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FTR #82 The Strange Saga of Charles Hayes

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These segments present the story of Charles Hayes, a former U.S. intelligence operative whose tangled story contains a significant amount of truth and even more tantalizing elements that have yet to be substantiated. Hayes maintains that he was commissioned by the Central Intelligence Agency to use a Cray super computer to penetrate the international banking system. During the course of this operation, Hayes and his fellow operatives came across a number of interesting and important things (according to Hayes.) In addition to uncovering massive drug-related corruption on the part of major American political figures, Hayes contends that he learned of the pirating of the PROMIS software, developed by the Inslaw company. One of the major intelligence-connected scandals of the Reagan-Bush years, the Inslaw case involved the illegal dissemination of the remarkable and versatile PROMIS to U.S. government agencies that had not contracted for it and (allegedly) the trafficking of a modified version of the software to foreign intelligence agencies. The modified version permits U.S. intelligence to access the files of agencies using it (including the agencies of governments friendly to the United States.) Hayes also contends that he and several fellow former operatives coalesced as a “Fifth Column” that penetrated the secret bank accounts of drug dealing-connected politicians, exposed their wrongdoing, and transferred their ill-gotten gains back into United States government accounts. Hayes alleges that he was framed on a murder-for-hire conspiracy in retaliation for the work of that “Fifth Column.”


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