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FTR #81 Interview IV with Martin A. Lee

Listen now: Side 1 | Side 2

The fourth of Mr. Emory’s interviews with Lee (the author of The Beast Reawakens, hardcover, Little Brown & Co., copyright 1997), these segments begin with discussion of the re-institution of Nazi elements in the German Army after World War II and disturbing signs that the seeds sown at that time are now resulting in a resurgence of fascism in the Bundeswehr.

In addition, the broadcast highlights Operation Stay Behind, a NATO contingency operation to set up anti-communist guerrilla groups in Europe (see numerous previous segments and archive programs on “the Strategy of Tension” and “Operation Gladio.”)

Other topics include: the re-emergence of Nazism in Germany; the analytical complexities of the subject of American and German agents who belong to fascist groups; the career of American fascist and U.S. government agent Roy Frankhouser; the Oklahoma City Bombing; the career of German fascist Andreas Strassmeier; internecine warfare within the American Nazi movement; David Duke and his connections to the Christian Coalition and the proto-fascist ideology of Pat Robertson.


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    Posted by Martin Lee presents The Beast Reawakens on For the Record | Lys-d'Or | February 6, 2012, 7:26 pm
  2. Just finished the series with Martin Lee: FTR #70,#71,#72,#81-
    One of the best series of interviews I have listened to yet. His book “The Beast Reawakens” is coming in the mail soon.
    Thanks Dave

    Posted by Swamp | January 1, 2013, 10:59 am

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