in Exile; Paul Man­ning; Copy­right 1981 [HC]; Lyle Stu­art Inc.; ISBN 0–8184-0309–8; pp. 135–136.)

12. For per­spec­tive on the Bor­mann cap­i­tal network’s con­trol of cor­po­rate Ger­many (includ­ing Peter Sunde’s employer Siemens) and of the firms in the old I.G. Far­ben orbit (includ­ing San­doz, who cap­i­tal­ized Lund­strom) we again turn to Manning.

. . . . Each of these three spin­offs from I.G. Far­ben today does more busi­ness indi­vid­u­ally than did Far­ben at its zenith, when its cor­po­rate struc­ture cov­ered 93 coun­tries. BASF and Bayer indi­vid­u­ally boast world­wide sales of nearly $10 bil­lion annu­ally, while Hoechst, now the world’s largest chem­i­cal com­pany, gen­er­ated $16.01 bil­lion in world­wide sales in 1980. Each does more busi­ness than E.I. du Pont de Nemours, with sales of $9.4 billion. . . .

The United States is, of course, the major mar­ket, one into which these Ger­man cor­po­ra­tions con­tinue to pour invest­ment money for both new cap­i­tal con­struc­tion and cor­po­rate takeovers. Together, these three multi­na­tion­als assure per­ma­nent pros­per­ity for the orig­i­nal 450 Far­ben stock­hold­ers, their banks, and the shad­owy share­hold­ers of the Bor­mann orga­ni­za­tion in South Amer­ica who guard and vote the Her­mann Schmitz trust fund through inter­me­di­aries at the annual meet­ings of BASF, Bayer and Hoechst. . . .

Ibid.; pp. 282–83.

13. More on the Bor­mann cap­i­tal network’s con­trol of cor­po­rate Germany:

. . . . If there is any doubt in Europe who in the long run won the peace, there is none what­so­ever among the for­mer Ger­man lead­ers dwelling in South Amer­ica. It is a good bet that if Her­mann Schmitz were alive today, he would bear wit­ness as to who really won. Schmitz died con­tented, hav­ing wit­nessed the resur­gence of I.G. Far­ben, albeit in altered cor­po­rate forms, a money machine that con­tin­ues to gen­er­ate prof­its for all the old I.G. share­hold­ers and enor­mous inter­na­tional power for the Ger­man cadre direct­ing the work­ings of the suc­ces­sor firms. . . . He was the mas­ter manip­u­la­tor, the cor­po­rate and finan­cial wiz­ard, the magi­cian, who could make money appear and dis­ap­pear, and reappear again.

His whole exis­tence was leg­erde­main, played out on the game­board of I.G. Far­ben and his beloved Ger­many. . . Their [Schmitz and Bor­mann] asso­ci­a­tion was close and trust­ing over the years, and it is the con­sid­ered opin­ion of those in their cir­cle that the wealth pos­sessed by Her­mann Schmitz was shifted to Switzer­land and South Amer­ica, and placed in trust with Bor­mann, the legal heir to Hitler. [Her­mann] Schmitz’s wealth—largely I.G. Far­ben bearer bonds con­verted to the Big Three suc­ces­sor firms, shares in Stan­dard Oil of New Jer­sey (equal to those held by the Rock­e­fellers), as well as shares in the 750 cor­po­ra­tions he helped Bor­mann estab­lish dur­ing the last year of World War II—has increased in all seg­ments of the mod­ern indus­trial world. The Bor­mann orga­ni­za­tion in South Amer­ica uti­lizes the vot­ing power of the Schmitz trust along with their own assets to guide the multi­na­tion­als they con­trol, as they keep steady the eco­nomic course of the Fatherland. . .

Ibid.; pp. 279–280.


11 comments for “FTR #732 Dead Man’s Chest: WikiFascism and the Attack of the Cyber-Wandervogel”

  1. It is a ter­rific show, very dynamic. You have man­aged to bring together all the pieces of the wik­iLeaks roller coaster. It con­firms with great clar­ity what has emerged slowly through the last years: the Left has been dis­solved into the Right. It no longer exists. What is being ref­ered to as the New Left is in fact a series of groups that have been man­u­fac­tured in the labs of the Right.The only thing that pre­vent us from seing that from the start is the Left gar­ment that is giv­ing to these groups such as Tea Par­ties, the Lyn­don Larouche orga­ni­za­tion, Wik­iLeaks, etc. Every­one can find exam­ple of these in our local communities.

    These groups are honey traps to deceive good peo­ple and screw­ing their chances to orga­nize them­selves effi­ciently and fight against the rise of fascism.

    The ques­tion of the Wan­der­vo­gel strucked my inter­est. The nov­el­ist on which I made my mas­ter the­sis, Her­mann Hesse, wrote many nov­els relat­ing to “Roman­tik Wan­der­ers”. He was on the lit­er­ary side of that trend. He man­aged to get out of Ger­many before WWII broke out and pro­vided hos­pi­tal­ity for many Jews dur­ing the war. No need to men­tion that he never accepted the Reich’s ideas.

    I will have this mas­ter the­sis online very soon on my anti-fascism blog at:


    There is also an overview of the inter­net and a brief descrip­tion of For the Record show and your­self under the menu RESISTANCE avail­able now.

    Have a great day and keep fight­ing back!

    Posted by Claude | January 23, 2011, 4:47 pm
  2. Thanks Dave :-)

    Posted by Sam Hain | January 24, 2011, 5:55 pm
  3. “J. We are going to fuck them all. Chi­nese mostly, but not entirely a feint. Inven­tion abounds. Lies, twists and dis­torts every­where needed for pro­tec­tion. Hack­ers mon­i­tor Chi­nese and other intel as they bur­row into their tar­gets, when they pull, so do we.

    Inex­haustible sup­ply of mate­r­ial. Near 100,000 documents/emails a day. [Ital­ics are mine–D.E.] We’re going to crack the world open and let it flower into some­thing new. If fleec­ing the CIA will assist us, then fleece we will. We have pull­backs from NED, CFR, Free­dom­house and other CIA teats. We have all of pre 2005 Afghanistan. Almost all of India fed. Half a dozen for­eign min­istries. Dozens of polit­i­cal par­ties and con­sulates, World­bank, apec, UN sec­tions, trade groups, Tibet and Fulan Dafa asso­ci­a­tions and… Russ­ian phish­ing mafia who pull data every­where. We’re drown­ing. We don’t even know a tenth of what we have or who it belongs to. We stopped stor­ing it at 1Tb.”

    J. We are going to fuck them all. Chi­nese mostly, but not entirely a feint. Inven­tion abounds. Lies, twists and dis­torts every­where needed for pro­tec­tion. Hack­ers mon­i­tor Chi­nese and other intel as they bur­row into their tar­gets, when they pull, so do we.

    Inex­haustible sup­ply of mate­r­ial. Near 100,000 documents/emails a day. [Ital­ics are mine–D.E.] We’re going to crack the world open and let it flower into some­thing new. If fleec­ing the CIA will assist us, then fleece we will. We have pull­backs from NED, CFR, Free­dom­house and other CIA teats. We have all of pre 2005 Afghanistan. Almost all of India fed. Half a dozen for­eign min­istries. Dozens of polit­i­cal par­ties and con­sulates, World­bank, apec, UN sec­tions, trade groups, Tibet and Fulan Dafa asso­ci­a­tions and… Russ­ian phish­ing mafia who pull data every­where. We’re drown­ing. We don’t even know a tenth of what we have or who it belongs to. We stopped stor­ing it at 1Tb.”


    25 % of the World Econ­omy is a black-market econ­omy. Why are emi­nent deep-diggers like Emory so afraid of tan­gles from “hip­pies” (and what is their mes­sage?, see over)and let the offi­cial and pro­fes­sional liars, bankers and other trai­tors get away?

    The CCC was formed in 1981, and WL is a result of that. CCC also played a sig­nif­i­cant part of bring­ing down Com­mu­nism and the Iron Wall. I trust them to bring down the rest of the decep­tive pow­ers which has tor­mented this world for ages.

    Tags: Wau Hol­land
    Karl Koch
    Robert Anton Wilson

    I rather would stick my inves­ti­ga­tions to the underground-fascist Lyn­don LaRouche’s busi­ness in Swe­den (Schiller Insti­tute), and how they man­age put a real anti-semite on top of their organisation.


    EAP receives money from both Italy and Rus­sia. The rest you might fig­ure out for yourself.


    Posted by Anonymous | February 3, 2011, 10:13 am
  4. Obama Calls for Secure Online-Identity Sys­tem

    Posted by Philip K Dick | April 15, 2011, 5:07 pm
  5. Sorry to have kept you wait­ing. Finally, yeah finally, my mas­ter the­sis on Her­mann Hesse is online. You can find it at this URL as a PDF file, tak­ing for granted that you can read french, in the Your Web­mas­ter section:


    Hesse might have been a “roman­tik wan­derer” but he was no fool and not a nazi. In fact, he is one of the most gen­uine indi­vid­ual that I know of, of not hav­ing been deceived by the sirens of fas­cism. He was a grown adult dur­ing the 1920–1945 period and man­aged to stay out of the Third Reich’s reach. He was among the most bril­liant and real­is­tic ones.

    Have a good read, you Dave and all the lis­ten­ers. Keep up the fight.

    Posted by Claude | July 25, 2011, 7:51 am
  6. http://boingboing.net/2011/08/20/german-pirate-party-poised-to-win-first-federal-electoral-contest.html

    Ger­man Pirate Party poised to win first fed­eral elec­toral contest

    Germany’s Pirate Party is kick­ing major elec­toral ass, hold­ing 50 local elected offices across the coun­try, and are now poised to win their first fed­eral elec­toral contests:

    “We are delighted that our demands for more trans­parency, par­tic­i­pa­tion and democ­racy for the peo­ple of Berlin are shared by the pub­lic. The Berlin peo­ple want change, and they rec­og­nize that a vote for the Pirate Party is not wasted,” Pirate Party’s Ger­hard Anger said.

    “With this poll result we are not in the state par­lia­ment yet. How­ever, it is an impor­tant step in the right direc­tion. We have to work hard in the next four weeks. In order to see the results of this poll reflected in actual votes on elec­tion day, we still have to keep on going,” Anger adds.

    Pre­vi­ously the Ger­man Pirate Party already held a seat in the national par­lia­ment when Jörg Tauss left the Social Democ­rats to join the pirates. How­ever, hav­ing peo­ple voted into par­lia­ment through an elec­tion would be an even big­ger accomplishment.

    Posted by R. Wilson | August 20, 2011, 7:20 pm
  7. @R. Wil­son: Sounds like good news to me. I just hope their sin­cere efforts don’t get hijacked by the fas­cists who HAVE tried to infil­trate the move­ment as Dave has so rightly stated so many times in the past.

    Posted by Steven | August 22, 2011, 2:29 am
  8. Did “Anony­mous” actu­ally hack Karl Rove’s “ORCA” data-mining oper­a­tion? Could this explain Rove’s freak-out live on Fox re; Ohio on Elec­tion night?




    Posted by Swamp | November 21, 2012, 9:52 am
  9. @SWAMP–

    If “Anony­mous” did indeed do this, they are to be heartily commended.

    Good Show, Anony­mous, if that is in fact the case.

    As I’ve indi­cated in my dis­cus­sion of Wik­iLeaks, they appear to be “Anarcho/Utopian” in their orientation.

    They have been cyn­i­cally used by the Nazis and cor­po­rate fas­cists lurk­ing beneath the sur­face of Wik­iLeaks, etc.

    Do take the time, SWAMP, to exam­ine FTR #732, 745 and some of my rumi­na­tions on the Pirate Bay milieu.

    Thanks for pay­ing atten­tion to this website,


    Posted by Dave Emory | November 21, 2012, 4:50 pm
  10. @Dave: That’s true. Even Anony­mous could be com­pro­mised from time to time because of their open-ended nature.

    But there are still plenty of decent peo­ple and that orga­ni­za­tion, and if they did indeed stop Rove’s dirty tricks in the Buck­eye State, then I whole­heart­edly thank them for their actions as well. =)

    Posted by Steve L. | November 22, 2012, 5:47 pm
  11. [...] has been ascen­dant in the affected coun­tries since that series was pro­duced. (That series is FTR #732 through FTR [...]

    Posted by Have Turkish Citizens Had Enough of Erdogan’s Taffy? (Viva Attaturk!) | The Freedom Report | June 7, 2013, 3:44 pm

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