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FTR #87 Uncle Sam and The Swastika Redux – Gulf War Syndrome

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This program details the role of German and American corporations in arming Saddam Hussein with his weapons of mass destruction — chemical, biological and nuclear. Many of the corporate interests targeted in a class-action law suit filed by American veterans of the Persian Gulf War are the same corporations that were instrumental in equipping Hitler’s armies. In May of 1980, the Uncle Sam and The Swastika Archive Show set forth how these corporations armed Hitler and promoted his rise to power. This broadcast reprises some excerpts of the original 1980 program and highlights how corporations like Degesch, Degussa and Thyssen AG helped build the chemical, biological and nuclear armaments that the plaintiffs in the above-mentioned lawsuit believe resulted in Gulf War Syndrome. Degesch and Degussa were subsidiary companies of the giant I.G. Farben chemical company that was the backbone of Third Reich industry and of political support for Hitler. These two companies made the Zyklon B used in the gas chambers during World War II. Ironically, this gas was originally used as a pesticide and “pesticides” were the nominal purpose of the gases that Saddam developed as well. As the United States prepared for military action against Iraq in early 1998, the Defense Department decided to inoculate more than two million armed forces personnel against anthrax, one of the biological warfare agents believed to be in Saddam’s arsenal. The company that makes the vaccines for the army is Merck, a German-owned company that has been deeply involved in biological warfare development and, like the German corporations that gave Saddam much of his CBW capability, they are controlled by the remarkable and deadly Bormann organization. The latter literally constitutes an underground Reich, which controls corporate Germany and much of the rest of the world from its base in Latin America. If the Anthrax vaccine were accidentally or deliberately contaminated by a pathogenic agent, the results for the United States could be catastrophic.


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