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FTR #79 Interview III with Nick Begich

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Viewed by military strategic planners as an RMA or “Revolution in Military Affairs,” project HAARP is a military system that has capabilities that are both amazing and terrifying. Along with Jeane Manning, Dr. Nick Begich has authored a book about the system entitled Angels Don’t Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology (Earthpulse Press, copyright 1995.) This interview (the third of Mr. Emory’s interviews with Dr. Begich) begins with a discussion of Nicola Tesla’s discoveries and a review of some of the HAARP system’s capabilities including: the projected ability to alter the weather for military purposes; the ability to alter the body of chemistry of entire population groups with potentially lethal effects; the potential for altering the brain waves of entire population groups and the possibility of triggering seismic events, such as earthquakes. (For a more complete discussion of these projected capabilities, access the first two interviews with Dr. Begich and the segments entitled Even MORE fun with Science.) The balance of the discussion in these two segments concerns some of the potentially catastrophic side effects of this system. This speculative analysis highlights the potentially deadly effects of HAARP’s electromagnetic radiation on humans and animals, the possibility that the system could seriously and permanently damage the ionosphere, the terrifying prospect that the system could create a short-circuit between the earth and the magnetosphere, the possibility that the system could slow the earth’s rotation with disastrous results and the possibility that HAARP could precipitate a shift in the Earth’s magnetic poles.


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