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FTR #754 The Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook, Part 1: Dramatis Personae, Part 1 (Citizen Greenwald)

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The Turner Diaries and Hunter, National Alliance books

Matthew Hale, Glenn Greenwald's pro-bono client, convicted of solicitation of murder.

Introduction: Due to the complexity of the analysis of “The Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook,” we begin the discussion by highlighting the nature of the actors in this particular drama. None is more important than the media face of Baby Face Snowden, Citizen [Glenn] Greenwald, The Guardian journalist who is the “leaker of choice” for Fast Eddie’s information.

As is the case with WikiLeaks (joined at the hip with both Snowden and Citizen Greenwald) and Snowden himself, Greenwald tracks back to the far right and explicitly fascist elements.

Far from being the crusader for the welfare of humanity that he professes to be, Greenwald has run legal interference for the most murderous neo-Nazi and white-supremacist groups. (Before professionally re-incarnating as a journalist, Citizen Greenwald was an attorney.)

Much of Greenwald’s work was done pro-bono and he did that work for years!

Program Highlights Include: Citizen Greenwald’s pro-bono representation of Matthew Hale, the leader of the World Church of the Creator, when he defended him against a civil suit by victims of a two state shooting spree by one of Hale’s Nazi foot soldiers; Greenwald’s serious breach of legal ethics when representing Hale; Greenwald’s characterization of the plaintiffs in the suit as “odious;” Greenwald’s representation of the National Alliance, publisher of The Turner Diaries, Hunter and Serpent’s Walk; the links between National Alliance books (intended as teaching tools) and assassinations and terrorist incidents (Greenwald defended their right to “free speech”–their right to disseminate such information); links between the National Alliance and Underground Reich elements; Greenwald’s representation of Matthew Hale in a case for soliciting the murder of a  judge; the murder of the judge’s family, after one of one of Hale’s followers posted her address and photos of her family on the internet; Hale’s actual solicitation of Judge Lefkow’s murder (he was convicted); Greenwald’s receipt of a coded message for one of Hale’s followers weeks before Judge Lefkow’s family was killed; analysis of Citizen Greenwald’s activities as running legal interference for the leaderless resistance strategy.

1. The program begins with discussion of Citizen Greenwald’s pro-bono representation of Matthew Hale in a civil suit by victims of a shooting spree by Benjamin Smith, one of Hale’s Nazi foot soldiers. Greenwald also represented Hale in his trial for soliciting the murder of Judge Joan Lefkow, whose mother and husband were subsequently found murdered in her home. (Hale was convicted of soliciting the Judge’s murder.)

We highlight a number of considerations in light of Greenwald’s efforts on behalf of Nazi bloodletters:

  • As is the case with Snowden’s embrace of Nazi Ron Paul for President, this association negates any pretense on the part of Greenwald of being “for humanity.”
  • In his defense of Matthew Hale (being sued by shooting victims, who were set upon by one of Hale’s foot soldiers) Greenwald violated legal ethics by taping witnesses. Apparently, Greenwald’s belief in the incorrectness of secret taping of private communications is highly selective.
  • Greenwald labeled and insulted the plaintiffs in the case in very strong terms, calling them “odious.” (See text excerpt in linked post.)
  • We wonder about Greenwald’s lover of some 11 years–an Austrian-born lawyer named Werner Achatz. Might he have been Underground Reich? Might Achatz have recruited/assisted Greenwald? Greenwald’s legal representation of Nazis was largely pro bono. How was he paying his bills? Did he have money saved up? Were other “unpopular clients” more fiscally forthcoming?
  • It is quite clear that Greenwald is a “conservative/libertarian mole” within the progressive movement, whose intent is to damage Obama.
  • In past discussion of L’Affaire Snowden, we opined that part of the goal of this psy-op was to alienate younger and more idealistic voters from Obama, in order to permit the GOP to grab the White House and both houses of Congress.
  • In an article about Greenwald by Out.com, Greenwald touted the necessity for a third party, lauding GOP governor Charles Johnson of New Mexico as a possible candidate in 2012. (See text excerpt in linked post.)
  • Convicted of solicitation of the murder of Judge Joan Lefkow, whose husband and mother were murdered in her home a few weeks after Cobb exercised what Greenwald would characterize of his right of free speech on the internet, Greenwald’s client Hale characterized his organization as being at war with Judge Lefkow. (See text excerpt in linked post.)
  • Cobb posted Lefkow’s name and address on the internet. Her mother and husband were murdered a few weeks later. Cobb was overtly, explicitly pleased by that fact” . . . What was I feeling? Emotions are not yet illegal. I was just fine with it. I think it was well done.”[1] (See text excerpt in linked post.)
  • Cobb’s actions epitomize the “leaderless resistance strategy,” for which Greenwald ran legal interference in his law practice.
  • Greenwald’s client Hale was taped by an undercover FBI informant who provided; ”  . . . . an email from Hale soliciting Lefkow’s home address, and a tape recording of a discussion between the two about Lefkow’s murder. On the tape, Evola said, “We going to exterminate the rat?” Hale replied, “Well, whatever you want to do basically.” Evola said, “The Jew rat.” Hale then said: “You know, my position has always been that I, you know, I’m going to fight within the law… but that information has been provided. [by Cobb]… If you wish to do anything yourself, you can.” Evola replied, “Consider it done,” and Hale responded, “Good.” . . . . (See text excerpt in linked post.)
  • Greenwald’s comments on the case are very, very revealing. “. . . . . Attorney Glenn Greenwald, representing Hale, says he believes the charge against Hale stems from what he calls a misinterpretation of Hale’s statement that “we are in a state of war with Judge Lefkow.” Greenwald says: “They are probably trying to take things he said along the lines of political advocacy and turn it into a crime. The FBI may have interpreted this protected speech as a threat against a federal judge, but it’s probably nothing more than some heated rhetoric.” During Hale’s incarceration, special administrative measures will be imposed to reduce his ability to communicate with his followers. . . .” (See text excerpt in linked post.)
  • Greenwald alleges that an attempt by Hale’s mother to have Greenwald give a coded message to one of Hale’s followers was unsuccessful. (See text excerpt in linked post.)
  • Note that the U.S. Attorney in the case noted that freedom of speech does not include solicitation of murder. Greenwald appears to have problems with that interpretation.
  • WE NOTE AGAIN that people who do what Glenn Greenwald has done, can not POSSIBLY be what they claim to be!

2. Next, we examine Citizen Greenwald’s pro-bono representation of The National Alliance, one of the most murderous neo-Nazi organizations.

A number of points to consider, in connection with Citizen Greenwald’s activities:

  • As is the case with his five year, pro-bono representation of Matthew Hale, Greenwald’s work on behalf of cold-blooded Nazi killers gives the lie to his pretenses of being a friend to humanity.
  • Greenwald rationalized his work on behalf of National Alliance et al as defending important principles of free speech. The National Alliance’s books are explicitly intended as motivational instruction for murder and terrorism! It is this “right” that Greenwald defended!
  • In the context of the point above, we note that The Turner Diaries was the ideological catechism used by the Nazi terror group The Order, best known for the murder of Denver talk show host Alan Berg. The Turner Diaries was also the blueprint for Timothy McVeigh and company in the Oklahoma City Bombing. (See text excerpts in linked posts.) The actual mastermind of the Oklahoma City bombing, according to ATF informant Carol Howe, was Andreas Strassmeir. Strassmeir was a “former” Bundeswehr officer and the son of Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s chief of staff. Andreas’ grandfather was one of the charter members of the NSDAP under Hitler. The resemblance between Strassmeir and “John Doe #2” is striking. “John Doe #2 was an individual seen in the company of Timothy McVeigh and never apprehended.
  • The head of the National Alliance and author of Turner Diaries–William Luther Pierce–appears to have had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks. (See text excerpt in linked post.)
  • The climactic episode of The Turner Diaries is a low-level, suicide aerial attack on the Pentagon which occurs on the German “Day of Destiny”–November 9th. A German would write that date as–9/11! (See text excerpt in linked post.)
  • The Turner Diaries were also the source of operational inspiration for Dr. Larry Ford, who collaborated with the CIA’s assistance to the apartheid regime’s biological warfare program named Project Coast. Ford may have been involved with the milieu behind the anthrax attacks. (See text excerpt in linked post.)
  • Another of Pierce’s novels–Hunter–is dedicated to Nazi/White Supremacist assassin Joseph Paul Franklin and is specifically intended as an instructional/motivational manual for racist killers! (See text excerpt in linked post.)
  • According to former member Thomas Martinez, The Order (inspired by The Turner Diaries) received funding from German families in South America. (See text excerpt in linked post.)
  • Also according to Martinez, William Luther Pierce–head of Citizen Greenwald’s client The National Alliance–met with German Nazi Manfred Roeder, described as the head of the remnant of the German Nazi Party. This after Roeder traveled to Brazil to meet with Josef Mengele, among others. Greenwald currently resides in Brazil. (See text excerpt in linked post.)


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