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FTR #753 The Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook: Overview

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Eddie Snowden, Unplugged: Is this the fact that launched a thousand ships?

Introduction: Beginning a long, complicated analysis of the “disclosures” of Eddie Snowden, we present an overview of this complex event. Eddie the Friendly Spook, as we call him, is a spy–an intelligence officer or “spook.” His exploits are a very obvious intelligence operation. We will be detailing this in weeks to come.

Starting with analysis of the event, we note that the vast bulk of the information has been on the public record for years [5]. Mr. Emory has done programs [6] about NSA hoovering up electronic communications for the better part of two decades [7], from open sources.

In addition, we note that European intelligence services [8], the BND in particular [9], do the same thing. European outrage over Snowden’s so-called “disclosures” is more than a little hypocritical and disingenuous.

Delving into the substance of Snowden’s Ride–what is known as a “psy-op”–this gambit was clearly aimed at destabilizing the Presidency of Barack Obama, at one level, and the United States at another.

Comparing “Snowden’s Ride” to the U-2 incident, we observe that just before President Obama’s meeting with Mr. Xi, head of state of China, Snowden decamps to Hong Kong (in China) and leaks information about the hacking of Chinese computers [10]. This caused enormous embarrassment to President Obama, and neutralized any attempt he might have been able to make to reduce Chinese hacking of American computers, as well as other points of dispute between the two nations.

Next, Snowden’s leaker of choice–“Citizen Greenwald” [11]–published articles in The Guardian disclosing extensive NSA spying on Germany [12], which the NSA views as “a third class partner.” These articles were published just before President Obama was to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. Again, it caused enormous damage to Obama and harmed U.S. relationships with Germany and other European nations. (Note that Greenwald, as an attorney [13], was a fellow traveler [14] of some of the most heinous and murderous neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups).

Hitting the trifecta [15], Eddie the Friendly Spook [Snowden] then decamps to Moscow in Russia (like China, Russia is not renowned as a bastion of free speech or internet freedom.) This occurred just before Obama’s meeting of the G20 in Moscow and in the run-up to a scheduled summit conference with Putin. That summit conference was canceled.

Snowden’s trip to Moscow, like his journey to Hong Kong/China could only have been intended to harm President Obama’s administration and the United States.

We note, in passing, that Snowden is no “whistleblower,” either. A whistleblower would have gone to his or her superiors first. Snowden went to the media first, after decamping first to China and then to Russia, neither of which is a bastion of civil liberties, free speech or internet freedom.

Another major consideration in this concatenation is the fact that all of the people and elements in this event track back to the far right and explicitly fascist elements, including Eddie the Friendly Spook himself.

In addition to Citizen Greenwald, the WikiLeaks milieu [16], inextricably linked with both Greenwald and Snowden manifests far-right and Nazi connections at every level, although most of WikiLeaks [17]‘ adherents are anarcho/Utopian in their outlook.

Snowden himself is an adherent to the political philosophy espoused by Ron Paul [16], a virulent racist and doctrinaire fascist [18] who has garnered a disturbingly large following. The milieu of Ron Paul and his son Senator Rand Paul (a bird of the same feather) are also inextricably linked [19] with the exploits of Eddie the Friendly Spook.

Snowden contributed money [10] to Paul’s 2012 campaign [20].

Most of the money in Ron Paul’s Super PAC [21] was contributed by Peter Thiel [22], the primary financial underwriter of Palantir [23], the firm that makes the PRISM software, at the center of the entire controversy over Snowden’s “disclosures.” (Palantir denies this, a claim that doesn’t merit serious consideration. The notion that NSA and other intelligence services are using two different counter-terror software programs with the same name is ludicrous. The large tech firms are nothing if not litigious and there would have been lawsuits filed for copyright and/or patent infringement.)

There is disturbing evidence [24] that Palantir itself may be a “Deep Fifth Column” [25] element of the Underground Reich, its hip/progressive veneer notwithstanding.

In the final analysis, there is likely to be serious and negative fallout [26] from the effects of “Snowden’s Ride.”

Much of the analysis [27] that we will present concerns [28] the probability [28] that a great deal of damage [26] will be done to U.S. internet companies [29] as a result of Snowden’s activities. Analyzing Eddie the Friendly Spook’s actions as an act of economic warfare against the United States by Germany [30]/Underground Reich [31] might be the most important aspect of our analysis.

Program Highlights Include: Discussion of the military and intelligence community’s development [5] of ALL of the technologies that people take for granted in the Internet Age; analysis of the O.J. Simpson case [32] and the enormous damage it did to civil liberties; the BND’s ramping [9] up of its own activities; the BND’s use of Snowden’s Ride [26] as an excuse to de-couple from its agreement with the NSA; the EU’s use of Snowden’s activities as an excuse to set up an independent military and intelligence structure to do EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS FOR WHICH IT CRITICIZES THE NSA! [33]; the use of Snowden’s disclosures by Rand Paul and his father Ron to discredit Barack Obama [34] and the Democrats in the eyes of young voters.