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FTR #86 The Manfred Roeder Affair

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Against the background of increased Nazi activity in the “new” and reunited Germany, the emergence of virulent Nazism in the Bundeswehr takes on a particularly sinister note (the Bundeswehr is the German army.) This program examines the relationship between convicted Nazi terror bomber Manfred Roeder and the Bundeswehr. The perpetrator of the bombing murder of two immigrants, Roeder was selected to lecture at an elite German officers academy in 1995. In addition, the Bundeswehr donated a number of surplus military vehicles to Roeder’s organization÷a practice that was not atypical of the Bundeswehr’s behavior towards other Nazi organizations. The Bundeswehr was the benefactor of an organization of Waffen SS veterans, which also received surplus army vehicles. Support for Roeder’s activities on behalf of the state reached to the highest levels of the German government, which has attempted to cover up the affair by discrediting critics of the army’s behavior. Other Nazi elements had been requisitioned to lecture at the officers academy as well.) In the past, Roeder has served as a liaison with Nazi and fascist groups in other countries, including the United States. The segment also contains discussion of the role of Third Reich veterans in the post World War II German military.


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