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FTR #759 The Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook, Part 6: More About the Deep Fifth Column

Robert McCormick: Fifth Columnist of the fourth estate

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Introduction: This program continues analysis of Eddie Snowden’s “op” and the GOP government shutdown and fiscal terrorism as part of the same phenomenon. Beginning with analysis of fifth columnists’ media leaks prior to, and during, World War II, the broadcast posits that both those leaks and Eddie the Friendly Spook’s gambit are of similar intent and design. Whereas leaks of critical American World War II plans and operational intelligence were designed to aid the Axis, Eddie the Friendly Spook’s actions are designed to injure the United States, to the benefit of the Underground Reich.

Highlighting individuals associated with America First, the discussion underscores their links and interaction with the Third Reich and its leaders, including Hitler.

Reviewing discussion from FTR #758, the program underscores ideological continuity between the views expressed by Hitler in his speech before the Industry Club of Dusseldorf, the anti-democratic sentiment of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, the anti-democratic views of Peter Thiel (chief bankroller of Ron Paul’s 2012 Presidential campaign and the largest investor in, and chairman of the board of, Palantir) and the pro-monarchist, anti-democratic views of von Mises disciple Hans Hermann-Hoppe.

It should not come as a surprise that Hoppe has networked with American Renaissance, one of the many white supremacist groups with which Ron Paul associates. (Discussing Ron Paul networking with white supremacists is similar to saying “Adolf Hitler networks with Nazis.”

Most of the second side of the program underscores elements of commonality between the institutions and individuals supporting Edward Snowden and the GOP elements that shut down the federal government and threatened the U.S. and the world with economic chaos.

In addition to what we call the “Paulistinian Libertarian Organization” (Ron Paul and his son senator Rand Paul), Representative Justin Amash (R–Grand Rapids, Michigan) was one of the principal GOP architects of the shutdown. Amash sponsored anti-NSA legislation and, not surprisingly, is a schmoozing buddy of Glenn Greenwald, Snowden’s leaking journalist of choice.

In addition to financing most of Ron Paul’s Super PAC, Peter Thiel channeled funds to Ted Cruz as well.

The program concludes with discussion of the effect on world opinion and the U.S. economy of the governmental shutdown effected by the “Paulistinian” milieu of which Snowden is part and parcel. It is Mr. Emory’s contention that Snowden’s “disclosures” are part of what might be conceived of as an anti-American, anti-Obama, pro-Underground Reich pincers movement. The various targets of and goals of the operation will be laid out in future programs.

Program Highlights Include: Hitler’s view that democracy automatically leads to communism; Hitler’s opinion that the politics of personality and achievement trumped a need for democracy, which he viewed as a mob-beast; Hoppe’s view of democracy as “mob rule;” Hoppe’s eugenicist contempt for universal health care, something which clearly resonates with the GOP fanatics holding the U.S. government hostage; Peter Thiel’s view that small, idiosyncratic, loosely-confederated governing bodies are the optimum form of social organization–a view similar to those of Hoppe; Excerpts from Ron Paul’s newsletters endorsing American Renaissance.

1. The first side of the program consists primarily of a reading of a post comparing the activities of Snowden et al with the activities of the America Firsters and the Axis Fifth Column in the United States prior to, and during, World War II:

COMMENT: A term that is essential for users of this website to comprehend is “fifth column.”  The advance and success of fascism prior to, and during, World War II would not have been possible without the aid of the fifth columns.

It is for that reason that books about fifth column fascist movements and activity are included in the “Books” category.

Vitally important, though long forgotten, books like Under Cover and Cairo to Damascus by John Roy Carlson, Falange–The Secret Axis Army in the Americas by Alan Chase,  Armies of Spies by Joseph Golomb, The Nazis Go Underground by Curt Riess, and Triumph of Treason by Pier Cot shed light on the profound presence of Nazis, fascists and their sympathizers within countries targeted for fascist conquest.

As background to this discussion, we might coin the term “deep fifth column”–powerful and dominant forces that saw fascism–“corporatism” as Mussolini termed it–as a wonderful solution to what they saw as “problems”–democracy and trade unions among them.

(Parenthetically, we note that ours is a failed civilization–one that has failed to take into account the great economic, political and intellectual power behind fascism. World War II is seen by our culture as an unfortunate event, caused by a “bunch of weirdos, who got out of hand.” It is for this reason that we include books about the altogether deadly (and sadly eclipsed) forces that caused the bloodletting in the Second World War, much of the global carnage that has ensued since, and the annihilating future that awaits our civilization, if political inertia prevails.

We also note that much of the success of The Underground Reich has been Germany’s masterful strategic use of anti-communism and class warfare as a gambit to infiltrate and co-opt the power elites of countries targeted for subversion. Whereas anti-communism and class struggle are seen by American and other elites as ends in themselves, to realize “corporatism”–Germany has used those as vehicles for conquest.)

We also note in this context that the fifth columns were never addressed in many countries. Just as Germany was never really de-Nazified, the fifth columns were never rooted out in many of the other Western countries, including the United States, United Kingdom and France. The fifth columns–the deep fifth columns in particular–were critical to the enabling and formation of The Underground Reich.

Listeners and users of this website should make it a point to download, print and read the books dealing with the “deep fifth column.”

In our recent, voluminous analysis of “Snowden’s Ride”–the Nazi psy-op so successfully perpetrated by Eddie The Friendly Spook and the forces who have managed his escapade–we are looking at the activities of an Underground Reich milieu/intelligence network. Our series on this is long, complex and multi-layered: Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IVPart VPart VIPart VIIPart VIIIPart IXPart X, Part XI, Part XIIPart XIIIPart XIVPart XVPart XVI, Part XVII.

It is less clear precisely who is the immediate intelligence controller of Eddie the Friendly Spook, although BND is almost certainly involved and may be the ultimate executive authority. The probability is very strong that a “deep fifth column” within U.S. intelligence, military, corporate and political structure is involved.

A recent (and predictably slanted) Wall Street Journal article dealt with a leak of Naval Intelligence secrets during the course of World War II.

Disclosing the pivotal fact that U.S. intelligence had cracked the Japanese “White Code” (not specified in the WSJ article), “Colonel” Robert R. McCormick’s Chicago Tribune leaked vital information for the second time in less than a year.

Having previously leaked the Rainbow Five contingency plan for U.S. mobilization and war-making documents for the Second World War, McCormick was a member of America First. Ostensibly isolationist and “patriotic” in outlook, the organization was, in fact, actively funded by Third Reich intelligence and comprised (for the most part) of doctrinaire fascists who loved Hitler and Mussolini and hated Franklin Delano Roosevelt with a passion.

(For a good understanding of the active pro-fascist nature of America First, open Under Cover by John Roy Carlson and use the “find” function on your computer, searching “America First.” This will yield a good understanding of the nature of that organization and its members.)

As discussed in AFA #11, the probable source of the leak of the Rainbow Five program was General Albert Wedemeyer, one of its primary authors and an active America Firster. (See text excerpts below for information about Wedemeyer and the leak of Rainbow Five.)

A lynchpin of the China Lobby, the MacArthur group in the military and the milieu that coalesced into the  John Birch Society, Wedemeyer studied at the German military academy, beginning in 1936, renting his apartment from Gerhard Rossbach, one of the leaders of the Brownshirts (SA.) Later (as dicsussed in AFA #11) Rossbach went to work for the CIA in the postwar period.

Yet another point about Wedemeyer set forth in AFA #11 is the fact that Ronald Reagan appointed Wedemeyer as a special military adviser.

In a book excerpt below, Wedemeyer blames the leak of Rainbow Five on–of course–Franklin Delano Roosevelt, claiming that it was part of Roosevelt’s plan to get the United States into World War II. Roosevelt was conveniently dead by the time Wedemeyer held forth. (This is a major claim of the deep fifth column through the decades, since picked up and amplified by the conspiracy crowd.)

In his predictably self-serving analysis, Wedemeyer does reveal something interesting about the networking in which McCormick engaged. Wedemeyer maintains that McCormick sent the Rainbow Five information directly to Hitler!

Again, discussion of Snowden’s Ride, per se, is beyond the scope of this post. It is, quite clearly, a fascist/Underground Reich operation, with the ultimate executive authority being the BND, in all probability.

It may be that an Underground Reich fifth column within U.S. intelligence is involved, ultimately answering to BND.

One important possibility entails Peter Thiel, whose Palantir company appears to be the developer of the PRISM software. Thiel embodies the concept of the deep fifth column. German born, son of a chemical engineer from Frankfurt (read “I.G. Farben”), Thiel has openly negated the concept of democracy, hates Obama and is the chief financial backer of crypto-Nazi Ron Paul, to whose campaign Eddie the Friendly Spook contributed. The “Paulistinians” are to be found at many levels of this concatenation.

In addition, Alex Karp, the CEO of Palantir and someone who appears to have been centrally involved in the development of Thiel’s career also has roots in Frankfurt Germany! (See text excerpts below.)

NOTE: Palantir officially claims that “their PRISM” is NOT the same PRISM in the focal point of the Snowden/NSA imbroglio. We feel this claim is laughable, frankly. The notion that the intelligence services are using TWO counter-terror software programs with identical names is not credible. Had a company developed a counter-terror software program for use by the intelligence community and called it “PRISM,” there would have been litigation. The major tech companies are NOTHING if not litigious, and Thiel and company have PLENTY of money!

That Obama is dealing with a deep fifth column in these leaks is a possibility to be seriously considered.

“Echoes From a Past Leak Probe” by Jess Bravin; Wall Street Journal; 8/7/2013.

Newly released documents provide a road map of how the government tried to mount a no-holds-barred legal attack against journalists suspected of leaking military secrets.

But the memos weren’t about the current-day Bradley Manning case. They came after a disclosure 71 years ago about World War II’s Battle of Midway and show the U.S. has long wrestled with how to square national security and press freedom.

The Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, which advises the executive branch on the extent of its own powers, published in late July a selection of previously secret legal opinions spanning from 1933 to 1977. Among them were memos about a June 7, 1942, scoop in the Chicago Tribune by correspondent Stanley Johnston, who saw a naval intelligence file while traveling with the Pacific Fleet.

Pentagon officials were stunned by the headline, “U.S. Navy Knew in Advance All About Jap Fleet,” when they saw the story, which also ran in the Washington Times-Herald. The article all but revealed one of the war’s greatest secrets: that the U.S. had cracked the Japanese navy’s code. It reported that Japanese fleet strength “was well known in American naval circles,” that the U.S. Navy knew the Japanese were likely to stage a feint against the Aleutian Islands, and that “the advance information enabled the American Navy to make full use of air attacks on the approaching Japanese ships.”
Navy Secretary Frank Knox wrote to Attorney General Francis Biddle, demanding indictments. The headline alone “discloses secret and confidential information to the detriment of our national defense,” Mr. Knox wrote. Mr. Biddle then asked staff for advice, resulting in the just-released memos. . . .

. . . . The memos are noticeably silent on one possibly pertinent point: Tribune’s publisher, Col. Robert R. McCormick, was an incendiary antagonist of the New Deal and, before Pearl Harbor at least, a vociferous opponent of intervention in World War II. . . .

“The Big Leak” by Thomas Fleming; American Heritage Magazine; December 1987.

 . . . .General Wedemeyer, still erect and mentally alert, recalled the atmosphere he encountered when he walked into the Munitions Building at 7:30 A.M. on December 5. “Officers were standing in clumps, talking in low tones. Silence fell, and they dispersed the moment they saw me. My secretary, her eyes red from weeping, handed me a copy of the Times Herald with Manly’s story on the front page. I could not have been more appalled and astounded if a bomb had been dropped on Washington.”

For the next several days Wedemeyer almost wished a bomb had been dropped and had landed on him. He was the chief suspect in the leak of Rainbow Five, which within the closed doors of the War Department was called the Victory Program. He had strong ties to America First, the leading antiwar group in the nation. Both he and his father-in-law, Lt. Gen. Stanley D. Embick, were known to be opponents of Roosevelt’s foreign policy, which they thought was leading the United States into a premature and dangerous war. . . .

. . . . Later in this tumultuous morning two FBI agents appeared in Wedemeyer’s office and examined the contents of his safe. Their eyes widened when they discovered a copy of the Victory Program with everything that had appeared in the newspapers underlined. The sweating Wedemeyer explained that he had just done the underlining to get a clear idea of how much had been revealed. The two agents began an interrogation of Wedemeyer and other Army and Navy officers that continued for months.

Several Army staff officers said they strongly suspected Wedemeyer of being the leaker. An anonymous letter, obviously written by an insider and addressed to the Secretary of War, accused him and General Embick. Wedemeyer’s prospects grew even bleaker when the FBI discovered he had recently deposited several thousand dollars in the Riggs National Bank in Washington. He explained it was an inheritance and went on manfully to admit to the FBI that he knew Gen. Robert E. Wood, Charles A. Lindbergh, and other leaders of America First and agreed with some of their views. He often attended America First meetings, although never in uniform. . . .

. . . . On December 7, 1941, the question of Rainbow Five’s impact on American politics became moot. Japanese planes swooped out of the dawn sky to devastate the American fleet at Pearl Harbor. The Victory Program had envisaged devoting almost all of America’s military strength to defeating Hitler. Japan, in that scenario, was to be handled by defensive strategies short of war. . . .

In and Out of Hollywood: A Biographer’s Memoir by Charles Higham; p. 212.

. . . . [Burton Wheeler], seeing the plan as a breach of neutrality and proof of Roosevelt’s illegal and supraconstitutional behavior, in turn took the plan to another isolationist, Robert R. McCormick, owner and publisher of the Chicago Tribune, who at once published it on the front page.

Simultaneously, McCormick sent the plan to Hitler by Western Union. Hitler met with Joachim von Ribbentrop, his foreign minister, and asked him if the existence of the plan called for immediate action. . . .

2. The second side of the program opens with review of the similarity between Ludwig von Mises disciple and Juergen Habermas student Hans Hermann-Hoppe’s indictment of universal health care and the GOP/Tea Party offensive against the Affordable Care Act. For more detailed discussion of this, see the description for FTR #758.

3. Hoppe has networked with American Renaissance, one of the many white supremacist groups allied with Ron Paul, Eddie Snowden’s Presidential candidate of choice.

“Lib­er­tar­i­ans and Race Real­ism” by Gilbert Cavanaugh; Amer­i­can Renais­sance; 10/11/2013.

For those of us who enjoy a touch of libertarianism, the news of Jared Taylor’s recent appearance at Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s Property and Freedom Society was well received. . . .

4. The program underscores the nature of the American Renaissance, noting the type of individuals championed by, and networked with, the organization.

“Profile: American Renaissance;” History Commons.

Sam Francis. [Source: American Renaissance]Sam Francis, a senior columnist and writer for the conservative Washington Times, is fired after suggesting that white Americans must reassert what he believes is their innate dominance over other races. At the 1995 American Renaissance conference, hosted by the white supremacist organization of the same name, Francis tells his audience: “[Whites] must reassert our identity and our solidarity, and we must do so in explicitly racial terms through the articulation of a racial consciousness as whites. The civilization that we as whites created in Europe and America could not have developed apart from the genetic endowments of the creating people, nor is there any reason to believe that civilization can be successfully transmitted to a different people.” . . .

5. In addition to information presented in FTR #756 about the American Renaissance/Ron Paul link, the show supplements the discussion with material from Ron Paul’s newsletters.

“More Selections from Ron Paul’s Newsletters” by TNR Staff; The New Republic; 1/14/2008.

. . . . In an article entitled “The Coming Race War,” The Ron Paul Political Report refers to the “pro-communist philanderer Martin Luther King” and refers to his “non-violent approach” as “(i.e., state violence).” The newsletter advises that, “if there is any issue the Republicans have in their favor for the next presidential election, it is the question of race. It was all over for Michael Dukakis when Jesse Jackson gave his awful prime-time speech at the last Democratic
convention, and the cameras focused on masses of teary-eyed, left-wing blacks.”

A May 1990 issue of the Ron Paul Political Report cites Jared Taylor, who six months later would go onto found the eugenicist and white supremacist periodical American Renaissance.

The May 1991 issue of the Ron Paul Political Report cites American Renaissance and offers readers subscription information for it.

The July 1994 Ron Paul Survival Report cites “criminologist” Jared Taylor. . . .

6. Highlighting elements of commonality between the forces behind Eddie Snowden and those behind the government shutdown and threatened economic chaos, the program highlights Justin Amash, Republic of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Amash co-sponsored anti-NSA legislation.

“Momentum Builds Against N.S.A. Surveillance” by Jonathan Weisman; The New York Times; 7/28/2013.

The movement to crack down on government surveillance started with an odd couple from Michigan, Representatives Justin Amash, a young libertarian Republican known even to his friends as “chief wing nut,” and John Conyers Jr., an elder of the liberal left in his 25th House term. . . .

7. Not surprisingly, Amash and Citizen Greenwald are on excellent terms.

“The Repub­li­cans Who Caused the Gov­ern­ment Shut­down” by Charles John­son; Lit­tle Green Foot­balls; 10/16/2013.

The Atlantic has a helpful rundown of 32 Republicans Who Caused the Government Shutdown. First on the list:

Representative: Justin Amash

Home District: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Quoted: “President Obama and Senator Reid refuse to negotiate over giving regular Americans the same breaks they give themselves, government workers, and big business.”

And lest we forget, Rep. Justin Amash was strongly endorsed by none other than pseudo-liberal activist Glenn Greenwald, who called Amash a “GOP dissident.” Right. . . .

8. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas was in the center ring of the GOP “shutdown circus.” Cruz has drawn much financial support from the aforementioned Peter Thiel.

“Reminder: Peter Thiel Is Ted Cruz’s Gay Billionaire Ally” by Sam Biddle; Valley Wag; 9/2/2013.

Where does a man like Ted Cruz get the confidence to IRL troll the United States Senate for 21 hours? Knowing that PayPal billionaire and Silicon Valley kingpin Peter Thiel has his back surely helps. . . .

9. The conclusion of the broadcast focuses on the damage done by the GOP “shutdown” milieu, inextricably linked with Eddie Snowden’s political environment. A former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve noted some of the damage that has been done to the U.S. economy by the shutdown and what would be done if the debt ceiling had not been raised. The “shutdown”/Snowden milieu had threatened to do just that.

“The GOP’s Flirtation with Disaster” by Alan S. Blinder; The Wall Street Journal; 10/11/2013.

 . . .What damage has America endured already from the partial government shutdown? Several private firms estimate that each week of shutdown trims the GDP growth rate for the fourth quarter of 2013 by something around 0.15 to 0.2 of a percentage point—with virtually all of that made up in the first quarter of 2014. If you don’t care about messing up the lives of about 800,000 government employees, plus tens of millions of Americans who depend on their services, that may not seem like much. But there is also a less tangible, though perhaps more durable, cost of making the United States of America look clownish in the eyes of the world.

Failing to raise the national debt limit on time would be vastly more costly. Start with the most obvious, tangible, and easily measurable cost: the near-term damage to America’s economy. The federal budget deficit is now running around $750 billion a year, roughly 4.5% of GDP. If the Treasury loses the ability to borrow more, the budget must be balanced immediately, meaning that federal spending must fall immediately by about $750 billion (at annual rates), or about 20%. Both the amount and the suddenness are stunning. Cutting federal spending that much would likely reduce GDP by more than 4.5%—in an economy that is barely managing 2% growth rates. That spells recession.

Most of the negative impact on GDP would cease once the impasse ended, though strong downward momentum is hard to arrest. Other costs, however, would last for years, if not decades. Once international investors come to see threats to default as a standard weapon of American political combat—something they may now be starting to believe—U.S. Treasury debt would cease being the world’s safest asset. And that would have two serious implications.

First, the Treasury would have to pay somewhat higher interest rates on all future borrowing, perhaps for decades, maybe forever. By the way, that might happen even if we meet all our interest and principal payments and default—yes, that is the right word—on some other obligations.

Second, the global financial system would begin a frantic search for a new international currency. U.S. Treasurys have long served that purpose. But if international investors see Treasurys as potential political pawns, they will seek something safer. Since there is no obvious replacement, a world-wide financial panic along 2008 lines is possible.

And did I mention that Washington would look like a bunch of knaves and fools? It is hard for a nation that has taken leave of its senses to remain the undisputed leader of the Free World. Hopefully, Mr. Boehner’s offer will take this doomsday scenario off the table. However, the level of partisan acrimony has ratcheted up several notches in the past month. Furthermore, the tea-party faction has intimidated Mr. Boehner before, and might do so again. And since the partial government shutdown hasn’t ended civilization as we know it, some Republicans may now see the risk of a debt calamity as acceptable. A few are already talking that way. . . .

10. The threat of failure to raise the debt ceiling shook global confidence in the United States and the dollar’s status as a reserve currency.

“Imagining the Dollar Without Its Privilege” by Eduardo Porter; The New York Times; 10/16/2013.

“The effectiveness, stability, and predictability of American policy making and political institutions have weakened at a time of ongoing fiscal and economic challenges,” it said. Investors around the world rushed to find a safe place to put their money.

Rather than dump America’s downgraded bonds, however, investors flocked to them. The dollar strengthened. The United States might have become a threat to the world economy, but with even worse troubles developing elsewhere, including a flare-up in the euro crisis, it was still its safest place.

As George Soros, the hedge fund investor, told me in an interview last Friday, “The dollar is the weakest currency except for all the others.”

The dollar’s resilience comes to mind as Congress again flirts with financial disaster.

As time ticked down to a possible government default as early as Thursday, Republicans in the House failed once again on Tuesday to agree on a proposal to relieve the impasse, reopen the government and lift the debt ceiling.

“How can the United States preserve its financial and security leadership role when it conducts itself with such ineptitude and such disregard for the consequences for the world?” asked Charles Dallara, a senior Treasury official for the former presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush who until earlier this year headed the Institute of International Finance, a lobby group of international banks.

Hosting finance ministers from around the world last week at the International Monetary Fund’s fall meeting in Washington, Christine Lagarde, the fund’s managing director, told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that failing to lift the debt ceiling would cause so much disruption to the world economy that “the standing of the U.S. economy would, again, be at risk.”

Indeed, the United States’ erratic policy making has kindled fears that the dollar could lose its perch as the world’s reserve currency — what the former French president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, while de Gaulle’s finance minister, once called America’s “exorbitant privilege.”

Today almost two-thirds of the world’s foreign currency reserves are held in dollar assets, mostly Treasury bonds. Nearly half the foreign debt securities in the world are in dollars, as are more than half the world’s cross-border loans and deposits.

It made sense for other countries to embrace the dollar in an earlier era, when the United States was willing to act as guarantor of global stability. But today, with Republicans in Congress wielding default as a lever in a vain attempt to kill Obamacare, perhaps it is no surprise that the rest of the world is getting more serious about finding an alternative. .  .  .

11. Concluding with an outlook that applies to both the economic assault/terrorism inflicted on the U.S. by the GOP element of the “deep fifth column” and Eddie the Friendly Spook and his fifth columnist associates, the program notes the global attitude toward the United States as a result of what we are seeing. Both the actions of the “shutdown”/Paulistinian Libertarian Organization milieu and those of Eddie the Friendly Spook have left the world viewing the U.S. in fear and dismay. Note that China, in particular, is dismayed at the Paulistinian Libertarian Organization’s actions, because of the potential damage to the dollar. Much of China’s foreign currency reserves are held in dollars.

American and Obama administration relations with China were also the target of the actions of Snowden’s “op”.

“Viewing the U.S. in Fear and Dismay” by Damien Cave; The New York Times; 10/16/2013.

. . . . Faced with Washington’s march toward a default, the world has reacted mostly with disbelief that the reigning superpower could fall into such dysfunction, worry over global suffering to come and frustration that American lawmakers could let the problem reach this point. . . .

A common question crossing continents remains quite simple: The Americans aren’t really that unreasonable and self-destructive, are they? . . . .




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