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FTR #85 The Coming of The European Monetary Union

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With the coming of the European Monetary Union, the nations of Europe will share the same currency for the first time since the Roman Empire. Dominated by a Germany that is reverting to its Nazi past, this organization will join together 500 million consumers in a common economic entity stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea. With the establishment of the “Euro” in 1999, the world’s political and economic life will undergo a profound change. This segment examines the EMU as the fulfillment of the theories of pan-German theoretician Friedrich List, who formulated the concept of an economically and commercially united Europe under German domination. Set forth in the 1840s, List’s concept was designed as a vehicle to unseat Great Britain as the dominant power in the world. This program theorizes that the EU is an attempt to do the same thing to the United States, the dominant power in the world today. The program concludes with a discussion of some of the possible effects of the creation of the Euro, including the devastation of the American economy and the exacerbation of the rise of fascism in Europe.


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