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FTR #83 The Great Mail Train Robbery

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In August of 1963, a gang of robbers held up a British mail train and escaped with millions of dollars. It was one of the largest hauls from a robbery in history. More than a decade after the crime, information began to emerge that there was more to the crime than there appeared to be at first. It appears that the gang that committed the robbery had considerable assistance in the commission of the crime from SS Colonel and ODESSA leader Otto Skorzeny and his organization. (The ODESSA is the formidable and deadly post-World War II SS underground.) In addition to providing much of the working capital for the commission of the crime, Skorzeny and his organization allegedly helped several of the gang members escape from Britain (including one sprung from prison), provided them with shelter in Europe, helped them obtain plastic surgery and, in the case of Buster Edwards, invested some of his money in a real estate project in Spain. In return, Skorzeny and his associates received a sizable portion of the proceeds from the robbery.


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